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All details matter, no matter how small.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Elegant Alchemist
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Pravus
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 2/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: tall
Hair Color: white-blonde
Eye Color: green
Skintone: ivory

Description: Elegance is the word that defines this woman. From the poise of her posture to the precision of her movements, she carries herself with a practiced, controlled surety. Stark white hair frames a milk-pale countenance, her vivid green eyes encased by halos of palest gold. Only the barest smattering of freckles beneath her eyes detracts from the uniform color of her skin. Standing quite tall indeed at around six feet, this is not a woman accustomed to looking up at people; her statuesque figure looms. That figure is curvaceous, abduntantly so, her bosom beyond ample. When she speaks, it is most often quietly: her voice is a deep, feminine murmur that has sometimes been compared to velvet.

Personality: Often excessively polite at first meeting, Galatea's sense of humor is typically dry, and a bit strange. A carefully-molded exterior hides enthusiasm and passion for those things with capture her interest. Always amicable, she often stops just short of being truly warm and open. A certain sense of mystery is something she willfully cultivates. Honor and dignity and justice are all very important to her, and she can have a bit of difficulty 'letting things go,' as it were. Still, she patience in excess.

Background: Librarian. Archivist. Alchemist. Galatea has been called all of these things. From a young age, she showed affinity for all that was written down in books, and at the Pravus estates, she found herself more often at the margins than in the limelight. This suited her just fine: for she is not a Pravus, not exactly, and there were those who would not let her forget it.

The product of one of lord Tiberio's infidelities with a nameless highborn of Valardin fealty, Galatea would elsewhere have spent her life swept under the rug. Indeed, her Valardin mother did exactly that: she sent her away to Setarco, where Tiberio was more indulgent, arranging for the girl to be raised in court, even if as an unlegitimized, fostered commoner. Her questionable circumstances led for some to shun her socially, and she had to learn to entertain herself on her own terms.

This she did most notably under a senior archivist, whose protege the young girl soon became. Intimately familiar with pen and ink, learning how to mix the latter led to the wider world of tincture and tonic, and so she has become a quietly confident young alchemist.

The one thing she has inherited from her mother--rumored to send her rare, anonymous letters--is the importance of honor, accountability, and dignity. Galatea aspires to be the very picture of decorum and grace, and has worked long hours at protocol. Recently summoned to the crownlands, it remains yet uncertain just what she will make of herself.

Name Summary
Achard She is quite confident and sure of her path. Others are held up to her standards and judge according to how well they meet them. I appreciate her strength and will enjoy exploring it over time.
Alexis Goodness, we certainly are opposites in many ways, aren't we? She's of such impressive stature and looms large in all the best ways and I'm... Not quite that. And she works with the transient nature of alchemy while I try to hammer a legacy into steel. Very lovely, though!
Anisha "A very capable alchemist and explorer of mysteries hidden away behind physical properties of the elements.", or so I've been told. More-over, she seems like a pleasant woman who warms up nicely once she gets to know you, and I'm sure we will find endless subjects to talk about.
Apollo I wish she hadn't seen me like that. I liked her.
Arianna I love my cousin, we're some of the closest in age and kind of grew up as outliers in the Pravus. I'm happy we bonded over that and are able to indulge in one another's company so frequently. Beautiful and downright brilliant, she is one of the best and brightest among Pravus.
Brigida She knows what battles to avoid. Smart girl.
Bruce An abundant woman with an underspoken elegance and refinement about her, though she may possess a unique cynicism.
Celeste She's picked a dangerous route of study, but who am I to dissuade her from such? She has a lovely, curious mind and as long as she manages to stay discreet in her studies and dedicated, it will take her far.
Delilah Relentlessly inquisitive, brilliantly quick. She exemplifies the very best of the Hundred Cities, charming and gracious to boot. A wicked conversationalist; just listen.
Domonico Her words are too kind. I know I will never be as stylish as she says.
Evelynn An apothecary with sense to boot. I also admire her interest in discovering new places within the city.
Faye An elegant and well-spoken woman, and it seems we have a number of interests in common. Additionally, she seems to take an interest in dragonweep.
Giada Pravus and ...something. Pravus. Good conversationalist.
Harlex At the height of physical beauty, what is left? She has much to desire but its that pursuit of hers which interests me. I wonder how far she is willing to go, for those dreams.
Jasher A recent arrival to Arx. Already curious of the matters going on. I suspect she will find what she seeks...and more.
Juniper She prizes intellect, and the pursuit of knowledge, both things to be respected. I'm less certain of how she seems to say things to see how others might react. But all in all, a formidable woman.
Kia An alchemist of House Pravus, though of a weak constitution that makes her seem tired. Perhaps it is Arx or her work that ails her, though she must be successful in it for a generous offer was made when a trip to Cyrto Major was spoken of.
Leena She is strong willed, and not afraid at all to reach out for what she wants. I certainly respect her for that kind of thing. Surprisingly flirtatious, infinitely lovely, and certainly manipulative - I have little doubt she can manipulate myself and others to receive whatever it is she may be chasing at the time.
Lenne I don't think I've ever met someone that I've seen so much of myself in. We are no mirrors, to be sure, but I see similar mindsets, and philosophies, and goals. I do hope that means this will be the start of a beautiful friendship.
Lyra A Lycene alchemist. I may need to pick her thoughts about fireviper venom at some point in the future.
Mabelle Fellow of the trade. Eager to learn. Maybe to teach too? Time will tell.
Maja It was a brief encounter but memorable! Drusila knows her and introduced her as an alchemist. An alchemist! This is a very interesting profession and, to top it off, the woman wears trousers and knows how to shake a hand. I will have to get to know her better.
Maris Two impressive assets first come to mind... She's an interesting woman. Serious, but with a sense of humor that I tend to favor. Open to flirtation, but allusive. Intelligent, but not without wit. I look forward to getting to know her.
Martino Dedicated alchemist to the House Pravus. Tall for a woman, refined in tastes for fashion and with a plan of sorts. Tools, clothes and a larger bed. Who could argue with that start?
Mirk She gets to her point without playing games or pretending to be more - or less - important or knowledgeable than she is. Interesting, to say the least.
Narcissa Reserved, deferential, but not robbed of direction. An apt mind more preoccupied with the betterment of self and trade than what new gossip the season may bring - I rather like her.
Nurie Oh dear, there's nothing worse that feeling under the weather in snowy weather! It sounds as if she is very driven, a most excellent (and dangerous) quality in an alchemist!
Orland She knew a lot about Tremorus but I don't think I was previously introduced. She knows Andromeda. She was a strong speaker.
Orrin A helpful sort, and curious about the sorts of things I wouldn't have guessed anyone would be curious about.
Pasquale She was kind enough to share her hip flask with me when my throat was raw from coughing. I only hope that my health is not the only thing she remembers.
Petal She seems friendly and well I wonder about her creations!
Porter An alchemist of some sort, I think? Or an apothecary! Doesn't seem to enjoy the cold water of deep diving but then again, I guess that's not for everyone! I don't enjoy mixing herbs myself, so there's that.
Qadira Smart. Respectful. I wonder if she's respectable too? At any rate, she carries herself well. I look forward to learning more.
Raja Sometimes the most daring of explorers are those that seek out the shadowy parts of the city.
Reese Has energy, spunk, I think talent and a charming way about her.
Rinel I cannot tell whether she is sarcastic, in which case I shall regret not being harsher, or sincere, in which case I shall regret my harshness immensely. Perhaps I should wait and see.
Savio Intelligent, generous, and committed to getting a job done and done well. Handy person to know if you have a fit of the vapors. Or if you need some on short notice!
Scarlett She really does come off as a lady.
Sophie A fresh face in the city, and a delightful one at that! I've decided we are to be friends. I hope she doesn't mind!
Sorrel An aspiring alchemist and scholar, this woman is quite the information sponge, listening closely in a very studious way so that she can learn all she can. A teacher's delight. I suspect she will go far.
Sudara An aspiring alchemist with intriguingly eclectic interests. Eagerly enthused, especially as a student of obscure lore!
Svoli Maybe one of the tallest women I ever met. She is too reasonable. I'm not sure how I feel about that.
Sylvana I'm not sure why I trusted her with so much so quickly, but she is easy to talk to, and has an interest in the occult that I find rather intriguing.
Tescelina A fellow scholar and so lovely a presence, I could not take my eyes off her -- How lucky I am she is so kind and gentle. For, as I am reminded, it remains impolite to cry in front of strangers.
Val Mara and I had a rather interesting conversation with her. An alchemist that seems to have some intriguing ideas. I'd like to talk with her further, really.
Vanora A new face at the Pravus Manor, and one with talents she is willing to share. I think I like her.
Viviana Illegitimate or not, our recently arrived cousin seems to be a pleasantly charming sort, and her talents will surely prove useful.
Willow She must be a whole foot taller than me. She looks like she might be a Pravus.