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Marquessa Quenia Igniseri

'Need to know' is a concept for people who don't need to know everything.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Sly Spymaster
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Igniseri
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 5/2
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: dark
Skintone: olive

Titles: Countess of the March of the city-state of Granato

Description: Quenia cuts a lean figure, toned and trim, with clean athleticism to her sculpted muscle and tawny skin. The dusky warmth of her skin tone is frequently enhanced by her clever eye for color, in makeup and dress. Her eyes are wide and dark, framed by a sooty thickness of eyelashes, beneath suggestive, communicative eyebrows. Her facial shape is a classic heart shape with high cheekbones and a narrow chin. The bow of her mouth is full and soft, often caught in the midst of a smile. Her hair is a riot of lush black curls, clouding around her face and neck.

Personality: Curiosity is the curse of the Igniseris and Quenia has it in spades, tempered by a level of sensibility and thrown into sharp relief by an active sense of the ridiculous. Clever, quick and full of sass, her sense of humor is her mask rather than any cooler or starker reserve. She is warm and easy to relate to, slipping smoothly through most social situations with the grace of a dancer through the dance floor. Flirtatious without being licentious, irreverent without being outrageous, and nonchalant without being untouchable, she is a balanced, smooth young woman who applies her wink as a weapon as often as her will.

Background: The third child of Emilisia Igniseri and the first daughter, she was born shortly after her father, the Count, died; not subject to bastardy, since her mother was pregnant when he died, but still in that window of time where there was no father to celebrate her. The Countess of the March found it vastly frustrating to have another child at this time, and the pressures of having three very young children were more or less shunted onto her staff while she focused on ruling. Emilisia's sister had a child at roughly the same time, so Quenia went and stayed with her cousin and, both wetnursed and nannied in the lesser house, was more or less forgotten at home until she returned beneath her mother's wing when she was six years old. Her new half-sister Iovita was born, and Quenia regarded the baby as an object of curious interest more than as a family member; she felt closer to her cousins, even as she grew older and was trained with the boys.

When she was ten and the twins were thirteen, their stepfather died suddenly, and supposedly it was her mother's fault somehow, which Quenia didn't really believe. But during the uproar over this, the twins were suddenly fostered with Duke Rubino's household. Quenia and Iovita were sent to foster with Duke Zaffria's household. Quenia spent her teen years watching young Iovita make a mess in the ducal garden and watching young Sylvie grow and flower. It was easy to see which of these sister figures it made more sense to attach herself to. Quenia followed Sylvie more or less like a duckling.

When her mother's third husband died, Quenia gravely advised her not to marry again, and stayed as her support and assistant in Granato while the twins went to Arx. Her mother abdicated, but still served as castellan for Castle Granato, working in a quiet retirement. Quenia served as her brother's agent in the Lyceum proper, keeping track of all the rumor and scandal and gossip happening at home for him.

Relationship Summary

  • Lysander - Lord of Rubino-Zaffria
  • Valencia - Princess of Velenosa, Proprietress of Golden Hart
  • Sebastian - Prince of Pravus, Mad Painter, Brother to Juliana
  • Nebulosa - Lady of Zaffria, Iron Guard, Champion, Fighter of Pirates
  • Corban - Corban - Corban Telmar, Former Lord of Telmar, King's Own, Discovered a Sylv'alfar Threat on Igniseri Lands
  • Zoey - Lady of Kennex, Married to Ian, Scholar, Bard, Harlequin

  • Family:
  • Ariella - Cousin and Ships' Captain
  • Juliana - Former Princess of Pravis, Lady of Igniseri, Married to Luis, Sailor Mercenary
  • Lucita - Cousin, Baroness of Saik, Protege
  • Luis - Cousin, Igniseri Voice, and Minister of War
  • Olivando - Cousin, Scholar of Vellichor
  • Xanthe - Cousin, Lady of Igniseri, Explorer, Champion, Iron Guard
  • Yelana - Cousin, Lady of Igniseri, Mirrorguard

  • Lyceum:
  • Dafne - Lady of Zaffria, Family Friend, Harlequin
  • Grazia - Duchess of House Rubino, Inquisition, The Court
  • Sylvie - Duchess of Zaffria, Family Friend, Human Liaison to the Nox'alfar

  • Deceased:
  • Pietro - Brother, Furyborn Hero of the Battle of Pridehall
  • Vincere - Brother, Former Marquis, and Hero of the Battle of Pridehall
  • ??? - Father - Remains a Mystery
  • Oberion - Step Father #1
  • Jalawyn - Step Father #2
  • Aurelian - Former Fiancee, Executed For Treason Against House Valardin
  • Aiden - Former Duke of Rubino, Family Friend

  • Ally:
  • Duarte - Dear Friend

  • Friend:
  • Alarissa - Friend, Patron, Teacher, and Fellow Mischief Maker
  • Laric - Family Friend, Master of Questions (Busy With Inquisition Work)
  • Salvatore - Lord of Zaffria, Dear Friend (Away To Gemecitta)
  • Eirene - Lady of Riven, Friend, Explorer, Guildmaster of the Physicians
  • Ian - Lord of Kennex, Married to Lady Zoey, Friend, Sometimes Combat Mentor, Explorer
  • Oswyn - Friend, Archscholar of Vellicor, Companion On A Long Voyage To Somewhere
  • Wash - Lord of Kennex, Family Friend, Legendary Sailor

  • Protege:
  • Zebulon - Knight Captain of Igniseri and Champion

  • Oathlands:
  • Astraea - Former Lady Of Igniseri - Former Princess of Redrain, Former Princess of Valardin, Former Godsworn, Former Archlector (Retired To The Oathlands)

  • Parent:
  • Emisilia - Mother, The Badger of Granato, Thrice A Widow (Away To Granato)
  • Emisilia - Mother, The Badger of Granato, Thrice A Widow (Managing Granato Affairs)

  • Sibling:
  • Iovita - Mercy of Lagoma, Sister (Away To Granato)
  • Leena - Artificing Sister (Away To Granato)

  • Crownlands:
  • Cara - Family Friend, Former Fiancee of Vincere, Wife of Laric (Away To Bastion)

  • Northlands:
  • Amarantha - Cousin, Lady of Sanna, Champion (Away To Giant's Reach)
  • Name Summary
    Aahana I am so glad she put up an classified about wishing to learn my native tongue. And a wonderfully happy surprise that she is willing to help me brush up on the ways of the compact. I am very thankful for crossing paths with her.
    Aelgar Approachable and knowledgable woman. I have already learned much and she intrgues me with her mastery of social skills. I will have to pursue this in more depth with her.
    Aerandir A Marquessa, yet another woman of blue blood that I was introduced to in the Ambassador Salon; it is becoming a habit, meeting nobility there. Hers is a genuine exterior if I am right in my judgement; she smiles easily and speaks with candour, but is not without the manners befitting one of her stature.
    Aethan Marquessa Igniseri, by all accounts and appearances a very able head of her house. Also pleasant company.
    Agostino Clearly a competent leader, and pleasant as well. Working with her should be interesting.
    Aiden She had welcomed me with open arms upon first meeting her at her concert and has been thus, a friendly face to sit with. We may have mutual interests as well, not to mention our love for Lucita and Estaban. I am most humbled to have meet this woman and to know her as... a friend perhaps? At least, an ally.
    Alaric Despite the tragic circumstances of her rising to lead her House, her grace and diligence in upholding the family's duties are quite clear. It's not often you can say a noble's primary characteristic seems to be 'hardworking', but her industry and energy is plain to see.
    Alarissa While I have met her in passing, I have exchanged letters and her generosity and compassion seems second to none. Perhaps she will be a great ally in the future.
    Alban She was very concerned with her families fate, which is understandable. She was most gracious however, and I hope we have more chances to talk in the future.
    Aleksei She came with questions and I did my best to answer. She was certainly polite about it!
    Alessandro Marquessa Igniseri, and by all accounts an interesting person. She seemed it from the little I spoke to her -- I should very much like to get to know her better.
    Alexis Marquessa Quenia Igniseri. A noblewoman in an unenviable position, but she seems to have adapted as the Lycene are known to do. Effortlessly polite, and seemingly very generous.
    Amarantha A rarely seen cousin! She seems to be a capable Marquessa if her business talk is any indication.
    Amund Willing to fight alongside her people. That's the mark of a good ruler.
    Angelo A clever one, this Marquessa. Friendly and witty, and a sense of humor that I found agreeable, although I still suspect perhaps a little came at my expense. Was there wine on my lips? A bit of leaf on my face? I may never know. Still, someone I ought to get to know.
    Anisha A hostess with incomparable grace and impressive ability to keep track of people. Her Fire and Ice Ball will be the talk of the town for quite some time, I imagine.
    Apollis My beautiful cousin. She has always been warm and welcoming to me. I know I can always count on her support and she can always count on mine. I'm fiercely loyal to my family. It is difficult times for the Lyceum. I hope Quenia knows I mean well.
    Apollo Generous with information and insight; brave, given the terrible things she dreams.
    Appolonia The Marquesssa is as I remember her from that day - strong and capable; friendly and warm. It would be a delight to get to speak with her. Perhaps she would be interested in the game of two million questions. Time shall tell.
    Appolonia Called away in the midst of a competition... I've heard rumors of a masked figure in the lowers; could there be a connexion? Must check later.
    Arcelia A nice woman that has joined the ARRG recently. I can see promise in her as a member of the Organization. She was ambitious and willing to jump right into working on ideas and ways to help.
    Ariella My cousin and marquessa. Exceptionally responsible and a phoenix through and through.
    Ariella My dear cousin, Marquessa and the Voice of my family. While I don't envy her position, she has my fullest support in every endeavor.
    Ariella As much as I love to buck authority, Quenia is one person I don't mind bossing me around. I'm glad we have her and not some inferior Marquessa who won't let me say "fuck".
    Arman Ever the passionate scholar, but perhaps her passions got the best of her today.
    Armani THe greeting seemed pleasant. She is loyal to her leige!
    Armani I thought knights were the ones supposed to rescue nobles, someone got this all backwards!
    Asralyn Well, isn't she a wellspring of information? Probably should have listened more. Almost as cute as Yelana though. /Almost/.
    Astraea My cousin is wise and what many would consider a good leader. She has the goodwill of the people and strong allies at her back. I am proud to be an Igniseri with her at the reins. May she always walk with the Gods and keep family close.
    Athaur A woman with admirable composure and a keen eye. I look forward to working with her.
    Atria Marquessa Quenia helped me, and I will not forget that. I don't thik I'm her favorite person, but that can change. I think she cares deeply for her people and worries what mine might do to hers. Understandable. Admirable even.
    Avaline My sweet cousin has been through a rough time lately, but I'm glad to help her in any way that I can. I hope to catch up with her again soon.
    Barric I fully understand how easy it is to be overwhelmed by new happenings and the twisting vagaries of politics, especially those social in nature. Perhaps one time I will be able to speak with her when it's less about appearances, and more about getting to know someone. Perhaps.
    Berenice A very studious Marquessa, but with a fine taste for wine! And that's what's important.
    Bianca The Marquessa is insightful. I found myself pleasantly surprised as what was to be a matter of tutoring formed organically into a deeper conversation regarding the ideology of what leadership truly can be. I look forward to watching her success as she carries the mantle of Granato on her shoulders.
    Blacktongue On point and clever if not the most practical
    Brannen Marquessa Igniseri has proven to be a good hostess who has proven both insightful and helpful on politically delicate matters. She answered all my questions and made sure I had plenty of time to receive answers to any remaining ones. And she skillfully learnt more from me than I originally intended to share - as is to be expected from a countess of a March.
    Brigida A sweet girl. Dedicated enough to her domain and house to see to it that it has a marquis. No matter who he might be. Good for her!
    Brigida Hosts a fine dinner and the duck was delicious. Her work with the Agricultural Centre is outstanding as well.
    Cadenza So helpful when I first got here. A lovely woman and I hope to speak with her more in the time to come.
    Cahal A shield of the mirrorguard, she must have many stories to tell, but she seems to have had some sort of history with the oathlands which might make it difficult.
    Calaudrin There aren't many Marquessas out there that would pull on their hiking boots and go stomping around in the backwaters of their holding. Not unless they had an army at their backs, but this one seems different. That's good for her people, not too often you see a noble really acting noble.
    Calypso It's nice to know that in this time of great turmoil, the Lyceum's still what it always was.
    Cambria A fellow Lycene -and- Marquessa. It may sound cliche, but I think those are reasons enough to become friends. She seemed a likeable sort, although I could tell she was still grieving for her brothers. I hardly blame her. Family is everything.
    Caprice Inclusive and refreshingly open, I'm honored to know the Marquessa and to be involved if just a little bit with her continued success.
    Caspian A sympathetic lady and mirrorguard member! She taught me something new, so I thank her for that!
    Catalana She is elegance and grace and has such a wonderful family that surrounds her. I am so looking forward to working with her, and travelling to her lands. It is the one place I long to see in the Lyceum.
    Clover I will not lie, I had misgivings when she first contacted me at the behest of a mutual friend-- I should not have. She shared freely with me information that will allow me to properly care for a beloved friend. She has made a friend for life in me.
    Constantine A gracious and well-connected woman who does not shy from lending helpful advice and direction to those seeking answers. I do not envy the strife she's recently has faced, but she appears to stand strong against the violent winds of life.
    Coraline A lady who has the stamina to drink like a proper Thraxian can. I truly hope to get to know her better, and that whatever caused her such hurt is resolved soon, she is too lovely a person for life to cause such pain to.
    Cornelius Another woman fighting. She seems to think it does her House good to have her on the battlefield amongst the soldiers, as though she were nothing more than a sword arm.
    Costas Like most first meetings with nobility there is only the surface to surveil. I see a polite woman with social graces. Perhaps a hint of some genuine contemplation, revealed in closer contact? Fetching blush, for sure.
    Cristoph I've worked with Marquessa Quenia a time or two on some research, it's always good to know there are such capable people working for the good of the Compact.
    Cullen A lovely and graceful woman posessing charm and wit, but buried beneath a mountain of grief. And who can blame her? I am glad I could help, if even a little bit. Perhaps I can again sometime in the future. Maybe. I should at least like to try.
    Cullen Marquessa Quenia was a welcome sight, and while a duel is always difficult to talk to someone during, I'm glad we were able to nonetheless. She seems a bit more outgoing, and I am resolved to aid her however possible, and look forward to learning of the Lyceum from her...and sailing perhaps as well.
    Cullen The Marquessa is as stunning and elegant as I remember before my atonement, and her humor bright. I am relieved she still greets me as a friend.
    Dante The Marquessa of Granato is an extremely sharp and knowledgeable woman - after this joint foray to help protect our people, I would like to think we can draw our houses closer for defense and shared benefit.
    Delilah She knows her wine! I'm going to have to be careful around her because she clearly knows a lot more than she might let on.
    Delilah With a name that's pure poetry, calibrated to fire and song, I had rather high expectations. She speaks easily as a lark, and shows a warmth that you might expect for any Lycene. All charm and clever sparkle, with manners that would leave an Oathlander content. I admire her talent in the social field. No doubt she's every equal a sword in her domain, of sorts.
    Denica A diplomatic and pragmatic leader from the Lycene, but also a friend to the Mourning Isles, her support has been unwavering and appreciated.
    Domonico Marquessa Igniseri. It seems that I have quite a bit to thank her for with her teaching of both Aahana and Miranda.
    Drake A lovely woman, intelligent, and full of tales. She made for excellent dinner company during a blind date.
    Duarte A woman, I am sure, of delight, wiles and irony - were she not caught in the throes of recent disappointment.
    Echo A brilliant host and wonderful cousin. She's got a lot of friends and it's no surprise at all with how sweet and caring she is.
    Edain The new young Marquessa of Granato. She has had a huge burden thrust on her with no warning at all. I know how hard that is. She seems honorable and concerned about her family. Perhaps through her I can make ammends for the the bad blood between me and her older brother Vincere.
    Eddard A lovely woman of Lyceum demeanor. I appreciate her fashion, I appreciate her voice. I find it odd that she is unwed. But I find her company to be most exquisite.
    Eleyna Lady Quenia's brother once offered to duel for me when I had been insulted by another. I remember his kindness and good humor, traits that seem reflected in his sister. Yet, I also see something of the other brother in her as well in her obvious intelligence and the way that she seems motivated to better her House.
    Elgana Marquessa Quenia is exactly as I thought she would be from everything I've heard - smart, fun, caring. I can see why Lady Ennettia speaks so highly of her. She is a lady who is going on my list of those to get to know better, and perhaps trade secrets with on how to be as efficient as possible! An utterly delightful woman.
    Ember Quite proud of what she's done, this one. Then again, if I had accomplished even half as much as the Marquessa, I would be proud of it, too.
    Emily Emily finds the Marquessa open minded and interesting
    Esme She causes me great curosity. This is not bad. It has led me to take up my sword. It has led me to enter the Mirrorguard. It has led me many steps and many more. I am not sure if she is aware of this, but we are friends
    Evaristo Smart and charming. And leading a house that makes wines. Almost too good to be true!
    Evelynn A fellow Lycene. She had wonderful things to say about my cousins, which is a good foundation for any relationship.
    Fairen I have found the Marquessa to be a touch reserved, yet not lacking in being considerate. Something troubles her, yet I cannot quite put my finger on it. She is a great leader.
    Faruq With a relationship history that bad, there comes a point that all there is, is up. I hope she reaches it soon.
    Fecundo She was kind enough to include me on her social outing for a local craft Guildmistress and introduce me to some of her circle and family. It was a welcoming feeling for my first day in the city and I look forward to getting to know her better over my time here.
    Fiora She seemed as pure as a seraph next to a herald. For all Yelana has said about her it seems to be true.
    Gianna The elegant Marquessa is both generous and inquisitive.
    Giulio She and I worked well when there were matters of trade and commerce to be had. I pray that we will work as well together in the Mirrorguard. I sense an astute mind there, with much to learn from.
    Grady A woman with a great deal on her shoulders, and bearing that weight bravely. I don't understand it, but I do hope it turns out alright.
    Grazia Most competent the Marquessa is. She is an excellent vassal and pleasant company with fine manners.
    Haakon Quite the hostess. Prodigals at dinner would crack the composure of most, but if she took any offense, she hid it well. And if she truly took no offense, I'd want more words, another day.
    Hadrian The Marquessa places a lot of concern on her own leadership ability. Who wouldn't? It's a great responsibility that places a great many demands on the ruler. The fact that she has concerns over it is the first step to recognizing the gravitas of the situation though. That is a good sign. It means that she isn't too confident, but not lacking in confidence either. Extremes are never a good stance to take in ruling, so understanding that even the ruler of a House or stretch of land has things to learn? An invaluable place to start.
    Hamish If the marquessa's dedication to her people wasn't evident by the work she's done on behalf of her domain, it would be by seeing her readiness to stand up for her man when talked down to by a wayward lord.
    Ian She's doing her best for her house.
    Ignacio Marquessa Quenia seems to be a humble ruler which is the first sign of a good ruler. I would be interested in talking to her more in the future.
    Ilira She's a quiet woman, the kind of subtlety that lends to her presence and doesn't dull it. Warm, conversational, and a hint mischievous, I still sense something weighty behind her every word--a sobriety, I think, or perhaps a little sorrow.
    Jacque Marquessa Quenia Igniseri, a cousin to Lady Lucita and someone who seems interested in -- sparring? We didn't speak much, admittedly, but perhaps she's approachable for sparring. I would enjoy it.
    Jaenelle The Marquessa is a boon to her people and the Lyceum. Loyal and fierce, I could not ask more.
    Jarel The regal Marquessa Quenia Igniseri seems to have gone through a recent issue. It seems her fiancee was discovered as a traitor. While I don't know the specifics, I do know one thing: This woman is strong. Perhaps not physically but there all types of strength.
    Jeffeth A kindly lady I met in the Gardens.
    Jordan Marquessa Quenia Igniseri - though tragedy struck in her engagement, she holds her head up high and bears a regal posture worth of admiration. Beautiful and sociable, too. Lycene women tend to be very dangerous when they've got that particular combination.
    Joscelin A gracious lady, attending my wedding reception with a gift in hand. What thoughtfulness!
    Josephine The MArquessa Igniseri has long been a steady client and one who brings me much inspiration in my work. I hope she continues to do so.
    Josephine A noble very much unto herself with a passion for the insignia of her house. She delights me to no end and conversations in the forge are always delightful.
    Jyri Generous, smart and on top of things. Like a general but definitely more charming. I like her.
    Karadoc Marquessa Quenia Igniseri is a woman that's very much like her House's sigil. She will always arise from the ashes, renewed, brighter and more vibrant.
    Katarina A sweet and capable Marquessa. I think I'll like her a lot, I'm glad that Aurelian has found happiness with her.
    Katarina Let no one ever say that she is uninformed.
    Klaus She smirked at the tale of the battle of the dinner tale, and did not roll her eyes...I think...
    Laurel Rather a bright socialite. I do not envy her the work she must put forth to see her events through but admire her for it all the same.
    Leena She carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. Or well, perhaps more to the point our world. Living in a world of seriousness that I was rather ignorant of, she deals in things of faith and fact that I did not know existed, however that she has such determination I have little choice other than to accept as reality because it's my sister and she would not be roused by myth or rumor. I will have to try to lift her spirits as best I can. I've missed her, and it's nice to be by her side once more. I will have to work diligently to not become so wrapped in my own dealings I forget to dally about her, as I am prone to do for days at a time.
    Leola Lady Igniseri is obviously troubled by the loss of her family and her rise to prominance, and entirely understandably so. I hope she can find comfort and some peace, and that her new burdens cease to chafe so strongly.
    Lianne Strong, gracious, pragmatic. Very little not to like.
    Liara A Lycene Marquessa. Seemed very composed and dignified, even when the conversation came to things that might cause some to stumble. And she appears to like wine, always a good sign.
    Lisebet Marquessa Quenia faces the world with a pragmatism that serves her well, and at the sametime maintains a sense of humour about it all.
    Llewella The Marquessa was fantastic company at the Ambassador and I look forward to lessons with her on how to appropriately spread a message.
    Logan Quenia kept an eye on me when I kept drinking all the wine at the party. She seemed like a great host. I do not know about the marriage prospects, a lot of ladies do not like the cold north.
    Lora A fierce guardian of her people, bright burning against a rising tide of darkness.
    Lorenzo A fellow Southerner who appreciates warm weather and hot chocolate. She is pleasant company on a cold evening, and I'd enjoy speaking with her again.
    Lorien It is unforunate that she lost her brothers in such a way, but she seems to be bearing up well under her new responsibilities.
    Luca I've heard nothing but good things about Q.. which always leaves me a bit suspicious. She was confident she could be an asset to the Mirrorguard, and I like confidence. I suppose they'll get to see what she is made of, in time.
    Lucita The new Marquessa of House Igniseri has some interesting ideas in mind for me, helping meet some of the house's social commitments and using my music to help do that. She seems easy to talk with, and has been generous in helping me move in and get necessary supplies. So far, I like her and am glad to be part of her household.
    Mabelle A kind Marquessa, seems to care much about her people as she should. I hope I can help her.
    Malcolm Marquessa Quenia had some good advice to offer me about suddenly becoming a ruler. Seems wise and a little sad. I hope I'm able to follow it.
    Margerie I won't say that she seems as sweet as the candied fruits and wines she discussed, but I mean that in the best of ways. She has a sharp and playful mind that is just sweet enough. I look forward to socializing more with her in the days to come.
    Martino A fine Marquessa who's House benefits from her leadership, especially in matters of trade. Although holds a small appetite for breakfast.
    Mason A formidable, yet friendly woman. She nearly bested Mason in a spar -- it was luck that allowed him the winning strike -- and was a refreshing presence to train with during a time when so many are tense and concerned.
    Mattheu A wonderful dinner companion, a game of questions, and very little spillage.
    Medeia Though not family by blood, the marquessa is 'family' - living up to it in her steadfast alliance to Saik and continued willingness to entertain my questions when I ask them.
    Merek From what Merek has seen, she seems to be a quiet and polite sort. He saw her at the Refugee meeting. It's nice to see Velenosians coming together for a cause.
    Miella A most fashionable Marquessa who was quite kind upon meeting me at the Grayson party. I shall have to make her some specialty soap.
    Mikani A woman that seems capable and to have her head on her shoulders. If we were under better circumstances I would have loved to talk her ear off.
    Miranda She has a grand sense of humor, especially in regards to my brother, that I enjoy.
    Mirari A slightly inexperienced Marquessa who had leadership thrust upon her by tragedy. But she has a keen mind of business, and doesn't let set backs stop her. She'll do well.
    Mirari I have a great deal of respect for all of the Igniseri women. I have found them to be strong, stoic and absolutely classy. I feel for Quenia's recent struggles, but if anyone can rise like a phoenix from them, it is her.
    Mirella A gracious and hospitable lady who seems to be quite the scholar and seeker of knowledge. I'd be delighted to help her with her research.
    Mirk The ruler of Granato, she bears even terrible news with good grace and a steady determination, though not entirely without strain.
    Monique A dear friend. I can count on one hand the number of people I consider to be that, and Quenia is among them. She is all things beauty and grace and strength.
    Mydas The Marquessa of Igniseri. Whether her family's curse will follow her own union remains to be seen, but she proved to be a worthwhile candidate to join the Silver Consortium, and I expect much from her future contributions.
    Naka The Countess of the March of Granato. I sought her out as a diplomat and a teacher of the same during the time of the implementation of the Great Road. She was as pleasant and insightful as she was helpful, which is considerable.
    Neilda It's really something to be able to be so lighthearted about something so heavy.
    Niklas When the leader of a domain is as busy as Marquessa Quenia, it's a sign that her people are incredibly lucky to have her.
    Niklas I keep meaning to get together and actually speak with her! The Marquessa has shown herself time and time again in the whites to be a tremendous insightful person. I hope one day to have a real conversation.
    Nisaa She was kind enough to bring me to dance at a wine tasting event long ago. It was one of my first moments dancing in public once more, and I am being thankful to her for helping me move past things that needed to be left behind.
    Noah She sure does have a lot of research, being as I'm currently studying research, this is useful to me. Thus, she is useful to me.
    Norwood A genteel woman of proper manners and a quick tongue.
    Olin She gives the impression of a quiet reserve, but was soon tugging threads to find work and common interests.
    Ophne To think, she plucked madness from a moment and delivered the memory to me. How stalwart and forthright she is - if not at least very brave.
    Orelia A wise and patient leader
    Orland All guts no glory, they say, but I do hope her guts stay inside. She's an excellent person after all.
    Orvyn The Marquessa Igniseri, while we have dealt through missive and messenger for the past several months, it was a pleasure to finally meet her in person. She carries herself with the grace expected from one of her standing, though she also carries with her some of the nuances that come from a young Lycene seeking more. These are quality traits, though I do hope that she finds what she is looking for sooner, rather than later.
    Oswyn A gracious Marquessa with a curious mind and a scholarly bent. I imagine she has an interesting library.
    Pasquale Quenia has always impressed me with her knowledge of the occult. She is a good leader too.
    Petal She seems nice and really needs clothing bad, her's got destroyed by dogs! I hope that I can help her.
    Piccola Unsurprisingly, she looks, sounds, and smells far more intelligent than I am, which means she merits careful watching as pieces move.
    Porter A thoughtful Marquessa, with an eye for keeping up with the dangers facing her people. If only more peers of the realm were like her.
    Raimon Clever. Observant. And she knows -a lot-. Even, or especially, she knows things that other folks don't.
    Raja She hosts the most magnificent of balls! It was magical. There people glittered. The food was fantastic.. and she gave out gifts!
    Ras Serious - seems like she's trainin for some kinda mission. Brave and cares about the folk she knows. Not real trusting, but that's pretty smart, to be fair.
    Reese She seems like a thoughtful and intelligent woman. I like how she stood up for the missions in the forest. I appreciate that.
    Reigna Dignified, noble and restrained. I would not have pegged her as Lycene, and yet she has all of their good qualities while still being someone who I feel I can trust.
    Rey I had heard many things about the Marquessa and I am very pleased that rumors hold true. I hope to speak with her more and maybe offer her information that she has yet to find.
    Rosalie A fellow journaler! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who doesn't put -everything- into the Archives but also keeps personal journals. I would be interested in talking with her in more depth sometime.
    Rosalind A really knowledgeable Baroness! And really nice! She explained things in a way I understood and had ideas I wouldn't have thought of. She has stories!
    Rowenova She graciously traded her social writs for my econ writs which totally made my whole day and was a lovely presence within the general seating during the Champions Jousting! She currently courts Lord Greenmarch, and I sincerely hope that their noble match goes well.
    Rowynna The Marquessa of Igniseri may have been the first noble I met in Arx that did not hear "Blackshore" and immediately tell me how awesome the Baroness is. But this does not make her a bad contact. No, Quenia was very helpful both with my introduction to Arxian society - inviting me to dinner - and with my education.
    Sabella I don't know the Marquessa very well, but she helped to host the Bard's College opening fundraiser and seemed completely delightful! I would like to get to know her better.
    Sabella Some say that the Marquessa has not been lucky in love, but I tend to think that she has been very lucky in that she has not made a bad match because these things always come to a head beforehand! She's also quite sweet and very learned and I am in awe of her composure during a crisis!
    Sabella The marquessa has a poised and polished presence that adds elegance to a room, and an ability to speak frankly about topics most would not whisper about in code.
    Saedrus Marquessa Quenia is truly an inspiring woman. It has always been a delight to work beside her in my position as a Whisper be it diplomacy or a more social sense. I look forward to our future endeavours.
    Sameera A little more demure than Samera is use too. She seems well enough of a person.
    Sasha A marquessa I am excited to better acquaint myself with. I love forward to tea and sweets.
    Savio A sharp Lady with a quick mind and a talent for ferreting out the truth. Party suspects are no match for her!
    Sebastian A gracious hostess and pleasant conversation. If her mother would fit so well within Pravus, one must wonder about her daughter. Something to perhaps ask more about later.
    Sebastian The Marquessa seems given to bouts of despondency, which I can empathize with wholly. I found I quite enjoyed her company, and such lovely wines that House produces!
    Seren I had scant been in the city for a day, hearing all the sorrow over the passing of the Crafter's Guildmistress, when Marquessa Igniseri requested a piece of jewelery. She was a graceful, pleasant encounter and generous of spiirt.
    Sigurd Dangerous one that. Smart. Witty. Beautiful. Lycene. Deadly dangerous.
    Simone She is a woman marked by sadness for the moment, yet there is a quiet grace and beauty about her. I look forward to seeing her bloom once more.
    Sorrel The Marquessa is a lovely woman with a pleasant personality who keeps charming company. Hopefully, the next time we meet, I'll have the opportunity to get to know her better.
    Sparte A kind Marquessa, who takes good care of her protege. I still feel bad for hurting him, even if we both knew the risks going into it. I'm fortunate she was forgiving of the incident.
    Sudara A charming promoter of gambling - albeit in a very worthy cause. The Marquessa seems to be an enthusiast of domain development, scholarship, and other things dear to my heart.
    Sunaia It's hard for some people to comprehend the value of a life spared even for a few more moments. I don't blame the Marquessa for her wish to kill quickly; it's a very natural instinct - but one we Inquisitors must curb for the best interest of the Compact.
    Svana A passionate noble who cares for others and doesn't dismiss commoners immediately; I should like to talk to her more in the future.
    Sydney I should very much have liked to see her fight, rather than disrupting it with my own quarrel. I barely got to take her measure, but she seemed the sensible sort, and bold to fight a duelist.
    Sylvie Seeing Quenia all grown up and Marquessa in her own right-- I can see myself in her. And Vincere, and even Cara.
    Talen Having inherited her role, perhaps she is not ready. That said, none of us really ever are. The Marquessa is a businesswoman and her house prospers with trade under her hand. Perhaps all other endeavors will have such success, too.
    Talwyn By all accounts, a woman of remarkable achievements and poise. Recovering the name of the Igniseri is unquestionably difficult after previous tragedies, but with Marquessa Quenia at the helm, they are served in very good stead.
    Teagan As I meet others in the same role as I -- leaders of Marches -- I see more and more how we all differ and yet how we are all the same. Paperwork rules our lives, but she handles it with grace.
    Teireno She has become quite a wonderful Marquessa. I hope I can aid her as much as I can in her and the family's endeavors.
    Thea An interesting Marquessa with quite the stories. She seems very capable and I am certain I could learn a thing or two from her.
    Theo Lucita's cousin, and my new colleague in the Mirrorguard. I should speak more with her.
    Theron Marquessa Quenia Igniseri and I have spoken on more than a couple occasions now, and as always, I come away with the impression she is a resourceful, popular woman and has inherited the Igniseri charm that I've known her cousins to have. She displays it masterfully and beautifully as she reveals how well connected she is, with providing spirits to a party, with being personally invited by the Archduchess to partake in breakfast with the Velenosas. I would like to know her better.
    Trueth An Igniseri with knowledge to share, which makes her a valuable asset to me and others, I should suspect. Beyond that she seems particularly exceptional, somehow.
    Tyrus A Marquessa marked by betrayal and tragedy. She is interested in certain aspects of the Dream that I hope to be of help with, and is well aware of other aspects. An informed woman.
    Vanora The Marquessa is as charming in person as I was led to believe, I do look forward to more encounters and perhaps some actual conversation.
    Vasile Dutiful, helpful and pleasant, the Marquessa of Granato is someone to watch. Few people are ever so concerned with making sure things operate correctly.
    Victus I don't meet a lot of Marquessa or Marquis' with good heads on their shoulders. Usually the fancier sounding the title the less I like 'em. But this one wasn't so bad and she gives a damn for fellow men and women born of the salt. That I can respect.
    Videl Quenia works so hard to keep things running. I barely got here and with minimal warning, and already she's making sure I'm welcome and taken care of. I hope I can find some way to be useful.
    Vitalis Backbone and steady hand of the Mirrorguard.
    Vittorio A surprising find in shared reading taste, she is approachable and seems to dearly love her holdings. A welcome sentiment and an interesting introduction.
    Wash A noblewoman who can mind her own business. Still it won't hurt to make sure she didn't draw the wrong impression.
    Willow I am so happy to be helping do the artwork on one of her projects. Her cousin Videl and I did not hit it off but Quenia, Quenia I like. We should spend more time together.
    Ysabel We met by chance at The Black Fox, and I am glad we did. Marquessa Quenia is extremely knowledgable and wise, I'm sure she does her house proud. I think I have much to learn from her and do hope we can become friends. Especially if she likes pastries and charcuterie boards as much as I!
    Zakhar Interesting style and flare for both poise and deductions
    Zebulon She is a fine leader of our House and a wonderful Patron to me. She shows her great heart and generosity and is helping me to be the best man and knight that I can be!
    Zebulon It is an honor to be working under Quenia once again. My time away saw many a moment in which I missed her charm and guidance.
    Zoey I'm not -entirely- sure what to make of her. She seems friendly enough, but she seems forever unfortunate in matters of love. Still, I wish her a good match, politically and emotionally. True partners are a rare find.
    Zoey A fellow designer and gracious hostess. We ought to collaborate on an event sometime!