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Lady Quinley Blackshore

Time and tide wait for no one.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Precise Military Strategist
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Blackshore
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 25
Birthday: 3/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: average height
Hair Color: midnight
Eye Color: cerulean
Skintone: mocha

Description: Midnight black braids with golden cylinders fall down her back. Life on the open water has brought out the mocha tones, shining with health. Her cerulean blue eyes shine with sharp intelligence. Her broad nose speaks to her Eurusi roots. Full tan lips rarely smile or suffer artifice. Her tall, lithe body carries strength and vigor as she moves through the room with unspoken grace. Across her hands and forearms are small slashes, reminiscent of fencing training. Rough callouses on her palm and fingertips from handling ropes on a ship.

Personality: Most sailors would agree that Lady Quinley Augustine Blackshore is someone you can set your clock to. Her rigorous attention to details allows her to stop problems before they begin. As Minister of Productivity, she's a harsh taskmaster who never lets any project fall behind. She's not opposed to throwing a sailor off her ship for negligence of duty. Her words are sharp and to the point. She doesn't mince words.

Background: Born the eldest of four daughters to Lord Augustine Blackshore and Lady Priyan Ashghar, Quinley quickly became the protector to her sisters. For many in the Mourning Isles censured the young lord for marrying an exiled Eurusi noblewoman who had fled her homeland. Of course a distant cousin to the current Baron Blackshore, there was little to dispute of a unlanded lord who chose to marry without advantage. Being financially cut off from the family for his indiscretion, this small unit learned to make do with less. Luckily, his choices didn't cause the Blackshore family to abandon him all together. However, many of the cousins would be quick to remind Quinley and her sisters that they were poorer relations.

Quinley grew cynical of society's expectations, choosing to follow her own passions at a young age. She pushed against barriers in her teen years to learn the sword and sail despite many urging her to take more traditional roles in law or diplomacy. Not having a son, Augustine chose to impart his own naval expertise on his eldest, placing emphasis on precision and excellence. She drilled harder and longer than any of her peers, knowing that any weakness would be a slur towards her gender. While she did study a few courses on law, it was more out of a sense of justice. She had no interest in sitting in the courtroom.

Finding commissions on a ship wasn't easy within Thrax, but Quinley's persistence paid off when an old family friend within the Thrax navy took her under his wing. She worked hard to earn her ranks, making sure those family bonds didn't outweigh her own worth and over time her ruthlessness gained her notice. She would visit Maelstrom from time to time to see her family, even sending coin home to help with their expenses. While she never had the funds to gain her own ship, her actions made her valuable enough to overlook the flaws of birth.

Even though it had been more than a decade since she had stepped foot on Blackshore soil, it was a shock to hear of her heritage coming to destruction. The second blow was her father's stroke, leaving behind a grieving widow and three daughters. His death ended the Thrax arrangement with their family. Quinley could no longer ignore her obligations and once she collected them from Maelstrom, she set off to Arx to meet the new baroness. Quinley impressed her with her fine military skills and quickly convinced her to join her ministers, focusing on Productivity. Never one to be idle, she took additional duties with the Iron Guard, seeing the need for justice for those that had less in the city.

Relationship Summary

  • Skye - gentle baroness
  • Dycard - man of the people
  • Aedric - commander of Blackshore armies
  • Zorianna - renown vintner

  • Acquaintance:
  • Ethan - Blackshore steward

  • Ally:
  • Sparte - fellow guard & cousin to baroness
  • Reese - fair commander
  • Alarissa - generous patron to my baroness
  • Sorrel - Minister of Thrax devoted to productivity
  • Name Summary