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Luck can be assisted. It is not all chance with the wise.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: The warrior that lived
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Shav
Gender: male
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 65
Birthday: 5/4
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Mercenary
Height: tall
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: silver blue
Skintone: sun kissed

Titles: The Bloody Iron Chef, Bloodbeard, Master Carpenter

Obituary: Found dead in a clearing in the Great Gray Forest.

Description: Zakhar might be old, though he doesn't act like it. Currently standing at six feet and four inches tall, with piercing silver blue eyes and white hair. His skin is sun touched from many years of being in battles, with a scar that sits on the bridge of his nose from above his right eye to below the left.

Personality: Zakhar is lucky, and knows it. The most noticable scar on him is the one that sits across the middle of his nose. The axe that put it there should have killed him, but it didn't. He acts twenty years younger than he is given the day. From the wrinkles and hardened lines of many years of being a solider, and out living most others in the same career, one might assume that he is hardened to the core of his being as well. They'd be wrong, though he doesn't make it easy for outsiders to see this.

He is chivalrous and still amused by what the world can teach him.

Background: Zakhar is a complicated individual, and depending on the state of mind one might catch him in, they might...might get a clearer picture. Born to a Shav'arvani tribe that was in the isles, which one? he'll never directly say. Sent to the mainland as a child to escape the oncoming difficulties of some lord seeking the tribe to take a knee. Raised in the lowers by several different families, he learned to continually be on the move as each would get more cautious around him as they learned more about his constant search for answers of the world around him. Highly creative with what might be a considered a weapon, considered too dangerous by some, while others are interested in his collections. He was always destined to be become a mercenary, as there are too many rules for soldiers.

There was an incident when he was young where he learned he had a knack for being lucky, which started a trend to throw himself into situations that would cause others to wince, come out seriously injured, or dead. The ability to come out mostly unscathed or live from the injuries earned him a position with various groups that would hand over the most dangerous positions to him with a smirk in thinking this one would remove him from being their problem. However, he kept coming back. Eventually his recklessness earned him a permenant scar the runs the middle of his face. A bar fight broke out, he took a hand axe to the skull, and woke up with medics telling him it was a miracle that he was still alive. Though he knew better.

It was shortly after earning the scar that the family he was with was tired of his recklessness and handed him over to the newly forming Crimson Blades. Lord General Tobias, the Captain-General of the Crimson Blades took the young man in and taught him how to put his skills to mostly good use. Again, Zakhar went to work taking the more dangerous contracts, earning a name for himself in the company. Today, he's a staple of the company. He's seen more blades fall than retire, has been deployed to nearly the entire known compact lands. If it's happened, he's seen it. His experience and leadership are part of what makes the Crimson Blades one of the toughest group of mercenaries in Arvum.

Over the course of his extended years in a position that will typically see many die young with only a few afforded the luxury to retire, he's excelled to learning multiple trades. Being stuck in the field on long contracts awarded with time to learn how to fix his own armor, weapons, clothing, and ultimately others as well earning him many odd friendships or allies over the years which can all be put to use in the city.

Relationship Summary

  • Razija - The new Captain-General of the Crimson Blades
  • Yrsa - Crimson Blade
  • Mabelle - cake lady with puppers.
  • Clarisse - Unlike the other nob'es a kind heart and tries their best to be upright amongst all odds
  • Duarte - A gracious host
  • Tython - young apprentice
  • Carmen - bloody medic. Blade.
  • Emma - she was young when I stepped in place of the berrating.
  • Orick - interested in my 'maddness'
  • Audgrim - Once a young lad that would be quick to say he's not that of the blades. A keen eye and dedicated to his house. Knighted by Telmar, and good craftsman. Will be missed in the field.
  • Kaia - an unlikely one.
  • Haakon - strong, patient, and possibly a younger version of myself.
  • Medeia - Small. Angry, Shouty. Made the tree cry.
  • Nina - Charming. Helpful with designs and teaching.
  • Caprice - Patient
  • Renata - Kind
  • Katarina - many hidden talents

  • Friend:
  • Kalani - not-a-medic
  • Savio - not as annoying bard. has a funny sword.
  • Zoya - Stern and demanding lass
  • Orland - None give you the strength that you seek. We must claim what it is that we need, then steal it for ourselves to be able to share with those that would have given us no quarters. You're stronger than you might believe. Becoming a fierce warrior in your own rights.

  • Patron:
  • Tsia - poisoned
  • Hirhethra - Assassin missed
  • Lord Lieutenant James Samuels - insanity
  • Sergeant Issac Worthington - ballista
  • Sir Aunger Fouques - pike puppet
  • Pearsey Agille - pike puppet
  • Sir Cedric Milton - horse ran him off a cliff
  • Silent Hudson - Assassins necktie
  • Kaitlynn Jayna - poisioning
  • Mad Hatter Ashford - made the best teas
  • Eyepatch Emma - gone but not forgoteen
  • Violet Blues - I did my best
  • Furen - Missing. Don't believe the rumors
  • Ragnarr - We will fight alongside again. Until that day, may you rest your head.
  • Maegan Bloodworth - sister, not-a-sister
  • Jaylene - sister. Still seeking revenge.
  • Tamia Belanger - you made it to old age, then passed when we weren't looking. That was your gift to us wasn't it? Dying on your terms?
  • Clotilda Leanora - suicidal mercy, tried to stab me when I was sleeping.
  • Alisya - keeled over while cooking breakfast.
  • Anna Thomas - the twin that stole my heart
  • Diana Thomas - the twin that stole my shield
  • Lynette - A blade through and through, and run through with a blade. too young.
  • Milja - I wore their skin as my own for you. twenty-seven slain in your memory. May you forever have the freinds to play with now.
  • Darya Sokolov - my first mark given to me by you. I shall forever pass your knowledge only to those that give me the gift of song and cry for a voice of doom that offers it to me.
  • Kimizre - we were young. The brief moments in which you gave me a smile before I was holding your head as the rest of you fell the other way. Hopefully, you found the rest that I am denied.
  • Blade Iwan - dancer of trees a night demon in your own right we raised the dead at the ridge and watched them dance upon their perches of pikes they shall forever sing your name.
  • Blade Trahern - your love of the siege weapons was always an amusement that kept us and the team bounding with laughter. Your battle cry upon the fields would bring terror to all that heard it. We laid waste to the towers that fell you.
  • General Maddy - was it finally sharp enough? You will not be missed.
  • Prince Bennett - you claimed to follow Gloria though showed no mercy nor quarters upon the fields when hundreds would cry out. I hold no qualms about your thumbs being in my possession, nor that they were stolen from you as you were still alive being flayed and inched upon a spike.
  • Count Griffin Hove - pike puppet
  • Mother Shaman - the giver of marks. knowledge of what my life would be. you saved my life once. I shall ever try to live up to what you saw.
  • Protheroe - not my brother. not my uncle. though family.
  • Karp - a terrible sailor would land us on the rocks more often than they could spot them. an amazing friend always ready to ram another ship to make boarding less of a hassle. What was it again? If we sink, they're coming with us!
  • Grisha Sokolo - the oldest brother of the siblings that followed me into the fires at the ridge. A strong figher, loved puns, and would destroy a proper mutton.
  • Stefan Sokolo - the middle brother of the sibilings. The ridge helped us become who were meant to be, you more so than the rest of us.
  • Igor Sokolo - youngest brother of the sibilings. I didn't met them until much later, they chose a different direction than merc work. Tthe worst fishmonger ever, throwing fish around like they were toys.
  • Tayana Sokolo - the meanest, toughest, craziest of the Sokolo siblings.
  • The Red Maiden - never knew yer real name. Just what the villagers called you. Head removed, skull cleaned and lost to the sea. Come speak to me when yer ready.
  • Apheil - eldest daughter. A body never found with strange rumors that followed your supposed death. My eldest, prove them wrong.
  • Tina Vrelo - Merc and no blood family
  • Blade Iral - Fellow veteran of the ridge
  • Sergeant Rile Tsarra - We hung their bodies on your pikes.
  • Blade Orel - Bleak Keep shall forever hold a piece of you.
  • Recruit Nole Depane - we burned the entire forest, just for you.
  • Chef Fatore Addare - your recipes made the trip through no-mans land worth it.
  • Myla The Fourth - one of the best kits.
  • Kynd - your siblings have since eaten the bird
  • Balon - passed before we could name you. Here's your name. Now go kick that bird.
  • Doryu - brother in arms.
  • Lord Blade Forynors Jirk - was curiously found at the bottom of a long drop after being known to be afraid of heights.
  • Baroness Halia Irric - pigeon feeder
  • Recruit Alad - a warrior poet
  • Lord General Tobias - Possibly the only one that saw me for what I could do. Not just what I am.
  • Kalen Nedo - Veteran and not blood still family
  • Blade Eddena - Veteran
  • Captain Wendi Wrynn - the rope must have slipped the knot was tight.
  • Leth Calaks - your guards were also terrible
  • Blade Sabar Grym - fellow tree dwelling demon.
  • Blade Irabel Taul - purveyor of whiskey in the trees.
  • Llany Alsfalls - Merc. Veteran of the City of Cathedrals
  • Begrode Aldif - Merc. Veteran of the Bridges
  • Recruit Beedali - held the bridge you did. too bad that it fell out beneath you.
  • Warra Ruiner - a childhood nickname. You were far more dangerous than all of us combined.
  • Blade Wilson Mills - Veteran. Ridge, Bridges, Hawk Plains, On Wain Way Inn.
  • Blade Jameson Gage - a decent cook. Don't argue with his dumplings
  • Lord Sergeant Darcy Miller - Veteran. On Wain Way Inn
  • Wild Menace - the best pup.

  • Family:
  • Pahja - Daughter, I see you occasionally. Dancing just outside of my view, when I turn you're no longer there. Are you just a ghost? Or are you still in the dream?
  • Sileat - you and your sisters...always good at the hiding games.
  • Kilhar - just had to take to the sea didn't ya

  • Sibling:
  • Bariel - sister. I was too young to know more about you when Mother sent me out.
  • Lacis - sister. I vaguely recall you braiding my hair. Singing me songs of how they would praise the weapon that could not die. How I wish you were around.
  • Nigal - Sister. Mother never listened, you would prove her wrong time and time again. How I look forward to hearing your voice again. And not simply across the waves.
  • Jhanna - Sister. My protector.

  • Client:
  • Aconite - Stylish with flair

  • Frenemy:
  • Xanthe - Furniture is to be a distinction of who you are, what you wish to be. Not. oh, something to sit upon.
  • Name Summary
    Aelgar A colorful and unique man, which attributes leave me delighted and curious. I value my circle of people not afraid to follow their own paths and so I will value chances to get to know this person batter!
    Aella Entirely mad, but I think his madness will make my vision come true.
    Alarissa An oddity. That's for sure.
    Anisha Not a man of many words, but he's certainly got them. His dialect is fascinating, really. It's like the aural version of a drunken bar brawl. Still, that doesn't lessen his competence in any way. And his kittens are cute. I'm worried by his admonishment not to name them, though - do you think he collects new ones as they grow older?
    Apollo A bit inscrutable, but attentive and curious all the same.
    Ariella Mad as a loon, that one, but he doesn't die easy.
    Auda Horrible sense of timing.
    Bhandn It's not very often I see someone who I think is older than I am. Says he's a soldier, which makes him even more the rarity.
    Caprice A quick student, but perhaps too many cats.
    Caspian The man has seen more in his years than i think many will see in their lifetime. Has he made it through unscathed? absolutely not! He is always one to learn from, both on what to do.. and what NOT to do.
    Cassiopeia A man that is miles ahead of everyone else, be in in his ideas or creativity. There is no one like him, not anywhere. Of this, I am certain. And a heart, that is stronger than more.
    Cecilia Couldn't understand a single word he said but he looked like he was having a fun time.
    Cesare He walks the world like it's a tightrope he has no fear of falling from.
    Corrigan If you told me an old man would be part of the list of people I'd be scared of just before I met this one, I would've stabbed you in the face. But you were right.
    Damiana An older gentleman who was drawn to the Shrine of Limerance where they met. While at first glance his answers on love might sound a bit humorous, there's a sense of deep affection and devotion when one peels the onion's layers. No matter his age, a warrior with those traits is someone who can turn the tide against evil no matter the battleground.
    Dante A curious old mercenary from an isle that is no more. I would have asked him more about it and his general stories except for a snack he had which left me sickened. One must draw the line somewhere.
    Dio A mercenary by reputation, but with skill enough in baking to win the favor of Lady Mabelle Laurent. He is truly dangerous.
    Domonico Good with steel and discretion. He probably is telling the truth given his age
    Duarte An incredible mystery. Impossible to understand a word.
    Ember More canny than he lets on. And perhaps even more canny than he allows others, myself included, to realize.
    Emily A curious crafter with a rather direct sense of words but a creative mind that shows not only in his shop but with how he speaks. He seems nearly eccentric enough and I like it.
    Emma I've always known him to be a brave man, a resilient man, and I will always respect the support he gave me when I was a younger and more foolish woman. He didn't have to speak up on my behalf, but he did. By the Gods he's got a hint of chaos within him, though. Were it not for his uncanny luck, he'd probably be dead by now.
    Erik A Jeweler or a strange man that talks to invisible friends? I am not sure yet who or what he is.
    Evaristo A tough old man but he has kittens. I'm confused and intrigued. Seems good at what he does, that's for sure.
    Everett An eccentric old man, or a delivery meal pack? He's got pots and pans and spoons for arms and armor, and a chicken, no, a rooster for a hat. Some kind of femur for a walking cane. Smells of sawdust, wood stain, and lacquer. Which are not the ordinary condiments for a chicken soup. But this, it would seem, is no ordinary man!
    Gael A man of scintillating eloquence and fired-up ideas, ready to share them. In a world so slowed down and anchored in place by tradition, perhaps what it needs are those willing to test the boundaries of its universe and formulate his type of questions.
    Gaspard I don't ever want to piss that man off.
    Giada Thank fuck for normal, direct people.
    Giorgio A friend of Savio who has helped us a few times with things in Tremorus, both in the War of the Two Queens and following the Siege. I consider him an ally of Proscipi, and value him for his actions.
    Grady Did I just watch a man bring a spoon to a swordfight?
    Haakon Old Whitebeard drinks like a fucking fish. Stout lad.
    Ian Not sure if he speaks Arvani.
    Ivy His armor meows. No, seriously. His armor. MEOWS.
    Jaenelle I rarely enjoy surprises, but this man is full of them. I never know where the conversation will lead, and yet I find that to be quite enjoyable! He is the perfect penpal!
    Jan Seems like he has been eating too much of his own cake. Sounds like he has a hunk clinging to the roof of his mouth..
    Jerrica The old man is layered, kind, and has many talents. He seems like a good person to have on one's good side.
    Kaia Appears to enjoy throwing kittens into the wild to assess danger! Petrichor have mercy on him and keep those poor fur beasts safe!
    Katarina I have never heard the language this man speaks in all of my travels. I cannot even begin to decode it.
    Klaus If anyone think old is weak has not tried to take down an old oack tree. I see such a tree before me, and I do have sympathy for anyone who does not respect him.
    Kyden I appreciate a fellow who can appreciate a good drink.
    Liara A thoughtful sort, with things of interest to say if one takes the time to listen - age alone might indicate a wealth of experience.
    Lisebet Zakhar has a lot of cats, which makes him a brave and kind fellow, if you ask me. He eats like a five year old and calls things as he sees them.
    Lore A clever man that's lived much longer than I think he expected to. May I live long enough to give as few fucks as he does.
    Lou He was quite intrigued by my clockwork flying griffon. It is not every day that you get to see a mechanical toy such as the one I found at Whitepeak fly around. Yes. Yes. I said fly. I can show it to you too!
    Lustry An very intriguing Crimson Blade
    Mabelle A well seasoned man with some language barrier. He seems kind though and like he's been through a lot.
    Martino Rough, gruff and accented. Still a crafter and someone who has invited me to see his shop. I am curious what wonders those hands might have seen to. Very curious.
    Marzio A curious sort of man, but one with obviously more to him than what meets the eye. I'll be interested to learn more of him. He certainly warrants keeping an eye on.
    Medeia An interesting seeming fellow, though I can't exactly understand him.
    Mikani An eccentric and eclectic man, a mixture of earthy mushrooms and mossy bark, deep walks in the wood, and talks with the river. A warm sweater on a cold day with the softest wool and a biting wind as you walk through the winter field. He did leave me some shamanic shrooms so I'm seeing a ton of colors .... so I hope I'm remembering him right.
    Miraj Bloodbeard is a deeply complex man all wrapped up in the most colorful clothing I have seen. Spending time with him has revealed a deep and sensitive man underneath all that. I adore it.
    Monique I think there is nothing that Zakhar cannot do. I also am not certain there is nothing he would not do. A powerful ally, the Director, with surprising reach. Not what he seems, in the best way.
    Narcissa There are not many men in his profession that live to his age, there are even less of the same that maintain the sense of humor he has.
    Nazmir A man who is not at all intimidated by the trappings of the nobles that he walks with. This puts him a measure above the rest of the commoners and I enjoy the refreshing fact that he speaks his mind, regardless if one wants to hear it or not.
    Nijah I am not quite sure what to make of him, he is good at fooling you into thinking he is something he is not, so I wonder if at any point in our interactions I have ever met the real him...
    Noah There is a drum. There is a beat. People march to the beat of their own drums and then there is Zakhar. I'm sure there's some beat he's following, but I'd be damned if any of the sane hear it.
    Norwood Injured, and sly. I have never been overly fond of the mercenary trade but if he can fix up the floors in the keep... Well.
    Orland I couldn't understand a damn thing he said. But he sniffed me. Is he a healer? His eyes claim much history. Or maybe that's the white hair.
    Pasquale A maker of the most extraordinary puzzles and that sunflower painting I enjoy so much. As a mercenary at his age he must either be very good at fighting or very good at making excuses.
    Porter On the one hand I'm sorry that his friends are dead! But on the other, I'm glad they didn't die from accidental lime consumption! But in more related news, a talented craftsman that I look forward to working with in the future. Likes cats. I assume. Or the cats like him.
    Portia Zakhar is some kind of crafter. He seems to be held in good regard. Had the poor manners to point out I was wearing a wig.
    Raja Kittens. He has them tucked all over him. Dang cats distracted me when I wanted to be scary.
    Razija Older than dirt, and only the gods know how long he's been a part of the Blades. Seen more than a few Captain Generals come and go, and he'll probably outlast me.
    Rinel A hard man who doesn't accept excuses. Clever, though.
    Rosalind He's a great old man with amazing stories! I need to talk to him more so that I could learn some more!
    Rosemary I thought maybe we weren't going to make any deals. Good thing he speaks my native tongue, it is a touch odd though that he speaks three languages, lives in Arx, and Arvani is his worst one..
    Sabella The old man from the boat! I do not understand most of what he said, but he seemed to be faring far better than his younger companions. Seems honest. Perhaps painfully so.
    Saverio Zikar is an intriguing fellow who I can't quite follow what he says. Zackhur's distinctive way of speaking stands out, and his name is rather difficult, but I imagine as I spend more time with him, it'll be easier and easier to remember it's Zicker.
    Savio Can't understand half of what he's saying, but he seems like a solid man to have in your corner, with a long life full of interesting experiences and travels.
    Scythia He carries around a pan. Well. It comes in handy when you want to start a barfight.
    Simone An interesting man who seems to view the world a little different than others.
    Sira An eccentric but friendly old man, he makes crafts and soup? He offered me soup. I intend to have some.
    Sudara Huge, imposing, nearly (but not quite) incomprehensible, and apparently rather sweetly amiable.
    Svana An old man who has a taste for haze and produces kittens seemingly from thin air. Curious, but he seems kindly enough.
    Sydney I have never met one quite like him. I worry he might be quite mad, but I can't deny that he gets results when it matters most. Any patience that allows for training cats that well must translate to the rest of his skills quite easily.
    Thea An elder soldier from the north. Whom I barely understood, but he held a respect which I too can respect.
    Vitalis Woodworker. Talks to a cat. Nothing to see here. Except maybe that accent... Hmm.
    Xanthe Not afraid to say when someone, noble or not, doesn't sit well with him. He is a student of Caprice. I might consider getting something by him. Perhaps.
    Zoya An older not-at-all a gentleman, but I can't say that I particularly mind. It is an interesting change.
    Zyxthylum It is good to see something you might work on while you can still capture an image in your mind of what it looked like alive. Wonderful. So many details for me to journal away for future inspiration.