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Selene Whisper

The greatest of actors and actresses will never be found in any troupe or company but here at court. The stakes are far higher and nothing save perfection will suffice.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Making Diplomacy Fashionable
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Whisper
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 27
Birthday: 4/12
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: average height
Hair Color: mahogany
Eye Color: sapphire
Skintone: peaches and cream

Titles: Radiant Emeritus, A Whisper of Peace

Description: Graceful is often tossed around to describe many a noble woman, but few come close to the embodiment that Selene exudes. Her luscious mahogany hair spills across her shoulders, in that perfect length and softly curling way, to usher in fashion trends, and being on the edge of all. Long lashes frame eyes of the richest sapphire and sparkle with a life few have ever considered possible. Every so often, a hint of dark thought touches her features, a shadow gone almost before it appeared. Created of soft curves and fine lines, there is no one feature that stands out, yet the whole of the woman transcends any expectation or standard of beauty.

Personality: Selene is a woman, made of confidence and silken steel, quick to jest or comfort, laugh or shed a perfect tear. Never one to be out of place in any situation, she is both the most genuine and most mysterious woman one could meet. Her moods are as carefully crafted as her clothing, wearing them with the poise and grace one could expect from the premiere courtsean. Rarely aggressive, none would ever ascribe 'weak' to the woman, but her strength occasionally reflects the dangerous core of cold steel within. She knows when to make the double entendre, when to place a comforting hand on the shoulder, and she makes it all look as effortless as a summer breeze. Very few may know the true Selene, but it is very difficult to find a reason to dislike whoever they meet.

Background: Most nobles that meet Selene would never imagine she comes from humble roots as she effortlessly shows the elegance and poise expected of the most elite of courtiers among the nobility, seeming to have an instinctive grasp of every rule of etiquette or expectation that could be placed upon her. She generally gently demurs from talking about her past, though it's generally known she was a gifted actress with a troupe of mummers, often playing high born noblewomen on the stage, and it was how she caught the attention of a previous Radiant of the Whisper House and became the woman's protege in Arx as a Whisper specializing in diplomacy and courtly fashion. She eventually rose to become Radiant herself, though seemingly took the position reluctantly, and was never really comfortable leading the House. While Radiant she did aid the negotiations with the Nox'alfar, the so-called 'dark elves' that were responsible for King Alaric's coma and most fully expected war after a previous breakdown with their envoys, but Selene helped see that a treaty with reasonable terms was struck despite the acrimony among many of the nobility. She decided she had a knack for it.

Preventing war between adversaries of questionable sanity and leaders of questionable temperament was a personal triumph to Selene, and after enjoying high stakes negotiations and the intrigue and fun that came out of it (such as going with her level best attempt at a 'Nox'alfar' fashion outfit that seemed to win over the envoys), she just didn't enjoy being a distant administrator any longer, and stepped down from position of Radiant to take a trip to the Twilight Court as an envoy for a time. Upon her return to Arx, she's looking to pursue her interests in outstanding diplomacy and outstanding fashion, and helping houses raise to prominence with her help. For the right cost, of course.

Relationship Summary

  • Tyrval - A marvel out of stories.

  • Patron:
  • Jaenelle - Your aspirations are reflected in the mirror of my own. A deft touch imbued by grace.
  • Jaenelle - Such vision will reshape the world.

  • The crown:
  • Alaric - The epitome of elusidity.
  • Vayne - Bastion of Wisdom

  • Mourning isles:
  • Vanora - Eloquent Duality

  • Protege:
  • Mirella - I will have you shine fiercely as a duskstone.

  • Friend:
  • Saedrus - The Courteous Courtier
  • Rook - Gracious Patron and Trusted Confidant
  • Bliss - The Dashing Whisper
  • Corban - Gilded Wisdom
  • Sudara - Illuminating Intellectual
  • Emrys - The bulwark of pointed elegance.

  • Crownlands:
  • Samantha - Devoted Diplomat
  • Rymarr - A paragon of virtue and purveyor of quips.
  • Name Summary
    Aedin A very intelligent and fashionable Whisper. So much grace and beauty. Crystalline perfection!
    Aethan A Whisper -- that much would be obvious even without introduction.
    Agostino It was an enjoyable night, meeting the elegant former Radiant Whisper. She is every bit the deft conversationalist one would expect of one who served in the capacity she did.
    Alarissa The former head of the whispers, she is a woman of grace and style and one that Alarissa can respect for having taken the head of such a house. A formidable woman.
    Alessandro Former Radiant, and even in a short meeting, it is easy to see why.
    Amund Poised. Consummate courtier. A bit too curious for her own good. But she must have her own means of defense.
    Andry She assures me she doesn't cook or eat orphans, a good thing I'm sure.
    Arman Well mannered, educated, well groomed. Her knowledge of current events and insights into them are not unexpected of one of her vocation, but her ability to so eloquently and unobtrusively state her opinions on matters is indeed a gift.
    Armani One of the finest hostesses I've seen, putting together a party all sorts of us could enjoy. Gracious and friendly to boot!
    Athaur My first real encounter with a Whisper. But she certainly fits the part of all the stories I have been told.
    Austen A most graceful and interesting lady. Possessed of a silver tongue, and an great appreciation for the Faith. Our paths have likely crossed in the palace. I hope they cross again soon.
    Beatrice A woman who understands that a whisper is best appreciated in stillness. Her rates must be exorbitant and she seems the type to convince you to thank her for the pleasure of paying for your own - and that's simply for perfect, thoughtful, considered conversation. My Sand Whisper.
    Bliss When we are asked what grace should look like, all eyes should fall on Selene Whisper. There are few people out there who can really understand it all. She is one of them. Her future is so bright.
    Cahal Full of grace and knowledge. I am looking forward to working alongside her.
    Cambria The former Radiant is the picture of grace. While there is much to admire in her form and figure, it is her mind that I admire. Listening to her during the Salon Debate regarding the Great Road, I found her thoughtful and wise.
    Cassima As confident, positive, and well-spoken as any Whisper ought to be.
    Cerdensulathara A classy, demure woman. Fashionable, thoughtful. Someone to aspire to.
    Cristoph I've yet to have passing meeting with Whisper Selene that wasn't lovely and perfectly engaging. She's a talented woman and the Compact certainly benefits from her skills as a Whisper.
    Denica Quite the well spoken Whisper. Charming and intelligent. A dangerous combo.
    Domonico Smart, elegant and well spoken. Also seems to approve our King. I like her.
    Draven She seems nice! I like her lots! Oh! I bet Arik could hire her! I think she is one of those Whispers! Very Compacty! Very friendly too!
    Duarte Don't tell Radiant Selene (a fitting title to be sure) that I'm all too aware the intrigues such well practiced posh and polish hides and it brings me like moth to flame. I should like to speak with her more, you know?
    Emilia A very graceful and soft-spoken person. I quite enjoyed her company.
    Emrys To say I see some of myself in Selene would be a lie. Yet I've used her as a model for my students to follow enough times that they may be forgiven for thinking so.
    Evaristo Graceful, radiant, charming, polite, poised, beautiful, stylish, amusing, entertaining ... I could go on and on, but I think that will do for now.
    Evonleigh Her regal grace and beauty are quite unrivaled, and yet she is kind and warm to others.
    Fiora A well spoken Whisper.
    Galatea The Whisper seems quite impeccable as a seamstress--or should I not call her that? She chafes at 'tailor,' too. At any rate, I shall place myself in her capable hands.
    Gaspar Elegance, poise and artistry combined into one exceptional woman. I could listen to her talk on anything for hours at a time and be perfectly content.
    Giada A former Radiant and new Mirrormask given to social maneuvering. Probably going to be a lot of smiles and laughing and hand-folding in the future.
    Gianna It was Selene who was Radiant at the time I joined the Whispers; she saw potential in me, and encouraged me to pursue my ambitions. Elegant, stately, and unerringly polite, she is a fine example of what a Whisper can be.
    Gilroy The picture of perfection, every day, no matter what.
    Gretchen Glamorous, fashionable, and personable, my mother always told me women like this didn't really exist.
    Harlex You can walk into a room and never miss her, nor take your eyes off her. A Whisper through and through. Dangerous in her own right. That will always have my respect.
    Imi If more people were as unfailingly polite as Her Luminosity is, the Champions' Guild would certainly lack for work. I am grateful for Selene's instruction, and for the chance to spend an evening in her company.
    Isidora A whisper. I am always amazed by their talent to care about what people are saying. And she makes it look like it's easy to listen.
    Jasher It appears that we have a habit of meeting in strange places. Grace, confidence, and assurance like a vessel steadfast against the storm.
    Jeffeth This Whisper has been a wealth of comfort. She is as lovely as they come, I may not always understand the things she says but I certainly enjoy how she says them.
    Joscelin I have had the blessing of a long relationship with House Whisper, and it all started with Whisper Selene before I'd become Guildmaster. Her faith in my skills and creativity humbled me from the first. I hope I can continue to surprise her.
    Jyri A whisper, through and through. Can't help but to feel relaxed around her. A nice woman.
    Kincade Graceful, almost too graceful. She moves with more grace than the fluffy cat that follows her. But do I trust her? She was almost stalking at the edge of the conversation like a lioness. Or is she just exceedingly polite?
    Korka Former Radiant... well, still radiant. Graceful, elegant, poised and so... polished. She has a way about her, her designs are all so... sensual. I wonder who she was before the mask of Whisper was applied. If that person still exists.
    Liara Elegant, articulate, bright, articulated and marvellously well dressed - just what one would expect of someone who had been the Radiant of Whisper House.
    Lilia A radiant example of the grace and poise one expects of a Whisper. Would that everyone could take a page from this and speak just a little bit more softly.
    Lore The epitome of what I always thought the Whisper House is about. Elegance, refinement, taste, and sharp as a dagger. I would love to sit and speak with her further on any number of topics.
    Mabelle Talented woman of great fashion sense. I cannot wait to see her designs.
    Maja She is the former Radiant -- she has so much elegance, charm, and knowledge! I can't even imagine being even a smidgeon as refined as she is but I will try my hardest to follow her lead. I am lucky to have someone like her in my life. I need to seek her out more often!
    Marisol Whisper Selene is resourceful and bright. I not only have her to thank for many of those helping with my portion of our crisis but also watching her attempt to seduce Prince Tyrval and be rewarded with approval. Well done.
    Martino A true socialite who is able to gather in a room, to say what she needs to get what she wants done. Impressive.
    Merek A wonderful friend of mine. She is nice and always seems to be willing to make people feel better about things also.
    Miella Perfectly radiant. It seems she knows everyone or at least everyone wants to know her.
    Miranda A typical Whisper in that her words are soft and thoughtful. One would expect no less, right? But she has a lightness to her, as if the troubles of the world can't possibly touch her. True or not, it's how she presents herself and it's somewhat infectious. It is not a light that is bright and harsh as the sun, but soft and gentle like the moon. My next dark day may see me calling her to bask in her moonlight.
    Mirella Perfect grace.
    Mirk Thoughtful and intelligent, and willing to step outside of her own perspective. All in all, the essential Whisper.
    Modi To say the Radiant Emeritus is beautiful would be so redundant. Of course she's beautiful, of course she speaks with a lovely cadence and of course she shines through every room. That is not simply part of her, beauty is the very essence of her soul. You can say it so many ways and all of them paint a marvelous picture.
    Narcissa I have only ever seen whispers of the Whisper Selene, always from a distance and never up close. A woman ever deserving of the Radiant title she once held, a radiance held in presence there long after even now.
    Neilda Very refined and elegant, and her attire is the epitome of femininity.
    Niklas A former-radiant who has managed to retain her radiance. I'm not sure if there is a Whisper in Whisper House with her fashionable elegance.
    Ouida It is very easy to grow tongue tied in the presences of the beauty and wit that the men and women of Whisper House nearly often have in ample measure. But to be in the presence of the former Radiant Selene Whisper is to be reminded that such things in elegant hands are not weapons or mere tools to cut down one to build up another, but to encourage the drawing out the words of others and let them be heard with grace .
    Petal Lovely, graceful, well spoken and with great taste
    Pharamond The Whisper sees right through me! But libertine is as good a way to be described by a woman who exhudes class.
    Philippe I have never sought the Whisper nor had to use Selene's services but the Whisper is very quick to make herself known when she enters a room and is very fluid in the manner in which she joins a conversation.
    Reese Lovely, but also very witty and alert. There is something interesting and special about her.
    Reigna A former Radiant who very much embodies such a title still. She moves with grace, effortless charm and a capable mind. There is an immediate sense of competence from her, the sort that puts one at immediate ease, as if any problem or issue that might arise will be in the best of hands.
    Rinel She's more Lycene than Duarte. I don't understand a single thing she says. Is she making fun of me? I think she's making fun of me.
    Rook The skies themselves could wax lyrical about the grace, poise and beauty of her. I could still go one better. Even then. It would still not be enough to describe the true wonder that is. Selene Whisper.
    Roxana The Celebrated whisper is clearly a very skilled diplomat, one need only hear her speak of her skills and it is clear. A demonstration, that would make it even clearer...but in times troubled like this Arx is lucky to have her.
    Rukhnis Suspiciously perfect.
    Rysen Supremely talented and graceful, her slightest gesture commands the attention of all in her presence.
    Saoirse Designer of the famed map dress, Selene has a special place in Saoirse's heart!
    Sophie Often with courtiers I find them tiredsome with their concerns of fashion and flirtation, but this one.. There's more to her than a pretty face and charming demeanor. She's got substance. I like substance. If it weren't for her and Mistress Aurora I fear I'd still be wearing hand-me-down dresses from my sister - so of course I'm grateful for that as well.
    Sparte A whisper is good company for a reason. Selene Whisper exemplifies civility and grace. I hope she comes to more of the Salon gatherings.
    Sudara A politely respectful Whisper. Even more eye-catching than most of her peers, she thankfully seems to feel little need for vanity, and seems to share my preference for quiet contemplation over a scene of crowded revelry. I rather approve.
    Thea Knows absolutely everything and is patient in teaching me what I do not know. One of my favorites.
    Tyrus It's rather simple to describe Selene Whisper. Envision the Whisper House, its dignified and storied history. Its peerless courtiers. Coalesce it all in one person. Congratulations, you have Selene Whisper.
    Valdemar Everything that one would expect from a Whisper, it is no wonder she once led them. Not to be underestimated, and worthy of esteem.
    Valenzo Grace and sparkle, clever as a cat. Don't know why I stopped into the Black Fox again, as I'm not exactly the ideal clientele and often get dismissed, but such gems like this Selene make it worth all the rest.
    Vanora The Celebrated Whisper is truly beautiful and she carries herself with poise few can match. I find her fun to speak with as well, very engaging.
    Vayne An insightful and earnest student of the Shrine. I was most pleased to make her acquaintance, and believe she will add a great deal to the work we do. I have high expectations for her, but ones I believe she will exceed. I look forward to learning from her.
    Vega I have finally made the acquaintance of the Radiant-Emeritus Selene Whisper. She far exceeds her reputation for her grace, poise, and lyrical speech. I can see why she has been so revered and I only hope that this first meeting was not our last.
    Venturo A Whisper who has every ounce of grace, poise and skill one would expect of the House, and then some. She is without doubt coy trouble when it comes to negotiations.
    Willow The part of me that worships beauty could get lost in the poetry with which she comports herself. She seems lovely enough that her shrewdness might be overlooked in opportune moments. Honestly it reminds me a bit of myself. I like her.
    Zara Once Radiant, still radiant: there's a masterclass in etiquette to be learned in the way she comports herself.
    Zeriax Elegance sweeps along those who gaze with sparkling eyes, refinement like a diamond in the light.