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Cerelia Pontelaeus

The sound of waves upon a ship's keel and the wind in your face on the open sea sing a song as sweet as any bard.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Born of the Sea
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Pontelaeus
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 6/14
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Ship captain
Height: tall
Hair Color: auburn
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: sunkissed

Description: A woman of average height and an easy, natural sort of beauty. Her skin has been kissed by the sun, possessing a tanned complexion that suits her well. While smiles come easily to her features, her eyes possess a certain light that suggests an ease of getting to business and a natural sense of command. Long auburn hair is often tied back to free it from her eyes, but that still does little to detract from her natural beauty and devil may care attitude.

Personality: Distant and somewhat aloof, Cerelia is as likeable as any of the Pontelaeus family. There is just something about her that seems somewhat distant, as if she is always looking for something. Possessing a mild temper and as easy to smile as to frown, she is most happy when she has something to occupy her mind, lest she become restless.

Background: Born of the Sea. At least, that is what Cerelia would say of herself when asked of her past. The Pontelaeus family is that of wealthy bankers and traders, often braving the waters of the Saffron Chain, braving trade routes that run the risk of slipping inadvertently into interhouse wars between the various Abandoned Clans. It is on one such ship that Cerelia was born. It was a stormy night and the sea was angry, so many of the sailors who were present that night would say. The waves were rising high and the ship they all sailed upon was being pitched to and fro, in danger of capsizing when a bolt of lightning struck and severed the mast in twain. Her mother, the ship's First Mate, had ignored counsel from the healers in Tremorus that her baby would not wait to the end of the voyage which she had deemed too valuable to postpone. So it was that in the peak of the storm that she would go into labor.

The ship was drifting listless upon the raging storm tossed sea, and no help was to be found for miles. Doomed to sink, at least that is what the crew of the ship believed, it was sudden providence when down below Cerelia's mother screamed at the peak of her delivery and a sudden calm fell eerily upon the waters as Cerelia made her way into the world and drew her first breath. The ship ran aground on a deserted island, and there the crew would live in relative ease for two weeks until another Pontelaeus rescue ship would find them. At least, if you believed the legends of the Saffron Chain, that is what you would hear.

Cerelia's younger years would drift by with a relative lack of complication. Like any child, she was good in certain studies, and rubbish at others. Like her cousin, Savio, she would show little interest at all in the family business. But where she excelled was upon the waters. From schooner to caravel, Cerelia had a gift at sailing and navigating upon the waves, and as she entered into her late teens the sea is where she would spend the majority of her time. She took the helm of trading vessels when the positions presented themselves to her. When they did not, she would take out other vessels, always as if there was something out on those waters to be found, some mystery to plumb. Sometimes she would even offer her services to Sabriel, soon becoming fast friends and joining the Vice-Admiral upon the seas.

When Leporidae bent the knee and joined the Compact she was as skeptical as many of her kin, but when Giorgio sent word back to the family of the wonders to be found in Arx, Cerelia would find herself being sent soon after Savio with orders from the family to join the two Pontelaeus brothers and help where she might in their pursuits in Arx.

Relationship Summary

  • Savio - I've always liked Savio. We've sailed together a few times and bumped into one another while he was bumming around the Saffron Chain, trying to stay away from Tremorus. While he isn't the typical mold for our family, he's always proven to be a lot of fun.
  • Sabriel - What can I say about Sabriel? Sometimes we seem very similar, and then at other times we seem like opposites. We've always gotten along well, though, and if there is anyone I'd trust to have my back while at sea it would be her.
  • Giorgio - If there is a person that embodies all of the virtues of our family, it would be dear Giorgio. He strove for perfection and to be the example of what our family desires of us. His work is his life.
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