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Maharet Whisper

What we don't know is usually what kills us...

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Daughter of the Sands
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Whisper
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 26
Birthday: 6/28
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: average height
Hair Color: cardinal red
Eye Color: burnished gold
Skintone: argent

Titles: Cultural Emissary of Tremorus

Description: Maharet is the kind of beauty that stands out among a sea of beautiful women in Tremorus. Whereas they are bronzed or sun-kissed, she is pale like moonlight. They tend towards shades of blonde and brunette but she is a fiery-haired girl with bright golden colored irises that stand out as striking and unusual. No one used to spare her a glance when she walked down the streets of the city-state, something she has grown used to. Her height is middling, leaning towards tall for Arvani women but much shorter than the average woman in House Proscipi. Her svelte figure is young and nubile, seeming to signify that she has not yet carried a child or perhaps is one of the lucky ones to have never shown. Even though she stands apart from the other native Southeastern Saffron people, it is celebrated where she comes from and thus she has never been self-conscious about it.

Personality: Maharet is an adept socialite, a linguist, and a woman of distinction and poise. As the Voice of House Leporidae she is the second most powerful woman in all of Tremorus which is not something she takes for granted. It is exceedingly rare that a commoner ever rises to such an influential position of authority but spend enough time in her presence and one can see why. Statecraft comes easy to her, second nature, as if she was born to rule. Compassion is a trait that can be exceedingly rare in some places, but not in Tremorus, the people tend to be open hearted even while practicing caution when dealing with outsiders. Her humility is another defining feature that makes her somewhat endearing to those who can appreciate a powerful woman with good sense to keep her ego in check.

Background: Maharet Whisper. The well-regarded commoner who reached dizzying heights, in the Abandoned city-state of Tremorus, especially for someone with no family name. By all appearances she comes from modest means but in truth she was raised by the Proscipi to be one of them in all but name. They treated her well enough and she was afforded a comfortable lifestyle that many on the island would be envious of. Because of that she is also burdened with expectation and the responsibility of upholding the reputation of the House.

Although she was a trusted servant since before Ezmeralda was brought to the city-state for safe keeping, she was assigned to her in order to teach her about the culture, language and customs of Tremorus' people. Ezme really bonded with her -- appreciating her sensible, diplomatic approach to life and that kinship fostered into a beautiful relationship between the two. They could both lean on each other from time to time and serve as something comforting in a place that is at once for them and not.

After the marriage and the newly established March House came into power, once again, Ezme could think of no one else she would have serve as her Voice. An unconventional choice that was hailed by the Proscipi as being avante garde. This, combined with her original, unspoken importance to the island has granted her a great deal of prestige for a prodigal in Arx, and made her start in the Whisper House permissible. Even though she has been reassured by the support of the people she was enchanted and intrigued by her first encounter with the House of Silken Sighs but more importantly they saw something in her. Tyche and Nina both felt that if she were challenged with adversity, she would evolve past her limitations and become who she is supposed to be -- whatever that may be.

When she arrived to Arx she was floored, like many of the Proscipi. Her world view had to expand if she was to ever be fully prepared to serve the people's interests. The dance of politics and the social games people played here made her feel somewhat inadequate. She didn't lack the faculties or the innate talent so much as perspective and understanding about the culture of this vast city and the convergence of it's kingdoms. Which is why she sought out the Whisper House. The Softest, Selene, was so majestic and commanded an air of respect with her grace alone. Yes, the Suspires would help forge her into a new woman, but it would be the Whispers who would help soften her touch and teach her the ways of elegance and perhaps introduce her to some of the dark secrets of this place.

Relationship Summary

  • Ezmeralda - The Lady of Tremorus has made it clear that in no uncertain terms House Leporidae will always be here for me. That although I may not carry the name, she is still like a sister to me. Someone that I can confide in and come to with problems big and small in hopes of being able to get some perspective if not find a solution. Her wisdom, grace and compassion have been a boon to the city-state and the Proscipi. Serving as her Voice is a source of great pride and is a burden with which I can carry with grace.
  • Andromeda - I've known her all my life. We grew up together under the same roof. She's gone through so much and yet remains strong, I envy her resilience but I do not begrudge her for what she has endured. Whenever I am plagued by concerns of safety, of feeling in need of someone to protect me I know I can run to her because she has always fought the bullies and beat up the jerks. Now that she is the Commander of the Tribunal Legionnaires I expect we'll be working very close together in the coming days ahead.

  • Friend:
  • Sabriel - Stone cold baddie. I remember when I first met her there was a moment where I was largely concerned for my safety but moreso I was overcome by a sense of awe. Her regality shines through the crass cut of her cloth. Even though I've only just begun to establish a good rapport with her she is someone that has the trust of the people and that takes character. With the inevitable incursion of foreign forces in the Southeastern Saffron, I am -very- glad she is the Vice-Admiral of the Migrant Fleet. No really, I sleep very good at night knowing one of the most feared pirates in the Saffron is out there on our behalf, patrolling our seas.
  • Giorgio - This guy. We go back and though there is something between us I wouldn't be able to say whether it was romantic or familial but he is a good man through and through with a head for the numbers. As far as marriage prospects go, one could much worse than the Pontelaeus -- as has been brought up on several occasions by a busy body Proscipi or two. The Master of Coin he truly is and as the Voice of Tremorus working closely with him is inevitable but always a pleasurable experience.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Tyche - The Sowing One. She took an interest in me, sky fall knows why, but she's really impressive truth be told. In the times that I've encountered her I have felt truly challenged, which is a good thing. I look forward to learning what she has to teach and to growing as a Suspire under her guidance. That she is also one of the Pravosi Lieges makes this budding relationship doubly exciting.
  • Anisha - One of the Softest Whispers whom I have been fortunate enough to encounter in my short time at the capital. After some polite conversation and engaging encounters with her, I was confident in my decision to join the Whisper House. They have a sterling reputation among the Compact and they seem to have their finger on the pulse of the realm. It'll be interesting learning what she has to teach.
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