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Haati Wavehowler

If I missed it is because I was aiming at something behind you.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Bow crafting Ranger
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Wavehowler
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 25
Birthday: 5/27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Weaponsmith
Height: tall
Hair Color: long dark brown
Eye Color: silver azure
Skintone: lightly tanned

Description: Silver eyes with blue running through them, pierces twilight's gloom and seeks out everything with equal mirth and fidelity of the hunter with a mark. Sculpted beard that includes a mustache and only covers down and under the chin, frames a sensuous mouth kissed by the seas salty air. A sharp nose and long, dark-brown hair that falls so naturally like the last leaves of autumn to touch upon the weathered light tan of skin. Broad shoulders run down a frame that is built, but more in a way that speaks of careful hands that look to wield a wicked stroke of power for his smithing abilities.

Personality: Before the storm? He is the calm while it rages around him and he smiles the whole time. He lives life with a quick wit and a laugh to inflame the heart with joy. He enjoys life, drink, women and carousing about to be had. But when it comes to business he is that and he gets his job done and likes to think he can be count on for anything that is needed by friends or family.

Background: All he has ever known or more can remember is the house of Thrax, from when he was very young he had been taken and placed as a thrall in the service of one lord or another until he reached ten. Only then was he placed with the man that would be his adopted father later in life Torvin Wavehowler. Torvin was a blacksmith, his specialty was weapons, but he had some skill with armor as well. It was a hard place to be for someone so young, but over the next five years he toiled and sweated under Torvin's tutelage, thinking he wasn't doing more than manning the fire and fetching tools.

At fifteen years Torvin put him in front of the anvil and a hammer in hand. He was amazed how much strength he had built up over the years and in a short time having watched so long, sometimes only listening, that he was able to craft decent weapons. After anther five years he had made enough weapons and become good enough with other materials other than steel that he had earned his freedom. It wasn't only his freedom, Torvin himself adopted him and kept him working at the weapon shop he owned. Torvin never had children and Haati was more a son by that point then he would ever have born from another.

It started showing when he began growing weaker and a few years later could not even hold a hammer. They didn't know what was wrong, but he died soon after taken to being bedridden, the life, his craft and he could not do it, crushed him. The shop was owned by the local lord and he wouldn't recognize Haati's inheritance of it. Things will be and things that are, his skill was useful on the for the Thrax ships he found himself a mariner, pirate to some, employing what skill he had with a bow and his weaponsmithing to good use on the oceans that were so close to what he had called a home.

He spent his time on the waves, on a ship, an archer for higher and a weaponsmith t keep the money in his pocket flowing. He acquired a taste for the hopping from one wharf and docks bar to another carousing and drinking. So until recently he has done mostly what he wanted, but then House Thrax had came to him and made an offer he could little refuse. To take up shop in Arx, support their interests and he would receive all he ever desired.

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