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Nisaa Whisper

Dancing is when you tear your heart out and rise out of your body to hang suspended between the worlds.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Eurusi Dancer
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Whisper
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 23
Birthday: 10/30
Religion: Eurusi Reflection
Vocation: Courtier
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark espresso
Eye Color: mossy hazel
Skintone: honeyed bronze

Titles: Honorary Luminary

Description: Eyes that practically demand attention are the most prominent feature upon her sculpted face. Hazel is too simple a word to describe their color. They are like copper left to the elements; the green patina standing out against her bronzed skin, circling russet hues that halo the pupil. The almond shape, long lashes and delicately arched brows give her a near constant look of mischief, balancing the cuteness of her lush pouty lips and button nose. A smattering of freckles adorns her bronzed skin, adding the impression of innocence to her appearance. A thick, shiny mane of dark espresso hair, threaded with hints of cinnamon in the sun, frames her face like artwork. Though not excessively tall, she stands slightly above average, her lean frame lending to the graceful air she exudes. She is not what one would tend to call voluptuous, but her subtle curves bear a feminine allure that hint at both strength and softness in her form. When bared, an intricate Eurusi symbol decorates her left shoulder across her shoulder blade. The design features a crescent moon filled with ornate details, a fringe of beads hanging from the upper point. A petaled pattern borders the moon and extends out and down a portion of her back.

Personality: Nisaa is a bit of a quiet sort, perhaps because of the language barrier. She speaks Arvani well enough, if slowly and with a rather exotic accent, but does appear to pay close attention when others speak, as if slowly studying their words and meaning before responding. Her quietness can often lead people to think that she is shy, however, she is far from it. She speaks her mind frequently. Of course, she is polite enough about it, she is, after all, a trained courtesan, she simply does not believe in empty flattery. Loving joy and beauty in the world, Nisaa tries to portray her most beautiful self as often as she can (that being of her soul, not her appearance), and feels she is her most radiant self when she is dancing, which she does with a graceful ease.

Background: Nisaa's life was pretty much written out for her the moment she was born. She had choices, sure, but not many and each one was only a slightly different version of the others. Truth be told, she was rather fortunate for much of her life, considering she was the fourth and last daughter to her father and mother, who ran a bakery in the square. She was seen as something special, her looks just a slight bit different than the others, imperfections that made her first cute, then pretty, becoming beautiful as she aged. She was graceful, even as a child, and was put to lessons in the art of the Eurusi Dance at a fairly young age...

And that is what led her to be brought into the palace of the new King and Queen of Petrioch. She was trained there as one of the courtesans to the King himself, often entertaining he and his guests with her dance. This afforded her a rather grand lifestyle for a person of her caste, and an ample amount of free time, which she often spent at the water's edge. She was almost as graceful in the water as she was on land.

She enjoyed this life she was granted, and was especially in love with the freedom she felt when dancing. But, something drew her to seek a new life, adventure into the unknown, or little known. She set off with another who worked in the palace, knowing they may not succeed, that if stories were true, they very likely would be lost at sea... and yet, they set off. By some miracle, they found themselves first in Setarco, where they learned the language and were welcomed into the Whisper House, continuing their work with the organization upon their arrival in Arx. What adventures await her in this foreign city remain to be seen... but as long as she can dance to the rhythm of life, Nisaa will wear a smile.

Name Summary
Arcelia Another dancer, another woman caught up in the strange web of the world. I cannot help but feel kinship to you and I hope she takes up my offer to seek my aid if she ever needs it.
Harald A foreigner, drawn into the great storm of our great Foe. Lowborn, but perhaps of high import.
Malik Some people have a certain light to them, the kind that brightens them up and makes others around them feel warm and relaxed. And then there is Nisaa - she who burns with the light of all the stars in the sky, the kind that makes you want to forever be in their orbit just to get a even a small taste of the heat that she radiates.
Mason Mason is very keen to try and find common ground with Nisaa. There are so few people from his homeland to share with that it would be a shame not to work towards a friendship with those that are here in Arx. He's concerned by how much his goals have hurt her, and her perspective is certainly one he hadn't considered. He is hopeful that they can understand each other better in time.