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Sir Kenjay Redrain

Are you not entertained?

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Freed Gladiator
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Redrain
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 41
Birthday: 12/4
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: average height
Hair Color: red-brown
Eye Color: blue-grey
Skintone: tanned caucasian

Description: At just under six feet tall, this man is... nothing special, to look at at least. Probably in his early forties, he's got reddish hair and blue-grey eyes, and the sort of tan that says he's spent a lot of time in the sun. He's not overly muscled but he's got a certain solidity to him, suggesting that his build is the result of working rather than working out. His face is a good covering for the front of his head, with a nose, two eyes and a mouth; it's the sort of face that doesn't stand out in a crowd, though it does have a good jawline and strong cheekbones on closer inspection.

Personality: Kenjay is one of those irritatingly comptent people, tending towards the cool, calm and collected on his own time. Laid-back and with very little to prove to anyone, he's a warm sort of person with an easy laugh and a bright smile. Self-assured and self-reliant, with the capacity to laugh at himself and the situations he finds himself in, he's loyal and conscientious.
All that changes when he's in front of people. A natural showman, Kenjay knows how to play a crowd and play it well; he becomes a larger-than-life figure, one that may be cheered or booed but rarely goes ignored.

Background: Kenjay's life was normal - well, as normal as life ever gets for a Prince of House Redrain - up until he was ten years old or thereabouts. He was travelling with his parents when the caravan got attacked, and despite House Redrain's best efforts the survivors were never recovered.

Sold to the Eurusi, Kenjay was brought across the ocean to Skal'daja. The spirited boy caught the eye of a trainer, and he was sold to a gladiator school. At first he fetched and carried, but as time went by and he grew towards manhood, he became a gladiator himself. And he excelled at it.

After fifteen years in the arena and victory after victory, Kenjay was bought by the royal family of Skal'daja. Now, when he wasn't training, he was guarding. The life of a renowned gladiator had been a good one, for a slave; the life of a royal guard was better. And then, when he was given as a birthday present to one woman four years ago, life got even better than that. Bahiya was a kind and generous owner, and when she had the chance to go to Arvum in the service of the Crown Prince of Skal'daja, she brought him with her - and freed him when they set foot on Arvani soil.

Name Summary
Aethan Watching Kenjay on the field, I will likely retain his services for more than sport. I think knowing a Redrain champion with his prowess is favorable to any leader's future.
Amari Sturdy and serious in manner but not rigid. He has some bend to him, like a tree that's weathered a great many storms over the years and endured them all.
Amund An extremely agile fighter who uses an unusual Eurusi style for his sparring matches.
Anisha Honoured Kenjay, who serves as guard and escort to the Lady Ambassador Bahiya. Unassuming looks and a mild demeanour, he's practiced the trade of blending in with the crowd or standing politely to the side for his lady. There's stories writ, however, in his movement, his word-choices, and the ways in which he otherwise stands out. Hopefully, I'll eventually be able to draw some of those stories out of him.
Apollo Possessed of remarkable grace. I wonder at the things he's seen in his decades in the Dune Kingdoms.
Astrid Master Kenjay is an earnest individual with an understandble quest in life: to discover who he is on his own. I wish him the best and will do what I can to help.
Athaur A rather fierce looking prince from the North. Quite imposing, but with a rakish style that I approve of.
Austen A Eurusi Champion. Seems earnest and interesting, I'm only sorry I rather gave him the wrong impression.
Bahiya Four years a companion and more, but I'm not ignorant; his service was forced and his chains made with his unbroken honor as much as the deed that claimed his person was mine. I regret I could not free him sooner, regret more that our friendship could not bloom in better circumstance. Still. There's no one I admire more, and as I am free to admit as such I will tell any who listen: if I can earn this man's friendship without the bonds of duty, I would count myself one of the luckiest in the world.
Braelynn So pleasant! I'm determined we are to be friends!
Caspian a thoughtful man, recently returned from outside arvum. Doesn't seem to hold Arvum in the highest of esteem.. but then in the grand scheme of things i suppose thats not so surprising. one thing is for certain, his love for freedom and the desire to see it for all is more than admirable! a cause i can support!
Cassandra A Redrain Prince returned from a foreign land, he fights with a flourish and style I have not seen before but still shows the proper glory and restraint in his spars to honor Gloria. I look forward to seeing his career in the Champions.
Catalana Most would be horribly bitter about the life they have been given. But, he is kind and genuine and has a wonderful ideas and plans for the future. Simply, he is a good man.
Cirroch An interesting fighting style, distract with fluid and throws oneself into the fray where they are most armored. A well grounded individual, and good person.
Darren The returning Prince Kenjay Redrain is an honourable man, and selfless to the last. He offers his services to the House while already on a quest to end slavery? How can I do anything but like him. I will ensure he is restored to his place in the family.
Desma Apparently a prince, though he didn't introduce himself as such. I was much entertained by his bow.
Domonico Solid and strong grip. No blustering attempt to overwhelm. I approve so far.
Elizabetha A gladiator? How I wish I'd more time to linger and observe! I'll leave my good luck for him.
Emily A delightful partner for events and wonderfully helpful. Good company but I admit I know very little about him. I should change that.
Erik For a Prince of Redrain, he wears odd, Eurusi inspired clothing and speaks their language. I wonder if there is a story there, especially as the man is also a Disciple of Skald, a Liberator.
Esme A man returned and that is so curious. We all know how I feel about questions. He's a Redrain. I'm sure we are to be good friends.
Evaristo This prince comports himself differently - but no wonder. He's calm and cool and collected, and quite impressive.
Evelynn I can't imagine the horrors he's endured. Redrain must be pleased to have him back.
Fatima A man who enjoys his freedom and is making the best of it.
Faye A reserved prince of House Redrain, clearly with strong connections to Eurus. There's a story there, I think.
Gaspard Despite being an Arvani, he has spent most of his life at Eurus. Fighting in a similar fashion to a Champion, it seems. He is like a beast in the sands and I can learn a lot about style and combat from him, not to mention the incredible stories he might have of warriors and fighters from distant lands.
Georgine The Scarlet Storm. I wonder if he is a Champion. Still, he seems to understand what I do: that joy is in the experience rather than the action. I sat on a bench to make the chattering less overwhelming too.
Gwenna Kenjay - apparently Prince Kenjay Redrain, taken from Redrain as a child and sold to the Eurusi - is an exceptionally polite and warm man. For someone of such physical strength and a difficult life, he still appears to have that brilliant, spirited heart of Redrain within him. How very fortunate we are for his return and, no doubt, he will do great things with his freedom.
Haakon Enthusiastically polite. Fair, even handed. Laughs his ass off.
Harlex A swordsman of worth. A hard life did him good.
Ian Enjoyable to spar with. He fights unlike most people I've faced. It's an interesting challenge.
Kritr A circuitous life this man has led, and returned to the security of the Compact. It is almost enough to lead one to believe he enjoys some special protection in his life. Almost.
Lorenzo A lost Redrain prince who has spent enough time in Eurus to think eating grasshoppers is normal. He seems a friendly sort, and it is good to have him back in Arvum.
Lyra A former slave of the Dune Kingdoms that speaks of the joy on rediscovering snow. He must have a very strong spirit for he didn't appear broken, at least not visibly.
Lys Oh boy, he's a serious one.
Mabelle His demeanour seems to fall out of place with his appearance. He's well built, someone you'd like to stand guard for yet and yet as soft spoken as a Whisper.
Maris Prince Redrain, but he has an Eurusi accent and the character of a Champion - born and bred. Seems like a fun guy to drink with, plus I'd love to go a round with him in the ring.
Medeia The prince moves poetically, the wicked bite of blade in his artful flourishes. Distinguished and fine and deadly - especially if one is caught unsuspecting of the skill hidden under those silks.
Mirk A lost Redrain among the Eurusi visitors to Arx. There's a story there, one that I could not begin to guess. We've had two brief encounters, in which I was unavoidably called away. Perhaps the third time will be the charm?
Miska Full of wisdom for a man that I know mostly for his fury.
Monique He's more frustrating than anyone I've /ever/ met.
Neilda What the heck did HE think was going on? I was eating sand. MMmmmm. Maybe that's how he flirts.
Niklas He was a slave a month ago, mark my words.
Nisaa I am not knowing him well, but watching him here, he bears a regal sort of poise. He seems a man of strength. Not only of body, but of mind and spirit as well.
Ophne I'm certain I'd not have the easy manner and good humour displayed by Lord Kenjay had I lived through what he has survived. I struggle without the burden of that, and I'm sure there's a lesson to be learned here, I simply need to work out what it is.
Piccola Seems the proper sort -- appropriate for his position -- but he raises more questions than answers at this time.
Poppy A kind man who has a wonderful heart even though he has seen things I can't begin to imagine. I hope the compact lives up to his expectations and that he gets to enjoy the touch of snow again soon.
Raja A loyal man, a guard to his lady. He is a Eurusi that came over with the prince that fought at Sungreet.
Ras He's calm and controlled, but there's somethin about him as if he's seen a lot. Reckon he deserves some respect. Probably a good fighter, with a name like Scarlet Storm -- is that cuz he's like a whirlwind of blood, or cuz of his red clothes? Shouldn't ask that question, I guess.
Ripley He's so interesting and that jawline! His hands! I like his hands. I should sculpt his hands. That's been an interesting life he's lead, if unconventional and... I don't think unconventional even covers that. His hands. I need to sculpt his hands.
Rowynna A Redrain Prince whom spent many years in the Dune Kingdom. I'm not sure why, and I'm certain there's a story there. I would love to know more.
Rukhnis I am rather tired of Princes, and still more tired of people with some relation to Eurus who end up being them. Still, I suppose it is not his fault. He seems decent enough.
Sabella He seems quite nice! A touch quiet, but a constant, steady companion to Ambassador Bahiya, which is quite nice considering they are both strangers in what is to them a strange land! It's nice that he looks out for her!
Samira His garb and the lilt to his words make it apparent he hails from other lands. A former arena fighter who handles himself with incredible skill, but also with great flair. I can't decide whether I'd rather train with the man or simply watch. Either would be a solid learning experience.
Sydney He has my full and undivided attention. I want to see more of what he's capable of, in the ring and outside of it.
Tanith The first tested against my beautiful ax. Kicked my ass, too, but I made him work for it. Reserved, of a sort, but an easy kind of smile.
Thalamina The Scarlet Storm. What a fascinating man with a fascinating life. If it weren't pushing the bounds of polite society I would've asked him a thousand more questions.
Thea Grateful? I think so. Never judge a book a by its cover. This will be no exception...
Verity He has an easy confidence that he pairs nicely with a steely wit. Whatever traumas he endured, I do not think it broke his spirit.
Vittorio A man who is proud enough to wear a red armor, surely cares about fashion. Right?
Vulpiano A hard man of man mysteries. I see many shades of grey in this one, but all are fierce. I wonder what he has seen to become so?
Yuri One of the best fighters I had ever yet to face in the ring. He would have made all of my marshals look like clamoring fools, but I was honored to spar with him. Perhaps when I've gotten my armor sorted, we can do so again. I look forward to it.
Zakhar thirty years in the dunes and still acts with grace.
Zoey A loyal companion with a tragic past. I wonder if he would speak of his experience, or if the pain is still too near.