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Lady Poppy Stahlben

We must leave this terrifying place today and go searching for sunshine.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Sunny Optimist
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Stahlben
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 23
Birthday: 4/16
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: sunshine blonde
Eye Color: emerald green
Skintone: creamy

Description: While the majority of the Stahlben clan are giants with snow white skin and dark hair, Lady Poppy is the opposite. She stands at a mere 5'3ft with a soft plumpness that comes from never having to weild a sword, and her skin is a warm creamy hue which compliments her pale gold hair that falls in soft curls around her shoulders. She is constantly regarded as cute or adorable with her smattering of freckles over the bridge of her stub nose and her plump pink lips that never seem to know how to frown. It's however her vibrantly green eyes and dark lashes that hold people's attention. That and the trinkets from the far north that adorn her hair and wrists.

Personality: If one believes the rumours, they will hear about how Poppy was born on an unfortunately hot summer's day. The midwives who brought Poppy into the world all laugh of how the sun had to have shone so brightly because they have never known such a cheery baby to be born. It was as if the baby was pure sunshine. And that is what Poppy is to her family. A ray of sunshine in a dark and sombre environment. As an always smiling and a friendly face she has been the one to lead the welcoming party to those who come to Bonespire, or to entertain the most serious of shamans. She is naturally cheery and bright, but also a born empathic. She is the shoulder to cry on, the sympathetic ear. Poppy has a knack for charming nearly all who come into contact with her and inspiring awe at the wonders of the Everwinter. She is the one who is filled with optimism, much to her family's annoyance. It's rare for her temper to get the better of her, but when it does, be warned!

Background: Poppy had a wonderful childhood. Just ask her about it. While her brother and cousins were busy learning about spirits, the sword and leading, she was allowed the freedoms to follow her heart. Whether it was to wander the forests and look after wounded animals she'd come across or listen to the stories of the elders, nothing was off limits for this girl. As she blossomed into a young lady, studies about healing and religious rituals captured her attention. Those tender cares she gave the animals as a small child turned to helping people and learning about Lagoma from the visiting knights of Solace and Mercies, a curious passion for a shamanistic tribes member. Her life was idyllic and set to become the medicine woman for her people until Tolmar Brand swept through their lands.

In an instant, her charmed life ended. She watched her parents die, her cousin become a leader, her brother take up arms and then her people cry in fear every night. Day by day she watched the population of her home dwindle. She finally learnt what fear and anger felt like, which only made the relief when Magnus bent and Houses Halfshav and Sanna came to rescue them. Seeing her cousin become count and watching him leave for the compact inspired her to follow close behind with grand plans on how she will be able to help save her family and bring all the new healing arts to her people.

Name Summary
Aiden She has all these wonderful questions about creatures that may or may not exist. I love the passion. I do hope to speak with her soon on the matter, if anything, to find another kindred spirit.
Amari She obviously cares for others quite a lot, which is good. Such depth of compassion is definitely in short supply these days. Hopefully she'll have the means and opportunity to make Arvum a better place with that heart of hers.
Apollo She's got a very tricky needle to thread. I hope she's careful about it.
Asher Vibrant, happy, perhaps a tad naive.
Bellamy A sweet and kinda Stahlben lady. She seems the adventurous sort. I like her greatly!
Braith A Stahlben. Its a wonder I have not met her yet but she seems like she is new to the city and sweet. Certainly a wonderful addition to the House.%r
Branwen She initially seemed naive, but I think she's wiser than one might first think. She opened my mind to House Thrax, and that says something. I hope we speak again.
Brigida Brave to say the least. She might have some potential if she can stop that irritating giggling.
Calypso A Stahlben. ... Northern house, I think? Fuck, it doesn't matter. She's fun.
Caspian A wonderful woman, masterful healer, and an ever present smile. Everyone who knows her is better for it, and we will make an explorer of her yet!
Cassandra I only met her briefly and she was rather inebriated at the time. I hope she is doing well now.
Cesare A gentle and thoughtful soul from the Everwinter with a kind heart and a warm smile. Her perspective is valuable, and I hope she's able to keep company with those who will remind her of such. She seems eager to learn and grow.
Cirroch Very full of life
Corrigan In better circumstances, would've been impressed and amused to see her put the Princeling down like that. Shame it was directed my way too, but.. probably called for. I guess. Maybe.
Dante A funny little Northerner with a good sense of humor, although I think she really thought I was going to poison her. Which is unfortunate, as poisoning people for sheer amusement is pretty much just for us Lycenes.
Dariel Very lively, rather friendly, only slightly self-aware.
Dimitri A charming young woman from the North and not at all what one would expect. Small and fair of skin, she stands in contrast to her brethren. I look forward to our next encounter.
Dio Clumsy and skittish but well meaning. Pretty much the opposite of every woman in the Lyceum.
Domonico What happened to Poppy and her family is precisely the reason that I choose to excel in war, to prevent that happening again. Perhaps she will understand that one day.
Donella I hold Stahlben in high regard and with that comes high standards. Lady Poppy is a mercy that is starting the road of her training. This means that she possesses a good heart by the nature of her calling. To create instead of destroy. To heal instead of wounding. There are questions that come to mind about it. Will she be misled by that heart, or will it be her redeeming grace in the most trying of moments? I am most curious what it going to happen to her journey. I am most curious who she will be from the one that I am meeting now and the one I shall see in a year's time.
Drake A compact package of energy all compressed, bursting forth with light and chatter. It is hard not to be swept up in it, but I am not one too hard to convince in the first place.
Dycard More first encounters should happen via written correspondence, I think. I didn't get a full impression of the Lady Poppy in our exchanged letters, of course, far from it - For one, they said nothing of her radiant smile - but it did serve to colour my perception of her when we met in person at last. She is charming, of course, but there's a certain quietly outspoken nature to her - she is sunny, but by no means meek. An interesting woman.
Elora There's something lovely and vibrant about her that I like.
Emlyn She's quite funny, and I'm not sure whether it's intentional or not, but she's sort of cute. I would like to know more about her House and the area she comes from.
Erik A healer with a fondness for small animals and dogs in particular. A charming, sunny disposition that does not feel completely at home in Arx. A feeling i can relate to.
Esme She seems nice. It seems we move the same circles, I am not sure how I feel about that. Nice. Yes. She seems nice.
Evander Poor sickly girl asking about the Eaglecrest. I hope what she has is not contagious. I have enough to worry about.
Evaristo A healer that sings blood-letting songs? I love it!
Fidel A stunning person. I admire anyone who has the dedication to be a Mercy. Or the dedication to be anything specific. I just don't think she likes my clothes.
Geralt She likes dogs, and whiskey. Can't say much better about someone than that, can you?
Gerrick An amazing dancer, a wallflower they are not.
Giorgio A Lady of house Stahlben in the far north. She seems to be in a similar state to myself and my people when it comes to their status as prodigals.
Grady Quite a charming woman, and a subscriber, it would seem, to the Grayson school of humurus decor.
Gwenys Kind and attentive, and a dog person. Friend material to be sure!
Gwenys A bit of a romantic Lady, but she's from the North, so she has that going fo her.
Haakon Prodigal from the North. Get on with her and her kind better than most. Blood, bones, and booze solve all. Nearly all.
Hamish A woman with a heart as big as the Bonespire. Not what one expects from a land that breeds them as tough as the far north.
Ian At least in the Thrax ward, people have the decency to come out and say it.
Ilira A pretty little lady who understates her own grace. I anticipate our upcoming work together.
Iseulet Seems unsettled by the presence of 40 or 50 cats but she seems quite lovely anyway. She has many fascinating and funny stories that I would like to hear more of in the future about her childhood in the North.
Isidora A new Mercy. Still needs to work on her stitches but will get better with practice.
Jaenelle A friend of those in the Lyceum, and woman who can appreciate the beauty of it.
Jamie Far more than meets the eye. A woman of both compassion and conviction, willing to defy convention for her beliefs. I hadn't expected to find so much in common with her so quickly.
Kastelon A cheerful young lady, a northerner. Some are more understanding than others, and she seems the inquisitive sort.
Kenjay A gentle noblewoman, kind and compassionate, and more observant than most would realise.
Korka I've never seen her in a bad mood, despite my best efforts.
Kritr The Lady Stahlben is a simple, beautiful woman that epitomizes what the North can become, regardless of where they began.
Lenard What a goal this young northern Mercy has to dedicate herself serving others, devoting her time to learning healing and then bring those blessings to the far northern reaches to heal body and soul. I pray others are inspired by her example.
Lora A bright-eyed Northern lady. Enamored of the Lyceum it would seem, but who has escaped that fate?
Martino Fresh faced and bright eyed. Utterly excited to be in the city, it would seem, or that is just their natural go. Had a pet mammoth who returned with small mammoths. That's concerning.
Mattheu A bright burst of sunshine between a winter's sheet sharing a love for the first snowfall and the cool embrace of snow upon ones cheeks.
Medeia Someone who teases Thea about her tihghs is someone I want to know. So that I might join in teasing Thea about her thighs.
Mikani The most timid woman I have met. She can't be a Northerner. She can't be Stahlben. They are all brave. Maybe she was adopted.
Moros Energy. So much energy. She's like a bouncy little sun...
Nanette My mother would certainly like this one, and I am not sure if this makes me more eager to get to know Lady Stahlben better or quite the opposite. The former, most likely. I do admire how honest she is with her tastes and opinions, as I never was fond of people who sugarcoat things to be polite.
Neilda Why's she gotta see through a perfectly good story?
Olivian A lovely heart and sweet woman, full of vibrance and life. But has already shown an iron backbone and determination in the face of problems. Lovely to be around.
Ophne I'm not entirely sure of the wisdom of carrying around a hedgepig in your bag, but Lady Poppy seems enthused of her pet. Actually, she's enthused of everything.
Orelia She talks big about lust, but she really wants love. I hope she finds it.
Orick I can't thank her enough for helping me sell that mask and its always good to make new connections... I've seen her around the city but this is the first time we spoke. I hope I happen upon her again, she seems like a well connected Lady.
Pasquale Sweet woman from my brief encounter with her. Short though.
Philippe Is her mad energy the product of her youth, or is it the product of spiritual powers? The world is a mysterious place. I am glad for positivity in these troubled times all the same.
Piccola Caring for orphans takes a heart greater than mine; she will have ever ounce of support I can muster.
Ras Deeper than she acts and looks at first. Prodigals understand more shit than most, after all.
Rawen A wonderful conversationalist and carrier of adorable kittens
Renata A lively and exuberant young noblewoman, who could probably find the joy in any situation.
Revell Seems like she has a good head on her shoulders and a great sense of humour. A bit disappointing to hear that she isn't actually a dragon-riding legend, but I suppose one person can't be -everything-.
Rorik A new mercy and a nice Lady. She has very admirable goals in life, I hope she achieves them.
Rosalind My best friend is home! And even if she's sometimes a bit--extra worrisome, I know it's because she cares. That said, off to plan our next adventure!
Rowenova Stahlben really needs a mercy right now. I am so glad she is there to help! Also, I never want to forget what I once heard her say at a bonfire party: "Remember the sun always shines a bit brighter after the darkest night."
Rowynna A cheerful and effusive young noblewoman. She seems to bring the sunshine with her, and knows my cousin Dycard.
Rufio I didn't think those from the frozen lands actually had a sense of humor, but their blood must run hot in order to survive that clime.
Rukhnis Loudly and cheerfully naive. Perhaps willfully so. She seems one of those who fails to realize that sometimes the shade offers greater comfort than the dazzling glare of the sun.
Sabella She seems absolutely delightful and I can't wait until we can talk in quieter company--at a place where she feels more comfortable with the drinks and the food of course! Like the Sleepless Knights!
Samira Full of bright energy and enthusiasm, she has interesting opinions on all manner of subjects and is bold enough to share them openly and confidently. An intriguing person, no doubt. I hope that there are more philosophical conversations and debates to be had in the future.
Santiago Compassionate, Lady Stahlben, with the backdrop of violence, made her love of Commoners very well known.
Savio A sweet heart and a mischievous spirit. I think we'll get along just fine, though I don't think it's possible that our points of origin could be further apart.
Scylla Gifted with a sense of good humor equal to her good-looks. It is a wonder Lord Dycard is so fond of her! I shall endeavor to get to know her better.
Sebastian Acquirer of Lycene clothing, to the detriment of the Lycene involved. Both admirable and barbaric. Bravo!
Signe She seems to have a kind heart, and is an animal lover, was very fond of Atila and Tempest.
Sirius A mountain rose acquaintanced with the West's companionable Sun. I'd never tell her, but I spied in her chivalry at a distance before introductions. I believe her roots.
Sophie I appreciate the dedication of every single Mercy. She's going to go far if she keeps the same sense of empathy and caring as the years go by.
Svana Closest to my age in House Stahlben and always a ray of sunshine. I am so happy she is in the City now; I have missed her more than I can say, and she will always be my Lady, just as Volcica.
Tarik Another Stahlben. I must confess I am not really close to the members of Stalben family; eventhough, we both serve House Halfshav. Poppy seems like the person that might change this.
Thea She seems naive.But I haven't spent enough time around her to know for sure. Time will tell..She's exuberant and smiles a lot, so this will prove interesting.
Triton Anyone who can keep up with Rosa long enough to become a trusted frined is alright by me!
Valerian A new friend from the far north. So far that I've only barely ever heard of it! She's warm for someone from such a cold place, for sure.
Valerius Nevermind titles. This lovely little visage came out of nowhere and started drinking the wines on our table, without any hestitation. Must be an interesting one, and will have fun figuring her out.
Videl A healer from the far north with some interest in art, though she has not expressed any interest in creating her own. I hope that changes, the more create art, the better.
Volcica My cousin is a much-needed ray of sunshine in a much more.. grim family.
Zoey Playful lady from the North. May she find the balance of fashion and function.