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Princess Jerrica Grayson

There's no such thing as a lost cause

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Social Justice Warrior
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 11/17
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: tall
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: green
Skintone: tan

Description: Tall and athletic, Jerrica's forest green eyes are always alert and tend to brighten when faced with any sort of argument or debate. Her skin is deeply tanned from spending hours upon hours out in the sun and her long, wavy brown hair is often left loose around her shoulders, not really as a statement of fashion but because she often forgets she should do something with it.

Personality: Jerrica is almost always moving?she has a tremendous energy and presence to her, always looking to seek out an injustice and right it! Or at least argue it into submission. She has a huge heart and a fondness for animals of all kinds. She will always, always root for the underdog and do her best to make them a winner. She's energetic and stubborn and has a tendency to argue past the point where other people would drop it out of politeness. She tends to fiercely believe in things and wants everyone else to see it her way. She's a pacifist who wants to honor Gloria by being virtuous and of course is particularly drawn to Petrichor because she loves nature. Where there's injustice or war in the world Jerrica wants to be there to make it right. Regardless of whether anyone else wants her there.

Background: It was always assumed that as the first daughter Jerrica would take up a martial path. She talked early and often and her strong opinions varying from what was offered for dinner to the way the gardens at the house were kept were at first met with smiles for her zeal and then grimaces when she would find something she thought was wrong and harp on it until people would have it changed. She was trained in the finer points of archery at a young age and seemed to take to it, but when she was six years old she was brought along on her first boar hunt and was so horrified by how many armed nobles chased the poor, terrified animal and how brutally it was ultimately brought down. And then they expected her to eat it! Her parents tried to explain that boars were dangerous creatures that were responsible for many a stray hunter's death but Jerrica would have none of it--and from that day forward never again ate meat in her life. Sure, the boar might have been dangerous, but it was just one boar being chased and heckled by a dozen or more armed men and women on horseback! Every year after that she campaigned to end hunts for sport, something her parents would not give in to. She still attended, chanting in a loud voice about how barbaric it all was until she was just left at home in her teenage years to not cause yet another scene in front of her parents' friends.

From Bastion she embarked on many a letter writing campaign to numerous other houses and dignitaries in Arx, railing against practices she found lacking, such as going to war so often. Jerrica simply could not understand why so many men and women needed to die for a cause when so many things could be worked out through mediation. Many of those letters (most really) went unanswered, but she found herself with a growing interest in diplomacy because of it. Soon she realized that in order to use these skills she needed to be in Arx and wrote her parents a 52 page manuscript detailing all the reasons why they should send her to the city. They took one look at the pile of papers and decided to just send her, much to her delight.

Relationship Summary

  • Alban - A delightful creature that I am lucky to know.
  • Isabeau - A wise and admirable friend.

  • Family:
  • Babette - Jerrica thinks Babette is great! She fights for all the right things, she's forward thinking and smart, and Jerrica enjoys spending time with her.
  • Sabella - My dear, dear cousin friend.
  • Noah - I am glad to have him as my cousin. I like him better this way.
  • Varan - I love my brother's songs and only wish I could see him more.

  • Deceased:
  • Aiden - I admire his work and hope to be worthy of continuing some of it.

  • Protege:
  • Aella - She has introduced me to a delightful world that I would not have known otherwise.
  • Name Summary
    Aaron A typical Grayson princess, from what little I know of her.
    Aelgar A spiritual and idealistic young lady who will make a mark with her strong convictions and noble intentions. I am fascinated to see what she creates from her beliefs.
    Bran Apparently familiar with the puzzling array of ranks, titles and their transformations. Almost as energetic as Rosalind.
    Catalana Clever and bright. I would enjoy her company any day of the week.
    Drake She has a good deal of courage in a crowd. A princess of social grace... though perhaps not the athletic kind.
    Esme Oh by the Gods that be. Grayson just makes them all glorious beautiful. I am certain that we shall become great friends.
    Faye A friendly and warm Grayson princess, excited for a forest adventure. I truly hope we will be able to keep out of danger.
    Haakon Not too painfully stuck up. Which is rare for mainland Princesses. Has some wit to her.
    Ilira Sweet princess. I see an open mind behind those pretty eyes, but there remains about her an innocence I appreciate. She refreshes and lends warmth to a room, a little like the breeze blowing outside right now.
    Isabeau Utterly charming. I feel a sense of kindred in our desire to better the world, perhaps we may try our best together.
    Klaus There are many jewels in the crownlands of Grayson, and this woman before me is clearly one of them.
    Lou She's a bit of a strange one, with her notions on animals. However, she has a good heart, and she's willing to do the hard things even if they might not succeed, and that's the best kind of cousin to have.
    Mabelle The lovely and amiably Princess Grayson. I am surprised we havent met until now. I should like to know her better.
    Malcolm Princess Jerrica Grayson seems to have good sense compared to some other higher royals. She treats her proteges with respect too - definitely good folk.
    Medeia She likes nature and talks to animals, and my cat actually likes her. That last being the important bit - I suspect the princess has depth yet unreached, an exciting prospect.
    Noah She's... a cousin. That is a combination of not-wanted sister and annoyance, but she's tolerable. I suppose. Maybe. Some days.
    Poppy She's smart and likely military minded. She knew all about tactics.
    Raimon Tall, energetic, and able to process fashion, political strategy, poetry and historical allegory all at once, and express them in a single breath. A force of nature! Reminds me of Elation . . .
    Romulius The Princess Jerrica is as fine of company as one could want for in conversation. Her enthusiasm for matters unfamiliar to her is infectious, to the point that she makes it easy to reconsider her family's alleged aloofness.
    Ryhalt A match to keep my cousin on his toes.
    Varan My sister is an inspiring fount of energy and kindness. Whenever I return from trips abroad, she is always there with a hug and a bright smile that reminds me of our youth. I love her dearly.
    Vincenzo Pleasant and polite and I must admit, albeit baisedly, that she looked wonderful in one of my creations.
    Vulpiano A lovely Princess who made an effort to include the two non-Peerage members. I hope I didn't embarrass myself when she handed me a glass of wine. I think I blushed.
    Wash They seem to get younger every year, my Grayson cousins. This one comports herself well and at least didn't mistake me for a drunken sailor. I'm a drunken ex-Prince dammit!
    Zoey We all must find our way in this city once we find our way into it. She seems bright and personable enough that she will not encounter too much trouble once's she decides that that way is.