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Lady Nimue Redreef

Give me a horse, and I can break it. Give me a sword, and I can swing it. Give me a fight, and I will finish it.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Divorced Horsewoman
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Redreef
Gender: female
Marital Status: divorced
Age: 24
Birthday: 9/9
Religion: Pantheon (Gloria)
Vocation: Soldier
Height: tall
Hair Color: chocolate brown
Eye Color: dark green
Skintone: dark bronze

Description: Nimue Redreef is an exceptionally tall woman, at over six feet. She has a lithe and athletic frame with broad shoulders, a flat stomach, and somewhat narrow hips. Her height makes finding fashionable attire for a noble Lady such as herself difficult, but she's up to the challenge. Her skin is a rich, dark bronze. Her hair is a chocolate brown, with only a bit of wave to it, and is long enough to nearly reach the small of her back. Her eyes are a dark forest green, under thick but sculpted brows that give her gaze a blunt intensity. Her full lips are often pursed into a calm and thoughtful expression, even in moments of idleness.

Personality: Nimue had a solid reputation as one of the best breakers of horses in the Mourning Isles, having gone away in her youth to study under masters in Chevalle. She was also regarded as a fine soldier and warrior. She's quite eager to restore those sentences to being in the present tense, as the fact that she's a noble divorcee tends to overshadow her positive accomplishments. She loves the thrill of physical activity, whether it's taming wild horses or doing legwork for the Iron Guard. This charging-head-on approach to life sometimes leads to consequences that can't be waved away, as she's learned, but it's the only way she wants to live.

Background: Nimue's life wouldn't have been easier if she had kept lying, but it would have probably been less dramatic. Nimue was born as the second child and first son of Dua and Spencer Redreef, and from a young age excelled at the pursuits expected of noble boys in the Mourning Isles. Fighting, sailing, swordsmanship, horseback riding -- ESPECIALLY horseback riding.

That was the thing: from a young age, Nimue knew that she wasn't a boy. But in her traditionalist Islander family, being a girl meant administrative work, diplomacy, training to be a courtier... and Nimue didn't want that. She wanted to ride horses and fight and sail and all of the passions she truly lived for. So she kept pretending to be a boy, even if it hurt her to do so.

Nimue spent a year in Chevalle, learning from the masters how to break wild horses, and came back to Redreef Shores a borderline prodigy. She brought great pride to her parents. She even did the expected thing and got married, making Maia Longwood into Maia Redreef.

When Baron Landis Redreef died, his brother Tiberius staked his claim to Redreef Shores, and Landis's daughters, Ember and Marina, fought back agianst that claim. In the very first battle of the conflict, Nimue was thrown from her horse and badly injured her shoulder, to the point that by the time she was fully healed, the conflict was over and Ember had won.

Also, by the time she was fully healed, Nimue was openly living as the woman she knew herself to be. Maia, her wife, tried to accept this new reality, but this wasn't a love match and the scandal inherent to being a "woman warrior" in the Mourning Isles wasn't what Maia had signed up for. Nimue was the one to instigate a divorce, knowing that it would be better for Maia in the long run if she went back home to Longwood. Meanwhile, Nimue accepted the blame for it, and all of the shame and scorn that came with it. She's resolved to surpass it, though, and repair her reputation by serving with honor and distinction in Arx's Iron Guard.

That's the funny thing about the nobility of the Mourning Isles. No one cares that Nimue was always a woman. What makes them shudder is that she's a divorcee.

Relationship Summary

  • Scythia - A cousin who inspires with her grace.
  • Alina - A cousin who confounds with her oddity.

  • Friend:
  • Nebulosa - Perhaps my favorite of the Iron Guard to patrol alongside.
  • Vincenzo - Noble scandal loves company.
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