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Samira Culler

When there's beauty beyond words or horror beyond imagination, put it onto canvas. Art will allow us to find peace amidst the chaos.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Offbeat Artist
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Culler
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 20
Birthday: 8/10
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Commoner
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: tan

Description: At first glance, Samira is easy to overlook. Her diminutive height and slender frame impart an air of vulnerability, lending her the appearance of one who might simply blow away in a heavy gust of wind. Despite her frail build, she moves with agile alertness, a fiery glint frequently sparking in her expressive brown eyes. Her dark hair tends to defy any attempts to tame it, unruly waves falling to frame a tanned face. Her nimble fingers often bear smudges of charcoal or faded paint and rarely appear at rest.

Personality: Life in the Lowers has taught Samira to adjust her mood and responses based on the environment around her. Tough as nails, courteous, withdrawn - whatever necessity dictates. There is safety in being adaptable, she has learned. Those who manage to break past this ever-changing exterior are able to catch a more genuine glimpse of Samira. Her closest friends are rewarded with a well of compassion, fierce loyalty, and the company of a kind but quirky personality.

She often manages to appear perfectly sociable and ordinary at first, but flashes of her eccentricity show themselves in small ways. She views the world with an artist's eye, inspiration sparked by even the most mundane aspects of life. Art has saved her, has pulled her back from the darkness that she feels looming; she is never so at peace as when she is engrossed in her artwork.

Background: Like many urchins growing up in the Lowers, Samira's childhood was a lesson in survival, skills honed out of necessity. These early years are split into two chapters in her mind: pre-Culler and post-Culler. The former are not worth remembering in Samira's opinion, years of uncertainty and squalor while scrounging for the next bite of food or a warm place to rest her head. Her luck changed when her skillful pick-pocketing and nimble escape drew the attention of a Culler, who introduced her to the family and brought her into the fold. This provided a sense of security previously lacking in her young life. Grateful for these newfound connections, she was eager to put her skills to use for the family however she was able. Once she had the protection of the Cullers, Samira was able to focus more time on her natural artistic talents, her idle habit of sketching on scraps of paper soon growing into not just a passing hobby, but an obsession.

Name Summary
Adrienne I met Samira Culler at an event honoring the Queen of Endings. She's cautious, and understandibly so, but with an undeniable eye for art and artistry and skill with her craft.
Alarissa An artist with talent beyond compare in taming a family and capturing in them for a moment in time.
Alrigo Softer Culler, so far. I mean that might change in time, had heard of the store. She should come visit for at least a glass of wine
Anisha Master Apollo wrote to me about Samira Culler, praising her hand, her eye, her touch. And after seeing her work, I find myself agreeing. Hers is a unique vision, outstanding and thrilling. But of course, she is so much more than her art. She is forethought and consideration. She is delightful and humorous. She is inspiring and intriguing. To have the honour of mentoring her, to learn of her, and teach her... One day, I hope, I shall not just be known as Anisha Whisper. But also as one of the influences on Samira Culler.
Apollo She's got an obvious talent, but moreso, an insight. Skill can be taught - passion can't.
Asha Plenty of people who spend time in the Lowers toughen up so much they forget that there's anything else to be. Samira sees it in other people and seems to avoid it in herself, and that's no little effort. She's willing to be human, and she's an interesting human at that.
Aswin A Culler. I don't know much of her yet, but if she's of that line she's probably alright. She seemed to be good company around the Murder, in any case. Willing to listen to what people had to say. That's better than a lot of folks.
Audgrim Running into a Culler. A legendary family name. Surprised me with being an artist, but she also uses knives, so she's a lethal artist no doubt. Sounds about right for a Culler.
Bahiya An artist, inquisitive and sweet with her questions; this is a person that observes, and listens, and does not seem to judge. This makes her both a person that would make a good friend as well as a good spy.
Baz She shouldn't be forced to create for people with no fucking soul. It's a crime. Real artists should be allowed to make real art, and she's a real artist.
Brady Her nickname is Culler Hottie, or at least that's what I heard from someone. She's cute!
Braelynn She has a pet mouse! I don't know why, but I always think more highly of people with pets. They know how to take care of something that needs them, at least!
Caprice My lovely, remarkably talented friend deserves every happiness.
Carmen A proud Lower resident who's effort help bring up the community out there. Funny as hell too. I smell a close friend in my future.
Cesare A bright star shines inside this lovely creature, easily recognized by those of a similar spirit. She doesn't seem at all aware of how charming she is - which makes her, of course, all the more a delight.
Corrigan Unusually erudite and artsy for a Lowers girl, but not so far up herself that she can't laugh at outhouse wall-art. Not bad company.
Cristoph Not too many people that can throw themselves into that kind of fight with such vigor. Good for her.
Desma She doesn't look like she'd last two minutes in a fight, but looks are apparently decieving. Whether that's due to her own natural ability or whether due to her teacher, I'm impressed.
Domonico Plucky fighter. Could do with more practice but did better than most.
Drake Don't let this one escape your notice, slight of stature though she may be. She's good with a knife.
Duarte An artist who has been lovely at every chance we've had to meet, but is quite routinely troubled as far as I can tell.
Dycard Evidently wary of lowering her guard around a nobleman. An unpleasant experience with one in the past, perhaps? Either way, when she does acquiesce and speak her mind, she has interesting observations to make.
Elizabetha A girl with whom to share friendship and inspiration. I am grateful for her respect of me, despite such vast differences in upbringing and life. One to cherish.
Esme Perhaps not shared threads of the same cloth, but we are the same bolts. We are the identity the other needs to exist in the lands. I am sure we are to be great friends.
Evaristo Damn, when did the Cullers get so YOUNG, or wait, maybe I just got older. I can't keep up with who they all are any longer. But here's a charming artist that I hope to meet again!
Evelynn She may be critical of nobles but she's pleasant company. Here's to hoping things don't sour.
Everett Another Culler! Getting to know a powerful lot of these folks, and I ain't yet regretted one single meeting thus far. Samira be an artist her own self. Got a shop in the lowers, with some beautiful stuff. Whew. Painting and all might seem a mite fancy for the likes of me, but, she also done said that leather crafters can still join up the Guild. Right helpful and welcoming, she were, even though I stopped by her shop nearto closing time. She's a good 'un.
Farrah She keeps a mouse as a pet. How awkward.
Fredrik Eager to fight, not eager to flirt. Or it went over my head. I'm old.
Gael The splinter of peace that came to me from speaking to her was an odd boon indeed. Insightful and without mendacity, she understands that adversity and existence are one and the same.
Georgine She seems really nice and is a sculptor and artist.
Gerrick This world and city is blessed to have people such as her within it. Offering a location of hope and conversation for all to be present and share within.
Giada All the scowls and all the whiskey.
Graziella As thoughtful as any true artist is ever apt to be, it takes a certain scrutiny and the blessing of Jayus to see the paint in a raw state and bring it to life on the canvas as something else entirely.
Haakon Can handle herself in a bad spot. Just not so good at talking at folk in an awkward one.
Harlex There's a quality to her that's familiar and if she's going to carry a weapon I'd rather she know how to use it -- when she does, we can reckon with the weight. Tough, young and ready to fight; hard for me to resist.
Ian Raja's... sister? I think? We've offered the two of them the protection of the Kay, since things are starting to get dangerous.
Ilira One of the most wondrous of feelings is meeting that person, by happenstance, with whom conversation is a breeze and an understanding is instant. Little Miss Samira found me at Nightingale Park on her evening stroll, and we've been here through to the morning. She is congenial, entirely, but in a manner I know adjusts itself person to person. She has her masks, her armor, but in genuineness and comfort, hers is a warm serenity beneath the dazzle of curiosity and intellect. I say, the blades most delicate cut keenest.
Isabeau I always appreciate someone who is willing to speak the truth, even when it may be unpleasant. I look forward to working with Samira more in the future where our goals align.
Iseulet She may be in over her head, but I think we all are here, to be perfectly honest. She seems capable though, with a good head on her shoulders. We'll help each other swim - we will never sink.
Jadara At first I think she was so put off by who I was but she opened up readily enough and showed me that kindness the Compact is quickly becoming known for. She's a fighter as well and someone I am curious about meeting on the sands to see how these people use small blades. It's a dangerous gambit.
Jan Olive-toned skin, big beautiful eyes, and a taste for art, I can see why my cousins have no qualms with her staying in the Kay. I'll have to show her some of my collection of Abandoned folk art.
Jaufrey A spirited sort of woman I ran into at the training centre. She almost argued with Lenard about the proper way to treat a lady during a spar, but they straightened it out! She seems interested in combat and fighting.
Katarina When Samira Culler showed me her courage, I prayed that the gods watch over her. It is not my place to speak for them, but I can only imagine that as much as the bravery and sense of duty in this artist impressed me, it may even be enough to impress them.
Kenjay It would be easy to underestimate this woman, and yet those who do will pay a heavy price. She is both skilled and tenacious.
Kia A woman that enjoys weapons and fighting I think. A braver one than I for certain.
Lasha Quiet, does not always equal soft. she's got the potential to be dangerous. I like it.
Lianne Possessed of a gentle sort of surety which reflects both in her art and her conversation.
Lora A visionary from the far side of the city. I hope to see her vision come to life. The world needs more dreams made real, and more dreamers to dream them into existence.
Mabelle An interesting woman, pleasant and amusing. She inspired me with an idea!
Macario Well. I went in to buy art, and I did, and I didn't get stabbed! Good service.
Mattheu The second Culler I have met, each is just as widely different from the other. An amazing family with such varied differences to their arts and skills.
Medeia Have I told you about my friend who is amazing and talented and would be super justified in tossing me off a building? Love her. She's the best.
Miraj At first, I was enthralled by her luxurious mane of hair, which got my attention. And then... well it seems theres more to her than those magnificent tresses. It's delicious.
Monique An artist and a visionary, and someone I look forward to working with in the future.
Nanette A fellow artist, whose work I am looking forward to seeing. If it is good, perhaps I will even ask for a piece to add to my private collection. I wonder if she will be firm competition? I hope so - I could use the motivation. We may even be friendly rivals, provided that I stay one step ahead of her always. I'd like to say that I am not a sore loser, but..
Nina An artist who is going to open a gallery! Painting and drawing aren't my art of choice, but I love to see the work the artists create. She seems like she's interested in teaching and nurturing the talents of other artists too!
Nisaa She seems guarded, but I am understanding the reason. Perhaps in a different setting, I would see her in a different light. She seems interesting though. Perhaps we shall speak another time.
Orland She has the right of it. Those who leave the Lowers and act like they weren't part of where they grew up, are irritating. Hopefully I'm irritating.
Pasquale What do you want most in life? She does not start with easy questions.
Piccola I am constantly reminded that I have more in common with those like her than those I often find myself in the company of.
Poppy A bright artist with a quick wit and clever mind. I look forward to the debates and discussions she will surely bring to me.
Porter Ha! She seems like fun. Her and Rorik are going to be a force to be reckoned with if she accepts that offer of patronage. Which she should. Because Rorik is great. Also I like when more fun people are around. As long as they don't assist in breaking my door down. I need my door.
Raimon Petite, tough, and scrappy, with a disdain for titles. This is fine. True Nobility won't come from words . . . only from what's in your heart, after all.
Raja She is a Culler. She is also a budding artist! She has so many talents.
Ras More complicated than most, maybe. Still a person, though, and not a bad one really. I shoulda known she'd get pissed about what I said. Hope she finds her friend again.
Raziel It's a rare gift, to make another see through your eyes. Harder still when you have to fight through years of antagonism and do so with an image. But that's the power of art, isn't it? Few reach such potency, and at her age, no less.
Remy A survivor whose art and warmth are an inspiration.
Revell Seems alright for a Culler - I say, as if I don't like the Cullers. She was happy to sit and chat at the Seaborn Weaponry, took my quips well and even listened and gave me some advice.
Ripley She gives a good haircut. Not half bad. A kindred in the ways of darkness.
Rosalind She makes art and things! And she seemed a bit quiet..I should probably talk to her more, maybe she'll be less--I don't know the word. Not shy! She is defintely not shy!
Rowenova A Culler woman but a good human to Mousey -- who might get a new name -- and we totally bonded over our animal friends, but not in the way you might think!
Rowynna A woman with a sensible head on her shoulders. She runs the community art centre project in the Lowers which has already inspired me to recreate something along those lines in New Hope to boost the spirits of our people. Perhaps I will ask her if she wishes to collaborate with me on it.
Rukhnis Brave and selfless and self-possessed, she is one clearly capable of putting the well-being of others ahead of her own. I am deeply grateful for her willingness to risk herself to save another.
Savio Artist, fighter, half a giant! Down to earth and refreshingly direct, I'm always glad when I see her around the city.
Sigismund I'm framing that sketch and putting it up somewhere everyone can see. I like her, she has a good eye that sees far enough to make good work, and not far enough to be a problem. Perfect!
Sigurd Deadly up close, quick to lower my guard. One part dangerous and another part smart which you would expect since she's survived Arx for so long.
Sira I think we have many opinions in common and could find a lot of opportunity to conspire. I mean collaborate.
Sirius Compassion is a rarity in the fevered pitch of battle, especially if the field is contained in one's mind, yet in her I met a discerning spirit with the power to bring momentary abatement when the bulwarks of the mind have fallen against the insurmountable odds. I'm very thankful for it.
Sloane A blood red leaf in Autumn on a field of brown.
Svana She strikes me as someone well-intented, who cares very much about others. A talented artist too. I just like being around her.
Sydney Good to talk to. Sensible. Has great opinions on nobles and punching. Makes excellent life choices.
Tarik A born and raised resdent of Arx, or she has lived here since she was really young. I met at the Mercier Tea shop. She is an artist and a member of the Crafter's Guild.
Thea While the Cullers arent known to be of-the most trusted of people. Or stand up. Messere Samira brought in a mouse she saved from a cat. While I was taught to let nature take its course, this woman wanted to save it. Im not sure if this is a common occurrence, but I think it speaks of something deeper. At least of Messere Samira.
Torian One of the Safe Harbor House's better students. Could be a teacher some day even. Almost never thought we'd makeit this far, but with young folk like Samira coming up, I reckon we'll be around a long time.
Videl An artist, with passion for the work and a dream to share her passion in a place where there's not often room for it. I hope she can make it work, and I'll try to help her if I can.
Wagner There are lots of dreams in the gutters, but she has the tact to see them through.
Wylla Samira had a lovely story to tell of a place I hope to see someday soon, and believe I will. I doubt she'd ever be entirely put off from seeing her dreams made reality, no matter the misfortune or obstacle that got in the way. I'd be quite happy to sit and talk with her again, anytime.
Yuri I remember her distinctly from one of my fights in the Training Center. The Sword's partner, in that fight. She was every ounce a practiced blade and moved with swift grace. I am sure she still does, months later. But her words come from a road that I feel I am treading only just behind her. I will not forget her words.
Zakhar what is an artist doing with all these soliders?
Zoey The soft Culler? Perhaps. Time will tell. I did not think any of the Cullers were soft.
Zyanya Between her hands the world is captured and such a blessing leaves a sweet mark on her heart. She earns the praise spoken of her through word and action.
Zyxthylum A worthy combatant and a well deserved winner. I hope she puts the coin to good use, the Lowers needs more artists.