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Regal Sai

Every new role is a fresh opportunity to change the world.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Method Hunter
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Sai
Gender: Male
Marital Status: It's Complicated
Age: 40
Birthday: 9/20
Religion: Pantheon and Stuff
Vocation: Method actor
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Steel and Charcoal
Eye Color: Steel Grey
Skintone: Warm Sand

Description: Neither handsome or grotesque, this man possesses a face that can travel from distinct to forgetable with relative ease. Little more than a change of style, coloring, grooming, posture, trimming, bearing, or motivation permits him an opportunity for a diverse range of appearances. He is neither short, nor tall. His physical appearance is a tool at his disposal and one which he may readily use with only a little effort to create the look which he needs to utilize for his role. Some effort on his hair and bearing could present him as something middle-aged nobleman, while a little scraggly beard growth and hunger in his eyes may create the impression of a desperate commoner in need, a lack of bathing and a slur of his language may present him as a salty sailor, while a pair of spectacles and a trim of his beard may create a bookish scholar ready to write a journal for a worshipper in the Great Archives. In a crowd he may stand out as a paragon of distinct style and appearance, but a week later one may easily overlook him as yet another slack, uninspired face in a bustling crowd.

Personality: Regal is a man whose personality varies greatly. While it would be easy for him to claim that his role dictates the entirety of his personality, he's an artist and knows that's a lie. He is a man who respects his art and seeks to improve himself within it at every turn. He is determined and ambitious, as far as improving his skills as an actor goes. Throughout his travels he has been many things, whether intentionally or as an act of survival. Life isn't a play, even if he uses it to prepare for the next role he'll be called to portray. He has been ruthless and merciful, he has been charitable and greedy, he has been savage and honorable. Researching his parts has taken him into and through many places in life, both spiritually and physically. There are many words across many languages to describe the diverse range of his emotions, experiences, achievements, failures, personality and more. There is one word that he insists will always apply to him: actor.

Background: Regal's past is one which is both clouded in mystery and yet easily accessed by asking him about it. He claims his mother named him Regal because she believed he would become something great. Perhaps it was his childhood antics, maybe it was the illness that she took on, but his mother died while he was still fairly young. His father isn't so much a mystery as a lack of opportunity to know him, since he died shortly after his birth when something or another happened and he was killed in some forest, or marsh, or meadow, or wherever it was. In his youth Regal made an effort to fit in wherever he was able, transforming himself into whatever he felt would gain him the most acceptance from his friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and even strangers. He discovered that within that there was some degree of entertainment, both for himself and them. They were entertained by hearing, seeing, and believing exactly what they perceived to be their reality. He enjoyed it because it earned him the acceptance of others. As a teenager he ended up in the city of Arx, a bustling city where he took an interest in acting after seeing a few street plays for himself. He did the odd job here and there, acting as a messenger for some upstanding citizens of the Compact. He submitted himself for review, to become an actor himself shortly after that. He tooks lessons, pulled long hours doing mundane tasks for meager pay, all in the interest of funding both his simple needs and his lessons. He even met a few playwrights at a point, auditioning for their plays, and even received a messenger or two back from them! He even gave up his family's name to adopt one of his own, to make his name pop just a little more in the ears of those that heard it.

Each new role afforded the opportunity to truly understand the motivations, experiences, and lives of his characters. When he played a lawyer for a play (that had a poor audience turnout), he followed a lawyer around the city of Arx for a month or two until it was time to make his big debut on the stage. During research of another role he traveled all the way to Sanctum to research the daily lives of some of the most pious individuals the Compact had to offer. Sometime in his twenties he was taken on as a prospective Whisper, where he studied as a pupil of (what he claims) was a very impressive social powerhouse. Ultimately his stint as a Whisper didn't work out obviously, as he moved on to yet another bit of research with some cheerful group in the Lower Boroughs of Arx. Another role found Regal venturing deep into the Lyceum to study at Setarco and their very own House of Silken Sighs. The details are murky whether he had turned himself over to a group of shav in the wilds of Arvum or if he was captured, but after seven long months living with the People, he returned to the holdings of the Compact having learned a great deal and thankful for the experience. All throughout his life he has learned, experienced, and traveled to truly embrace his art. He has researched many things and portrayed many roles, enough that he's even forgotten more than a few of those he invested weeks or months to perfect his character.

Some years ago Regal was approached by a playwright to portray a grizzled mercenary in the employ of some Duke or Baron or some such. He began to follow a group of mercenaries across the length and breadth of Arvum, even taking lessons from them in swordplay, fighting battles, playing with blunt or pointy objects, and even property acquisition training! When that group of industrious entrepreneurs disbanded, he knew that he needed to continue expanding his knowledge of the field, so he became a local guard for an outlying village of some holding in the Oathlands. When he felt he knew everything he needed to know of clubbing people with clubs, he expanded his understanding of such martial affairs by becoming a man-at-arms in the rank-and-file of House Bisland's banners until such a time as he ended his stint as a soldier. At least until he was at Sungreet and happened to be there to stab a few individuals when fighting broke out, which permitted him valuable research into the sounds that people regularly make when they've been stabbed. Regal attests that Sungreet was one of the most informative ventures he has undertaken to date in terms of overall research value and realism. A few more odd jobs here and there came along, until finally he has found himself where he resides now.

Having returned to Arx and with so many bounties being posted to this board, shouted from the throats of this crier or that, and plenty of silver being proclaimed available for those who bring named individuals to justice. Why not try adding bounty hunter to his diverse portfolio? At least until he hears back from the playwright that began this long stint of research.

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