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Lady Reagan Laveer

Rudeness is a weak person's imitation of strength

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Diplomatic Socialite
Fealty: Grayson
Family: laveer
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 20
Birthday: 08/24
Religion: faith
Vocation: Aspiring diplomat
Height: average height
Hair Color: red
Eye Color: green
Skintone: pale with freckles

Description: Here stands a woman of simple elegance. She is short, only standing a little over five foot but her shape is curvy with an hourglass figure. She wears no great adornments, no jewelry but has piecing, emerald green eyes, a small, petite nose and cupids bow lips. She's got long, flame colored locks of spiral curls she keeps pulled back in a twisted and braided up-do though several curls refuse to be tamed and escape the braids to frame her face. Her skin is pale but the sun has left it's mark upon her with freckles that pepper her nose and her cheeks and even the tops of her shoulders. She wears a gown made in beautiful pale blue and dark blue fabric, the colors of the ocean. The bodice of her dress hugs tight to her upper half, showing off her slim waist and creating a flirty show of full cleavage. Her collarbone and shoulders are left mostly bare though at the very edge of her shoulders the gown's bell sleeves begin and extends all the way down to the floor. The skirt of this lovely gown is made with yards and yards of fabric that flows gracefully with every movement the delicate woman makes.

Personality: Reagan is a woman of strong will. Steady as the rocks the waves crash upon Reagan has never been one to back down or shy away from a challenge. She is a kind woman with a giving heart but that is not to be misinterpreted as weak. Everything she does, everything she says has a purpose to some goal she is working towards. She is fiercely loyal and to her her word is her bond.

Background: Reagan is the fourth and youngest daughter of Padraig and Cara, Noblemen and cousins to Count Tibault Laveer. They had been assigned to watch over a coastal village with much sought after timber known to build seafaring vessels' finest, her family was running both the shipwrights and the lumber company for the main house. The primary skill of her father was making shrewd deals to help the main house.

He was called a trickster of the diplomacy. Silver-tongued, brought into the main house to advise on diplomatic natures when Reagan turned 4 years old. When Reagan was 10 years old, this was not long for this world; in the night, someone struck her father down. Due to the house's service, they allowed her and her mother to stay on the main estate.

To honor her father, the best school was selected to help her fill the rule that they thought suited her, sent there to be educated. The way of the lady, the way of the deal, trained in the silver-tongued art which was her father's gift. They had hoped it would have passed along to her as well, as well as her sisters. But, as the fourth in line, even though she got higher marks than her sisters, it would not be her house to rule ever. Nor would she be allowed to advance, but she kept her ear to the ground, trying to find a way to move forward. When she heard of the new voice of house Charon seeking out a bride, this was a way to move up in this world. She placed her name in that arena, and it seems she has won. Now on her way to Arx to meet with her husband to be.

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