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Decius Meridius

Simplicity is its own perfection

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Master Armorsmith
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Meridius
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 27
Birthday: 3/11
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Armorsmith
Height: 6'
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Brown

Description: Decius stands 6' tall and has a rather impressive physique, beyond lean yet not too much into the bulk one would see if a heavy weapon was their preference. His skin is the color of rich coffee. He does have a neatly trimed beard which adds to his rakish charm. His heard is not rush short, but it is on the short side and neatly kept as well. There are tiny forge burns about his arms, as one would expect in his given profession. His hands have thick calusses from working with tools day and day out.

Personality: A sometimes incoragable rake, though with his own streak of honor. He is dedicated to his profession, and those in his own personal soocial circle. He enjoys life today for tomorrow who knows what will happen. This is not to say he will take foolish risks, but he is also not prone to let setbacks deter him. He rises above them, and does live his life from one goal to the next, always moving on to the next project, the next challenge. When he is at work, he does get focused and does often sink only into his work above other concerns. Still one can hardly argue the results.

Background: Decius Meridius is a fairly simple man who had dedicated most of his young and current life to the forge and the plane, with what some have whispered as "Gods Touch". Many of his detractors call his work "plain", but in the end they cannot argue with the oft perfection of his vision and his skill with metal, leather, and wood. It is an odd combination, but when Decius is not at the forge, his is in his workshop working on his next piece of furniture or wood carving, using this skill to provide the income to his other passion, the creation of armor. It is not too much a wonder for his there was a great aunt or some other relative of the Thornburn family. His work has a reputation of its own, and like many others has arrived at the City to set up shop, earn a living, but at the same time making certain those who will be in future fights or stuggles will be equiped to face them.

Name Summary
Bianca A master of his crafts and a man clearly touched by the inspiration of Jayus' divinity. My first impression of him was initially by his work, a beautifully crafted armament that came in the wake of my request to crafters. To meet him, though. He held a subtle humility and gentleness in the way he spoke and I found him to be a presence of comfortable tranquility.
Esme He seems to want to stir up some trouble. I'm not sure if this is good or bad.
Gabriella Armorsmith and crafter, he is one of the few in the city that knows how to handle alaricite, that must say something about his skills. He also seems to have a few stories to tell, which is always interesting.
Ivy Very enthusiastic about food and clearly has a passion for armor and crafting. Quite intense.
Jan He's a sharp thinker and dresser but if he thinks about my skivies one more time I'm going to make take a peek in the jar with Captain Cranny Cutter's necklace.
Mabelle A pleasant man who seems to be quite a flirt. He does seem interesting to know however. Or at least fun.
Porter A handsome smith that seems to have spent a good deal of time learning how to escape the attentions of angry husbands and wives, if his talk is anything to be believed. Probably believable. I saw the way he eats his food.
Ripley He's my cousin. His armor and his carpentry is impeccable. Can't go wrong with him!
Sabella A smith and wood carver! He has a peculiar use for a tuning fork I would never have expected, but he explained it well. I'll have to have him show Niklas.