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Marquessa Ariel Stonewood

Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Dancing Social Butterfly
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Stonewood
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 25
Birthday: 7/4
Religion: Mirrormask
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: ginger
Eye Color: dark caramel
Skintone: freckled milky white

Titles: Marquessa Consort of Stonehearth, Voice of Stonehearth

Description: When one looks upon Ariel the first thing you might notice is her almost milky white skin, her soft ginger curls that dance along her shoulders, or all the freckles that cutely decorate her face. Her eyes are a rich dark caramel color that have naturally curling eyelashes. Though below her eyes is a perfect nose and a soft and full lips. She's a short little thing standing only at 5' and has very luscious curves upon her form with a small waist.

Personality: Ariel is sweet, bubbly, and even quite charming as long as everything is going her way. However if it isn't she tends to become a little bit bratty, though she isn't one to hold a grudge unless you wrong her family or her dear friends.

Background: Ariel is the the youngest daughter to a Lord of Darkwater and a Lady who was from the noble family of Moonriver. She has an older sister and an older brother but sadly their mother died while birthing little Ariel. Their father, Santiago, had much sorrow when this occurred. Due to the sadness that was caused by the loss, the fact they were living at Darkwater Watch made things easier for her father, Ariel took up dancing as her passion. Now her father has sent her to Arx to assist her cousin Max with whatever he will need. She is quite excited to explore the city, though not to eventually seek out a husband as he father wishes. All on her mind is family, dancing and the sea being her only mistresses for the time being. She is quite the little social butterfly and absolutely adores throwing parties.

Relationship Summary

  • Max - Deceased cousin
  • Nix - My you rest in peace
  • Juliet - how I miss our conversations
  • Remi - My you rest in peace

  • Friend:
  • Lierre - Long standing pen-pal and friend

  • Family:
  • Atrid - Kind Cousin
  • Malesh - My amazing brilliant husband
  • Arianna - My dear sister-in-law
  • Gailin - Brother-in-law now Count of Cedar Vale
  • Graham - Brother-in-law who is a decent commander
  • Joslyn - New addition to Stonewood and rather brilliant.
  • Name Summary
    Jamie She turned out to be easy company. A good conversationalist.
    Jasher The marquessa appears to be highly sociable, quick to dance, laugh and smile. She wears her affection on the cuff, most if not all of it expressed for her lord husband. In a city full of cold political matches, it is a pleasant sight.
    Mabelle Seems to have pent up anger, but I cannot blame her. Perhaps I'll get to know her better when we are both in better disposition.
    Mailys It is always good having the connections to enjoy the finer things. Her fashion-friendly circle can only grow.
    Noah D'aww. Look at her. It's like a little kitten learning to hiss for the first time. Who's a spicy kitty? Widdle spicy kitty girl. So fierce.
    Patrizio Luminous and lively. I imagine a great many will be queued up with her to enjoy a dance with her, if the opportunities permit.
    Savio It is not easy to weather the betrayal of family, but she is doing so without losing her grace.
    Silvio What a delightfully witty creature and a violinist to boot? I will enjoy seeking her out for further conversation at a later date.
    Zoey The life of her house. There is a joy in her that we could all use more of.