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Marquis-Consort Nazmir Proscipi

I believe that words are strong, that they can overwhelm what we fear when fear seems more awful than life is good.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Consummate Conversationalist
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Proscipi
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 35
Birthday: 2/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: tall
Hair Color: white-blond
Eye Color: ice blue
Skintone: fair

Description: The first thing that one might notice about Nazmir is that he's tall .. which isn't really much of a feature when one considers his northern heritage. Even still, at roughly 6'5" and with a build that's clearly toned athlete, he manages to cast an imposing shadow. White-blond hair flows in loose waves down just past his shoulders, the locks left free to flutter and swirl around the strong, angular features of his face. Eyes the color of blue ice take in his surroundings with a keen interest, flicking about as if always gauging those around him.

Personality: There's little about Nazmir that doesn't scream outgoing, especially when it comes to navigating the social niceties of the nobility. Personable and charming, he's more prone to making himself new friends then finding himself with enemies. Which is not to say that he isn't loyal, for while it doesn't often show itself, the man has a vicious protective streak when it comes to family and friends.

Background: Nazmir had the privilege, or perhaps the misfortunate depending on how one looks at things, of being born outside the heir baring line of House Redrain. As a cousin to the main line, this allowed him a greater freedom of choice, with little expectation being placed upon him for having to perform official duties on behalf of the house. Of course, that didn't preclude him from being trained in the proper ways of being a noble. After all, he was still a Redrain and would be expected to compose himself as such.

With the finest tutors and schooling available to him, Nazmir quickly developed and excelled when it came to areas of conversation, whether it was trying to charm his way out of trouble with his parents, or whether he was shifting the blame for some game gone wrong to someone else. It quickly became evident that while his friends spent their days with a sword and shield, he was going to spend his with books and tutors, learning all that he could about the art of courtiers.

But Nazmir was never content to rely upon others for his own protection and it's not as if the North is the most hospitable of places when one ventures out from the main holding of Farhaven or the other Houses. Time was taken to ensure that he understood how to wield a sword and while he would never be considered a warrior in his own right, he learned enough to ensure that he would never find himself defenseless.

As time passed, Nazmir spent only brief periods in the City of Arx, choosing instead to stay in the North. Farhaven provided him with ample opportunity for conversation and when he desired a change of scenery, he would set off to visit some of the other major holdings that the North had to offer, though he somehow managed to never overstay his welcome.

When war came in 1003, Nazmir didn't shriek from answering the call. While never a true warrior in his own right, he had learned enough of wielding a blade that he managed to not get himself killed .. which was simply a miracle in it's own right. Struck down in the second engagement that he participated in and left with a wicked scar upon his back, Nazmir quickly realized that war wasn't where he was meant to be and he spent the remaining time on the rear lines, assisting in the protection of medics and supply lines.

By the time of the Gyre War, Nazmir was much wiser and this time, he didn't seek to try and make a name for himself. Instead, he assisted where he could, aiding in the sending of messages and lending a voice where it could help bolster morale. Which meant that he was never far from his home in Farhaven.

Peace is a fickle thing, though, and there is always something that seeks to shatter the dream of it. With the threat of the Eurusi growing and the banners of Redrain called forth, Nazmir has packed his belongings and made his way to the Great City of Arx... though no one quite knows why. After all, it's not as if the man can fight.

Name Summary
Ariella You don't normally see such a nice blend of muscles and fashion but here we are.
Arman A bit loose with the spicy language but a friendly and convivial sort.
Bahiya The prince with the strong voice, though well controlled. Inquisitive as much of his kin are, and very polite. I wonder what he has heard of Prince Kenjay; with the war being what it is, I am afraid to ask what he might have heard of me.
Caspian A prince who speaks plainly and doesn't stand for idiocy from others. its always so encouraging to find people not afraid to speak the truth,m even if its unpopular
Cassiopeia A northern prince who has a delightful perspective and confidence in himself. He is thoughtful and mind-mannered, but speaks his mind with strength and resolve. He too sees the spaces between the stars and can put it into words, which is indeed a great pleasure to encounter.
Celine I've only just met the prince, but already adore him. Our tastes collide in any number of ways, and he's volunteered to be my guide on an adventure through whiskey's. I'll admit, I'm excited.
Cirroch I am not short.
Ember Excellent taste in which birthday parties to attend.
Gwenna Prince Nazmir is an imposing looking man - certainly at first glance. His features seem carved straight from the Everwinter, and his height adds to an overall picture of an icy Northern warrior. My cousin, though, is as warm and affable as a Whisper from the summer isles, I think. His intelligence and charm are evident in every word he speaks, and I count us quite lucky that he has joined the family in Arx.
Gwenys A Redrain Prince who seemed surprised at my less than prim and proper manner. I like his hair though, makes me wonder if we're distantly related.
Ilira More a shining-haired angel than a wolf, but some would say the same of me. I wonder what -his- beast within looks like.
Ivy He has seen me at my worst, at my best, at my most embarrassing, and everything in between. An absolute charmer, incorrigible, and everything that should have sent me running... but instead I find myself enchanted. He brightens my day every time I see him and fascinates me in a way nobody else ever has. And terribly polite for a 'barbaric Northman'.
Kaia He and Ivy looked utterly amazing in their outfits at Liara's Ball! He was so kind to my husband and I!
Karina Unexpectedly wonderful company, and surprising at many turns. Though rugged appearance at first glance might lend itself to Northern stereotypes, his easy manner and laughter just naturally sets one at ease. The sea often brings unexpected and delightful gifts, and our meeting was one of them.
Katarina Prince Nazmir? Ah, yes. Agreeable man. I'm still waiting to see this fine honeysilk dress of his that everyone keeps talking about.
Keely A calm and charming presence here in the capital. That we could meet one evening and attend a ball together the next, having a spectacular time in the process speaks to how very dynamic and engaging he is.
Korka A diplomatic Redrain Prince. I wonder how that works. Do they think wrestling is diplomacy up north? That'd figure.
Lore Delightful Prince of a man. He alluded to being economically minded, I'll have to see if I can't pick his brain later to talk silver.
Lucita Tall, handsome, charming, can hold his whiskey with the best of them. He seems to have spent much of his time away from Arx yet we share friends in common. I hope he will remain for a while, would like to get to know him better.
Mabelle Not at all what I expected. Pleasantly so. I look forward to spending more time in his company and exchange views on different approaches in the game of diplomacy.
Marena A lively and enthusiastic Prince who seems like he'd be equally grand company on either an adventure or a party.
Nina The northern men are always so tall! He professes a love for wine, which I can't disagree with. I bet he enjoys a good rowdy party.
Noah He takes a lot of notes.
Razija He makes for pleasant conversation on chill days. He prefers whiskey, which is predictable for the Northern types, but that's all you will find predictable about him.
Sasha Ever the charmer and brillant mind. So glad to be able to call him an ally
Savio I am not regularly impressed by royals, but this Prince has flawlessly balanced poise and candor. I am glad to know him.
Sebastian He wrestled a bear. What a sneaky Northern prince. He has my admiration.
Sofia It is a true delight in life to find someone with whom you can satisfactorily banter.
Taliene The Prince speaks so intriguingly of the snows of the far north. I am so curious to learn more!
Zakhar There are some of the nobbies that are outright nobs and show their nobility with a boot. The Northern royals are a different breed all together. Tall enough for their heads to still be in the clouds, though know what an avalanche might look like and will walk softly in case.