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Countess Lyra Byrne

Mother Dear, one day I'm going to turn this world upside down.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Tenacious Dreamer
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Byrne
Gender: female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 24
Birthday: 3/2
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: wheat blonde
Eye Color: amethyst
Skintone: fair

Titles: Countess of Cedar Vale

Description: She is a proud, defiant-looking creature, with eyes that are designed to captivate and a healthy, albeit slender, form. Her complexion is as pale and translucent as the rarest of opals with a smattering of delicately dusted freckles across the bridge of her nose and cheekbones to detract from perfection. Her nose is composed of soft curves rather than harsh angles, and eyes that are a distinctive amethyst in colouration blue hold a depth of intensity that speak of a passionate soul. Her hair is all from her father's side of the family, with flowing blonde waves that fall to a point midway between her shoulders and the small of her back.

Personality: Lyra is a visionary dreamer, and it seems that no matter the obstacles that are placed in the path of her ambitions, she prides herself in navigating her way through. She's quick to smile and slow to anger, amd if there's something she believes in, she believes in in passionately; be it a matter of politics or something more mundane like the ideal temperature at which to serve wine. Despite her young age she knows her mind and isn't afraid to speak it, stating her opinion and leaving it at that, and if someone really wants to argue the point they'll find themselves arguing it alone.

Background: Lyra is the first born child of Karina and Gaius Stonewood, Gaius being the fourth-born child of Magnus Stonewood, brother to Leonius, Reginalde and Cyprias and uncle to the current Marquis. Karina was a political match, being of House Farshaw, and it'd be safe to say that for the young and romantically inclined young bride, love never blossomed. Duty did, however, and it carried her to Gaius' bed night after night, week after week and year after year. Much to the frustration of Gaius, it would take fully three years to get his wife with child, no doubt aided by a particularly indulgent enjoyment of the Spring Solstice festival. Gaius was overjoyed when Lyra was born nine months later, as was Karina who retreated to her own suite of rooms and never again shared her husband's bed.

Lyra's childhood was nothing remarkable, she was educated as befitted her station and her parents' ambitions. An intelligent, questioning and bright young child grew into a well-rounded individual with a passion to mark her place in the world.

When her father died a hero in the Gyre War, she mourned him alongside her mother, who later passed away in the winter of 1013, not of a broken heart as some romantics would hope, but of a sickness that infected her lungs. Looking for direction in her life and wanting to be of better use to her family, she approached Malesh and requested permission to join House Byrne where her skills might be better put to use.

Name Summary
Aelgar Friendly sort, pleasant, socially skilled. Seems easy to like and I am looking forward to more contact. On the limber side, too...must be nice!
Amador A lovely woman. Well-spoken, welcoming and demure.
Andrina The way she peeled a peach was like nothing I have ever seen before. I didn't even know that you could skin one like that! I think... I think she might secretly be an assassin by the way she used that knife.
Asterion The recently appointed Voice of Byrne, who will require my aid in acclimating to Arx. She seems devoted to the duty, and eager to learn more.
Deoiridh A Voice, whatever that may mean. Where I expected judgement there was none to be seen, though perhaps she simply masks such well. There is something umistakably... pristine... about her, in a way that makes her seem like a sculpted, created thing.
Domonico Asute, willing to listen to advice and able to form conclusions. Her dress sense is also suitable impressive. I approve.
Fredrik An attractive and subtle Lady, quite different than all I met so far. I'm intrigued.
Gaspar It's rare that it takes me as long to get a smile out of someone as it did her. I'm unsure if she's lacking in humor or simply much more selective in showing it. But once it showed, it was utterly brilliant. Let's see if we can't make it come out more often.
Georgine Eye twins! It's nice to see people be so comfortable in their own skin.
Jaufrey New to Arx and in need of a guide as she keeps getting lost! She's a new member of House Byrne and must have made an impression since they've already made her their voice! She is obviously passionate about her house and lands. I am keen to visit Cedar Vale and try the hot springs!
Kaia She danced wonderfully! It's so good to see her in the city, she has been missed!
Kenjay Daughter of the mountains, she has many experiences shared with the children of the North.
Klaus A fantastic story about her family name, and she also does not balk when I tell tales. This could be the start of a friendship.
Mabelle The young Lady seems to be a fine addition for the house and hopefully see it grow. She is kind and amusing. I look forward to make her my business partner.
Martino Offers such a complex range of sides that, utterly, has you lingering and asking for more. You have the soft charming side, the firm tongue (supposedly) but also the innocent flicker of eyes. Pouring wine so very well and, so. Company I shall seek out again.
Olivian A lovely dance partner and a focused and determined lady by all accounts. I'd love to get to know her better!
Porter A potential secret student! And a well prepared woman that knows when to pack a snack or even a full meal! A flask sharer!
Sasha A brilliant and eager student. I look forward to giving her lessons in the future and see a lot of promise in her waiting to burst forth and blossom.
Valerius A lovely impromptu shared picnic with a /very juicy/ peach.
Yuri An elegant woman with a great responsibility upon her shoulders. And yet, she carries herself in such a manner that I feel such a kindred element when I converse with her. Such a delight to be around. I consider myself lucky to know the Voice of Byrne and hope we can continue this burgeoning friendship.
Zoey A charming woman and eager to please. She strikes me as having great potential, and once she decides what direction she would like to take I have no doubt she will excel.