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Giorgio Pontelaeus

The world is ruled by power, and money -is- power.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Merchant Prince of Tremorus
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Pontelaeus
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 32
Birthday: 6/28
Religion: Grace of the Thirteen
Vocation: Merchant
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Skintone: Rosy

Titles: Merchant Prince of Tremorus, Minister of Leporidae Economic Development

Description: Giorgio possesses the kind of refinement that is seen so often among the nobility and very rarely among the highborn commoner. He is devilishly handsome to the point he is almost pretty, he most definitely does not look his age and carries himself with the vivaciousness of youth. Dirty blonde locks that are almost a shade of light brown fall softly around his shoulders and are always meticulously styled. His clean shaven face and well groomed hair complement his dark, hazel eyes and chiseled features. He is always very well dressed and very well put together. Much like the lycene all of this is a rather effortless endeavor on his behalf, he woke up like this.

Personality: Giorgio is a man of practicality, ambition, passion, loyalty, and utter creativity. Where others without his ability to see the world the way he does might not see an opportunity he is already finding ways to turn it into another. There is a cool, collected air of calm around him that is practically unshakeable. When one comes from a family as distinguished as his own, it's quite easy to forget that he is not a member of the Peerage and is in fact a prodigal for his refinement and poise. Very rarely when pushed far enough one might be unlucky enough to see the man's dark temper.

Background: The Merchant Prince of Tremorus. Giorgio was not born to the nobility and like the rest of his exorbitantly rich, highborn commoner family he does not care in the slightest. A title does not make a man, but his fortunes do. In the philosophy of the Pontelaeus, money -is- power, no matter where you live in the world. His ambitions and breeding mark him as interesting and 'a cut above' for sure, but it is his family's ancient trade routes that make him and the rest of the Pontelaeus indispensable. They would never outright say as such but the Pontelaeus have strong ties to a small few very rich, very connected merchants and bankers that have afforded them a life of privilege, although in Giorgio's generation those connections have waned a great deal -- leading them to explore new avenues of maintaining their wealth.

The Proscipi have historically gone to the Pontelaeus to bankroll any civil endeavor they were pursuing and this puts Giorgio's family in a position of influence that runs deep. Breaking away from the Pontelaeus would quintessentially impoverish the House and as such it is practically unthinkable. Every now and then one of their number has the 'honor' and 'privilege' of marrying into the principle House of the city-state but this is assuredly more beneficial to the nobility than it is to this particular family even if it is mutually beneficial.

Giorgio feels hopeful and upbeat about the direction the city-state has taken and he sees a whole world of opportunity; new connections with the Compact means new money, new associates, friends, and circles of influence for him to get involved with and explore.

This was the motivating factor behind his joining the Silver Consortium when he was approached by some of the current Spokes of the wheel to serve as the representative for House Leporidae. Even this far away from the rest of Arvum he has heard tales about the Great Road. To tell it true, the merchant prince has been very curious about how it all works and whether or not he can try to replicate something similar in the Saffron Chain.

Name Summary
Alarissa The finest merchant in all of the city, a master at the markets.
Andromeda As the Merchant Prince of Tremorus and a speaker for Pontelaus, Giorgio is a pride to his family and a blessing to Leporidae. His gifts, tongue, and talents all ensure that we become the best we can be. My blade stands in defense of him and all who would swear their efforts to our cause.
Anisha Minister Giorgio has an impressive stature, not just because he towers about most of the people of Arx physically. No, he's thoughtful and ambitious, able to carry himself well in conversation. I fully expect the Merchant Prince of Tremorus to have quite an impact here in Arvum.
Apollo Easygoing and entirely capable of managing business well - I look forward to when fewer matters press, and we can perhaps work together.
Audgrim The business brother, clearly. They seem to complement each other, Giorgio and Savio. Probably someone I should remember the name of.
Belladonna I heard he was a banker, or a man of books, but he sure seemed to not shy away from battle or chaos, a trait that will serve him well in Setara and the Saffron Chain.
Calla Another fellow newcomer from the Saffron Chain. He seems friendly and keen on building trade connections, which is fine by me.
Dio By reputation a talented merchant of the Saffron Chain. He seems both shrewd and discerning, and could perhaps be a valuable ally.
Drake A merchant who works with one of Pravus's vassal houses... polite, good with books, not a fighter it seems. But if he's already up to some special projects, he must be skilled at the merchantile side of things.
Evaristo I can tell why he makes such a good merchant - you just take one look at him, and you feel like you can trust him to keep your best interests at heart.
Ezmeralda Driven and ever seeking greater opportunities I feel there is a vast opportunity for our island with the both of us here. Historically the Proscipi and the Pontelaeus have worked hand in hand, there place is assured in Tremorus. It will be my absolute -pleasure- to show him that Leporidae is of the same mind.
Graziella Ah, my merchant friend, let's sit and chat about what wonders you have arriving on your next ship.. shall we?
Ian Merchant, I think. Doubt he fights like his brother does.
Lianne Self-assured in his ambitions. Shrewd. I do appreciate an man who takes the time to read what's before him before drawing any conclusions.
Liara A merchant working on behalf of one of the Saffron Chain Houses that recently joined the Compact - I trust they will integrate well in the coming years. Well-mannered fellow. Certainly prosperous. Suitably conscious of the Eurusi matter and the need to resolve it - his ships cannot properly move until it is solved, after all.
Lottie While we didn't get to talk much about it when we first meant, I think it's real exciting he's a trade prince. I've never met a trade prince before and I do have quite a few questions about it!
Lustry A talented merchant who has many gems he is bringing into the city. I am eager to see more.
Mabelle A kind merchant that seems to have a keen eye for the markets and offers his assistance. I shall take him up on that.
Martino Able to get quality goods into the city. That in itself is a truly masterful skill and one I can appreciate. The city needs men like Giorgio to ensure the silver keeps flowing.
Mirella The Merchant Prince of Tremorous, and it's easy to see why. Knows well his trade, and he has an unaffected dignity about his speech and mannerisms. I've met nobles who would do well to learn from him example.
Monique The Director. But more than that, Giorgio is a bright flame, a relentless lure to ambition. Talented, resourceful, with a silvered tongue that anyone would long for.
Nina A merchant from Tremorus. He says they have jungles there! I would love to see a jungle some day. I'll bet they lead to adventures... but is he the explorer type? He's so posh.
Orland A gracious man to have offered me a round for throwing a bucket. He's well educated too, being a Minister of Economic Development. Perhaps a man to mentor with, at some point.
Piccola Monique's Director and a man from Tremorus. It seems that House Leporidae's influence extends well into Arx, if he is an ally of the Lady Greenmarch.
Raven Very proud of his wealth. Seems friendly enough. Curious what he is hiding.
Ripley He owns a caraval. A huge ship! How successful do you have to be to have a caraval? Just ask Giorgio! He's an A plus merchant!
Rowynna A chance encounter in the Ebb and Flow. It was refreshing to meet the Minister of another House, which probably goes to prove that I should push myself out of the Archives more often. Easy to talk with, and has me wondering whether there might be trade opportunites between our houses.
Savio My brother, the Merchant Prince of Tremorus! Nothing has changed. He's still the golden boy with all the right answers, and always will be.
Sebastian My protege continues to surprise and delight me with his unshakeable, wise considerations. What a wonderful happenstance we were introduced and can benefit so much from each other.
Sudara A merchant-prince who can present a polite facade is no surprise; one who can admit and seek to build upon his weaknesses is perhaps rather rarer, and certainly more trustworthy.
Yrsa A generous southerner. He'll be surprised and appalled by snow, no doubt, but I hope he survives both winter and the coming war. He's interesting, and the city is in desperate need of interesting people.