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Lord Raziel Bisland

Death's not the worst thing that could happen.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: The Scorched Lion
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Bisland
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 47
Birthday: 1/1
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Alchemist
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: hazel
Skintone: deep brown

Description: A tall, handsome, powerfully built man once, Raziel is but a shadow of his former self. He looks smaller than he is, caused by a nigh permanent hunch while his muscular frame has withered to inexistence, leaving him a gaunt, charred husk. Afflicted with a limp, the sound of his steps are ever accompanied by the one of his cane upon which he relies heavily. Much of his body has suffered grievous burns and other wounds that remain excruciating to this day, though none are so visible as much as his face. Once strikingly handsome, he has since been disfigured by his injuries, his features twisted and fractured like his body was. Only hints remain of the man he was, serving to amplify the contrast. Of his eyes, only one remains hazel, the other having clouded white. Of his charming smile, an appalling grimace. His voice, once a roaring deep bass, has become raspy while his breathing has gained a low pitch wheezing to it especially audible after exertion. Other traits, such as the occasional darkened veins beneath the skin, hint at self-medication that might have done more harm than good. Raziel is a mockery of what he once was and he's fully aware of it, making no attempt to hide who he was... or what he became.

Personality: Brave, dutiful, determined, generous, unyielding, these traits all described the man Raziel once was. The scion of Bisland, later a member of the King's Own, he was a good man, an honourable man. His devotion to the Gods was outmatched only by his loyalty to the Crown and the Compact, and had he not become a member of the King's Own, he very well could have followed the path of Templar instead. Yet the man he was has long perished, burnt away in the flames. What softness there was to temper the strength of mind and soul have turned to ash, leaving behind cynicism and bitterness combined with that same unyielding will and determination. Dutifulness and bravery have likewise been changed, wielding not sword into darkness, but the grim light of truth to dispel comforting lies and delusions. Even outside of his work, he takes satisfaction in exposing others to their own contradictions, confronting them on their deeply held convictions, as Inquisitor and Mirrormask both. His friends are few, yet those that are have all been tested by the man's sharp tongue and intellect and, once found worthy, are offered genuine respect in turn. Raziel is a complicated man, with contradictions running deeper than the eye can see, made all the more confusing by the man's intent.

Background: There never was any doubt that Raziel should become a knight. Born and raised within House Bisland, his course was set the moment he showed aptitude. The only question that lingered was whether he would also become a Godsworn, for his devotion to the Faith and the respect he held for all that chose to take the oath was great. It came to pass, however, that Raziel became not a Templar, but through feats of bravery and valour in the service of his House and Grayson, one of the One Hundred, a knight of the King's Own sworn to defend King Alaric III and the Compact from all threats.

Raziel was sent out on many missions in the name of the Crown, and always came back. Yet his last he came back changed. What happened is uncertain, the only certainty being that whatever he faced, it was a miracle he wasn't killed. He was found his flesh seared, his body counting countless wounds, and though physicians and Mercies were at once summoned, all expected him to die. Numerous times, they would think him dead, till he would drew breath again. Usually to scream in agony.

He survived, yet he would never be a knight again. No longer could he ride, no longer could he wield a sword, the pain sapping what strength his body possessed. He healed, but he did so as a broken man, a disfigured cripple. For his service to the Crown, he was honourably discharged from the King's Own and retired. He was twenty-five.

Yet the call of duty can hardly be ignored. Though he had lost his body, Raziel did not remain idle. He poured his every energy in sharpening his mind, first on the subject of medicine, not wishing to depend on anyone for his continued survival, and then alchemy. These skills, along with sheer force of will, saw him accepted within the ranks of the Inquisition. Wielding no longer a sword but the light of truth, he continued to do his duty to the Crown, becoming a full Inquisitor not long afterwards.

He was not involved with the fall of the Master of Questions, Shreve. Raziel was said to have run afoul of the dreaded man after three of his Confessors disappeared in the days leading up to Shreve's death. Rumours go that the Confessors had been confronted by Raziel regarding some of the 'suspects' they were to take for questioning. The rumours were further fed when, in the days following, three bodies were found having suffered such burns as to make them unrecognizable.

Whatever the case, Raziel continues his work to this day, with what free time he possesses spent between the Physicians' Guild, Apothecary College and, perhaps oddly enough, as a disciple of the Mirrormasks.

Name Summary
Adrienne I met Lord Raziel Bisland at an event honoring the Queen of Endings. In manner and presence, he is like a fist across the jaw - unmistakeable, unmissable, and leaving an impression sure to stay with you long after he departs.
Amund War veteran. Has the survivor's guilt of those veterans who live one foot in the past, another in the present. I understand him, though. There are more wars than he would credit himself for fighting.
Apollo He's a man of many engaged opinions, the sort you might sit down with about near anything.
Bhandn You've changed, and in more ways than I can count. I don't know what I think of you anymore. My memories and experiences with you have begun to war.
Brigida Not sure I want this one on a hunt with me.
Caprice An Inquisitor. I don't think I saw more than his robe, but I don't think I can forget his voice. Or the embarrassment of 'meeting' him on the worst day of my life.
Corrigan Based on his looks, I'm reasonably sure the guy's dead several times over, medically speaking, and is only still moving out of stubbornness and sheer bloody-mindedness. That said, looking like a pissing monster has its uses in our trade, I guess.
Domonico My dear friend Dariel's uncle. I daresay I will fine more in common with him than his nephew.
Esme A man that presents broken in body, but sharp in mind. One would be quick to overlook him, but they should not. I am sure we will be friends.
Faye A reliable and trustworthy Inquisitor, appropriately serious about serious things. As always, a good man to have at your back.
Grazia Just because he's uglier than an abyssal murderdog that's been hit by a caravan of siege weapons doesn't mean that he's not sharp of mind and fierce of spirit. A worthy colleague.
Haakon Doesn't waste his time smiling or laughing like some lackwit. Fair enough company.
Icelyn A man hard pressed by life. I can't fail tos ympathise with another forced away from their oaths before their time had come.
Jaenelle A man of stark contrasts. I would wish to get to know his story better if I did not know any better. Is he a bucket or a sword?
Mabelle Seems he has lived a full life. I appreciate those people - they have the best stories. I should catch up with him at some point.
Martino Offers wise counsel that I would recommend others to seek out. An insight that, truly, is not just marked by experience but by true wisdom and intellect.
Niklas He looks fierce and quite growly, but you can tell he's actually a very sweet guy!
Ras What's up with silk Inquisitors havin creepy eyes? He's got thoughts on injustice, but who knows what he thinks that is. Maybe I'll figure it out one day.
Revell Doesn't seem to be much of a people person. A wee bit pessimistic, and does a real weird thing with his face sometimes. He is either trying to smile, or he's constipated, unsure. Either way, he seems like an interesting individual, very different to myself.. My favourite type of person!
Samira He stands out, both for the disfigurement he bears and for his willingness to consider life from another's point of view. That's a trait rarely found in those of his social standing.
Selah I will be writing my father a strongly worded letter for not having provided me proper familial education. Uncle (is he an uncle?) Raziel must've lived quite a life, and next time I will behave myself properly.
Svoli Nice man with good ideas. I might steal the one he had for more races.
Thea Still not entirely sure what I think of him, but he is faily interesting once you get past the creepy smiles. And he seems upbeat about his work, so there's that too. Once we got past that, we had something to talk about...Would I trust him with my life? I think I'll be ordering a new bottle first...