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Princess Gwenna Redrain

I guess if I have to pick a theme song, mine might be ... you know the smacking sound your palm makes when you hit yourself in the forehead?

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Snowflower
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Redrain
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 25
Birthday: 7/10
Religion: Open to Persuasion
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: buttered toast
Eye Color: warm brown
Skintone: fair

Titles: Minister of Income for House Redrain, Voice of Redrain, Diplomat of the Northlands, Legendary Statesman

Description: Gwenna has the laughing-eyed allure of dynamic expressiveness to go with her dimpled cheeks, a pleasant whimsy frequently lighting that warm brown gaze beneath her saucy eyebrows. The dewy softness of her bowed mouth beneath her snub nose is full enough and shaped with a downward pull enough to suggest a resting pout, but the moment she smiles, her dimples manifest in the apples of her cheeks. Her hair is a shade between gold and brown, splitting the difference between the two and falling like a cascade to the midst of her back when it's down, but more often than not it rings and loops her head in intricate braiding with a few escaped strands to curl around her cleanly angled jaw and slightly prominent rounded ears.

Personality: In a world of extremes, Gwenna prefers to avoid them. Averse to butting heads but not to friendly debate, she approaches life in a slightly wry way, and she has learned to tilt and skew and weave her way around many clashes of strong personalities, declawing nastiness before it gets too sharp. She'd rather a chilled white wine than a whiskey and she'd prefer a book and a hot cocoa to a bar fight. Some roar and swing an axe, or sing out loud with passion and verve; Gwenna would like to crack jokes by the fire while she does a little light tapestry and shares local gossip. Warm, compassionate, pleasant, affectionate, tolerantly appalled by political disaster: she is a quietly clever woman with a warm smile, a muting foil to the brash and the bombastic. Open-hearted and open-minded, she is interested in the world around her, open to the Faith of the Pantheon and to shamanism, to mystery and to legend -- not a staunch believer, but a suspecter, willing to entertain most possibilities.

Background: The North breeds hardy stock, and there are ways that Gwenna's life was no exception to this. A child in Farhaven, running in the snows, building snow forts, climbing trees, scraping her knees, failing dismally with spear and shield only to get up again and try again with grim determination in the set of her young jaw, nothing about these things made of Gwenna something unique among her brothers, sisters, cousins. But the lure of finer things and her mother's brewing hobby and knitting and crochet drew her back indoors for a loving seat by a crackling fire among their enormous dogs more often than not. Her strongest memories are of learning the needle, of matching bright colors and coming up with silly rhymes with her mother. She was never a wilting flower, but she always loved aesthetics, and art, and preferred the homely warmth of indoors to out, and of listening to song and story rather than trying to invent them herself.

Gwenna learned an open heart and an open mind from her family. She listened to the stories of the spirits from a laughing shaman and the stories of the Faith from a smiling seraph. She learned the strength of diplomacy and subtlety from her mother and the stories of war and conquest and wildness from her father. While her older brother was close to her in age and heart, a wild hellion running madly about the woods and stones, she learned drawing and sewing and drank home-brewed ale from her mother's casks and wondered about a future where she might be the center of her own beautiful domestic picture.

Politics are the doom of many a northener and it was her mother's machinations that sent her softer hands south, believing in her potential to aid Redrain, in all, maybe even to apprentice with Princess Donella and learn from her the lessons of the Southlands. It was with wide open eyes that she set out.

Relationship Summary

  • Artur - Dearest brother!

  • Spouse:
  • Lorenzo - Dearest husband
  • Name Summary
    Aahana A wonderful conversationalist companion over coffee and I look forward to her sampling all the exports my lands have to offer once they arrive. I can't wait to cross paths with her again. It is so wonderful to feel a sense of a fellow kindred spirit in a place that is still so new to me.
    Adrienne I formally met Princess Gwenna Redrain at a concert held by Nina Autumndale. I felt that I had known her far longer than that, however. She surprised me with a gift, one that speaks not only to her generosity but to a warm and poetic heart.
    Aella Far braver than many might expect of a princess who is not also a knight of her realm, meticulous and precise.
    Aerandir A considerate woman, remarkably so for one of her station. Her concern is endearing, though I think she might worry overly for strangers. In spite of this, she appears an immensely pleasant woman, and most certainly is good company; I am eager to see more of Her Highness.
    Aethan Not afraid of getting beaten. I like that.
    Agatha If I am going to be the roar of the Redrains, Gwenna makes a very good voice for us. She's so much better at the talking thing, and the people thing. So glad to have her in the family, her warmth.
    Ahmar A princess who was so very kind and welcoming. She didn't even seem bothered by my awkward nature or stutter. The perfect portrait of royalty.
    Aiden A lovely woman, who took the time out to personally invite me to her dinner and make me feel an honored and most privileged guest. She handled the conversations at the table with the speed of a swordsman, swift, to the point. This is my first time meeting her and I am very impressed.
    Aindre Princess Gwenna both meets and exceeds the expectations set upon her by her cousin Princess Elgana. In fashion she is stylish, in conversation she is clever and I would be remiss in my tales of her if I failed to mention how clearly thoughtful and kind she is. I understand she is also gifted with numbers, as if she did not have enough brilliant facets by which to shine.
    Alarie Valued client.
    Alessandro A lovely Redrain princess, and one whom my brother seems quite taken with. Anyone who can make my brother buckle down and get to work has my eternal respect.
    Alexis Princess Gwenna. She's vibrant and wonderful, and every time I talk with her I just want to turn around and... Be bright and wonderful myself. I don't know how she does it, but it very much feels like she draws out the best in everyone.
    Andrina I want to make a statue of her standing in a snowfield, with tiny rainbows cast across her face and that amazing snake armor that she wears! She's quite lovely and a great conversationalist.
    Apollis She and I were caught eating candy in church. Archlector Brigida didn't seem to pleased with us.
    Arik The Redrain Princess is wise. She uses many more words than I do, but, she is smart, it is clear. I should learn more of words from her.
    Arthen It doesn't take much talking with this princess to figure out that she's thoughtful, intelligent, and well-spoken. A sweet girl, and a good way to lose some time in conversation. Another stark reminder of why I chose to pledge myself to Redrain as a trusted servant.
    Artur What can I possibly say about Gwenna!? She is my best (only) sister. Her duties keep her busy so we don't get as much time to run around being silly as I would like, but I know she is always there for me, even if we do occasionally butt heads with one another. We've always been close and I'm glad to have her here in the south. I'm very proud of all that she's become!
    Artur My little sister! I delight in teasing her - but in truth, there is noone I can trust more than her. She's never guided me wrong, and her wisdom has saved me from many mistakes. Hopefully, she can help me as I steer into the next phase of my life and find someone that I can share my heart with.
    Artur My sister has grown into a leader that would make our mother proud. I do miss the carefree days of our childhood, but life is change. With change comes responsibility and Gwenna wears it well. Much better than I do!
    Ashkyr A nice and playful woman. Seems willing to help in anyway she can during the upcoming conflict, which is certainly worthy of respect in my eyes.
    Austen A charming and polite princess of Redrain. She seems kind, and rather smart. We do seem to inhabit quite different worlds though.
    Barric She is quite good at playing the royal princess as compared to some of her House, I would like to get her back into sparring though. It's good for the body and helps focus the mind too. Not that she needs it, but... I like to spar.
    Berenice A delightful Northern snowflower. I think I'd like to keep this one.
    Bliss I do not know if I have ever managed to have a proper conversation with the Princess Gwenna beyond just a few greetings, but that is something that is to my detriment. She emanates the grace, poise, and fierce pride of the North, and there is wisdom and wit behind every word that escapes from her lips. Truly lovely.
    Brigida At least she seems to pay some attention when I speak. Not for long enough for my liking.
    Caith There was some sadness weighing on her when we met but she would light up when she laughed -- I could tell there was great mirth and whimsy there! I look forward to knowing her better because I feel there there is a kindred spirit there. I mean: POCKETS. <3
    Caspian She seems like a charming and upbeat princess. Very talkative, but not a bad thing! A good thing, in fact.
    Cassandra One of my closest cousins, located in Redrain. She is a model Redrain and Princess and I admire her in her guidance of her house and hope that I can model myself after her in my own leadership of the Triad of Arts.
    Cassiopeia Princess Gwenna has a natural grace that radiates from her. She is welcoming of others and a delight to be in the presence of. I hope to get to know her better.
    Cirroch By far one of my favorite princesses. Not the top, that spot is already taken by the woman who stole my heart. But my house is fortunate to have such an ally as her.
    Cirroch The Redrain princesses come in many flavors, but they are all great in their own way. Gwenna included, I enjoy her company to no end.
    Cirroch Generous, wise, delightful. These are not measures to take for granted.
    Cristoph It's been /years/ since I've seen my cousin. But I'm glad to have another member of the family in Arx again! She's as warm and friendly as I remember her being. And it's about time that we catch up. I look forward to having her over for dinner so that she can meet Nicia.
    Cullen Despite the conspiring of the fates, we managed to speak face to face after many letters. And there was an instantaneous connection, one of...a shared bond, perhaps, like a thread that led backwards through the Nortlands and over to the Oathlands. A brilliant conversationalist with an easy charm and shining wit, one could speak to her for many hours without being aware any time had passed. Cider and the gardens are a brilliant enticement, and I shall look forward to more time with her.
    Cullen A kind and good person in every sense of both words, generous and beautiful, classy and respectable. If only our timing wasn't so poor...but if nothing else, I have a fast friend, should we be able to get past the awkwardness. One day, hopefully.
    Darren It is /so/ wonderful to have you in the city. I can't tell you what a relief it is to know I have another Redrain in the city who I can count on to help me maintain the social norms of a ruling family in the city. Sometimes the houses of the South don't get us, but I know you will help bridge that gap.
    Darren My cousin Gwenna is the perfect Voice. Always dutiful and mindful, I can count on her to handle the mundane details while I focus on the bigger picture. She is indispensable to me.
    Darren One of my Voices. I trust her with my life. If she cannot find a diplomatic solution to a problem, no one can.
    Delilah The High Lord sure loves giving her trouble! And she's an incredibly good sport for it, too!
    Delilah Someone appreciative of intellectual matters, she carries herself with a quiet aplomb that I found nigh soothing. I would enjoy speaking with her in the future.
    Echo The type to spoil you with compliments and make you feel incredibly good about yourself when you barely know them! A cousin-in-law who I'm far too lucky to have.
    Eddard The only real true evidence for divine design of humankind. For Jayus has sought beauty in its most finest form, and therefore crafted Princess Gwenna Redrain.
    Eilonwy Finally met the famous Gwenna. I can see why Duke Asger talks about her. She's fascinating, for a silk.
    Elgana My cousin Gwenna is an absolute treasure. She has never turned me away when I've needed an advice, or a hug, and has always been a beacon to not only me, but our House, our family. She has a heart that is far too large and giving to exist in one person, but there it is. I would do anything for her and woe to any who harm her.
    Esme My almost sister. There is a kindred spirit that still remains there with her. I adore all the time she allows me to have with her and I adore her family. If the worlds were different, I'd be calling her sister. Instead I will settle for friend.
    Etienne Generous and insightful this Princess well understands the principles of Gild and her spirit of generosity will undoubtedly be rewarded.
    Evaristo So generous and nice - made me feel right at home at her reception. And there was a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! I don't think I will be able to hear her name now without also thinking about chocolate. But that's hardly a bad thing!
    Evelynn The princess is amicable, good-humoured and a gracious sport. I'm glad we had the chance to be acquainted.
    Evonleigh Gracious, diplomatic and charming, she is the embodiment of what a princess should be, and yet so down to earth at the same time.
    Faruq Voice of House Redrain. Beautiful. Charming. Engaged. Damn.
    Gareth Princess Redrain. Does her utmost to be positive and friendly as royalty should. She seems a very dear friend to many and provides a warm space for strangers. If you're in to that sort of thing.
    Gaston I have found that the Redrains I've met to be exceptional people. Princess Gwenna is no different, and I am glad I got the chance to meet her and speak over such a serious subject. And knows the value for a good celebratory feast for morale and general well being. If all goes well...
    Gawain Kindly and by all appearances quick to laugh, and from what I could see and hear, deeply caring for her family.
    Gianna She once beat me in a fashion show, no easy feat. I'll have to take style notes from her.
    Gilroy A loving, and very forgiving!, bride!
    Giorgio It was good to finally put a face with the name. Princess Gwenna seems kind and the people of Farhaven are no doubt in good hands with her assisting in the leadership of her domain.
    Giulio What an absolutely lovely, charming young woman. I do hope to see more of her. It seems Redrain raises individuals of distinction as a field does wheat.
    Haakon Not the sort who will let a bit of horror ruin a good jest.
    Harlex When we first met I was a half-starved soldier trying to get use to civilization. She was kind then and dedicated to her work for the Crimson Blades. Much has changed for me, who I am and what I am, and yet when I saw her again it felt as it did then; that I was in the presence of a princess and they live up to the grace and charm of which for so long I had heard tell only in stories. If she takes my lessons to heart, I will be glad, and more so if she never has to use them.
    Helena Sweet cousin -- grace and charm and cleverness all wrapped up in the loveliest of trimmings. I shall strive to be as at ease and beloved as she is, though I am sure I shall fall short. If I approach even the halfway mark, I shall call it a success.
    Ian I can see what Aethan sees in her.
    Ignacio Princess Gwenna, like many of the Redrains she seems to be pleasant to be around and have a good sense of humor. I do enjoy her company and I look forward to getting to know her better.
    Ivy She is everything I've heard of her, and more. Genuinely happy and excited over the news presented, and such warmth on first meeting! I look forward to getting to know her better.
    Jasher I've seen her a few times. She is the steady voice in a storm, the person others turn to in their moment of uncertainty. A force of its own to be reckoned with.
    Jeffeth Princess Gwenna Redrain is just a gosh darn delight. She is a treat, a gem, and a... Snowball! I had only known her from messages but had known her to be very kind and forgiving, meeting her in person was a pleasure and she held up to be just as lovely, if not more lovely in person! Redrain should be proud!
    Jordan Princess Gwenna has some very strong opinions about some matters but mostly she's genteel and pleasant to be around. I promised her to introduce her to a friend of mine.
    Josephine Ahhh, beloved Redrain princess. She gets a few of them in the shop and without a doubt Gwenna - and her choices - are one of Josephine's favorite Redrain Princess's.
    Jyri Charming, good sense of humor, easy to talk to. Another great Redrain.
    Kaldur Her grace is exceeded only by her humility. The people of Stormwall are greatly indebted to her, she is a credit to Redrain and the peerage of the North.
    Katarina Princess Gwenna, a Voice of House Redrain, seems a genuine delight to be around. Conversation flows easily around her, whether it is polite pleasantries or teasing words exchanged in playful banter. Perhaps it is the natural consideration in which she pays to what others are saying, or the easiness in engaging others - family or acquaintance.
    Kenjay A Princess with a great responsibility, and the talent and skill to meet it. I am proud to be related to her, and delighted to see my cousin's best reflected in her.
    Kenna The Princess was the first to welcome me, and proved herself to be warm and friendly. I'll have to think about this flask on belt thing...
    Lance A fellow Gold Order member who just happens to be my new patron's younger sister. I sense fate's intervention again. Meeting in jammies is a heck of an icebreaker.
    Lorenzo Met at the Jayus Gallery of Art, after being "set up" to meet by a mutual acquaintance. A beautiful woman, kind, easy to talk to. Her variety of skills and interests is impressive. How long until I can see her again?
    Lorenzo My dear wife, best friend, favorite traveling companion, and reliable wingwoman. From the moment we met, I knew you were something special, and my opinion hasn't changed.
    Lucita A beautiful Redrain Princess with exquisite fashion taste. She is friendly, amusing and very pleasant to be around. I look forward to spending more time with her.
    Mabelle My sweet princess cousin who appreciates the little things in life, just as I: Sweets, relaxation and ambition.
    Magnus My first impression, though one born from the written word rather than the woman in the flesh, was one of welcoming warmth and open arms. Meeting Her Highness has confirmed, and deepened, such impressions to create a most enjoyable and valuable company. I look forward to other occasions to be spent with her.
    Marcas We are truly gifted to have so many down to earth and wondering Princesses, Gwenna being another example of this. Bright, charming, a true Northerner who makes one feel at home so far from it. I am pleased to be able to say I know her, and would fight alongside her any day it should be needed.
    Margerie Meeting her in person at the painting event at Jayus' temple is as warm as reading about her memories of dogs in her youth. She has a very welcoming quality that makes me feel at home very swiftly.
    Maris Host of the ages - one of those types. All warmth, from her words to those brown eyes. Nobles from the North are a varied sort, but she comes across as tame and genial.
    Martino An incredible model, brilliance in fashion, and respectful to the Queen of Endings. A fine person - and not just because of all three of those reasons.
    Medeia The princess has always been rumored to be intelligent, beautiful, and capable. The fact that I witnessed the truth of this in such dire circumstances more than proves it. Impressive.
    Mercedes A Redrain princess with Oathlands heritage on her mother's side. Warm. Friendly. Welcoming. She seemed curious about my circumstances and she is someone I would like to get to know better.
    Mercedes With child, yet willing to speak of war, and form strategies beyond her child's birth? She will be a good mother. I pray my confidence is well-founded, and that child is not born a slave.
    Miranda A kindred spirit in regards to brothers. I must get with her again to plot against our male siblings!
    Mirk The happy bride. You can tell a mercantile heart, when you see one, and I can see why she's the Minister of Income for House Redrain.
    Monique That ring! /THAT/ ring! And the beautiful Redrain wearing it. I am most certainly envious. That face. Those warm eyes. I think I've got a crush.
    Nazmir I can't say anything bad about her, can I? She is my cousin after all. But I'm not sure that I could find any negative to say. She has done nothing but support me in my endeavors and for that, she has earned my gratitude.
    Niklas A mild princess with a gentle touch and disarming presence. Does any fealty surprise as much as Redrain?
    Norwood She was a bright star entering the Laurent gardens, and brought that light to all around her. She is clearly quick-witted and just as I have come to expect from all Laurent relatives.
    Nuala The white hart of the north: a rare figure, gentle and untouchable, with wise eyes and full competency to defend herself.
    Orazio A budding diplomat from the North. She speaks with savvy and thought, and likely has a bright future ahead of her in diplomatic circles, particularly if she is allowed to grow and gain experience. Orazio enjoyed meeting her.
    Orland We sat down for coffee. I enjoyed listening to her speak about her passions. It's refreshing when someone truly knows what they're talking about and can openly share it without expectations. I have felt truly engaged in our conversation.
    Petal She seems quite friendly. I am flattered that she asked about my work.
    Porter Look at that, she says she's part Oathlander! But she's drinking out of a flask and missing jousts. I think that says something for the Redrain side, alright! Not that I'm complaining. Unless she keeps tea in the flask. Then I'm complaining /for/ her.
    Preston A princess Redrain who is devout and earnest - she proves many misconceptions held by the Orthodoxy about the Northlands wrong, and shows we must support our friends.
    Raimon First Met Princess Gwenna Redrain, the Voice of Redrain, at a Birthday Party for Lady Emberly Crovane, during which she was demonstrating a most impressive display of conversational multitasking and social awareness, all the while sporting a radiant smile and warm regard for all.
    Reese lovely, well spoken and intelligent
    Reigna A friendly, kind and passionate Princess who is a fan of Keaton Hounds. How can I not like her? She and I have spoken about trade and I look forward to future encounters after this war.
    Riagnon It does a heart good to see so many familiar faces converging in one place. Gwenna is kind and empathetic... which bodes well for a house and fealty so likely to be influenced by her leadership.
    Rohran A Princess of House Redrain, if I am to believe the introductions. My first meeting with the woman was brief, perhaps too brief, but I can tell she is generous, humble, capable of holding her own in a conversation, and she sounded quite supportive concerning the endeavors of those around her. It is ever inspiring to meet someone who espouses such things, even for a brief moment. If I never met her another time, these are the things I would carry away with me, and I might carry them for quite some time, as well, for she is also a woman of arresting features and energy.
    Rosalind She's so smart and good-humored! She doesn't shy away from difficult situations and instead pushes forward to do them anyway! I couldn't ask for anyone better to learn from!
    Rukhnis A woman with a wealth of interesting experiences, some of them indicating no small amount of courage and spirit in her character. I am glad to have had the chance to get to know her a little.
    Rysen The intelligent and organized Voice of House Redrain, whose words can bury her enemies or protect her friends more easily than a thousand swords or arrows.
    Sabella An extremely helpful, friendly princess whose company I am always delighted to be in, but am not around NEARLY enough!
    Sabella Few can claim to be so adept at working with people as Princess Gwenna. She is warm and personable and attracts all the best people when in a crowd.
    Savio She has honored us with a kind and precious gift, and the fact that she would want to do so means more to us than any material object.
    Sebastian I am beyond pleased she took the initiative to reach out: I find we have much in common, not just in our art and the love of our houses, but our outlook towards the world and the things we must face, the burdens we must bear. Truly, the Princess was a delight and I look forward to many more such insightful discussions with her.
    Sigurd By far, the most sophisticated Princess of Redrain mine eyes have ever lain eyes upon. The way we move with fierceness in battle is the way she steps and socializes. Fire and fury and depth of strength is evident in her.
    Simone Princess Gwenna is a beautiful, strong, and warm woman. It comforts me to know that Marian has family like her to support her. The roots and bonds that have been forged between our families is only strengthened by such wonderful people such as Gwenna.
    Sorrel Princess Gwenna Redrain is a wonderful friend. She's charming and gracious and and lovely, and our conversations are never boring, whether they regard work or play.
    Sparte A credit to House Redrain. They are so very fortunate to have such a friendly and inquisitive voice. I do think she'd be a great fit at The Salon.
    Tabitha Princess Gwenna couldn't be sweeter! She's a lovely woman, so friendly and welcoming, and it was so good to get to talk to her. I hope to see her again soon!
    Theron A gentler, more domestic Princess of House Redrain. Even so, she still participated in no less than two contests. Seems to be a bit more serious than the rest of the northern Royals as well. Perhaps she'd enjoy a bottle of Ostrian brandy.
    Thorley My patron. While we could be no more different at times, we both have the best interests of others at heart. Is it odd that I have decided to ally with a Redrain noble for my patron? Perhaps it will offer me more insights to my wife and what life was like before her and how I can be a better husband and sword.
    Tila An utterly charming hostess and a clear source of strength and light for the North in dark times.
    Tynan Princess Gwenna seems to be a kindred spirit when it comes to preferences both physical and mental. Our meeting was brief, but it left a lingering impression of her open and friendly nature. As she seems close to Lord Alessandro, I am certain I will get to know her better in time and I look forward to doing so.
    Vanora Met at the 'Skirts and Gowns' ladies discussion, Gwenna seems warm and kind and quite comfortable meeting new people.
    Vercyn Ha! The princess is all grown now. Beautiful and graceful, with a fine sense of humor, and no lingering signs of her childhood face-smashing against the ground.
    Vicente She's one of the Redrain and while she wasn't the hostess of the dinner you attended, she seemed to be playing that role as well. You certainly will be planning to see her again to get a better feel beyond just determining that she's friendly.
    Victus I've brushed with Princess Gwenna quite a few times over the years. Almost all of them inside of a council chamber or surrounded in the Assembly of Peers. Though my portrait of her is fractured by the time between our encounters, I have always seen a consistent force for good for House Redrain. Honorable while soft-spoken. Approaching with the diplomatic hand, a sense of warmth that one wouldn't think possible in the harsh North.
    Violet A Princess of Redrain that I've had the company of a few times. She has made great strides for Redrain and I admire her social accumen. There is the potential for a professional relationship between her and the Blades that I look forward to pursuing.
    Volcica Once my patron, and hopefully now my friend. There's so much more to learn about her, from her.
    Willow I hadn't seen her in so long after our lessons together when we were growing up, but she looks so happy her joy is infectious.
    Wylla How kind to greet me at the Redrain fire! Amidst all the bellowing and ale, she was a steady, welcoming presence. I know Jayus blesses her art!
    Zara She carries a warmth lit against the Northern chill: as much a bright beacon as comfort. She represents Redrain with grace. It's always a pleasure when we cross paths, which isn't nearly as often as I should like.
    Zoey Anything worth doing is worth overdoing, and you made such a valiant effort with the confetti!