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Bonibel Barleycorn

There is no choice that you make that doesn't change you in some way.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Shrewd Brewer/Naturalist Apothecary
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Barleycorn
Gender: female
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 27
Birthday: 1/1
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Apothecary
Height: average height
Hair Color: red
Eye Color: hazel green
Skintone: fair

Description: Shortish and of average build this ginger-haired woman's appearance is held more in her personality than her modest features. Wide hazel-green eyes are shrewd and expressive with heavy auburn lashes. A full-lipped mouth bears the start of lines at its corners from the constant display of emotion. Her thick hair is long and oft partially braided to keep it back off her oval face while the rest of it hangs down her back curling just above her tailbone.

Personality: Sensible. Bonibel has always been the pragmatic sort. Stubborn and quick-witted this young woman can sometimes be abrasive but it's usually out of a lack of time more than it is a lack of patience. A hard life as a Prodigal and living in the Lowers has tempered her over time making her slow to anger and wields a glass-half-full view of the world. She just doesn't have the time for sulking.

Background: Bonibel Barleycorn was born in the North to a small farming family. The second eldest of thirteen, she helped raise her cadre of brothers and sisters who al lent hands around the farm. Hard work and practicality were passed through the family, like hand me downs. Her mother had taken on the role of the healer and herbalist (and brewer) of the village and took Bonibel under her wing when she began to show signs of interest in tending sick animals and more than one occasion was found 'experimenting' in her mothers still.

When Bonibel turned twenty she was swept off her feet by a foreigner visiting from the Crownlands. A roguish sort that took a liking to her both for her talent at brewing and her untamed wit and passion. The two married in a whirlwind romance and after a year with her family the whisked her off to a port city where he said he had found work for both of them.

Her Husband's work was aboard a ship in Arx and while he was out to sea half of the year - his time away cause for the lack of children - and the young Apothecary was left in their small home in the Lowers to make extra silver. Three years later her husband's ship was said to have been lost at sea, taken by pirates or perhaps just lost in a squall no one could tell Bonibel for certain.

Now a widow Bonibel works in the lowers brewing up scents, liquors and various tinctures to help aid the locals while keeping her larder full. She's kept to herself until recently but even a grieving heart can mend and the world can become new and exciting again..

Name Summary
Alrigo Owner of a lovely little quirky shop by the docks in the Lowers. Nice host, welcoming. Is going to try to make me a nice smell.
Cecilia An artist of not only elixirs but of spirit. An inspiration for all alchemical needs.
Gael This woman understands that hardship and insight are one and the same. May every bruise be accounted for, each spill of blood a prophylactic measure for possible, future skirmishes.
Gawain Observant, responsive and dutiful, and possessed, I felt, of a warmth of character, which is probably a helpful sort of thing in someone working in a hospital.
Gwenna A gifted healer from the Northlands, she makes the most exceptional tea. As well, her bedside manner is one that, without doubt, keeps spirits high despite the circumstances the patients are facing.
Raimon Shortish of statue and ginger of locks, an herbalist tries her hand at pugilism under the intimidating tutelage of one of the sport's Old Masters. Commendably, for each time she's downed, she gets right back up!
Raja A tiny woman with an elaborate craft! It is a fascinating joy to watch her work. It's always nice seeing more crafters in the Lowers.
Rhue She seems really nice! And didn't take me coming in to make friends as a weird thing. Not that competition is so weird. Though competing over plants sure feels weird to ME. Anyway! It's great to know more herbalists, I hope we can learn a lot from each other.
Rylan Friendly and skilled. Just the right combination for running a business. I hope to buy from her again soon.
Samira Discretion is a skill well-suited to life in the Lowers, and Bonibel Barleycorn seems to understand that. A sensible sort, warm and pleasant, easy to talk to.
Savio Down to earth and fun at bars, easy to talk with! I probably will need to buy her entire stock of hangover cures, though...
Wagner Not one of the families, but she seems the sort to adopt and find her own. Wonder where the rooster fits in. Brother, father? Uncle twice-removed? Wouldn't be surprised if she was one of Sigismund's.
Zyxthylum Finally met the talented artisan that made my pouch. Mortyx and I had a wonderful time!