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Lady Peri Seliki

"The only limit I will accept is the edge of the horizon. And the horizon is endless."

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Would Be Explorer
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Seliki
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 31
Birthday: 6/19
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Explorer
Height: average height
Hair Color: ombre auburn
Eye Color: golden hazel
Skintone: pale olive

Description: A little above average height for a woman, Peri is the kind of graceful that comes from natural athleticism rather than the discipline and training of being a courtier. She bears no tattoos or other marks indicating a Prodigal background, but there's an air of wildness to her, like she has trouble staying in one place for too long. Her eyes are a bright, gleaming hazel set in a pale olive teadrop of a face, with a remarkable mop of hair that falls just past her shoulders. Darkest at the roots, it has a brown-reddish tone that the sun has bleached it in varying degrees until it is almost blonde at the tips. Thick and almost-dreadlock like, it's almost impossible to do much with it, but Peri tries. Sometimes.

Personality: Peri is thoughtful, bright and by nature, a seeker. While her brother tends to be adventurous in terms of liking to take risks, Peri's sense of adventure is part of a deep-seated desire to explore. Despite her local culture's aversion to exploring (as it conjures cultural memories for being Thraxian thralls, and invites contact with the great house of the sea), Peri dreams of voyaging across the ocean and discovering new places. There's just one problem - she's her father's heir. Peri loves her family, and so she constrains her desires out of her sense of duty. But even if she is limited in terms of geography, she takes great pleasure in experiencing what is strange and new to her. Peri feels an especially strong affinity for the sea. She looks to the ocean as her means to find new lands, and feels a special affinity to Mangata, a sense that the tide will carry her to where she longs to be.

Background: Peri has grown up in Pearlspire as her father's heir, but for the most part she was always her mother's daughter. Her mother would tell stories of discovery, magical places across the sea and how they had been discovered. Peri's natural curiosity and desire to explore has been something she fears her family will not understand - all save perhaps, her grandmother - especially after her mother's death many years ago. From that time, her affinity for the sea has only grown stronger, and she takes comfort most frequently when in Mangata's shrine.

Growing up, Peri was urged to get in touch with the people, learning the ways of the shore cultures, pearl diving, trawling, fishing and the like. After her mother's death, she dedicated even more time going among the shore cultures and seeing to their needs. Throwing herself into work her mother encouraged her in was one of the ways she dealt with the grief of missing her.

It was years later that she realized she had lost her way as heir by focusing so narrowly on the people of Pearlspire. Since then, she has traveled between Pearlspire and Arx working hard to live up to her ideal of what an heir should be. Her mother always told her fanciful tales of Peri's rule, and she has realized she would like to be a head of house her mother would have been proud of.

Life has been an adventure since that day she looked up from the shores of Pearlspire and back to the horizon again like she did in her youth. She has worked hard for her lieges. Though Pearlspire suffered the loss of many ships against Gyre, she has helped her family build back up from that and looks to even greater things for Pearlspire and the Compact.

Relationship Summary

  • Sereia - Tiny new crew!
  • Kaldur - I love you my daredevil little brother. I will not mourn for you until I know for a truth that you are gone.

  • Deceased:
  • Diane - My mother. I miss her and all her stories.

  • Family:
  • Oona - Yaya - Grandmother - Moves to the beat of her own drum.
  • Maru - My grand uncle. He has had so many adventures!
  • Kalani - My cousin.
  • Scythia - She makes my father so happy. She'll never replace my mother, but I am so very grateful she is a part of my family now. She has a place in my heart.

  • Parent:
  • Orrin - A fierce protector of freedom

  • Ally:
  • Dio - My former patron. I gain insight from our differences.
  • Name Summary
    Aethan Defender of the small.
    Ahmar The only person I ever met with wildier hair than me. I think she is trying to steal my bird.
    Alexio An excentric lady proud of the Pearlspire and its treasured pearls; insists they are better than those from Navegant. *chuckles* As a merchant I do appreciate the diveristy, so, I shall not be bias on such. I bet if I ask a Nevegant I'll hear the same tale but inversed!
    Apollo Uh. I've... never seen a bearded lady before, so that... happened?
    Arcadia What a strange and loud lady!
    Cerdensulathara Cheerful and friendly. Extraverted. Seemingly confident.
    Conall I don't think perhaps she drinks often, as I found myself a little lost. But a friendly and happy drunk, polite and conversational. A pleasant way to arrive in the city.
    Dariel Lively, outgoing and rather interested in dousing people, it seems. Good fun.
    Domonico Her footwork on the dancefloor was interesting to say the least.
    Evaristo As excited about ships as I am and leading her own fleet. Ambitious about it all, as well. Someone to keep an eye out for, for certain!
    Harlex Pearls are pretty but not fragile things. They endure. Forged from great pressure, way I understand it; she has those excellent qualities.
    Jeffeth Lady Seliki she certainly is spirited. Her heart is in a good place, to be sure.
    Joscelin Pleasant and odd, a delightful combination. She's one of the many reasons I feel myself more drawn to the Seliki's than not.
    Josephine One of my favourite Seliki's, though her dislike of sapphires perplexes me.
    Kaia An oddball, but so hard not to adore her! She's one of my best friends and I love her!
    Kaldur My sister. Father's heir. Nudnik.
    Kenna I've loved Lady Peri from the moment we met, and not a thing has changed in all of that time. Sally loves her too!!
    Keyser Polite for all her privilege, with a clear sense of humor about life. Good people
    Lou I've had the grand honor of fighting with Peri during the Gyre War. I loaned her some of my armor, after I noticed she wasn't wearing much of any at all! I'm glad she's an explorer. I'm certain she'll have much to lend to the Society of Explorers.
    Madeleine I adore this woman and her sweet little Soot. He is my favorite ferret, though don't tell any of the other ferrets that. They may get jealous. Anyway, Lady Peri is sweet and fun-loving. She's my kind of lady.
    Martino A friendly Lady who's kind manners and curious nature is a pleasure to behold.
    Maru I think she takes after me more than she ought to. That's the trouble with filling young minds full of stories: sometimes they grow up into adults with their minds in far away lands.
    Mikani Sailing. Exploring. Learning. I think I found another fast friend.
    Miranda Oooh! She has a ship! Or at least can draw one. Seems like an interesting Lady. She's an Explorer and we are all levels of fascinating!
    Monique She's got a quick wit /and/ she came prepared. Not only was she prepared, but so was her attendant /and/ animal companion! The eye for fine detail that Lady Seliki has is evident.
    Niklas She's got a lot of hair.
    Orathy Reckon this one holds in their composure well nuff, never lettin too much out, even though there be a few times a reaction almost slipped out. Reckon such a tight composure be like a dagger up a sleeve, harnessed well, it be stronger than any war hammer be. Aye, the fact she knew 'n introduced the Cardia woman, speaks volumes bout how well she be sharpenin it all this while.
    Orrin A wild memory of her mother. I hope she does not too strongly cling to her youth, for there is much to be done that demands temperance and careful thought.
    Perronne Goodness, this lady has a lot of passion in her! And rum. Passion and rum. Not the wisest of combinations, maybe, but she actually handles it well, and cares about her land. I can like that!
    Pharamond She is horrible at sand castles but quite gifted at fun!
    Quintin A fellow Explorer, Lady Peri has an inquisitive mind and I suspect we have quite a few shared interests. I have also never seen hair quite like hers before.
    Ras If everyone was like her, Arx would really be strong.
    Reese She seems pretty smart and can hold her own when talking to my father. I think she has wits and a sense of subtle strength.
    Rukhnis Her mind seems to leap about more frenetically than her pet ferret, but she seems intelligent, responsible, and interesting. Her fascination with Eurus is still somewhat baffling, however.
    Rysen Thoughtful, wise and conscientious. She seems like an excellent leader.
    Sabella I'm going to need that meat pie recipe from her cook. But she appears to be a young woman who is strong and willing to do what she needs to do to get things done. Admirable qualities in a leader!
    Sparte If you're passionate about your obligations, can they ever really be boring? I know she'll be true to herself.
    Stygia Definitely a noble by the looks of her, but a charitable heart.
    Valdemar That did not go at all as I would have expected, especially given recent events. It was a pleasant surprise though. Difficult times can lead us to strange alliances.
    Valenzo Multitalented, kinda mischievous, and waaaaay more plainspoken and genuine than most silks I know, which is a massive relief after holding my damn tongue all the time!
    Vanora She seems very sweet and so eager to serve her house. I was charmed and hope to get to know more of her.
    Vitalis A strange and intriguing woman. I didn't think anyone was hungrier for stories than I am - I may have met my match.
    Willow Seems mischievous. Like to know her better.