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Spare a silver for a blind man, my lord?

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Spirit of the Streets
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Culler
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 35
Birthday: 7/2
Religion: None
Vocation: Charlatan
Height: average height
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: gray
Skintone: medium

Description: Thin features. Sun-baked skin. Gray eyes. Straight, shaggy hair the color of dirt. If 'unremarkable' had a face, this would be it. With an average height and average build (maybe a little on the thin side) this man offers not a single physical characteristic to make him memorable. His simple clothing and slight accent mark him as Lowers street trash, but only for someone paying enough attention to notice him at all.

Personality: Staying beneath notice is a survival skill for beggars in the Lowers, and Loramus is a survivor. When he wants to, he can turn himself into a piece of the scenery, a man so unremarkable that he escapes from even the sharpest memory the moment he's no longer in sight. It's an armor that he wears effortlessly around those he doesn't know or trust, but those few people who he lets get close to him will learn that his dull Lowers coat is lined with cloth of gold. To his friends, Loramus is a warm, intelligent, and talkative man, genuinely interested in even the most mundane details of their lives and gifted with the ability to remember all of it. When he wants to turn on the charm, there is charm to spare, and it's no wonder that a few hours away in his company is enough for a person to remember this normally forgettable man for a lifetime.

Background: Loramus grew up in a warren of tumbledown shacks in the filthiest part of the Lowers, one of the class of people who even the poor looked down on. Who his parents were, nobody could say, least of all him, aside from the fact that they're almost certainly dead by now. His family were everyone and no one. He ran with a pack of half-feral kids, alternately nurtured, abused, and used by any adult who managed to get their hands on him. Such might have been the sum total of his story, a street kid who ended up dead at twenty from cheap liquor or a knife in the back, except that Loramus had something special, a knack for making connections. Some might call it gossip, but in the faceless Lowers where people are often seen as interchangeable and expendable, Loramus saw learning the names and life stories of the people around him as an act of defiance.

As he grew into his natural talents, Loramus didn't become a visible figure in the Lowers, but rather he became more of a presence there, both the observer and embodiment of its spirit. Thanks to his knack for remembering peoples' names, learning their business, learning what they wanted and finding ways to get it for them, he had at his fingertips a substantial web of the poorest of the poor, people who, like him, saw everything without being noticed themselves. He became the man nobody really talked about, but everyone turned to. It was this enormous pool of informants that brought him to the attention of Torian Culler.

Loramus has never seen himself as much of a joiner, but in asking him to join the Cullers, Torian made a compelling case. He wanted to clean up the Lowers. Not completely, of course, but just enough to tamp down on the worst abuses and protect the most vulnerable. He had the bully boys to put the worst slum lords and sweatshop owners out of business, but he needed to know who those people were, and that's what he wanted Loramus to do for him. After a lifetime of watching the strong take advantage of the weak in the worst possible ways, getting some measure of justice (or at least revenge) was an offer too tempting to pass up, and so for the first time, Loramus emerged from the deep slums to the slightly less slummy slums, ready to turn his small, lifelong act of defiance into an engine of change.

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