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Prince Baldessare Velenosa

I'm not a hothead. I believe strong feelings and beliefs are a measure of honor, though I hardly believe honor requires publishing my battlefield strategy in advance.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Passionate Prince
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Velenosa
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 26
Birthday: 8/9
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: dark
Skintone: olive

Description: It's body language that creates Baldessare's strong impression. He carries himself with driven confidence. His low voice is bold and resonant. His eyes are intensely dark, framed by absurdly long lashes beneath the thickness of well-defined eyebrows. His lips are more full than thin, mobile in the midst of the strong lines of nose and jaw. His skin is a dusky olive brown. He frequently keeps a neat, dark beard. The sculpt of his features could be the cast of a soldier's statue, but his face is too lively, his expression rarely still. Tall and lean, he looks like a swordsman, built on muscular lines that match the strength of his long fingers.

Personality: Passionate and driven, Baldessare is a hot core of dynamic ambition layered beneath a dry reserve. His sense of humor is understated, but rarely banished entirely. Wit earns his respect, and intelligence, his regard. Bravery is not an uncommon trait, but his is a courage fueled by self-assurance and tempered by a deeply grooved streak of grounded, solid common sense. He is a born "fixer" - a man who needs to resolve problems wherever they occur, whether they are actually his business or not. Puzzles need solving; battles need winning; emotional problems need... what? He's not sure but he'll definitely try to come up with it.

Background: As a boy, Baldessare's energy was often stoked by the fires of competition. Reared on legends of his House and often witness to the efforts - academic and athletic - of his cousins, he always wanted to prove that he was as good as any of them, and frequently pushed himself to terrible extremes to prove himself. Especially as an adolescent, he pushed himself. He wanted to be the top of his class, the best fighter, the best racer, the best everything, but of course, the perfection that he demanded of himself was impossible, and in those days, he threw fits and tantrums often, furious that he wasn't measuring up to his own self-image.

Eventually, he settled down and evened out. The perfectionism would remain with him, but it was tempered by reality, an understanding of human limitations, and the patience of tutors. The older he grew, the more he demonstrated focus, and fierceness. He learned to control his temper and to channel it, so that the outbursts grew fewer and further between. His favorite way to blow off steam was on horseback, and he would ride out in solitude for hours, communing with the animals and feeling the freedom of their gait beneath him.

His father took both Benedetto and Baldessare to sea in their early teens to teach them how to behave, and assigned their squirage as cabin boys on several voyages that were designed to look more adventurous and exciting than they were. Baldessare stuck to his father's elbow like glue, wanting to learn everything there was to learn about being a sea captain and caring for his men as a protector and a commander.

He also learned that grog will knock you on your ass, especially when you're fifteen.

As an adult, his generally attentive and ambitious nature proved useful to the family, as would that of any aspiring, aggressive military officer with an eye for horseflesh. As his sister's social star climbed in Arx, he and Benedetto were dispatched to Arx. Baldessare has high ambitions for demonstrating his prowess in service of his House. As far as he is concerned, the capital hasn't seen anything yet.

Relationship Summary

  • Berenice - Baldessare's little sister is all glamour, and his undeniable affection for her is tinged with a shade of resentment colored competition. She's young, and she's on top. He considers her his rival, and it infuriates him that he has already been so thoroughly surpassed. On the other hand, no one shall ever humble Berenice on his watch (unless it's him and he can just gloat in decent private).
  • Benedetto - The other side of the coin, a bright and blooming rose to which Baldessare plays the thorny stem. Baldessare loves his brother and is loyal to him unto death.

  • Family:
  • Jaenelle - Baldessare regards Jaenelle with a deep respect for her mettle and a certain wary uncertainty as to whether she regards him as a threat, because if she does, he's not sure his ambitions will survive.
  • Alistair - A prodigal inquisitor elevated to the nobility, Isolde's husband represents to Baldessare everything that is wrong with living in the capital. He is emblematic of the weakening of Velenosa and represents, to Baldessare, what he needs to make the entire public forget about by dint of his own prowess. ... this is why he needs to find a Princess of impeccable blood to marry in and Nothing Less Will Do. However, he will never show poor breeding by being insulting towards a man who holds the title of Prince of Velenosa. No, he will be excruciatingly, coldly, unendingly polite. Always
  • Theo - Baldessare tries not to judge Theo for his divorce. ...Out loud.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Pasquale - Baldessare has been very impressed by Pasquale's seeming intelligence. It's an acquaintanceship that he would be glad to deepen but he has yet to figure out how to make overtures. Challenging him to a duel or a horserace seems right out.
  • Norwood - The exception that proves the rule of the neonoble, since Baldessare arrived in Arx and relied upon recommendations from family to receive a place as an instructor at the Academy of War, he has met Norwood several times and is grudgingly impressed with him and his work ethic.
  • Kael - Baldessare has met him through the Academy of War once or twice, never really enough to speak to, but enough to wish to get more of the measure of his ideas.
  • Lora - There is a subtle steel to this woman that makes Baldessare suspect she might be a future useful ally.
  • Sabine - There is a completely unsubtle steel to this woman that makes Baldessare suspect she might be a future useful ally.

  • Frenemy:
  • Zara - Baldessare has genteelly clashed with this Valardin princess every time they have met, usually at the Queensrest Inn. The subjects have ranged from honor to-- well, basically, from honor to anything else and back to honor again, but that's what happens when you have tea with an Oathlander.
  • Reigna - Baldessare has never actually met Reigna Keaton in person but has definitely read and been inspired to rise to fierce quibbling by several of her White Journals. It's _like_ a relationship.

  • Protege:
  • Narcissa - Poet, Riddlemaster, and Invaluable Friend
  • Sunniva - I'm surrounded by Oathlanders, but at least she's a good one.
  • Sedna - I am truly humbled at the depth of her spirit.

  • Ally:
  • Calista - An unexpected rose growing in the shadows.
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