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Ailys Grayheart

I just cleaned up this mess, can we keep it clean for...for ten minutes?

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Earnest Princess, Patient Healer
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Grayson
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 28
Birthday: 4/10
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Healer
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: gray
Skintone: brown

Description: Ailys stands tall for a woman, with a slender frame and relaxed bearing. Her midnight hair often is held back in a braid, but when it is "down" it is a riot of spring black curls that grow as much up as down her shoulders. Ailys's skin is a smooth light brown with an even complexion. Her eyes are a soft dove gray color, framed by thick black lashes; large and expressive with an earnest, sometimes solemn look to them. Her mouth is wide and her smiles bright, showing off perfect teeth that contrast well against her dark hair and dusky skin. Ailys carries herself with poise and grace, but also a measure of intent curiosity thinly veiled by propriety.

Personality: If there were two words to describe Ailys they would be 'earnest' and 'patient'. Ailys is a young woman mature beyond her age due to her remarkable temperance and composure. Though she's of sweet and joyful demeanor, Ailys is a woman who rarely loses her temper or finds much cause to frown. She is intense but calm, with a sincerity in all that she does.

Background: Ailys Grayson-- daughter of Rodric Grayson and Daniela Bisland --was born with all the patience and composure that her older brother, Ainsley, was not. She was born exactly two years after him, to the day, as well. Her parents like to joke that she came out of the womb with more poise and grace than even the most veteran of diplomats. So, of course, it is their greater and utter dismay that she refused to become a politician like they hoped instead favoring study and the field of the medicine. She is capable of diplomacy, etiquette, and regal bearing-- she simply prefers to tend to the wounded and ill rather politics.

Ailys knew from a young age that she would need to learn how to mend flesh and bone; after all, her older brother was always getting hurt in his training. It's something that simply came to her naturally. She instinctively tended to cuts and scrapes. Her tending started with Ainsley but soon encomposed all of the children that trained under her uncle, Duke Gabriel Bisland, as well.

At the age of ten she was watching a sparring match between two hot headed young men-- no adults around --that ended with one of the boys getting a particularly bad knock to the head. Ailys calmly took control of the situation tending to the injured boy while she sent the other to get her uncle's physician. Said physician was impressed by her handling of the situation and from that day forward she was apprenticed and officially taught the ways of medicine and healing.

As she has grown she was trusted more and more until now at the age of majority acts on her own as a physician, having graduated out of her apprenticeship.

She takes both her duties as a healer and those of being a Grayson princess very seriously, but the grief of losing most of her immediate family in the events surrounding the Sack of Bastion has cast a pall over the joy and light she used to exude. They're still there though, with new underpinnings of steely determination.

Relationship Summary

  • Ainsley - Brother
  • Aibek - Brother (deceased)
  • Aiden - Brother (deceased)
  • Daniela - Mother (deceased)
  • Rodric - Father (deceased)
  • Aindre - Beloved and protective older brother.
  • Name Summary
    Azova She's been through a hell of a time, but is trying to make herself better as a result of it. I'm so looking forward to working with her as a fellow Mercy.
    Corrigan Observant, but I probably should never have used the word 'bugger' around her.
    Erik Laid back enough to enjoy a friendly banter, but I will strongly have to discourage her from growing facial hair.
    Ezra An open-minded Princess who is curious to know more about the spiderlings of Bastion. Here's hoping they don't get webs all over her...
    Gloriel My cousin has grown to become quite an impressive woman.
    Ian Definitely Aindre's sister.
    Jian Her Highness is not a master archer, but she is an inviting presence and a Mercy. I like her. And her monkey.
    Keely It is wonderful to have my cousin's light and warmth back in the capital. One of the many Graysons I admire, from her grace and beauty to her healing hands.
    Mabelle A Princess and fellow healer. Though the circumstances of our introduction was less than idle, she seems like one who would serve as interesting company.
    Raymesin A woman with concerns for family, concerns that are absolutely justifiable.
    Tanith I didn't know who her brother was, but it makes sense now; they've the same manner, the same quiet calm born of strength and experience that most Graysons seem to wear.
    Terese A lovely Grayson Princess who is a healer. She seems very caring for her family and others. I feel better knowing she is there to heal our fighters. I look forward possible knowing her better.
    Volcica So very, very helpful.