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Queen Katarina al'Muraq-Sabbat Valardin

I am for truth, no matter who tells it. I am for justice, no matter who it's for or against.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Young Dragon of Eurus
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Valardin
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 20
Birthday: 7/11
Religion: Pantheon/The Sentinel
Vocation: Philantrophic Seafarer
Height: short
Hair Color: sable
Eye Color: golden
Skintone: dusky

Titles: Valardin Minister of Warfare, Disciple of the Sentinel, Fleet Admiral of House Valardin, Queen of Suj'Abbat

Description: Katarina's golden eyes gleam with amusement, and her face is rarely without a coy and knowing smile. Her typical expression is as though the diminutive, dusky-skinned woman has overheard a joke told by the universe, and only she understood the punchline. She's short of stature, but has a wide-hipped hourglass figure. The sable ringlets of her hair are usually left natural, a cloud of curls that adds a few illusory inches to her height. Some outfits reveal a large tattoo on Katarina's back: an intricate, mandala-like pointillist design that takes up her entire back, from her shoulders all the way down to her dimples of Venus. Her voice is a light, airy trill, and though some words show off a Sanctum accent in their saying, for the most part her accent is thickly stuck in the Dune Kingdoms. On most occasions, she can be seen in fine gowns that blend Eurusi and Oathlands fashion.

Personality: One would think a foreign princess so far removed from her home would be inclined to sulk and pout about her current lot in life, but that most certainly isn't so with Katarina. Quick to smile and slow to anger, she is one to disregard her own travesties and misfortunes to embrace positivity in all its forms around her; be it the delight of yet another small discovery in her time immersed in a culture so very different from her own or cresting the tumultous waves of the high seas on another explorative expedition, there is very little that can incite her ire. That being said, if there is one thing she cannot stand, it is one who shamelessly inflicts wrong-doing and injustice upon those undeserving.

Background: The daughter of the last true and current Suj'Abbati ruler, Katarina was born amidst the turmoil and upheaval of an entire kingdom still reeling from the aftermath of a failed attempt to usurp the throne that left many of her kin slain, and many more taken by the Magisters of the Mirror in the months to come for retribution of their crimes against the throne. Hers was thusly a childhood spent confined behind gilded walls of the palace, where her days were seldom spent beyond the watchful eye of the few entrusted with her care.

It was in one of those few times some years later that she disappeared in the night from the Dune Kingdom of Suj'Abbat, along with an entire crew and ship. On the distant western shores of the Oathlands, at the end of a voyage wrought with peril, did she and her crew finally turn up in an explosive debut one would be hard-pressed to forget; it was with quick wit and great sacrifice of her own vessel that won her a battle against two Abandoned ships in the Eventide Vast.

Half-starved and badly wounded, Katarina and her few surviving shipmates would've surely perished were it not for Princess Alis Valardin and her war party saving them that day. They were taken back to the city of Sanctum where she was then taken not as a prisoner, but a protected royal ward of House Valardin.

Although she remains close-lipped of her ordeal and Eurusi origins with anyone but with her liege, Katarina proved herself to be devoutly loyal to the family who protected her as their own in the two years since her arrival. For her loyalty and hard work in the war against the Silence, she was given the name of the Dragon and adopted officially into the family.

Relationship Summary

  • Adrienne - Roads once entwined, now diverged.
  • Damiana - I hope my passion burns half as bright.
  • Kenjay - I could never endure what you have.

  • Lyceum:
  • Hadrian - The best conversations.

  • Sibling:
  • Edain - I pray you return safely.
  • Alis - Your strength inspires me.

  • Friend:
  • Verity - Return to me someday.
  • Bianca - A mentor when I most needed one.
  • Piccola - So much more than she guesses.
  • Samira - Creativity and cunning.
  • Raja - Courage and camaraderie.
  • Ivy - Basking in nature.
  • Appolonia - Mystery and glamour.

  • Spouse:
  • Bahiya - We do not choose where we end up in life, but we can choose to stick together.
  • Baelor - Strength and steadfastness.
  • Teagan - Wisdom and grace.
  • Veronica - Faith and fearlessness.

  • Crownlands:
  • Sydney - True courage never stays hidden.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn The Princess strikes me as a woman who is unfailingly loyal to her friends and loved ones. And although I cannot claim the best fashion sense, she seems the type who can make anything look good.
    Adrienne My exotic little cousin. She is dazzling, intelligent, warm, and wise. We are different in so many ways, and I am fortunate that family makes us friends.
    Aerandir A princess through and through, no doubt of it. I knew as much as soon as I laid my eyes upon her, for better or worse, the tattletale signs of high blood are sundry to read. I must confess there is something unsettling about her, something daunting, perhaps simply her station. Something to overcome, perhaps, considering how fond Dianna seems of her, and she of her.
    Amund A very friendly and devout Princess of Valardin, it seems. But Eurusi. A very curious mixture.
    Anisha Princess Katarina is a woman of two worlds, and she joins them well. Her choice of the veil, and her devotion to the Sentinel are both fascinating. I wish fervently that I get to see her ascend the path she's chosen, and perhaps I can have a small part in her success.
    Apollo A wealth of knowledge, and eager to share - the best sort of generosity.
    Appolonia Courage is not something usually associated with parties. And yet, she has made the two shine together.
    Asher She knows Svana and seems to be quite friendly with her. After meeting her, I can see why! She's a pleasant sort to be around.
    Audgrim A tiny princess that runs towards danger.
    Avary She has a strong desire for justice and a righteous pursuit for truth. I'm looking forward to seeing her explore more of the Sentinel, and when she feels as though she's reached a conclusion, to ask "Why" and begin again.
    Bianca Despite the terrible circumstances, her spirits are quick to rise, and she seems to never fail to find her warmth. I envy that strength of heart. I simply hope she does not try to shoulder too much on her own.
    Bianca She's a boundless ball of possibility. Everyone's life would be made better by knowing Katarina.
    Brigida Yes. You had better hide.
    Caspian She has an infectious energy around her. She makes you want to know more about her, and to join with her on some mischief!
    Cassiopeia The woman holds herself with grace and possesses a sharp wit. There is something to be said for those that raise up others. It is a strength only a few display, and what is says, is that her own confidence is unshakable and unmistakable.
    Celine My cousin is such a tease, and I'm sure that she knows it. Diaries in Eurusi, indeed! But it feels /good/ to see her again, and hopefully both of us will remain in the city long enough this time around to deepen our friendship.
    Cirroch A eurusi princess at a debate should be listened to when they ask a simple question. Not be questioned back with tribble of babbling nonsense.
    Cristoph Princess Katarina Valardin, a woman of great passions and deep caring for the ideals she holds close to her heart. If only everyone could be that determined.
    Damiana You're very different than the normal Valardin, and you have a way about you that is merciful and gentle. You're caught in two worlds and it must be hard to balance the competing pulls. I wonder on where those pulls will take you and others.
    Daria A curious Princess especially one from an Oathlander house. Witty and charming, I quite like her so far
    Dianna Pure loveliness with a spark of mischief and more than the expected share of exotic mystery. I can barely wait to delve into the princess' mind and histories.
    Domonico She possesses something truly astounding and more importantly, she understands the value of it. I an truly impressed and awed.
    Drake A woman who knows how to make a dramatic and stylish entrance.
    Emily A kindred soul and with tales of other place. I am certain we would be companions of great import in the matter of adventures. I look forward to exploring that as well. Adventures in many forms.
    Esme Oh most darling princess. I cannot stop to imagine where her heart pulls during this time of war and peace. For it wraps around us all, but to wrap to intricately in one heart. It is both beautiful and painful to think upon. She carries herself with grace and I'm sure holds secrets that manifest in ways that secrets always do; in shadows of our minds and in truths only we know in our hearts. I am sure we are destined to be great friends.
    Evaristo What a remarkable dress she wore! I never meet enough Valardins, it seems we don't often move in the same circles, to my chagrin - but I hear she throws excellent parties, so I hope I'll go to one and she was gracious and flawless.
    Faye A longtime friend and compatriot in times of strife. She only need ask for the service of my bow and it is hers.
    Georgine I can't decide whether she's bubbly or not.
    Gwenys Curious woman in person. You hear tales about her but they don't quite prepare you for the real thing.
    Hadrian I've known Her Highness for a long, long time in one capacity or another. She's charming, mysterious, well spoken, a delight to be around, and I imagine she even has a wonderful singing voice! The point is that I think I know her decently well, she's spoken fairly openly to me of her home long ago, and I do truly believe that she has ambitions? But she also wishes for the best toward those she meets.
    Ian I don't have many old friends left. It's good to see her again.
    Isabeau What can I say about Princess Katarina? I adore her company and would gladly spend my time in it more frequently.
    Jourdain Beneath the trappings of royalty and decorum lurks, I think, a wildcat.
    Keely She got her tongue stuck in a whisk to make up for trampling me. I think we will be the best of friends.
    Kia A foreign princess, though I'm not sure of where. I didn't get time to speak with her as I was leaving when she arrived, but I'll remember to use her honorific should our paths cross again.
    Kritr Where she is from, things are very different, but not bad, not if there is cake like this.
    Lenard My cousin from a distant realm is as interesting as I remember to be, but I fear she must've spent too much time with house Laurent. Those puns are unbeelievable.
    Lore While many might look and see a flighty Princess with a sweet tooth and a love of fine things.. they would be doing her an incredible disservice. Her Highness is more pragmatic than she first appears, but also warm and caring and willing to do hard work.
    Mabelle So young and yet with such fascinating life story, I am in awe.
    Macario Like a beautiful thunderous storm over the ocean. Wait. That's not quite right. More like spiralling hurricane bearing down unaware. Lovely! But I'll be a little more cautious next time.
    Marli She reminds me of a friend I had as a child and a young woman. Full of delight. And we always got in trouble together.
    Martino Daring, delightful and fair Princess of the softest Sands. Has been through much, knows much, and remains an utter delight to be around. Fair Princess that just /must/ be sought out.
    Mattheu A muddy princess, while very /demanding/ as the other princesses, this one seems helpful.
    Mirk Eurusi-turned-Oathlander princess. You can tell, there's a foreign air to her, but she exemplifies the honor of House Valardin.
    Nijah A princess of Valardin, but also heir to something much more in Eurus. I hope that she and I truly are of one mind about what the future of the Dune Kingdoms should be, and if so that I am truly able to help her liberate her people from the rule of the Dune Emperor.
    Niklas Princess Katarina remains every bit the larger than life artist and explorer!
    Nina What I love about her style is the way she fuses inspirations! I feel like from her gowns alone she's a person with a unique story.
    Nisaa She is a bundle of energy. I have met her on a few occasions. She has always seemed eager to help, to support, but is also guarded, which makes me feel a sense of need to guard myself as well, even though I am deeply understanding of why she might be. It is interesting, how that which binds so many of us together as contacts, also keeps us at a certain distance from others in the same predicament of ourselves.
    Noah The verdict is still out on this princess. She speaks interestingly. She is very conscious it seems of what she is portraying. I'm just not sure what is being covered.
    Norwood A boisterous woman with a strange heritage. She seems... okay.
    Pasquale She seems to be your typical well heeled Princess but surely her Eurasi heritage has led to some interesting angles under all that etiquette.
    Philippe A princess who wears wonderful, elegant garments. It is heartening to the morality of the Oathlands to know that she must take her time removing them. Sometimes highborn people have great skill with removing garments at speed. It causes a person to wonder. Nonetheless. She understands the moral obligation of the Compact to aid all the peoples it can. The work before us will be difficult, but with faith, determination, and luck, we will prevail.
    Piccola This is no mere Princess. Do not be fooled into thinking otherwise. She bears watching for many reasons, not the least of which the potential to tip the scales.
    Quenia I have known Princess Katarina a long, long time, and for a spell she spent some time at Domus Igniseri. She's quite clever and very endearing. I am lucky, I think, to be able to call her a friend, and to catch up with her more and more of late.
    Raimon Is she or isn't she? It's quite the puzzle!
    Raja A strong woman with a regal bearing. She has my respect and I hope we will become fast friends.
    Ras Really cheerful for someone who's being hunted. Probably brave. If I didn't know better I'd say she was like most princesses, with dresses and chatting with other princesses...
    Rosemary I can't wait to tell Terrel I got to soak my butt in the same water as some proper Princess. If I could have stayed longer I'd have gotten the rest of that story with her injury. She is one tough cookie, hopefully we meet again here.
    Sabella Princess Katarina was dearly missed while she was away and I greatly look forward to the flair that she brings to everything she does now that she's returned!
    Samira More strength, courage, and goodness is packed into her small frame than most could ever fathom. I don't know what the future holds in store for any of us, but whatever comes, I am grateful to know Princess Katarina al'Muraq-Sabbat.
    Saoirse Came to my mystery party and was very interested in solving it! For a Valardin, she sure seems inquisitive.
    Savio A very gracious princess, even to those of us who haven't mastered that the trick to not having incidents where one insults a princess is to avoid insulting princesses.
    Sebastian I know what it is to miss one's home, but I can return to it: the Princess can't. I think that weighs on her, however well she bears it, and I hope one day it is a weight that may be lifted.
    Sigurd The alluring, capturing and arrestingly soft Princess has clearly walked a long journey - and can relax so effortlessly. That is true strength in someone.
    Svana Delicate, yet warm. Someone I would like to speak to more; she watched as Magnus gave me a gift of bone, I think she was curious. I bet we could teach each other some things.
    Sydney What she lacks in stature, she makes up for with terrifying social acumen, and a truly laudable choice of what and whom to wield as shields.
    Sylvana This Valardin Princess seems to have an energy that is much larger than she is herself. An invigorating presence, it's a wonder how she carries herself with such ease.
    Tamsin She's a very interesting person, at once friendly and playful, and next very queenly. I suppose that comes from her mixed upbringing. Worth a second meeting.
    Terese My cousin seems acident prone...very much so...
    Theo Certainly a princess who I intend to introduce to the finer things in life. Namely a lack of restraint and shameless decadence.
    Valdemar If anything, her personality is even more sparkling now than it was the last time I met her. Hopefully it will not be so long before the next time I have the pleasure of her company.
    Vanora I've always liked the Eurusi-turned-Valardin Royal and I still do.
    Vayne It's not often to find someone from so different a culture that it is so easy to get along with. While the Princess' heritage is not the only reason we get along, it's fascinating to learn more about. I hope we'll become good friends, and I look forward to learning more from her.
    Verity I feel so terrible that people would dare cast suspicion at her simply for her heritage! You would think the immense kindness she has shown the Oathlands and Arvum would loom larger in people's memories. I am sure a woman as charismatic and clever as she will find a way to do good even in the most dire of situations.
    Zakhar As far as Nob'es go, this one was silent and had a weird obsession about being attacked by fruit.
    Zoey Gracious, considerate, sociable and proper.