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Marquessa Ezmeralda Leporidae

The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Envious Dreamer
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Leporidae
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Promised
Age: 24
Birthday: 8/29
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Emerald Green
Eye Color: Sapphire with Emerald Flecks
Skintone: Starlight & Alabaster

Titles: Marquessa of House Leporidae, Lady of Tremorus

Description: This woman is pale of skin but glows with an inner luminescence. She is long of limb and shaped quite sensually with supple curves and dangerously small waist that many a soul finds alluring. Her eyes are a sparkling sapphire color with brilliant emerald green flecks that shine with a light of their own when she is being particularly capricious or mischievous. The oddities of her eye color and gleaming, polished skin are accompanied by her rich, deep green (presumably dyed) hair that spills down her back and terminates near her the top of her buttocks when she wears it pulled up -- which she often does. When she speaks her voice is deep and husky like liquid silk poured on the rocks.

Personality: Precocious trickster with a wicked sense of humor. Her agreeableness is unnerving. No one can be this easy to get along with. Surely one should have opinions. Right? Probably, but this little lady just doesn't have time to argue with people over the little things. Everyone should be free to express themselves how they want and be respected while doing so. That is the beauty of life and when one spends enough time in the presence of this woman it is far too easy to get lost in love -- with themselves. After all she encourages people to embrace who they are and not run from the awful truths inside, wouldn't the world be a better place if people didn't try and hide from the mirror but faced it dead on?

Background: There is a song about a House Leporidae in the annals of pre-Reckoning Arvani history, an influential ducal power that had risen to rival House Pravus during the time of the Hundred Cities, before the creation of the Lyceum. Bards embellish a tale of romance turned sour and a tryst between the two houses that resulted in a violent, bloody conflict on a tiny nameless isle near Setara. The name of this war has been lost to history but the Leporidae were thought extinguished, holdings ground to dust, island razed and survivors scattered to the winds. What remained of the once proud House retreated far, far away into the Saffron Chain, vanishing during the time of the Reckoning.

Ezmeralda is the last true blooded scion of the House Leporidae, a family reduced greatly in status and protected within a powerful Abandoned enclave, the Saffron Chain's city-state of Tremorus. For centuries, it was tradition that the ruling House Proscipi would marry a Leporidae into their lineage in order to strengthen their bloodline during times of great turmoil, but the numbers of the Leporidae continued to wane through the generations. The chaos in the Saffron Chain with its new Arvani conquerors from House Pravus saw turmoil in the Abandoned city-state, with the current Prefect of House Proscipi hoping ancient, ancestral ties might win favor with the new Arvani conquerors.

In this time the starlit beauty was kept secured in Tremorus where she held out hope that perhaps the Pravosi might forgive her family and the last scion of Leporidae might be invited back into the fold. In order to avoid great bloodshed it was decided that Ezmeralda would be married to a Proscipi of her choice and the great city-state along with their vassals would be sworn to a new House beneath the banner of Pravus or rather, the return of a principle power in the far southeast of the Saffron Chains; House Leporidae.

Name Summary
Andromeda The Praefecta has done much for Tremorus. We are Pravosi. We are Arvani. She is exceptional in so many ways, it is hard to account for. But know this. It is thanks to her that we are reinvigorated, and under her loving hand, we shall multiply, we shall divide, and we shall conquer.
Gehenna The Marquessa shows a bracing desire to learn and adapt to the ways of the Compact. She deserves credit for that, and for her grace and demeanour. Though I was somewhat surprised by the colour of her hair.
Leola An interesting woman, aware of her responsibility and with a sense of history to support it. She appreciates the horizon, I think
Sabella What an extraordinary sense of style! Her hair reminds me of the spring we are sorely lacking right now! But she seems generous and quite kind, inviting a stranger to her home! An invitation I shall definitely take her up on to see those trained cats she mentioned!