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Duke Aiden Rubino

You are going to lose some of your feathers along the way, but it doesn't have to stop you from soaring.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Indomitable Falconer
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Rubino-zaffria
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 26
Birthday: 03/12
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gray
Skintone: Light mocha

Titles: the Officiator of the Menagerie, Speaker of Wings, Duke Consort of Gemecitta

Obituary: On May 22nd of 1015 AR, as the lines broke and tangled from the enemy charge in the land battle for Pieros, the Duke died as he lived, giving. In a heroic moment as Lord Gawain Blanchard fell from his horse, he collided with Gawain to knock him out of the way from a fatal blow, taking it upon himself instead.

Description: While this man boasts a rangy build that stands him to 6'1" tall, it's the incredibly light gray eyes creating a dynamic contrast against his light mocha complexion which steals the show. These gray eyes are tucked underneath thick brows and set above prominent cheek bones that soften downward into leveled cheeks and an angular jawline, face being tipped at the end with a jutting round chin. Aiden's expression is often intense and focused. When he smiles it lights up his face and makes him appear boyish that a lack of facial hair adds to. As for hair, it is black with spiraled tips turning a shade of chestnut as it hangs around in a riot of springy curls that are often home to feathers or bits of down. He doesn't have a particularly muscular build but neither is he overtly skinny. He has the build of one who spends time outdoors, but does not devote his life to physical training. His hands and arms are home to a lattice work of scars from avian talons.

(Aiden's hair is braided in rows and tied up in a bun.)

Personality: Aiden is an extroverted introvert, to put it simply. There will be situations that he'll be a man of few words; words that when they come out, are laconic in fashion. It isn't that he hates people, rather, social situations can grow to be too complex and he loses interest or focus easily - or simply put, he finds them emotionally exhausting. People have far more subtle cues that he doesn't fully grasp, and in large crowds, this is entirely overwhelming for him. Certainly he will turn into a wallflower or simply leave when at his limit.

Instances where he becomes a focal point of a social function are often inherently linked with a passion for the subject matter, drawing on his own expertise and beliefs that tend to showcase his intellect. And let it be known, when he's determined, he tends to follow through with his actions. When Aiden is 'on' socially he has the energy to enjoy conversation, to be bubbly, to be amiable, which surprisingly means he manages to be a sufficient public speaker, as long as he's prepared. He can also exude a quiet confidence that is strikingly commanding when presented.

Furtherto, he's grown up enjoying the company of his birds, finding them and other animals to be more unconditional and simple to be with. Birds are easy; look at how their feathers move to gauge their moods. If he gets pecked at, it was his fault! Sometimes with people, nuances of subtle emotions go over his head and he spends days trying to riddle them out. Respectively, he's at peace and contented in the company of his feathered friends or his fur-bearing buddies.

In sum, Aiden is genuinely kind, has a big heart, and is gentle in nature. He abhors conflict although objectively tolerates what must be part of the world.

Background: Born the middle child of Prince Rodric Grayson and the Lady Daniela Bisland, Aiden Grayson was raised alongside siblings Ainsley and Ailys in Bastion. From the start Aiden was a quiet child and often considered the 'odd duck' by the others, adult and child alike. Friendship wasn't easy for a child who would barely manage to speak a word under pressure; a problem which often escalated into him becoming a target to be pushed around.

Ainsley would take exception to that and eventually ensured that most would leave his brother alone, which tightened their bond at an early age. For in return, while young, Aiden became the unofficial squire for his brother and would care take after Ainsley on days when his brother would push himself too far. Or there were other times that Aiden would find ways to get Ainsley out of trouble with their parents if his brother did something rash, usually at his own expense. His loyalty to Ainsley was unquestionable.

Aloof and introverted as Aiden was from early on, he was a relatively good child, save for those instances that Ainsley wasn’t around to protect him. That’s when he’d run off, hide,, and cause his parents and caretakers grief. It would be his sister Ailys that knew where his hiding holes were, either in the forest, the mews, or some safe place in the house. She’d spend hours at his side when he was anxious like this, offering him teas and sweets, until he was ready to come back out of hiding. But it was not unheard of that there were a few nights he slept where he hid, likely to teach him a lesson.

His parents undoubtedly then, were harder on their ‘odd duck’ for his father could ill afford to have a son that couldn’t live up to the Grayson name. Aiden was subjected to long days and nights of tutoring, in states-craft, politics, and history, and topics that would make him a capable mind if he wasn’t physically following his brother’s footsteps as a warrior. His parents were quite aware that he wasn’t ever going to pick up a sword, much to Rodric’s chagrin. Aiden’s Uncle, Gabriel, was the one who suggested the boy be given a bow instead, which appeased the situation for the most part. His parents did have him tutor under a proficient scout to make use of the bow.

Much to his parents' dismay he also did not become the politician they were hoping for. It isn't that he didn’t /try/. Aiden did try to be the statesmen they wanted, was even capable of it if he prepared for a particular debate or lecture. But by the age of ten he knew he just didn't understand people, which caught his tongue up into a mess when he couldn’t relate their reactions to what he said, or they said something that took him off guard. Sometimes his own mind would wander and he’d be very impersonal. Why do they frown like that when saying happy things? Why do they look angry when saying something nice? Why do faces do the things that they do? Faces are weird. People are hard. Aiden didn’t get it. Aiden wasn’t the best at thinking on his feet in conversation and was too honest and blunt to politic well.

At the age of eleven, when Ainsley was taken on to officially squire, he discovered The Mews at Bastion, and fell into falconry. It was something to distract him from the frustrations of his studies at the time. It helped with the gap of not having his brother there. The uncanny and natural way he had with the birds caught the attention of the Keeper of the Mews and he soon started teaching the Prince how to work with them, expanding Aiden’s knowledge and awareness of birds. Aiden took to it like a fish to water. Any free time would quickly be spent with the birds, often out in the forest and fields with them.

Over the years it became his passion. He expanded his interest to all birds, from song, to water, to raptor. He understood birds in a way that he did not understand people. It isn't that he didn’t like people-- he does. He simply prefers the company of his birds because words are frustrating, and people are frustrating. Birds are easy. At thirteen, Aiden came into the possession of the egg which hatched his very own gyrfalcon, which he later named Bulter (consequently six years later would rename Baron Archibald Chirpington). He was in his glory with this gyrfalcon. They were inseparable, like two peas in a pod. He’d talk endlessly about the desire to fly and wishing he could see through his falcon’s eyes. Ainsley was a good sport and would sit listening to Aiden talk about his birds without complaint, with a brotherly smile afforded.

It wasn’t long after having this gyrfalcon that Aiden stopped eating meat, yet again another thorn in his father’s side, which he made amends for by winning falconry competitions and going on hunts with important dignitaries. His parents eventually left him to his passion when fighting it would only create a scene. Despite being socially awkward and a reclusive, they educated him how they could.

Reality was, he would have to grow up at his own pace and find his own way in life. His adores his parents and is now making his own path, the first step was getting to Arx, ahead of Brand's army.

Relationship Summary

  • Luca - Our fundamental values are completely different.
  • Shard - We see the world differently. The subject of the Menagerie will always divide us.
  • Sameera - I love her work but I've never gotten along with her. Still, she has some of the best jewelry in Arx.

  • Family:
  • Valerion - That we're related is hard to believe but fun to be around.
  • Sasha - She's a little bookworm and we spent a lot of our youth in Bastion together.
  • Gabriel - He encouraged me to other pursuits when younger.
  • Reese - Recently I've come to appreciate my cousin a lot more.
  • Tikva - She loves my brother and for me, that's enough. How she is with Tiber makes me laugh. I'll be glad to call her sister.
  • Alaric - My Cousin the King... he has but to ask and I will serve. Perhaps why I have, helped get Zelda oriented with her duties.
  • Alarissa - A strong woman this cousin of mine. It's been a long time and hopefully we will get to talk more in the future.
  • Calarian - I am awestruck by his awesomeness
  • Samael - A mentor of mine from when I was younger and my uncle who I have always looked up to. He sparked my interest in the law many years ago and I'm very proud of him.

  • Ally:
  • Valencia - Working for Similar Causes
  • Octavia - She's supported me to further my education and career in law.
  • Lark - She's supported me in ways that I'm grateful for and continues to push me to my best.
  • Karadoc - He's supported my efforts with the Menagerie and is quite the man to have on one's side.
  • Petal - She's helped me significantly by setting up shop in the Menagerie. We'll be good business partners, I think.
  • Edward - He revealed a few things about me that others would miss. He's also come for my help. Perhaps in this crazy world we can be assured allies.
  • Torian - This man has come to set up shop in the Menagerie and has helped support the menagerie project in many ways. How far will that support go, is yet to be seen.
  • Orazio - We may have had a miscommunication but I depend on him for advice and knowledge of the Faith.
  • Geraint - He has accepted my request and will aid me in my expedition.
  • Leola - She's the Paladin of the Groves and I hope to have her as a mentor. She's taught me so much already.
  • Aislin - She wishes to help me with a quest that both of us desire to go upon. I hope to learn a lot from her, me and the rest of the city. I'll take what little time with her as I can get!
  • Ysbail - The Duchess will aid in the expedition and that makes us aligned on the same path.
  • Maeve - We work poop together well! She's passionate about the Gray Forest and she's a talented craftswoman. I hope to continue working with her.
  • Turo - Offering his ship in aid of expeditions, hopefully that aligns us on the same paths.
  • Gaston - Concerned for the freedom of animals and almost one himself. We have the same core values.
  • Selene - A special lady who let me care for her birds!

  • Sibling:
  • Ainsley - My Heroic Older Brother
  • Ailys - My little sister who is older than me in many ways

  • Client:
  • Charlaine - Tea and No Bears
  • Ariel - She's allowed me to train numerous animals for her
  • Freja - Helped train her big vulture. That was an interesting moment.
  • Marian - I found Ender for her and will help her with him!

  • Acquaintance:
  • Branan - Maker of Great Books
  • Sparte - Hopefully one day he won't be so standoffish with me
  • Calaudrin - He's come to my aid a few times now!
  • Tobias - One of Arx's heroes and mine too.
  • Killian - Helped aid me once and aided the world as a Paladin
  • Agnarr - He squished that thug dead. Good to know his capabilities.
  • Samantha - Hopefully now she knows that I'm not an idle prince.
  • Jhond - He witnessed me at my hidden talent. It's been a while since I had an audience.
  • Kima - Introduced to her just recently!
  • Fiachra - He taught me more with the bow that saved my life.
  • Alis - I found her Lord Flitzwilliam for a wedding gift and she's married to Fiachra. Like her so far.
  • Asher - He makes beautiful rings and hopefully I did not stress him too much.
  • Cesare - We're going to make music together.
  • Jaenelle - Our meeting went better than the first. We spoke of leadership and responsibilities.
  • Caelis - The Goldfinch. She danced so well, maybe she'll become a good friend. One can hope.
  • Violet - She bested me at the archery competition.
  • Tristan - He's teaching me to be better seated in the saddle. I'm very thankful for that.
  • Reigna - She was brave enough to drink Lowers Hooch. That makes her a very interesting sort, at least, adventurous.
  • Victus - Sometimes I wish I was born a Thraxian because this guy is hilarious. He never fails to amuse but underneath all that amusement, I know there's a strong leader.
  • Kael - A strong silent type.
  • Cybele - Walker Inbetween the Children and the Sun
  • Skye - I hope she recovers from her ordeal. I admire her strength.
  • Ian - I think he did something to my tea...
  • Mirari - She's always been willing to help and she made the most excellent dagger.
  • Mira - I like working with her and hopefully more of that is on the horizon.
  • Kenna - A lady who shares Whitehawk manor with us. Maybe I will get to know her better at some point.
  • Malena - Merek's sister and talented at massage.
  • Cristoph - A respectable man who understands the workings of nature.
  • Fiora - Mad Archery Skills.
  • Edain - A true Prince and one I hope to go on a falconry excursion with, when there is time enough for both of us.
  • Nicia - An interesting lady and we've tackled a few problems together. She's a great person to take on a date!

  • Spouse:
  • Silas - 06/13/1006 AR. The world became Brighter.

  • Deceased:
  • Kahlana - She was lost at sea and I still have guilts and regrets.
  • Dominic - You made me Officer General and then you died. What now? What do I do with the confidence you had in me? I mourn your loss.

  • Friend:
  • Estaban - Bonded in Battle and Brother of the Bow
  • Rickard - He fought well and deserves a little help up. He'll wear that armor well!
  • Malik - I consider him a friend and a wonderful artist!
  • Nisaa - A true friend and now my protege. My wishes for all happiness to her.
  • Katarina - Most deserving of my trust and friendship
  • Charlaine - A friend from the start!
  • Artur - Too much in common not to be.

  • Protege:
  • Nisaa - I hope to help you find your wings to soar.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn Generous with both his time and knowledge. Our conversation brought me some small measure of hope to cling to. I'd like to follow his belief that anything is possible.
    Adrienne I met Duke Aiden at House Grayson's showing for the Taste of Arx. He is a whirlwind and I find myself breathless after a conversation. He is also the rare person to know what he wants - and what he wants is to soar.
    Aeryn The Gala was just that much shinier with his company. We didn't get to talk a lot, but it's clear we have a lot to talk about. I can't wait to catch up with him and talk all about the Menagerie and help him and his lovely animals out too!
    Aethan A personable duke, who notices boots. But I can't hold that against him.
    Ainsley Always my little brother. I know not what else to say. I'm proud of him, but he'll always be my little brother.
    Ainsley Though he may always feel the call of the wild, the need to fly with the wind under his wings, he knows duty like none Ainsley has ever known. Aiden is a true and noble spirit.
    Aislin This Grayson prince seems to really want to get out and explore -- but more specifically, he seems to want to seek out griffins. It's hardly an uncommon goal among Graysons and Grayson fealty -- including myself -- but he seems both equally motivated and simultaneously not as trapped by other duties as some have been. Perhaps he'll keep pushing... despite the risks. Gods know, it's something I'd love to see come to fruition.
    Alaric He's grown so much from the somewhat introverted lad I remember. The care and attention to detail with which he's transformed the Menagerie speaks well to his talents. He's greatly enhanced the prestige of the office of the Officiator of the Menagerie and I look forward to him continuing in the same vein for the Crown and House Grayson.
    Alarie He's an interesting Grayson - I should know, I see enough of them. A generous Grayson. I don't think there's a time he hasn't been in my shop and wasn't trying to pay for someone.
    Alarissa Cousin! IT's been a long time and he's just as passionate about things, as one might remember, though it's been some time. As good a Grayson as you can get.
    Aleksei Ainsley's little brother. Definitely a bit more on the sensitive side than Ains. A thoughtful sort.
    Alexis A prince of Grayson that apparently has something to do with animals? He seems to be talking to a lot of people about them, at least.
    Amund Sense of adventure and a faith in the best of us does make the greatness in this man readily apparent.
    Ann As I understand it, a lot of lives were saved due to Prince Aiden's efforts at Stormwall. Crovane is ever grateful. Ever. I should tell him the story of how Laric suggested him as a husband before I met Asger, he might get a knee slap outta that one...
    Apollis Cute guy who seemed interested in talking to me. Hope it's nothing I've done wrong!
    Arcelia I first met Aiden at the Whisper 'Social Tournament' where I danced briefly with him. He left seemingly a bit frustrated and I followed up with him later to see if he was alright and check to see if he might be interested in friendship. After that we had a date... I don't know how that really happened but it turned into a date. He was very sweet, I still wear the necklace he gave me every day.
    Arianna The charming prince whom is far too self-conscious. Oh yes. This one. My money's on him, he seems like the type to do some interestin' shit.
    Ariella Despite his apparent young age, this Duke has already seen a lot of conflict in his life and seems to be doing well in his role as Duke Consort. He is also rather empathetic and cautious, two traits I ought to learn at some point of my life.
    Artur Beautiful, charming, sweet and well dressed; basically everything a prince is supposed to be. In some (many) ways he really shows me up and in a lot of ways I feel like we're cut from the same cloth. It's not all the time you feel immediately close with someone, but I do with him, for sure.
    Asher First met Aiden at the fundraiser for the Menagerie. He's a good guy, if perhaps a bit odd. Who's not odd anymore, though? At least, which interesting ones.
    Astraea I like the Grayson Prince. He's smart and possesses a quick wit and a sharp eye. Oh and he likes animals, no. He loves animals and anyone who loves animals is someone you can trust. Fortunately I was able to witness his prowess with a bow, the man made it look like it was effortless but his aim was true. Glad to have made his acquaintance I am.
    Aureth Hosted a hell of a party at the Menagerie. Nice-seeming boy. Bird fancier kinda like Magpie I think.
    Austen For all of my time in the Iron Guard I don't think I ever came across Duke Aiden. It was nice to meet the man who clearly holds Lord Commander Silas's heart, though I wish he hadn't have read that correspondence...
    Baldessare One can't blame someone for taking the time to meet with a man that their sister has some interest in. Nor for the questions asked. He's a smart sort; I suspect he wouldn't be a Duke Consort otherwise.
    Barric He did well commanding our forces in Stormwall for all the angst it generated. He's also very good friends with my best friend, which means I need to get to know him better. None greater.
    Cadenza So helpful....and fun. I think there's a bit of a wild side to him that he hides....I hope to see it one day.
    Caelis The quiet prince! He is a kind, soft presence. I was delighted to finally speak and even dance with the young man Estaban has become such close friends with. He seems to be a wonderful young man.
    Calarian My young cousin Aiden is capable and enthusiastic to serve the House and the Crown. Now that I am here to help him, I have faith in him and in his future. I know bright things await for him, if he keeps a clear head.
    Calaudrin I don't know Aiden Grayson that well. But from what I've seen, he's an exceptional young man with a bright future in this city. I appreciate all the efforts he's taken to working on the menagerie and how reaches out to others around him. He seems like a kind soul.
    Calypso What does it say when the Grayson bird guy's the one talking the most sense?
    Cambria A man unafraid to give answer when called upon, or speak his thoughts and opinions before a crowd that may not take too kindly to hearing them. I appreciate his adherence to considering a problem from every angle.
    Carmen Brave enough to teach new archers and patient enough to make the lessons stick. A good teacher.
    Caspian I do not know the man well, but the effort he is putting in to find the missing lady is inspiring.
    Cirroch An odd man. Does not eat meat. Talks of hearing what others can not. Though him and Astraea seem close, and he is close to Sasha, and he seems like a good soul. Easy to overlook any oddities.
    Cirroch In a heartbeat I could tell this man has deep concern for his cousin. Treasuring family is always a good quality to have.
    Clara Cute Prince... I might have checked him out a little. Look forward to actually getting to know him though. Cute only makes for so much conversation.
    Cristoph Aiden did a magnificent job hosting this party! I was very impressed with all of the work he put into it. I look forward to seeing what other things he comes up with in the future.
    Cybele Officiator of the Menagerie. He is a Grayson. Like the King? Petal called him Prince. So like the king, most likely. I have heard his criers. He is good at making people care about animals, I think. Which is a good thing. Legate Orazio said animals needs to be taken well care of. It is Petrichor's will. So, this man is doing Petrichor's will, maybe. That is good.
    Daemon A grayson that enjoys a bit of chocolate just as much as I do. Good with animals as well, will have to bug him for some 'horsing around'... Heh.
    Darren You are a busy man, Aiden, but I respect that. I'm going to have to go find time to spend at the Menagerie.
    Delilah He's a beautiful, lovable man! I'm so, so happy to have him as part of my house. He's even buying me some new clothes, what more is there to say?
    Delilah A fast friend of the family. He has been a steadfast supporter of the Whitehawks. More importantly, Aiden is just a genuinely nice person, liked by almost everyone he meets.
    Denica Prince Aiden, cousin to Princess Consort Alarissa. He's a tricky one, I wonder if I might make use of his sources someday.
    Dianna A master with birds and a kind, thoughtful soul. I find myself increasingly grateful that we were found one another on our respective paths.
    Dominic Is not softness I see from him, rather a collected calmness. Like the familiar sea, miles and miles away from shore. Also, allot like my men, calm with their hounds at their side with a lack of aggression until one crosses the line. Failure is not in the stars for this man but should me and my men are the gauntlet that tests him, it would be my honor.
    Domonico Duke Rubino and cousin to Reese. This friendly noble already has several lines of conversation we can explore at a later date.
    Duarte He regaled us at the Black Fox - friends and strangers. A man comfortable in his own skin. When with company, at least.
    Echo He's a very gentle and modest Prince! One who is very considerate of others, and he's extremely talented too. An explorer and a scholar, definitely a bunch of other good things too that he just didn't deem all that important.
    Ectorion He brought a group of children to the setting off of the paper fleet. To see their joy, and to see it in the name of the Gods. A good man there. So very symbolic and hopeful.
    Elora Sharp, smart, sweet. He has a passion that burns like a sun, and I will gladly let myself get caught up in it. Your hands to guide, may you lead us to safety and to glory.
    Emily The Prince is a wealth of patience and though our knowledge of each other only extends to that of training and war, there is hope that in more peaceful times I will come to know him better.
    Esme The master of fashion, of beauty and of all things that are just fabulous. I am sure that he and I will make wonderful friends.
    Esoka Esoka was impressed with the kindness Aiden showed the shavs they met on patrol in the Gray Forest. And a little taken aback by his concern for the beasts, at the expense of his own safety, even, but his heart seemed in the right place.
    Evonleigh A kind soul, ambitious mind, altruistic heart, all in one. No wonder my cousin loves him so.
    Faye A fascinating man with amazing tales of everything he has seen and done. His descriptions are enough to make anyone wish to leave behind daily responsibilities for his adventures. I hope we will work together on something one day.
    Fiachra A member of House Grayson who seems to share Oathlands ideals, understanding that it is the people we serve, and not the other way around. He impressed me with his courage, and it was a pleasure to help him on his way to becoming a protector of his people.
    Fiora I am very sorry we broke your archery targets.
    Fortunato Know him more by reputation than through, hm, interaction. Seems a gentle soul. Me, I'm liable to trust people easier with animals than people, not that the prince seems /uneasy/ with people. Confident enough to run dances and try lines on ladies, for certain.
    Gabriel A bright man, with the world before him. He's already made a place for himself and I can see that only becoming more true.
    Gareth Bound by duty, committed to his House. A standard to hold other Graysons to. At least sometimes.
    Gaston Simply enough, I like the man. He's passionate about what he does, and has strong opinions about it. That alone would make him worthy of a certain sort of respect. That those opinions tend to run alongside my own, more so. I think I'll have to take his advice and visit the park myself. Maybe while there I can even feel like I'm not confined myself.
    Grazia This sweet Grayson prince really has a way with birds that is most appealing. He seems sensitive and intelligent, and though he's only just starting his military career, has a sense of what it is to lead people and guide them. He has a great deal of potential.
    Gwenna It is hard to describe Prince Aiden Grayson and feel like I may do him any justice. A man with passions and duties that seem near impossible to juggle, he does so with enviable ease. I suspect he is fiercely loyal to his family and probably equally so with those he calls friends. It was a real honor to meet him and hope he'll attend dinners yet to come.
    Harald Some sort of scholar. The sort that wants to study a monster, so at least he doesn't seem a coward. Well, unless faced with a cut of steak.
    Harlex Compassionate to the creatures of nature. As close to them as kin. I will always respect that kind of heart.
    Ian It's always sad to see madness infect a royal line.
    Ignacio Seemingly a good and knowledgeable man. I truly believe he wishes to see others around him succeed, we could use more men like him in this world.
    Ingrid It's always wonderful to meet with other like-minded individuals and Duke Aiden seems as if he may be just that. He's very polite and apologized when his attention was drawn away if just for a brief moment during our conversation. I am hoping to be able to meet with him in the near future to share some ideas.
    Itzal He is a prince that knows things, and helps others knowing things, and things. Where was I going with this you ask? Exactly where I intended to be.
    Jacque Prince Aiden is someone who is beyond charitable, but recognizes the heroics and the good deeds of others must be spared, shared, remembered. As an aspiring chronicler, this is the kind of man I must surround myself with, to make sure the people he knows and respects are immortalized on paper, their stories remembered by the generations to come.
    Jeffeth A prince! A nice one. Helped me take some armor off while I was embarrassing myself in public. Seems he has a kind streak.
    Jordan He seems to be a kindly Prince, if a bit disillusioned by the war. I remember how I felt after the Silent War and have faith he'll overcome the feelings that presently grip him so. We need people who look to the future with hope, after all.
    Joscelin An honorable man, well-spoken, with wonderful taste in everything.
    Josephine Few Grayson I have run into but he is by far one of my favourites.
    Jyri Duke Aiden, ally to Whitehawks, friend of my wife - good with birds.
    Kaia My Rubino cousin whom I had not seen since our youngster days. He has become a talented master of archery; I'm lucky to have him as my instructor.
    Kaldur Silver eyes. I haven't seen the like. He seems to carry a great weight. I can only imagine.
    Katarina Officiator of the Menagerie, breeder of falcons, and now newly minted adventurer setting off on a dangerous expedition. Katarina cannot help but respect this courageous fellow, and hopes she might have the opportunity to finally become better acquainted.
    Katarina There is nobody I trust more in this city, in this world. We can be ourselves around one another and there is no hesitation in that. We may not be laughing as much right now, but time will heal all of our wounds. It just might take a while. I'll do anything to keep him close, go keep us close.
    Katarina Aiden is my best male friend. Even in the worst of times, I know I have him.
    Kenna I don't know at //all// why I once thought him a man of few words. It's a joy to have him in my home with that obvious care he has for my cousin. I'll do anything I can to make sure they //both// are able to hold tight to that joy.
    Killian It's always hard to tell what to think of Aiden, or what to expect of him. He seems to be a young man ruled greatly by his emotions. Not a fault, but it makes interactions..interesting.
    Lailah My Grayson cousin is now a Rubino duke, and seems to be doing well. Glad to see his love for birds has not faded.
    Laric He's made something of himself over the last year. We're not close, but I'm proud of him and curious to see where the future takes him. None Greater.
    Lark Duty in Grayson calls far more than anything else, else how can we claim None Greater? I think time will temper my young cousin to remember such.
    Leola Well. It seems the Prince of Grayson is a kindred spirit in several ways. Birds, birds ... I wonder what else, or who else, shares this gift? The Lodge will benefit, and I am grateful for this
    Lou Aiden is a skilled tracker and handler of animals, as he showed on the Grayson patrol today. He also appears to be a competent healer. But, I do have to wonder if sometimes his priorities are misplaced. He seemed more worried for the welfare of the animals we encountered on the patrol than the fate of other people might encounter them. But then, I love the wilderness myself and escape to it very often, so I guess I'm really not the best of judges in that respect. He did acquit himself, however, when he was faced with the prospect of hunting down demon wolves, and not just regular dire wolves.
    Luca Aiden and I have never quite seen eye to eye, but I recognize that he's a good person, and that's worth something. Estaban cared for him, and that's another point in his favor. Sometimes you can respect a person and have nothing in common with them. But he's a southern duke, now! GOOD LUCK.
    Luis A Prince who is not afraid to be humble. Perhaps Luis and him have things they could learn from each other.
    Lumen Fourth or fifth in silliness but certainly second or third in attractiveness, after yours truly of course.
    Mabelle Not quite as I expected him, he looks beaten. The city would do that to you. I hope he comes through.
    Maeve I was so positive that a man who loves animals enough to run the Menagerie would be willing to help me with my endeavors in healing the Gray Forest! I was right! He is going to help me get a whole lot of poop! It will be used for making compost which will heal the soil. furthermore, he offered me a chance to help with the animals in the Menagerie. I am so excited!
    Malesh The Prince has many duties, but he's in a position to help Cedar Vale and he's offered to do so. He is a good example of a Grayson.
    Malik I was not taking him for a piano player, in truth. But I can see why Nisaa considers him a friend. He is nice and talented, and very good at the conversations.
    Margerie A man of the arts, of freedom and flight.
    Marian A kindred spirit who finds animals a little bit easier to deal with than humans. Despite his reluctance for the stoplight, the work he's done to gather support for the Menagerie is amazing.
    Mason Mason and Aiden do not often cross paths, but both are those with an interest in travel and exploration. But then, is that not what being a Grayson is largely about? Aiden was genuinely interested in Mason's heritage and the Eurusi man was happy to share. He was also pleased that Aiden holds a desire to aid in the fight against slavery.
    Medeia 'Brother' to my brother, Best Liar to my niece and nephew, and easy to be at ease with. I am grateful for the gift of knowledge he has given me.
    Merek %bMerek first met Aiden at the Hall of Heroes when Bringers came to assault it. While the man seemed flighty, he likes him well enough, and has since learned he has an adoration for birds, thinking him a wonderful man and worthy Prince.
    Michael My cousin. The phrase 'bird brained' has been spoken about him in impolite company. Aside from the rudeness of the expression, its almost apt. He is easy company, and someone with whom to confide.
    Mikani Eager to listen. Even though I was tired of talking.
    Miranda My cousin, the Duke Rubino. He's a quiet man and I like that about him. Makes him approachable. Our family is in good hands.
    Mirari Serious, polite, and dedicated.
    Mirk Curious and alert. It's a combination that makes me think he's very much in touch with the world around him. I look forward to working with him more.
    Niklas Sabella's cousin, which is good, and Grazia's husband, which... Anyway, he seems like a very nice fellow. I understand he is a big animal person. I hope I don't have to train the gryphons now that he's left the family.
    Orazio It would be a lie to say that Orazio's /first/ impression of Aiden was a very positive one, what with the hiding under tables. But he admits that the man recovered well after an initial bit of confusion and distress, and rallied in the way his people needed him to. That is harder than not being afraid at all, and Orazio respects it.
    Petal Petal likes the prince and is glad he survived the siege battle. She is flattered that he purchased her tunics and thinks he looks very nice in them.
    Poppy He was very kind to me and moreso when I found an egg abandoned. He seems a kindred spirit in wanting to love and care for the creatures of Arx.
    Porter He seems like a nice duke! Who got more than he bargained for when he had his bird snatch my letter. Sorry about that!
    Quenia I know exactly the kind of grief that Prince Aiden feels right now, and how it might seem to be all alone in the world when someone you love dies tragically. This is how I felt when I learned that both of my twin brothers, Vincere and Pietro, died just a week before I arrived in Arx to surprise them. My whole world fell out from beneath me. I was able to pull myself together and rise to the challenge they left behind for me in running House Igniseri. I hope Prince Aiden, too, finds the strength to do the same, if only because I know he might find some comfort in helping Lucita with child she carries that shares Estaban's blood. When he's ready, of course.
    Reese Reese doesn't know Aiden as well as she would like to. She first saw him at the bookstore and thought he seemed thoughtful, intelligent and nice. Lately they ran into a few snags with Kahlana hitting on Aiden, the wrestling and so forth. She hopes to iron things out and come to know him better. She appreciates him joining the archers at the siege and is glad that he came it through the battle okay.
    Riagnon A compassionate and surprisingly musical Duke! Gemecitta must be quite the place with him around.
    Ripley A flashy peacock. Amiable. Seeming love of griffens. Odd.
    Rook Prince Aiden, a jovial fellow, a man with a gift to be charming and focus on the revitalisation of Arvum's beastial population. Once Rook permitted the man a sum for an event but beyond that, he's yet to make his acquaintance further.
    Ruslan I have met many people since coming to Arx. There are few that are willing to look past the Prodigal - or see only the title. I feel that the Duke showed his respect in his own way - especially by not pressing on the situation that brought me to where I am. It was something that had to be done. And I am glad to have found someone that respects that.
    Rymarr The Good Samaritan Award. The something or another of the Menagerie. Newest neophyte of self-love. Prince of House Grayson. The man possessess many titles, more than I imagine I even know. Thankfully he received recognition for his actions during the Siege of Arx.
    Sabella He knows so many things! I will always be willing to listen to the stories that he brings back of all the things he's seen.
    Sabella One of my favorite cousins, who in a sea of stoic Graysons was always willing to show sensitivity and grace. Even if I'm not a bird person, I am an Aiden person!
    Sabella My incredibly helpful cousin who has such a lovely way with birds, which is just as well because while I'm sure they are delightful and some of them quite pretty, I do not share the same gifts!
    Salvatore Looked annoyed that I was there with my niece and that he was perhaps being close to someone. But that's why you don't stand in the foyer while doing such things.
    Samael My nephew is a bright young man after my own heart. Octavia said he has a bright future in the law and I look forward to seeing what he accomplishes.
    Samantha My first impression of Prince Aiden came through reading his White Journals rather than meeting in the flesh. He seemed listless, uncertain of himself, and somewhat despairing. Finding causes that he is truly passionate about has allowed him to grow and change into a man of purpose, and he has revealed a highly organized mind and intuition for developing creative concepts. We will not always agree, but I respect his efforts.
    Sameera Timid. Skitish. Has a thing for animals.
    Samuele We get along. I think. He's definitely something
    Saoirse He brought a bird to an abandoned Saik castle and, before the group entered, he had said bird do reconnaissance. But other than "it turns up dead, don't go that way", Saoirse isn't entirely sure what the point of sending a bird out is; it can hardly talk.
    Sasha One of my dear cousins. Very sweet and seems to be well spoken with birds. Something I admire
    Scipio A Grayson-turned-Lycene with a fondness for history and, apparently, the Whisper House. I look forward to more conversations.
    Sebastian The man plays beautiful music, can dance, and seems at once shy and yet charming. It was a pleasure to listen to him play and I would love the opportunity to do so again.
    Shard He's no natural speaker, but he did fine. He also seems hopelessly naive. Maybe that will change, maybe not. Seems to be very...attached to Lord Commander Silas Whitehawk, and the Menagerie is clearly his pet project. We probably aren't going to get along if we meet again.
    Silas Initially, Silas mistakened Aiden for Ainsley due to their near-identical appearance (at least at a glance!). He felt obligated to protect Aiden out respect for Ainsley, whom he believed was likely to be killed in the impending battle with Tolamar Brand, thus spent a hefty amount of silver on crafting the young man a fine set of leather armor. As they began to spend increasing amounts of time together, Silas bonded with Aiden and soon found himself attracted to the young prince in spite of being in a committed relationship. Over the course of roughly four months he struggled with his budding feelings for the Grayson until it finally culminated in a confession. Silas decided to break up with his current lover for a variety of reasons, this chief among them, and began to pursue a romance with Aiden. Silas fell for the man's big heart, sensitivity, intuition, and even his social fumblings.
    Snow Intelligent and surprisingly kind it's startling almost, but he is a unique one and it is nice to see he is more than just a noble.
    Tabitha Warm and personable, driven and hard-working. He's complements my cousin Silas so perfectly, and he's a wonder with animals too! I hope to get to know him better in the future.
    Tallius He's got something to do with the menagerie, which is some sort of animal collection I hear. Seems nice enough, and he obviously appreciates good quality craftsmanship..which considering his praises for Petal's work, certainly up him in my book a few points. He seems a bit frivolous though, so hard to get a good idea of whether that's just because he's one of those that really likes shopping, or he's not very serious about things. All in all though, a nice enough fellow it would seem, especially for a noble.
    Tarik I am a lost for words. He has his own dog, and he bought me an outfit! Was it because sounded so desperate or pathetic? At the this moment, I care not. All I know that is a kind man, and even this small bit of kindness I shall remember. He had his own dog!
    Tarrant A pleasant gentleman, very relaxed in manner. Two ladies have spoken well of him to me, which is much to his credit.
    Teagan He is a bit more enthusiastic than one might expect of a Duke, but let it not be said this is a bad thing. There is in it a presence that commands attention in a way that one finds themselves wishing to be in his presence simply to see what he might do next.
    Tessa Unconventional and an animal lover, on paper Tessa would think him dull company but Prince Aiden was full of all sorts of pleasent suprises. Hopefully there are more to come in future meetings!
    Theron Cousin to Sabella, brother to Prince Ainsley. I haven't had the honor of meeting this Prince of Grayson yet, but he does embody the best qualities of his House. I know he will do right by Grazia, and I am happy for that.
    Thesarin I've met folk before talk to animals, a few the animals seemed to listen to. The Prince is the first I've seen they seem to talk back.
    Thorley The Prince was valiant enough to offer me comfort in a moment of brief reprise of my grief at the floatilla event. It was pleasant for the offer - but the time has come to let go and move forward.
    Torian They were at the Merchant West fire and The Compact owes them a debt of gratitude!
    Valdemar Though he made what seemed an odd entrance at the time, many people talk to their pets. Even I, at times, talk to Vladimir. But he seems a friendly enough drinking companion, for someone who hides away from the city about as much as I.
    Vera A brave prince, who showed his merit and honor in leading the battle at Stormwall and now coming back to search the rubble. He more than deserves his title as First Seeker and I'm honored to have joined him on my first expedition.
    Victus Prince Grayson and Prince Hawk-man all in one. If I didn't know better I would say he had wings of his own. The menagerie was pretty alright and he did just fine as a host, wouldn't mind seeing him around the Thrax ward more often.
    Violet A kind prince with great skill and clever teaching methods. I enjoyed learning more of archery from him. Must admit his compliment about recruiting me if I wasn't already a Blade made me feel good. But I -will- hit that 100 yard target!
    Vitalis Knowledgeable, particularly about birds. Striking eyes. I hope to speak with him more.
    Wash Oh to be that young again. To rediscover my love of the sea. Maybe...
    Zoey My favourite Grayson cousin. One day, when I get better at skulking and taking cover, I'll join him on an adventure.
    Zoey Thanks to him, I will never look at birds the same way again.