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Archlector Mathis Leroux

Leave the road, take the trails.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Priest of Petrichor
Fealty: Crown
Family: Leroux
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 31
Birthday: 4/2
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Priest
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: tan

Description: Mathis is tall, long of limb and broad across the shoulders. He doesn't carry on his body a tremendous amount of muscle, what he does have is more whipcord. Rangy. He's the sort of man that's built for agility and speed, and as such he moves with a significant economy of movement. His dark hair has a subtle wave to it, often cut short and allowed to dust the tops of his ears. He has a broad, charming smile that truly reaches his clear blue eyes, and his looks are what could be described as conventionally attractive. There's a hawkishness to his nose however, offering a bit more character than his features might have had otherwise. His skin is sunkissed, bronzed from many hours spent out in the fields and forests. His hands are strong, scattered with a variety of knicks and scars that speak to his time spent actively working.

Personality: Mathis is a man that's in possession of a dry humor, it's one that he applies liberally to most situations. This is largely due to having learned a long time ago that laughter is the quickest way to diffuse an argument. And he'd much rather spend his time focusing on getting on with his work and being productive than being bogged down in petty disagreements. As someone growing up with four other siblings and a score of cousins, he played peace maker more often than not and was quick to try and soothe hurt feelings.

Background: Mathis Leroux is the second son of a family of commoners that till the soil in one of the villages close to Blancbier. His days were spent with his four other siblings, assisting with crops and thoroughly enjoying the life of a commoner family that was doing well. More than well, really, their farm is very successful in the region, earning them a not insignificant amount of silver and marking them as a prominent family within the region. Young Mathis would grow to know some of the scions of the ruling family, some better than others.

As he grew older, his passion for the world outdoors grew deeper and more substantial. He graduated beyond just helping his family with the yearly crops and became an accomplished hunter and tracker at a young age and often assisted grand hunting parties orchestrated by the Wyrmguards. The natural world called to him, and he spent more time in forests than he did in the village of his birth. After serving as a Disciple of Petrichor for a number of years, he finally decided to take the plunge and dove headlong into his studies of theology and joined the Faith as a Godsworn brother.

He would subsequently journey to the Oathlands, seeing to the needs of the Faithful and assisting those that might be in need of his particular specialties in agriculture and animal husbandry. Brother Mathis was a popular sight to the villages he traveled between, especially during the spring when all the baby animals were being born and later in the summer when farmers needed assistance with crops. All went well for several years.

He was called in late 1015 to investigate the matter of a blighted grove, but unfortunately fell ill during the process. After a lengthy recovery period, he was recalled to Arx by Dominus Aureth. It was then and there that he found out he had been promoted to the position of Archlector of Petrichor, an announcement that he found very surprising to say the least.

Relationship Summary

  • Ida And Austen Ferron: In An Unfortunate Moment Of Poor Judgement - Mathis at one point thought that Austen was a deer in the woods. He was wearing neutral colors, it was near dark, he'd maybe had a sip of wine. He might have shot him with his bow. He was very lucky that Dame Ida exercised better judgement with him than he did with his bow and instead the story of their friendship is one of 'haha, remember that time I shot your brother thank goodness I had a first aid kit' and not 'haha, remember that time we killed a bandit, whoops the bandit was Mathis'

  • Oathlands:
  • Hannah: When Mathis Returned To The Oathlands A Sworn Brother Of The Faith - he would encounter Hannah In The Wild on one of her many explorative excursions. They would sometimes loop in together and travel from one village to another before the Wyrmguard's desire for travel would have her off again.
  • Yessica: When She Married Her Husband And The Man Moved To Blancbier - Mathis would take up hunting with him. And when Yessica took up hunting with her husband, he became good friends with her as well. He was saddened by the man's loss in the Pirate War and makes an effort to call on Yessica when their path's cross.

  • Ally:
  • Aureth: Mathis Isn't Entirely Certain What To Make Of The New Dominus - but he's willing to give his appointment as Archelctor a solid shake, just as he would with anything else. He's curious about the man who promoted him and with more time now spent in Arx, he intends on doing that.
  • Bianca: Mathis Hails From The Region Of Blancbier - his family being farmers there. He's familiar with the Wyrmguard family, mostly in passing and remembers Bianca from his time there as a child.
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