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Marquessa Cassiopeia Proscipi

You cannot be great without first recognizing what greatness is. It can be said that greatness is not a destination that one arrives to, it is a journey that one undertakes which never ends. Even then a woman is not great because of the things she has done, but because of the opposition and obstacles she has overcome despite the odds arrayed against her.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Atavist Heiress
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Proscipi
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 22
Birthday: 1/1
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: tall
Hair Color: golden blonde
Eye Color: azure
Skintone: honey

Titles: Enchantress of Tremorus, Marquessa of Tremorus, Honorary Luminary

Description: Many wise women say that a beautiful woman feels beautiful within, from the love she gives to her ideas and the creative ways in which she expresses her soul to those who love her and those who need love most. Cassiopeia is classically Proscipi in apperance with high cheekbones, angular, symetrical features, smooth golden tinted skin and bright azure colored eyes. She lacks the auburn that her cousins have and favors her father in coloring. On the island she would be considered average height for a woman but in the city of Arx she is easily one of the tallest women around but her lisson figure makes her seem delicate. She does not often wear makeup but when she does she tends towards a darker palette with rich cardinal shades of red for her heart shaped lips.

Personality: Being on the level of local legends and myths despite your own reservations can lead one to develop a most interesting assortment of traits. Ambivalent to the ways of the nobility and her own reputation, Cassiopeia has done her best to redeem herself in the eyes of her peers as a wanderer with no sense of responsibility. Her intellect is hard to rival and many times she walks circles around those who try verbally sparring with her or otherwise attempting to impress or overawe. She is sensible and gracious despite her initial reluctance to engage in social environments. Her balance of humor, wit, charisma, approachability and attentiveness all seem quite counter to the expected shallowness that most come to expect of a woman so renowned which lead many to describe her as magnetic.

Background: Cassiopeia of Tremorus, said to be the most beautiful woman in the far Southern city-state hidden away in the Saffron Chain. A woman who has inspired bards to sing of her allure and whom great artists of her time beg to portray her with their craft, as she is frequently spoken of as the personification of ideal human beauty. Paintings of her sell for quite a lot of money and motifs are jealously guarded but in truth, the woman who has sparked the myth is no more attractive than her sister Andromeda nor her cousins. She possesses a special quality, a presence, that many have a difficult time reconciling with gravitas and while their father enjoys the reputation his eldest daughter has begotten, Cassiopeia finds it somewhat exhausting.

Ever since she was a young girl it was as if her only lot in life was to be something sought after and obtained but never appreciated for who she truly is - an indelible truth she couldn't shake no matter how hard she tried. This led to years in which she would constantly find herself going from one adventure to another in order to escape the reality of feeling put upon a pedestal and gawked at. Oftentimes this was counter productive for when she was discovered to be /the/ Cassiopeia the ship's crew or some random sellword accompanying her at the time would become fixated to the point of obsessed and she'd need to abandon ship, quite literally, and find some new bout of adventure aboard another vessel.

While she traveled the Saffron Chains she learned many useful skills and her experiences tempered her into a very capable woman but no matter how far she ran, Cassiopeia simply could not escape her woes. Since she could not escape her reality she chose instead to do the next best thing and sequester herself away from it all -- retreating into solitude and privacy within the walls of the Sky Palace. Year after year her 'Pa-Pa' would receive countless offers of marriage from a myriad of places and while most of them were trash, some were immense opportunities in his eyes. Even though his daughter would sometimes give him the vapors somehow she was, politically, worth a great deal. He never forced her to marry however and so she did not. After some months squirreled away in the city-state she began to grow restless. Hearing that her siblings had gone to the capital of the Compact, she decided it was time to follow. If not to get away from all the clingers on, then at least to explore this new city. With the reclusive young Lady's recent reemergence into the forefront of politics and goings on in Tremorus there is a bustle of excitement and hushed whispers about why she has -really- chosen to rejoin society proper after being gone for almost a decade.

She didn't really expect as much to change as it did, however. Following the destruction of the palace in Tremorus, the deaths of much of her extended family, the fall of her liege, and the ennoblement of Giorgio and naming him as Ezmeralda's successor, Cassiopeia wasn't seen for weeks afterwards. When she finally was, it was announced she had formally joined very distant family in the city-state of Sangris, House Vaevici, and would not be returning to Tremorus- not now, and possibly not ever, which has caused a great deal of gossip among the peerage as to her reasons.

Relationship Summary

  • Savio - My favourite cousin, the light of my life. Ever since I was a little girl, he always made me smile and believe in so much more. I would move the mountains for you.
  • Orland - Not by blood, but that matters little. You make my cousin happy and you will always be family.
  • Rufio - We didn't know each other well growing up. I spent too much time at the pool but heard the tales of my crazy cousin Rufio. He was the infamous cousin.
  • Giorgio - Giorgio was so serious growing up! Fun to pester. But, he always landed on his feet. No matter what he touched, it thrives. But, it's his heart that is made of gold.

  • Friend:
  • Ilira - A kind soul, one I can find so much understanding with. I felt close to her quickly. A new friendship that I value greatly.

  • Ally:
  • Titus - A long lost cousin, he has welcomed me as family without hesitation. I know I can learn a lot about strategy from him and his loyalty to his family is truly admirable.
  • Sabriel - A strong woman that I always feel safer with by my side.
  • Caspian - His loyalty to his friends benefits everyone around him.

  • Sibling:
  • Andromeda - My sister has always made me proud to bear the family name, but it's her ability to hear me out without judgement that makes her easy to talk to. Whenever I need someone to give me unorthodox advice, she's the one I can confide in knowing she will be there for me. From time to time when I need someone's teeth smashed into the back of their throats she is also very reliable for that. She is our strength.
  • Remus - I love my brother very dearly. He is sometimes overly protective but I have never once not appreciated it. Whenever I am struggling or feeling particularly overwhelmed I go to him and he sets me straight again. He is level headed and always sees the bigger picture.

  • Protege:
  • Nina - What an absolutely lovely woman, I know that I will learn more from her than me, but I hope to give her all I can.

  • Deceased:
  • Ezmeralda - The Praefecta will be remembered in her death, always. Tremorus has much to be grateful to her for, as do I.

  • Patron:
  • Arman - It was by luck that we found each other, but I will always be better for it. What I have achieved, in part, is because of him.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Rosalind - A few adventures in!

  • Spouse:
  • Nazmir - My Northern Star. A match in mind, body, heart and humour.
  • Name Summary
    Amari I wasn't sure what to expect of Cassiopeia, but she's able to hold her own in a conversation, has good taste in drinks, shares an interest in history and adventure, and as a pleasant surprise, is absolutely crazy for horses. I'll happily introduce her to a horse worthy of her, if I can find one handsome (and tall) enough.
    Andromeda My sister is unlike me in many ways. Hers is the soft touch, the gentle word, the ease of leading someone to her side and path. She works miracles where I can but cut a path with bloodied steel. Even now, with a new family name, she is building bridges and creating a better future.
    Anisha The Marquessa of Tremorus is one of the most beautiful women I've ever met, a woman who carries herself with casual ease, and an almost childlike wonder for all the Compact has to offer. Do not underestimate her - beyond that bright-eyed gaze lies a wit keen and incisive. She has been a worthy heir of Tremorus, and to be in her presence is to truly feel lifted to the very tops of the mountain, gazing upon a world full of possibility.
    Apollo Blessedly open with herself, all her hopes and concerns and understanding. She makes it so easy to communicate, to find a way forward. If everyone did that, we'd not be in this bloody mess in the first place.
    Arman A beautiful young woman, full of grace and tenacity. I see so much potential here.
    Aswin Marquessa of one of the Saffron domains. Knows Savio. She did well aboard ship, though now that I think of it, I don't think I saw her swing a blade. She's good at keeping her soldiers' spirits up.
    Benedetto Tall, proud, beautiful. But she's like one of those delicate birds; full of nervous energy and a delicacy to her. I think I would take the time to get to know her more.
    Brady Complex, bubbly, dangerous with the staff (though maybe not in the way I assumed), and she loves her sweets.
    Calista Marquessa of Tremorus, they have overcome so much in such a short amount of time and yet, like their leader, are radiant and truly noble on all regards. She is delightful company and one I am sure to make the acquaintance of again.
    Caspian She has a way with words that can still anger and raises spirits! Adventurous and not one to get easily shaken, an ideal leader!
    Cesare What a delight to meet someone who sees expressiveness not as a burden but as the gift of a human soul. Sadness and struggle haven't tarnished this fine golden lady.
    Cesare You will be hard pressed to find someone with a warmer heart and a kindness that is the very embodiment of who they are.
    Cosimo A youthful Marquessa great of stature and naturally imbued with good cheer and an obvious love for her home.
    Deoiridh A lively woman in more ways than one, giving life to words in a manner that I find to be reminiscent of the Sages of Cionaodha, as though weaving a tapestry before one's eyes; the mere sound of her voice forming the outlines, whilst the words chosen serve as her immaculate thread. Yet there is also something about her aura that brings to mind the spirits of the peaks - seeming vivacious in an uncanny, unnatural way, almost as though she does not belong among these people.
    Desma She has an amazing smile and such a warm voice.
    Domonico A newcomer to the Compact and one that has pride in her family and home. I fully approve of that. I must agree I share some of her beliefs about how cold Arx can get too.
    Drusila Strong, level, and as sharp as a tack. To be compared to her must be the greatest compliment one could ever receive.
    Ember Keeps her wits about her in danger, even if her first impulse is to flee from it -- it's a start.
    Erik A fellow explorer, and with knowledge about the Saffron Chain and the southern waters.. We will talk again!
    Esme She's very beautiful, but that is just the window dressing to her loving spirit. I'm sure we will be friends
    Evaristo Delightful, her laughter is infectious. Seems to have no compunctions joining a random party, and dressed to kill, too!
    Giada I can ask nothing more of a person than that they ask questions. It's the building block of all wisdom and knowledge.
    Giorgio I am glad that she decided to return home. She is the rightful ruler for our people. I will gladly follow her, wherever she leads. And if she screws up, I will be there to remind her she did so.
    Gwenna The Marquessa is a charming and warm woman who clearly seems inclined to seeing the brightness in all things. She is certainly someone whose delight in things is infectious and I look forward to crossing paths again in the very near future.
    Haakon I've never heard a body so pained by the notion of destroying enemies. She ended a fight with words that looked doomed to bloodshed. It were impressive
    Ilira I am blessed to have found a sister in this beautiful, sorrowful, wondrous rarity of a soul.
    Jaenelle A woman who knows when to stand up or aside when her people need her, and yet she never shies away from the duty expected of her. A great leader must make the toughest decisions, something alone and judged, but they do so anyway.
    Katarina The struggle ahead of the Marquessa, and Tremorus as a whole, offers me a glimpse of what I might face in my own future. That she stares down these hardships with grace, manners, backbone, and confidence in those around her... It makes the Marquessa a particularly inspiring woman, whether or not she knows it.
    Kritr A sensible approach to nature. I am glad to hear it.
    Lenard A shining soul, unbowed by tragedy and bearing the burden of responsibility with a grace and power one cannot help but be humbled by. I am pleased that we met on the road, given her passion for wandering, and pray the Gods grant me the opportunity to join her there again.
    Lou She asked me to come with her on an expedition to Tremorus to help explore it. How could I say no?
    Lucita A charming woman in the Pravus fealty. She has an interest in the Thirteenth, challenging debates and music. We met briefly at the Bard's College a week or so ago.
    Mabelle A sweet lady from the south, she seems to be afraid of winter. I look forward to showing her how lovely it is!
    Mailys Competitive to the bone. Talented and blonde and tall. I cannot wait to meet her people. Not to worry, I will bring my own Mailys-sized things, like a chair I don't have to climb into and an apple box to stand on. She's a marvel of the Saffron.
    Maris Ardent azure eyes lost among the flickering flames of a lonely hearth. She's here, but far away too. I wonder what weight she carries, and where her destination is.
    Martino Dangerous legs, dangerous snakes. Dangerous women who has a curious past to them. Good with children as well, attentive to their questions.
    Mattheu Her lands sound fantastic. Will need to hop a ship some day.
    Medeia The lady may come off as demure, or even fragile, but I have seen her take risks and wounds that would have put others on their knees.
    Mikani A woman that though she grew up worlds a way from me has so many similar interests. I hope we meet again. I think we could become friends.
    Mirari The Marquessa is unlike any Arvani ruler I've met. Very suspicious, and thrilling.
    Monique The best storyteller, the best dancer upon the sands; is there anything the Marquessa cannot do? I rather think not. Her passion and her drive are truly compelling.
    Nazmir It's rare to find someone with whom conversation comes so easily and yet, on several occasions that the Marquessa and I have crossed paths, I have found myself easily engaged and entirely comfortable in her presence. Engaging and well versed, she carries herself exactly as she is, with a hidden strength and no falsehoods. It has left me all the more curious and even more, has left me looking forward to the next time that our paths converge with one another.
    Nina A beautiful woman who is here learning from the Suspries. She'll have a lot to do here in Arx, though I'd also love to show her around Setarco some time! Her fashion sense is just marvelous and she'd stand out anywhere she went!
    Noah She is said to be the most beautiful in Pravus. I am just wonder if everything that glitters is gold, or if it hides a shadow we might not be prepared for.
    Olivia A charming and alluring woman, able to talk her way with 100's of snakes moving at her. Impressive, to say the least.
    Orland She truly is the peerless! She'll always be the Enchantress of Tremorus no matter what took place to make her Vaevici, one can hope she'll remain a friend!
    Pasquale She has had quite the journey to become Marquessa of a house in ruins. You have to wonder what her story is.
    Piccola I always appreciate a noble who puts their people in the fore. It is difficult in times of contested obligations and controversies of title to set aside the pettiness that often arises from territorial lines. But if we can set aside these differences and limits, there is nothing that cannot be done.
    Raimon A chance meeting with Volya at the Black Fox let to an encounter with Andromeder's softer and more sedate sisterly counterpart. Tragedy wells up, from behind azure eyes. Bit of a whirlwind, to see them -both- here! Such different reactions. Stands to reason.
    Raja I swear she is a cat! She saved not one, but TWO of our group from certain doom!
    Rosalind She helped us out in the mines and she was great! She's so super nice and has a ton of talent! And strong! Did I mention she's strong?
    Rufio The Marquessa and I had a moment of clarity with one another today along the road to our hold. Love. Compassion. Joy. These things bring loyalty more than the rod ever could. It warms my heart that she believes these things and I will follow her anywhere.
    Sabriel The sunshine of Tremorus. She could warm the bleakest winter with that smile. There are worse options, as far as Marquessas are concerned.
    Savio This world belongs to her, my sweet cousin -- if the powers of darkness mistake her kindness for weakness, then they will break against that iron.
    Sebastian She has chosen to step forward into the bustle of Arx, despite many reasons not to want to. I both admire and feel for her. She has a hard road ahead of her, but she has demonstrated a determination and drive that I believe will benefit her... and all who come to know her.
    Sira She's a curious one, it seems, always looking around at everything. Which works in my favor as she looks around my shop. She's a delight to design for.
    Tanith Tall and a little stoic, she seems to want to smile more than she does, which I can't say I blame her, if the rumors of her House and its troubles are true.
    Thea A poised woman. One that seems wise and knows more than what she lets on.
    Venturo A new addition to the Compact, her open mind and warm spirit will be necessary for the mountain her people will need to climb. Yet, in conversation, I am reassured in knowing we will all be better for her addition.
    Vitalis New to the Explorers, new to Arx, new to Arvum, new to governance; the Marquessa seems to be handling many changes with grace.
    Zakhar Strong and towering over the people, a keen sense towards animals and seeks to better her lands, and the vision of prodigals to this city.