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Lord Branimir Eswynd

Every day one wakes on the sky side of the waves is one worth raising a toast to.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Bombastic Shaman
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Eswynd
Gender: male
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 55
Birthday: 9/27
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Shaman
Height: tall
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: tanned

Description: The first thing one can tell when they lay eyes on this hulk of a man is that he's lived. Shoulder length hair is snow white shot through with lines of black, skin is worn from long exposure to the sun. A black leather patch is worn over his left eye, the ends of a deep scar showing above and below it. The rest of him is marked with tattoos, brands and scars, a biography of flesh telling the tale of a life lived to its fullest. While age had taken some of his muscle from him, the Prodigal is still a formidable man who towers over others.

Personality: Everything about him is loud, his voice booms and fills space around him, and his laughter is thunderous. His rare temper is an equally fierce thing, burning bright but quickly running out of fuel. But Branimir's personality trends towards the jovial, he has seen and survived enough to know one should drink deep from the cup of life at every opportunity. While many of the younger reavers who are sworn to Eswynd regard their new liege with suspicion, Branimir sees the potential in this relationship and counsels his nephews to strengthen their ties with Thrax and the Mourning Isles. Then maybe even with the Compact!

Background: Branimir has outlived his father, the first War Chief he served, and then his older brother, and now he serves his nephew. All these lords change like the tides but Branimir is the rock that has seen it all and survived it all. Alongside his male kin he's survived 2 wives and a handful of children, though as many still remain and he's content with that.

In younger years Branimir was a creature of great violence, he desired blood, victory, and most of all GLORY, until in the same raid that took his brother, he took an axe to the face, lost an eye and nearly died. Something changed while he lay bleeding on the ground trampled by friend and foe both. His blood lust finally quenched while he soaked in his own.

After that, he saw the world differently, and where many reavers are consumed by gloom after such grave injuries, Branimir was filled with a new vigor. He also awoke with a belief in the Spirits, leading many of his kin to worry that so nearly dying had cracked Branimir's mind as well as cutting out an eye. He still fights when he must, but rather than being the one to advocate for the sword first, he became the one to call for it last, and there are few whose calls are louder than Branimir One Eye!

Relationship Summary

  • Oskar - why don't I have a grand-nephew yet?
  • Temira - my girl knows how to live!
  • Haakon - where some carry a chip on their shoulder my sister-son carries a whole Longship!
  • Norah - bless her she's trying!

  • Friend:
  • Mirk - like a younger me but with depth perception!
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