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Princess Isolde Velenosa

Everyone fears the Thirteenth and wonders what lies beyond the Reflection. It is a mirror of our desires, our hopes, our baser natures that we must admit exists. To deny it is to allow it to creep up upon us and take us unawares, like a thief in the night. Do not fear the mirror. Look deep upon it, smile, and know that image smiling back is still yourself.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Charming Mirrormask
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Velenosa
Gender: female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 28
Birthday: 12/17
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Priest
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: onyx
Eye Color: rich chocolate
Skintone: bronzed

Description: Some women try to look sultry, to captivate the minds and attentions of others using coy looks and lascivious postures. Isolde has no need of such parlor tricks. Often having a far away look, like listening to whispers only she can hear, or watching a play only she can see, there always seems to be an air of mystery surrounding the beautiful young Velenosa. Her lips always smile, sometimes dreamy, other times fully of gentle life that warms the spirit, and the expressions light up her rich dark eyes. Her hair is always immaculate, the darkest black of onyx. Her grace is one of otherworldy ease, touched by something mystical, each step as if she walks on a cloud. Her laughs are full of music, and her voice is gentle and warm. It seems an odd dichotomy for one devoted to the Dark Reflection.

(A few, fresh, white scars cut across Isolde's right arm. More noticeable, is the pronounced limp in her each and every step-- one that requires her to use a cane to stay steady. In addition, the large swell of her stomach is difficult to overlook and suggests that the Princess is far into her pregnancy.)

Personality: Few women possess the pure sense of purpose that Isolde holds. Very little concerns her enough to cause her to second guess herself, and very little ever rattles the natural and almost pervasive calm that takes over her. When she engages in social functions, she is quick to laugh, to offer warm and kind words, occasionally laced with the understanding of the Dark Reflection (however, she's very aware of when such talk is highly inappropriate.) When she's by herself, some hints of the quiet, reserved girl come out, but only because she sees no need to manufacture interaction. She has a warm, usually kind demeanor, however serious her life path may be. It is easy for her to be friendly, even in the face of the suspicion she may face because of her calling. She shoulders the burdens, allowing them to build her confidence, rarely viewing someone else with derision.

Background: As a child Isolde was considered shy and withdrawn, an introverted young woman of rare smiles and haunted eyes. Her family would try to break her out of her shell by including her constantly in every minor social function, which she appreciated but remained just as reticent afterwards. Then came the Mirror's Masquerade. The Eclipse of Mirrors is the largest holiday of the Lyceum, that bloodmoon of every few years when all the houses of the Lyceum pay homage to the Thirteenth, particularly at the Mirror's Masquerade. Isolde was forced to attend by her family, just another masked young woman to enjoy the games of the feast day as a mirror-masked actor played the part of the Dark Reflection, dancing and jesting with all the guests in honor of the dark god. In a rare departure from tradition, the actor picked Isolde as the evening's 'favorite', a rare blessing by the Thirteenth that is blasphemous for an actor to give... but even more blasphemous for the audience to scoff at, and cast doubt upon the actor. The party all cheered for the dark god's favorite, the dances continued, and for that night Isolde was the pinnacle of Lyceum society.

She changed after that. She was now confident, charming... and determined to preach the benefits of the Thirteenth to the rest of Arvum that allowed superstition to cloud their appreciation for his gifts. It's not uncommon for high born nobles to become disciples of a particular god, but it's very rare indeed for a younger sister of a duchess, let alone the Grand Duchess of the Lyceum, to become a disciple of the least worshipped god of the Pantheon. She knows full well that spreading understanding of the Dark Reflection is quite an uphill battle, but the shy girl is long gone. She believes in herself, her family and her faith, and will win over others.

Relationship Summary

  • Alaric - Unworthy king
  • Victus - Loyal thrax lord
  • Fawkuhl - Pompous dominus
  • Alessandra - Lady of potential
  • Hadrian - Dashing Rogue
  • Ailith - Simple Minded Seraph
  • Eira - Rough Swordswoman
  • Brianna - Wild Northern Swordswoman
  • Arianwen - Up and Coming Courtsean
  • Edain - Princely Valardin Project
  • Audric - Flamboyantly Charming Sellsword
  • Kieran - Crude Northern Prince
  • Bliss - Delightful Whisper Champion
  • Donella - Intriguing Thraxian Voice
  • Acacia - Reasonable Boroughs Woman
  • Alarissa - Utterly Amusing GreyValar Princess
  • Nadia - Insulting Nightgold Duchess
  • Alis - Little Spitfire Valarin Princess
  • Larissa - Exquisite Whisper
  • Alistair - Delightfully Prodigal Inquisitor
  • Morrighan - Receptive Northern Tailor
  • Dawn - Grayson Head-To-Be
  • Prospero - Delightfully Charming Fidante
  • Laric - Charming Prince Inquisitor
  • Donrai - ArchLecter of Thrax
  • Calypso - Malvici Generaless
  • Leola - Mousy Saik Vassel
  • Juliet - Intriguing. Most Intriguing
  • Deva - No Really - Definitely my sister.
  • Anze - Snow Patrol
  • Aislin - Engaging Intellectual

  • Friend:
  • Calista - Lovely Lady Fidante
  • Margot - Thriving Flower
  • Tehom - It's Divinely Complicated
  • Talen - My Sweet Sword
  • Dagon - Generous, Delightful Prince
  • Gareth - Intriguing Inquisitorial Enigma
  • Darren - I Suppose He's All Right
  • Eos - Constant as the Southern Winds
  • Freja - Princess Shaman of the Northerly Shamans
  • Fergus - Complexity in Simplicity

  • Family:
  • Esera - Beloved sister
  • Luca - Unmotivated Cousin
  • Vivana - Flashy Duellist Cousin
  • Niccolo - Grieving Papa
  • Valencia - Northern Star Cousin
  • Name Summary
    Aerandir Accompanied by an endearing hound, Her Highness strikes a pleasant, affable figure at first glance; she certainly was quick to approach me and engage in conversation in spite of being busied, even paying little heed to my belated bow.
    Agnarr Saw that mirror mask princess, but she didn't fight. Risked her dress, though, must be someone worth knowing.
    Apollis A beautiful Princess. She was skeptical of my drink choices. I should love a chance to convince her of the many varied uses of honey.
    Arianna She is touched by the gods, for her very presence was enough to swoon me. I would walk with her into the Void.
    Darren No matter how much the world around me gets darker, the troubles deeper, it is good to know Isolde is always there. What was to be may have never happened, but what we have is too strong to be broken by circumstance.
    Dominic Met the mysterious princess of Velenosa... Staring at her allows me to look into myself.
    Donaldo Cousin Isolde showed great poise at her wedding, despite some party pooper making a fool of themselves.
    Echo I don't think I caught her name, but she seemed awful considerate to me. If I needed a weapon and there was a giant fleet sailing towards my home, I'd be frantic trying to get a weapon, but she treated others with the respect that was due. A proper princess, warm and kind and full of all sorts of confidence.
    Hadrian Historically she and I have had a complicated relationship. More often than not it seems a game of cat and mouse. At this point that is all that I can readily remember: the game. The beginning is far murkier and in the past. It may be wisest to focus on the present. Or future. That is the only thing which can be changed at this point.
    Ian In retrospect, I was probably too drunk to safely open my mouth.
    Jordan Princess Isolde. A charming, mysterious woman with captivating eyes and voice. Definitely an embodiment of all the traits that make Lycene women as deliriously dangerous as the bards like to sing of them.
    Kaede If one were to look up Velenosa Princess in a dictionary, I think you'd find a picture of this woman.
    Killian Killian still isn't sure what to make if Isolde, having first met the mirrormask in the course of basically stalking her to try and determine if she was tainted by evil or not. She wasn't (at the time!) and proved quite helpful in the plan to murder the Bringers of Silence en masse, and he finds her an interesting sort of person, if certainly somewhat alien to his own sensibilities.
    Marian I first met her at the auction and now again at the charity event. She is a woman of distinct grace and poise. Perhaps I could learn a thing or two from her. It's good to see that we both care about similar causes.
    Merek %bMerek met Isolde for the first time at the Shrine of the Thirteenth. She is very insightful, and as a Mirrormask, he thinks she is a wonderful example for guidance. He also believes her to be fairly accepting of the strange things that happen at times, and offers wisdom on it.
    Mirari Princess Isolde is poised and thoughtful.
    Mirari It is always good to spend time with people you enjoy and appreciate. Isolde is one of those for me.
    Mydas True of faith in Tehom, and with knowledge and insight aplenty to share on the subject. She was my mentor into entering the Mirrormasks, and every discussion with her has led to further enlightenment.
    Philippe The Velenosa princess requested my assistance with some matters of business for myself.
    Reese I like her. She helped with Luca's and my marriage and she still seems like she is very welling to help. I appreciate such.
    Reigna A mystery, as all Mirrormasks tend to be. Her choices are interesting and makes her all the more enigmatic. What scholar can resist a puzzle like that?
    Samael What an incredible beauty. She is so very kind and alluring too. I hope to get to know her better. We could be great friends, I think.
    Talen Our story is long and complex yet it boils down to a simple truth: Little sister with a big chunk of the Weave to hereslf. To be protected at all costs. Easily lost within libraries if you even so much as blink.
    Theron Princess of Velenosa, and wife of Prince Alistair, the High Inquisitor. She's pleasant, and realistic in her outlook of life. Indeed, it's ruthless; both in the Lyceum and without. I rather enjoyed my conversation with her and look forward to further talks.
    Torian They were at the Merchant West fire and The Compact owes them a debt of gratitude!
    Vanora Catching up with one of Vanora's dearest friends and confidantes and unofficial role model/inspiration. Always a pleasure.
    Zoey A lovely and quiet soul, I was enjoying our conversation. I hope that we get to talk more often, as I have so many questions.