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Maris Maw

Glory arrives too late when it comes only to one's ashes.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Risen Champion
Fealty: Crown
Family: Maw
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 25
Birthday: 05/16
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Mercenary
Height: tall
Hair Color: champagne blonde
Eye Color: vibrant violet
Skintone: scarred porcelain

Description: Intense orbs of vibrant violet boldly observe the world, presenting an immediate duality: striking eyes, a brilliant purple hue, like precious gems of amethyst nestled within the contours of a rougishly handsome face. Yet, a genetic anomaly that sets this young man apart in more ways than one. Countless scars have turned his smooth porcelain flesh into a twisted tapestry of life spent at war, blade in hand. Rips, gashes, cuts, gouges and dents decorate his battle hardened physique, each of them telling a story. His hair is a champagne blonde, well groomed and meticulously cared for, creating an air of vanity about the mercenary despite his dangerous exterior. Taller and thicker than most, he has an incredibly well developed musculature. Each limb is hard and completely striated, defined, ripped; musclebound but utilitarian, as he is still flexible and nimble like a feline.

Personality: Naturally daring and bold, Maris' life spent with war and death as a constant companion has done little to dim his natural charm, quick tongue and predisposition to having a good time. Once he has a goal in mind or sets his eye on the prize, he'll do everything in his power to obtain it. In general, family always comes first. After that, it's a level playing field that he's eager to seize and experience.

Background: Maris was born in a small fishing hamlet within the Mourning Isles, a cold and destitute land known to bred strong men and women. He grew up knowing abject poverty (with the addition of being bullied for the abnormality of his eyes, a condition that afflicted most of his family), the eldest of five children. His father, an adventerous man, had abandoned fishing for a short stint as a sailor, before finally turning to the life of a sellsword.

A young Maris followed a similar path, fishing as a boy to help his family stay fed, before trying his hand at sailing, accompaying several voyages before deciding to take up the sword as his father had years prior. His years as a teenager and young adult were spent on the warpath; always on the move, traveling the world, taking the highest paying contracts and never considering the danger, only glory. He went from band to band, carving out a name for himself through merit and action, never staying in one region of the world for too long, and never returning home.

In the end, he was very different from the young boy that left his little fishing village looking for wealth and recognition. The scars across his flesh told that much. But the wild hunt was to continue, and this time would bring him to the grand city of Arx, reunited with his youngest brother Egon with shared goals of glory. Would the Champion's Guild be his future? Or perhaps he would chase after his childhood dream of being Knighted? Only time will tell.

Name Summary
Aethan Damn fine Captain, damn fine. He takes orders well and seizes the opportunity when given to him! While not rare to find those who take orders, it is rarer yet to find those who take the orders and excel in delivering them. Maris showed his prowess today in the war battles. I will not forget it.
Agostino Takes cues and improvises as well as I could possibly expect. I look forward to continuing to work with him.
Alrigo Orders a good hearty breakfast, will keep them full when the challenges for the day come. Good head on his shoulders it seems. Interesting eyes.
Andrina Well, he certainly has a healthy set of lungs.
Bhandn If there's one thing of which I am absolutely certain, it's that he takes care of himself.
Cambria I like the way he thinks. He reminds me of the more practical sellswords I have known, though I am not certain he is one. If the lever spares me, then I do believe we might have cause to meet again in future.
Cassiopeia He's an islander, and though very different from the islands which she is familiar with, there is still a connection there, a silent understanding. He seems comfortable with himself and his surroundings, perhaps they will talk one day, when she has words to share.
Cecilia Eyes. Beautiful. A shameless flirt. I always appreciate those.
Cirroch likes their drink, not very talkative
Drake A fighter with some talent and finesse. He did well at least in a melee spar, but he's seen a real battle or two from the looks of him.
Duarte Seldom to slip into such a clean rhythm with a stranger. Supposing I reach out and make it a more usual thing.
Graziella Trust is earned, not given... Maris Maw knows this and yet? He still smiles at me like he hasn't quite figured out the game we're playing... it's endearing.
Gwenna Some people enter a room and you can almost feel it. Captain Maris Maw is one such person. He seems the sort that can manage a conversation with anyone, and appears equally comfortable in any company. The Caption surely charms no few that he crosses paths with while seemingly genuinely enjoying the company.
Haakon He were a mercenary afore swearing his sword to the Tyde. So long as he kills who he's told we ought get on well.
Isabeau Comes off as controversial, mildly charming in a brash and rough kind of way... interesting.
Lianne Directness potentially tempered by deliberateness. I'm curious to see how consistent that habit proves.
Lustry I am much fonder of this Maw brother compared to his younger. For him I am willing to give his sibling another chance. I do want to watch him spar someday, a pasttime of mine when I am not dreaming up more fabrics to try and bring into existence.
Mabelle A wolfish man with haunting eyes, charming in a way, yet not scary. I just hope I do not have to take off all my jewelry every time I meet him, that will take a while.
Maya He and his brother are so opposite and yet so understanding of one another that one cannot help but wonder: do they switch when no one is watching? Does Maris become broody when only Egon is about or is he always so gregarious and affable?
Mikani He thinks he's impressive. That's for sure. Just don't tell him that he is. If you like the handsome, exotic eyed type. Not that I am for that ... not me.
Miraj The most enchanting eyes I ever did see. The kind of eyes that tell me he's definitely going to break my heart.
Nurie Intriguing and well travelled warrior, with more tales that even his scars whisper of I am sure. And the most beautiful gaze I've ever seen from a man, or a woman for that matter! I don't doubt he would know how to use it to his advantage, on the sands or anywhere else!
Ophelia I enjoyed his pleasant conversation almost as much as I enjoyed looking at his eyes! I have a feeling our paths will cross again if he decides to stay in Arx. Something to look forward to!
Orland I didn't get a chance to speak to this fellow, but I do remember him fighting for his life. Maybe next time I'll get to say hello instead of getting to watch him being stabbed.
Piccola Telling a soldier to brighten up is a sure way to make sure they do the exact opposite. Repressing a hundred memories of tempting the Queen of Endings is sure to pull a caul over one's mood from time to time.
Raimon Tall. Scarred. Scary. Drinks well. Violet eyes akin to his brother's. His brother would claim the similarities end there. Let's find out though shall we?
Savio Violent Violet! I can tell he's no-nonsense by the scars and the choice of drinks! It's easy to get lost on the mainland, but I have a feeling this one will make his name known just fine.
Sedna A sellsword who fought in the Skal'Daja battles and is currently employed by House Tyde. He seems wounded the way warriors often are, and he's a shameless flirt.
Simone A striking man with lofty goals. I would not be surprised it he achieves them unscathed. Perhaps I could even assist in his endeavors.
Sophie Amusing young man. I think he's lonely. I'll keep my eyes open for him. Maybe I can play matchmaker!
Viviana Let's be honest. I did notice the embarrassment of rubicund first. Sure, he's sort of bullish - not terribly conversational - and I don't think that he appreciates my fashion sense. However, he is pretty. And mercenary with the maw fights like he means it.
Yrsa Much as I would expect from any merc, but with a sense of humour which so many lack.
Zoey I am not used to that level of charm from a man native to the Isles. It is nice to see.
Zyxthylum Those are the kind of eyes the ladies find irresistible and men find terrifying. He was made to at least keep some side work as a bouncer.