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Zoya Kotov

Doubt is the privilege of those who have lived a long time.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Silvered Matron
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Kotov
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 59
Birthday: 08/19
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Steward
Height: average height
Hair Color: silver
Eye Color: gray
Skintone: sand

Description: An older woman, thinned with age, Zoya has presence. Once taller, age has shrunk her an inch, but still still carries herself proudly. Her long black turned brilliant silver lands about mid back when unbraided. Lines mark a wide forehead and ample laugh lines. She has pale gray eyes with one eyebrow that droops into a classic lazy eye. In form she has an edge of fragility but the posture of one who will stare down the most powerful.

Personality: To outsiders Zoya is a severe no-nonsense kind of woman. She doesn't put up with much frivolity. Get to the point thank you very much. Her interests stray towards the practical and those things in which application can be made. It's her ability to keep her mouth shut that makes her a good servant. Things come in - but they rarely go out again. To those whom she has given respect she tends to warm up. Her opinion is given freely - though her absolute loyalty is never in question. She has a nurturing side that gives her an instant connection with children, though she tends towards tough, if fair, love.

Background: Zoya was born a child of a Redreef servant and grew up in the household. There was never much clarity as to who her father was - though the rumor mill pegged several men. Zoya scampered through the halls and started in the kitchen young. Through the years she worked herself up through the ranks working in most positions in the house as was appropriate for a young woman. She showed a particular flair for organizing people and things and had already attracted the attention of the family majordomo.

Her passion was with the faith though, and she expressed a deep desire to take the path of a godsworn. It was the death of her mother that shook her from that course. Whatever was shared on the woman's deathbed had Zoya turning away from a lifetime sworn to the faith. Eschewing the teaching of the majordomo she requested placement in the nursery, and that is where she remained no matter how people talked that she might use her skills better.

Zoya's fidelity and steadiness found her a position of trust. She distinguished herself enough that after Ember and Marina were born Zoya was set as the head of the nursery. It was under her careful watch that the two developed.

While the twins were firmly grown when the troubles, as Zoya names them, began with the death of their father. Although it was clear who Zoya supported if the issue was forced, she kept herself politically neutral and out of the spotlight. This allowed her to keep much of the household mechanisms moving even while all else fell apart. She believed in the rightful place of the twins, it just took the gods a little time to work out all the details.

Name Summary
Ember I had a mother. And then I had Zoya, who did the actual work of raising me.
Gehenna Who does she think she is?
Haakon Handy enough with an axe, so long as the mark isn't moving. A steady sort.
Mikani The woman who raised me. I've come so far, yet she reminds me I am still the same girl she raised.