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Lord Rorik Kennex

Any damn fool can navigate the world sober. It takes a really good sailor to do it drunk.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Rhythmic Captain
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Kennex
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 27
Birthday: 10/1
Religion: Panetheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark blonde
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: tanned

Description: Rorik Kennex is tall, like so many in the family. He stands at 6'5", broad across the shoulder and bearing a casually athletic build. There's a sauntering confidence to the man that speaks to a healthy ego-- no, an /overly/ healthy ego. His features are even and pleasing to look at, with a strong jaw, straight nose and a mouth that's as quick to smile in good cheer as it is to smirk at some inner joke. This sailor has brilliant blue eyes that stand out against sun kissed skin, a smattering of freckles across his nose and cheeks. Dark blonde hair is artfully tousled, left just long enough to be styled in a way that's fashionable.

Personality: Rorik's got the 'Standard Kennex' thing down: he loves his adventure, he loves his drinks, he loves women and he loves a good fight when a fight comes to him. He's loud, boisterous and does whatever it takes to make every moment a memorable one. After all, one never knows when this moment will be your last. Still, he's not the fightiest Kennex or the smartest Kennex - in fact, he's probably one of the dumber ones, in a 'charmingly doltish' sort of way. While he's the most comfortable out at sea, captaining his ship and attending to the family's naval competence in the Mourning Isles, at port he's got a strong reputation as a bit of a partier. Especially when he's well into his cups and turns any relatively flat surface into a drum.

Background: Rorik was born into a non-so-important line of the Kennex family, far away from the seat of succession, which was just fine with him. His upbringing wasn't anything in particular to talk about, he grew up among many of the other Kennex cousins and things were perfectly reasonable. He wasn't particularly the smartest of the bunch - there's certainly a question about how many times he was dropped on his head as a child - but that just meant he was the first one in line to do something stupid but potentially exciting and adventurous. Besides, one doesn't need to be a scholar to get ahead in life; sometimes a good smile and the ability to spin up a story can get you by just fine. Needless to say, Rorik's earned his reputation as a charming idiot, always volunteering to do something stupid or dangerous or dangerously stupid and usually getting ut of trouble with a smile alone.

The only leaning Rorik's ever really had is captaining his own ship, something he made good on as soon as he was old enough. After being talked down from naming his cog 'The Gritty Clam,' he settled on 'The Ferocious Kitten', which everyone agreed was a better name for some reason. He's spent the past several years out at sea, keeping back pirates and protecting trading vessels around Port Stormbreak. During the Gyre War, he was called upon to serve with his ship and did so dutifully, though if anybody asks, he really has no idea what the hell was going on that entire time. For the better part of the past few years, he's spent his time port hopping, settling in just long enough to earn himself a reputation before moving along. He's known to enjoy a good party and if there's not one happening, he'll just make his own. He's quite the storyteller, but he's also a damn good rhythmist with the keen ability to turn just about any flat surface into a drum.

Recently though, he decided to put down anchor in Arx and join some of his cousins in the city. It's a happening place to be, and if he gets bored? He and the Kitten will just find some place else to sail.

Name Summary
Adrienne I've never met Lord Rorik Kennex - but I feel as though I know him, all the same. I've seen him stumble from one near catastrophe to another at countless events in Arx, remaining always one of the brightest lights in the room wherever he goes.
Aethan More similar to Porter than either of us. Not a bad thing.
Berenice I am beginning to think the men of House Kennex only come in two distinct flavors. He is of the brighter, more humorous variety.
Catalana Within a week he broke a door and a chair. He is why we don't have nice things!
Darren A fine man, another of the Kennexes. How many are them anyway? He wants to be a performer, and if he is as good at performing as he is at talking I'm sure he'd be excellent at it. I hope Donella takes him on, they could do great things together.
Donella The Lord Kennex seems to know what he wants. That is an admirable trait to possess. The means to get it are easily acquired. I shall be interested to see what the sacrifices he might be willing to make to achieve it as well. For to truly possess anything of want and need there are to be sacrifices along the way. Questions to address. Choices to be made. One must see if he can rise on the tides that will come or if they shall crush what he wants. I am interested to see what is yet to transpire.
Dycard Quick thinker, and a natural leader - sometimes, it is genuinely useful to have someone shout the obvious and spur the slow to react into action.
Ember A Kennex who can drink. I know this sounds a bit like saying 'a stormcloud that can rain,' but there are Kennexes who can drink, and then there are Kennexes who can drink, if you take my meaning. And of those two options, Rorik is a Kennex who can drink.
Esme Hilarious! He thinks so highly of himself, but most Kennex do I find. However, we are sure to be best friends, if his eyes stop glazing over when I talk. I do that a lot.
Evaristo A man willing to get himself hurt to entertain others, is a man I can admire!
Evelynn A Kennex cousin. Looks like Porter has a kindred spirit.
Hamish An energetic young lord with a good sense of humor and adventure. He and Evaristo are going to give me a lot of headaches.
Ian The gods made two of them.
Jaenelle One Half of Arx's Tallest Person. You are the most dangerous kind.
Mabelle He's huge and he likes puppies. It does not add up but I'm curious!
Martino Jovial, playful even, Sea Captain from House Kennex. Good sheet. Man of salt, but fun. Not like those more dour salty people.
Meara My big dolt of a brother. (but he's really okay. most of the time)
Niklas My cousin is ALMOST as fabulous as me. I'll have to find him a stylish bride outside of the Isles to get him away from the dreary.
Poppy Loud and bright. I saw him helping at the crafters hall and he seems to have a kind heart. Even if it's really loud.
Porter What a pain in the fucking ass-- my gods, STOP DRUMMING ON MY HEAD. But also don't ever leave. Who else is going to be the other half of the unicorn with me?
Sabella He makes an absolutely delightful pair with Porter! I have to imagine Catalana is at her wits end dealing with their antics all the time! But they're so hilarious I bet she doesn't mind.
Sanya A true talent in the arts, that can never be disputed.
Zoey A playful, boisterous cousin. God help whomever may have to deal with him and Porter at the same time!