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Lady Yael Laveer

"Give me honorable enemies rather than ambitious ones, and I'll sleep more easily by night."

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Hiding Halfbreed
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Laveer
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 27
Birthday: 7/22
Religion: Eurusi Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: hazel
Skintone: bronze

Description: This tall and lithe woman has been dreamed in dark shades. Her hair, full of kinky curls that leave her either with a mane that touches her shoulders and adds to her height or gets restrained tightly to run down her back in a braid, is easily mistaken for black when there's no light to shine on it and bring out the brown. Her rich skin is a dark bronze, the kind one is born with, and then darkened a hint more with the kiss of the sun on a regular basis. Only her eyes lack in the fullness of dark shades, for here the brown has been lightened to hazel with a mix of green and flecks of yellow.

Personality: From an early age, Yael was taught to keep quiet, keep out of the way, keep head down... and oddly, to keep her hair fluffed out. For the daughter of a noble, it was rather odd to be taught to not be seen, to not be noticed. It left Yael with conflicting feelings: with a desire constantly to excel and get noticed, while also following the instructions of her parents. Instructions that could be drilled in with physical force or carefully honed, sharp words if the lessons weren't received well.

As she aged, Yael began to understand some of these ideas better, began to understand the whys that little children aren't able to comprehend. And so her acting grew better. She became a shy, quiet scribe of a girl that kept to herself. And when she was alone in private, she'd have the most outlandish conversations with her imaginary friends, since she was never allowed real ones.

Background: Yael was born to a family of middling nobility in the foreign city of Vel'ichalah in Eurus. There was nothing like love involved in the union of her parents, and no one in the family ever pretended there was. It was, in all matters, merely a matter of politics, and Yael's father barely had anything to do with her raising. She was the youngest, the only girl, and left to her mother to be raised. Which, truth be told, was probably more of a blessing than Yael would have realized earlier in her life.

Devoting herself to the local religion as a Disciple kept her out of the estate and out of everyone's eyes. She learned, she kept quiet, she became a scholar of secrets and things that were meant to be forgotten. She'd write them down in books that'd be taken away never to be seen again, bound to never tell what she wrote. It wasn't a great life; it wasn't the life a noble would want or have ambition for. But Yael was a scholar out of necessity... until she was 23.

23 years is how long Yael was able to hide the deformity that would have her stripped of her nobility, put into chains as a slave, and sold to a caravan going out of the city while her mother had to look on in shame before being punished for breaking society's rules. Yael would be taken to Skal'daja and sold to Prince Damik's family, eventually bringing her to Arvum's shores.

Were it not for a chance meeting with the Count of Laveer and impressing the man with both her spirit and her knowledge, she might have come to believe her life nothing but cursed with bad luck. But now she's gone from noble to slave to noble and who knows what comes next?

Name Summary
Gaspar There are few things more pleasurable than meeting someone in the Fox and immediately speaking the same language and in the same tempo. And if that conversation partner happens to be breathtakingly beautiful, all the better. I look forward to time affording us further meetings.
Keely Her hair is astounding. Also she is warm and complimentary, which I believe gets one quite far in the capital. Her hair, though...
Piccola I have only spent scant moments speaking with her, but she is clearly more thoughtful than most. I know not whether she chooses to match herself with the Eurusi for a political purpose or not, but I am discover those motivations in the future.