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Wagner Ulbran

Can you blame me if so many have a face fit for fists?

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Punitive Pugilist
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Ulbran
Gender: male
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 50
Birthday: 1/4
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Commoner
Height: tall
Hair Color: salt & pepper
Eye Color: pale blue
Skintone: pallid

Description: Seasons of experience and a hard life wear themselves proudly on this man's brow and scarred skin. He was handsome in his prime, that much is certain, but youth's bloom has faded to a rugged appearance made all the more sharp by his tenured sneer. Muscle looms in his towering frame, formed in the bulk earned only by trade and not a vanity of exercise. His skin is of a pallid complexion, made all the more unsettling by his glacial glare. Salt and pepper hair is kept closely shorn at the sides, with length allowed only at the crown.

Personality: Wagner is a man of few words and even fewer smiles. A life in the Lowers does a number on all who pass through it, and he has thrived with a hardened disposition that frustrates even the more difficult of his peers. Sarcasm is his mother tongue, cruelty his second. While blunt, he is not without his tact. Every barb has its place, and he saves those he cares for (or has a use for presently) from the brunt of it.

Background: Wagner's origins and beginnings, how he ended up in the Ulbran family, are questionable at best. Some claim he is adopted whereas others assure he is blooded. The only true certainty is that he has been around for decades, seeing the rise and fall of many an Ulbran. Some call him Uncle or cousin if they so choose, but all agree it is a moot point as to his nature of relation and that the man is here to stay. He has never angled for a position of leadership within the family, seeking instead to be the strong arms and shoulders when particular needs arise.

In the prime of his youth he had married, siring at least two sons that are currently off gallivanting somewhere within the Compact. Their mother died sadly a few years back, leaving the already surly man to find even less reason to humor whatever semblance of patience was left in him.

The man has no distinct trade, save for the promise of arranged fights and those wishing to place bets on prideful pugilists. There was a time when he humored becoming a Champion, but the notion was gone with the next morning's hangover. His reputation has instead come to be built on the odd jobs, and the alarming strength and speed he finished them all with, completed over the years. His work ethic is undeniable once coin greases his palm, but what moral code and manner by which he chooses his jobs is his alone.

Name Summary
Bahiya Gruff voice, but well spoken. I would hear more; there's a strange honesty to him.
Mabelle Obviously not had the easiest of life, but seems sincere in his dealings.
Medeia I'd really rather just drink whiskey with him, not sure why I feel so damned defensive.
Nemo He knows what's up, make no mistake.
Porter Good to see another person comfortable with the axe! Good sparring partner, moves a lot quicker than I would have expected!
Raimon By outward appearance: stern and grim. And yet he takes time to patiently teach others.
Raja You don't own this bench! Learn to share.
Ras Thinks he deserves someone's dreams while he acts like an asshole. Maybe I'll punch him in the face one day... maybe THAT's my dream, huh?
Romulius A lively sort. If he can sail, he's the type Dycard ought to be hiring.
Sabella An Ulbran! In the Queensrest! Across the bridge! How interesting that he feels so comfortable striding into places where he isn't welcome! He must be very ambitious!
Samira Muscular and intimidating, he's clearly a hardened denizen of the Lowers. There may be a hint of goodness under the veil of sarcasm and hardness, but who knows? Best to be cautious.
Sigismund Not only my kin, but brother and friend. What trust he puts in me, I give to him the same. We've shed blood together enough times that we need no common parents to claim such bound.
Thea He brought his fist game to my knife game. And didn't back down. Or I was supposed to back down. I think I was supposed to back down and didn't. Either or, we'll have to properly spar one day. For now, improperly, was still quite the match.
Vulpiano A good man who's not afraid of honest labour. There aren't enough like him.
Wash It was a lemon flavored snowcone, and you're just jealous because I didn't want to share.
Yrsa He enjoys a good round of insults, which is unique in this city so far. Has more of a brain than most fighters I've met, too. Clearly hasn't had one too many rings of the bell. Yet.
Zoey A lesser man would have kept fighting a less skilled opponent. He cares more about teaching than winning.