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Legate Ailith

Everyone of us, every child of the gods, deserves the grace of the Pantheon whether they wear a crown or beg for coppers in the Lower Boroughs. We must deliver all of the Compact into their light, and save us all from the spread of darkness.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Palace Seraph
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Ethere
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 22
Birthday: 04/23
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Priest
Height: tall
Hair Color: chestnut
Eye Color: sky blue
Skintone: fair

Titles: Shield of the Faith, Legate of Concepts, Legendary Theologian

Description: Sweet faced with eyes full of fervor, Ailith seems a dichotomy unto herself. Taller than many men, with a strong build, she has the look of a warrior, but the face of a sweet lady, with large bright blue eyes that see the world in wonder and faith. Her bow mouth often smiles serenely, lighting up her face, until a fury comes upon her that can cause the staunchest warrior to be taken aback. When speaking normally, her voice is soft, melodic in a way that inspires peace, and then booms like a cacophony of holy trumpets when she proclaims with divine inspiration. She puts forth a confident aura when others are around, but if you can catch a glimpse of her alone, she might be staring up at the grandeur of Arx, looking small, and overwhelmed.

Personality: Ailith trusts the gods completely. She may not understand exactly why a young girl from an outside, almost unknown barony, and a commoner at that, is now the personal Seraph to the Crown and royal family in the palace, but she knows the Gods have a plan for her. It doesn't matter that she itches to go into the practice yard, it doesn't matter she doesn't know all the intricacies of court politics and etiquette. All that matters is that the gods use her voice to speak their will, and she submits to their guidance. She truly cares about the spiritual well being of those around her, as well as fighting against the forces of darkness that she knows are out there. As a woman, she's generally happy and finds the good in people when she can, but she is unrelenting when she discovers someone touched by darkness. There is no higher power than the gods, and all fall short in their sight.

Background: For those of humble birth among the many vassals of House Valardin, the dream of being one of their gallant knights may forever be out of reach. But Ailith as a commoner sought martial training regardless, accepting she might raise no higher than a simple footsoldier among the house guards of the tiny barony of her birth if that was the price she might pay for a chance to strike at the evil foes that threaten home and hearth. She feels it was the will of the gods to spare her from a boring backwater, however, when her barony found itself on the front against an Abandoned warband, a shockingly large makeshift army of several barbaric clans who sought to raid and plunder the weaker borders of House Valardin's holdings. Ailith still remembers the looks of terror on her fellow soldiers faces on the eve before battle, and the disappointment she felt when she realized the seraph assigned to her barony was a terrified old priest who never expected to speak on the eve of a battle. The young woman still recalls being able to all but smell the fear from her fellow soldiers, sapping their resolve, and then something like a whisper to her... something only she could hear, that spoke words of iron and triumph. Ailith, the youngest soldier and lowest of the guards out of the hundreds, addressed her unit. She spoke movingly of faith, of duty, of honor, and what it meant to be a child of the gods and a servant of Gloria. She remembers the fear melting away from her fellow soldiers, the growing cheers as those men and women found their courage and their resolve, and of the fervor that gripped them all as they then faced the screaming hordes of the Abandoned the following day and smashed the enemy host while greatly outnumbered. A lone knight of solace who had been at the battle declared it no less than a miracle, and all but demanded that Ailith be sent to Arx to meet with the Faith and consider joining one of the militant orders serving the gods.

Though she was expecting to become a soldier serving with the Knights of the Temple, a meeting with the Dominus himself convinced the young woman otherwise. The earthly voice of the gods spoke movingly of the importance of priestesses that can inspire and remind the faithful of what the gods require of them and to not break when the time comes for their tests of faith. He convinced her that one who can speak with divinely inspired words can do more good in the halls of power than a thousand steadfast soldiers, and assigned her as the personal priestess to the royal family: the palace seraph. Ailith is not entirely comfortable with a role that keeps her from the fighting, but she nonetheless recognizes its importance. How few commoners get the chance to talk to kings, and counsel them on what their faith asks of them? As the palace seraph, it is precisely her task, and she can do no less if that is the path the gods have set before her.

Name Summary
Aethan A Legate, but still knows how to have fun. A very good quality in the faithful.
Aiden She understands that hard decisions don't always make you look the good guy and assisted the situation as a mediator between what is right and wrong for the Crown. She picks up on other people's intents and thoughts, easily enough, and notes the oddities in situations others may overlook. She held her ground well during the attack, which speaks more for her character.
Alaric What she lacks in experience, she makes up for in moral certainty. I worry slightly she's in danger of driving herself too hard in her desire to prove herself worthy. Some missteps will be inevitable due to her youth, but she'll be a fine Palace Seraph.
Alarissa A wise woman, active. Alarissa finds in her a spirit that she quite enjoys. Collaboration is sure to be in the future, and she finds high praise on her tongue for the palace Seraph.
Aleksei Our first meeting was a bit dramatic -- but it's been nice to meet her again under better circumstances. She's a bit more of a real Oathlander than I am. That is: she blushes at talk of drunkenness and nudity. It's cute!
Alexis Seraph Ailith, the Palace Seraph of Arx, is a personal advisor to the king, and a kind and devoted soul. She seems to have a passion for people and getting to know them that I find inspiring, and I think I could listen to her talk for ages. Maybe I'm a little intimidated - she seems wise beyond her years - but I'm hoping I'll stay on her good side!
Arianna She is like an angel sent from above. Such regal mannerisms and an easy going disposition. Her down to earth demeanor is quite surprising considering just about anyone can look at her and see the Gods favor the Palace Seraph.
Artorius A kind healer! She seems a rather intelligent and humble lady, which already earns my appreciation and respect. I wouldn't mind having her check out Serah if, gods forbid, she should fall ill again. Nice lady.
Astraea The Seraph is a sweet soul and a force of good. She offered mercy when the enemy had none and despite my reservations about her tactics effectiveness, she managed to save lives. I have a vast sum of respect for the people of the Faith and most especially for those who have done good things in the name of the Gods.
Astrid Warm and welcoming, wise and probably some other w words I don't know.
Bhandn It was kind of Mother Ailith to treat me to the cider, but it was even kinder to offer advice on a matter that was of some consternation to me.
Bliss Ailith still works so incredibly hard, and it shows. At some point, I will have to get her alone again. But at least she was a good sport about the pub crawl.
Brigida As pious and wise as the clergy has ever produced. She could be another Orazio if she wanted. If she were to go for Legate of the Arts she would have my full support. If she were to go for Legate of Creation... well, I'd rather stay friends.
Brigida Still good and wise as any Legate, despite her young age. With hope she'll continue to learn as she gets older and be better for it.
Calaudrin The Palace Seraph, I don't know much about her but she congratulated me on my performance at the archery tournament. Which hey, probably means she can't be all that bad.
Carita A sweet woman, that I have unforunately not gotten a chance to speak as much as I'd like to, but there is hope for the future! Certainly someone to keep an eye on.
Caspian We just met and she roped me into missonary work, and I am grateful for that! She seems like a kind, playful woman.
Cristoph The Palace Seraph! I hadn't met her before but I'm glad to make her acquaintance. I'm hoping that Nicia and myself can drag her out of the palace to our party. Even the Seraph needs to get out for a couple of hours!
Cullen A plain spoken Oathlander and a credit to her position and the Faith. It was reassuring to know that she already knew of Lagoma's warning and preparations had been made, and gave solid advice on where to proceed from here. I need to talk to her more about other things, to be sure.
Dante I had heard a lot about how wonderful Ailith is, but nothing did her justice. Meeting her in person and seeing the radiant, enthusiastic and warm personality that also holds so much wisdom is a rare encounter in this world. I will make sure to befriend her, her very presence uplifts me.
Darrow The Seraph has a striking eye for the truth. Her words promise hope, but how can I believe them? All I've ever known is despair.
Delilah I would've never expected to see the Seraph jousting - Or, at least practicing - But here we are. We've never formally met but she's familiar with my name and she has a shared interest of teas among other things!
Delilah The restless energy of the sea fashions the most unexpected structures. Few expect the impact of the water to fundamentally shape things the way they do. But set a word upon the waves, as Ailith can, and the effects ripple throughout the Compact. Creativity pours through the depths, and what arises is brilliantly wrought, singular, and ever shifting but constant. I'm so out of my depth, though!
Denica Seraph Ailith is such a bright presence and she's been highly complimentary of my artwork. I cannot wait to show her even more!
Dianna Beloved by the gods, and strong in the Faith. An honor and joy to be around.
Duarte A decidedly charming seraph. Interested in all manner of topics. Pleasant conversationalist.
Echo Seraph Ailith is very wise! Even if it makes her blush or go quiet. I've learned a lot from her, especially when she was discussing everything over with other like-minded, knowledgable people.
Ectorion I had not as many chances to meet Ailith when I served at the Palace, and now that I do not, I wish that I had availed myself more often of her counsel. She seems to have a wisdom and peace about her that is beyond that of normal people.
Eilonwy She has no reason to help the Band of Boar yet she does. I think Arvani's faith might not be bad people, meeting her.
Eleanor She has a wonderful, peaceful quality to her. Just being around her makes me feel more settled. And she's very good at advice.
Esme Amazing to think of faith and be delicate. I'm sure we are to be best friends.
Esoka The palace seraph occupies a position which requires both grace and good humor, and Ailith seems to possess both. Esoka looks forward to knowing her better.
Evaristo Legate Ailith - all around interesting and devote, and quite intriguing. Glad to meet her!
Evelynn I admire the Legate's faith in the craftsmen and women in Arvum. I share her belief that they can achieve a great many things through their creativity and hard work.
Fairen Apparantly another witness to my reputation. Very interesting. Still, she seems like a very friendly person, and excellent conversation.
Faye Palace Seraph. She has a warmth and kindness I appreciate. I feel like we've been through a lot, though I'm still getting to know this woman.
Galatea A woman of great faith, greater empathy, and nearly as much beauty. Also, I think she's taller than me, and that bothers me entirely more than it should. Jealous? Perish the thought!
Grazia The Palace Seraph is very kind and seems very intent to have many people mixing socially in pleasant ways. Also, she knows her way around a menu. Very lovely.
Harald I expected a Seraph to be more arrogant. As much a diplomat as a priest.
Harlex Tall in presence and height, she certainly caught my eye. Knows her whisky too. We'll speak again, perhaps. I'd like that.
Helena Very sedate and thoughtful and a wonderful conversationalist.
Ilvin Mother Ailith has a bright faith in the gods that shines with everything she does. Humble, honest and kind; all of Arx and the Compact is lucky to have her as a guide.
Iseulet Charming, quiet, and not at all what I expected a Legate to be. I can see how she would make an exceptional leader.
Jaenelle Each time we have had the pleasure of meeting one another, the Seraph turned Legate has never failed to impress me with her kindness, passion, and the ease in which each person who seeks her guidance is placed within her presence.
Jeffeth The Palace Seraph! She's the best, she has games. I was scared of her at first, but she's quite nice.
Jev Someone who likes smells and smelling things. She is also very nice and asked me a question.
Joscelin Very demanding but in a constructive, motivating, healthy way. I can see why she's in the position she's in, or rather, why she enjoys it so much.
Josephine The Legate, a woman of faith. A little on the young side, but that's not a bad thing. Feverant in her service.
Katarina Seraph Ailith is an interesting woman, one who Katarina has only met in passing. They have not quite actually shared conversation, but perhaps that might change some day for the disciple of Sentinel.
Khanne I first met her, well, like, officially talked to her, at the camp while in the Gray Forest. I was skeptical of her at first.... but... it turns out, she and I are a lot alike. We swore we'd get together and talk about things of mutual interest, but life has not allowed for that. I have a lot of respect for Seraph Ailith, and... a feeling of friendship as well.
Killian I'm not yet sure what to make of her, she seems to be strongly tied to the Palace, though I have only heard such since the awakening of the King. She likes my wolf, so that's certainly a plus in her column.
Liara Always delightfully personable, and intensely knowledgeable in various fields too.
Lore A truly lovely and wonderful woman. I'm very glad to have gotten to meet her, and I do hope to see her around here and there.
Lou A Seraph, assigned specifically to the palace. An impressive feat! She appreciates martial competitions, and I found her genuinely likable.
Mabelle The most creative, passionate, smart women I've ever met. My head is spinning. I never pictured her like that!
Merek %bMerek met Ailith at the Palace. He thinks that the Seraph is a pretty interesting person, and quite busy from what it seems! Though it was around when a wedding was planned!
Michael A nice lady, with a very big title. Seraph for the King is a big deal, but she seems to hold it well. And enjoys a good sword.
Mirari She seems to have the serenity that I always wished that I was able to obtain. I think it might come from her Faith, so I'll have to find another way to manage it.
Mirk Legate of the Faith and an approachable person, even to strangers and shamans with a tenuous relationship with the Faith. Always willing to listen, and seemingly curious to know more.
Monique Seraph. Friend. I wasn't sure about her, at first, but she's all that I have heard. A rare thing.
Mydas Potentially the first Seraph that I have met. She possesses a bright outlook on her purpose, equipped with admirable faith. It will not, hopefully, be tarnished as time goes on.
Niklas The Palace Seraph and officiator of my upcoming wedding. Intense. A little scary.
Niklas I placed my bet that the Seraph would be a Legate one day. I am not surprised to have been proven correct.
Olivia Meeting her at the Grayson dinner, the Seraph seemed quite intent upon working out many of the troubles that Olivia herself has been pursuing. Though their expertises are likely far apart, the important point was made that such teamwork is essential to dealing with these problems, and hopefully they will have some opportunities to act in concert in the future.
Orazio A bit shy at first, but after she feels comfortable, out come the CURSED PUNS. Orazio is so horrified and disappointed. (No he isn't. He finds it a bit charming, if he's honest, but he will never admit that out loud. It would only encourage her!)
Petal She was very kind to me. I think I would have passed out, if she didn't give me words of support there. I never been so sure that the gods of compact are real or at least the sea goddess is. Her ritual was a good thing. I have much for faith today, than I did yesterday.
Quenia Our first encounter was at the dedication to Mangata; I did not speak to her at length then. Our next, was a chance meeting in the gardens. She's very dedicated to her work, and has been keeping herself busy. She's also very compassionate, kind, and a good conversationalist. I am glad for this opportunity to get to know her better, and will perhaps seek her out for additional conversation later. I do still have lingering questions about certain aspects of the Faith.
Quintin The Legate is quite pleasant to converse with and has some very interesting projects. I hope to be of help to her.
Raja I don't knowmuch about her, but she seems to be knowledgable in things going on. I just heard snippits of things when she was talking to Lou and Mason. Though, she was nice to reccomend a great hazelnut tart vendor to me. I think I ate four of those things.
Reese She is pleasant, well spoken and very wise. She has encouraging and intelligent things to say.
Rook The palace Seraph, once a woman known to hang around Dawn in an effort to advise. Not, of course, that it might have helped. An intriguing woman, close to the Faith, close to politics. Always remarkably well dressed. 8/10, room to improve. More gold needed.
Roran The Palace Seraph. Accepts change, even when half awake. She is delightful.
Rymarr While not the closest of histories, we've developed some. She lead the morning prayers of those King's Own who wished to partake. Only recently have I witnessed her in true combat and found myself impressed. She threw herself bravely into the fray in order to stand alongside those she would both fight for and protect. Above that, I recall glimpsing her rushing through a battle to reach one of Deepwood's own injured Prodigal rangers. Unconcerned with her own safety as though she knew that the gods themselves would shield her from harm, she reached that soldier's side and sought to provide aid and solace to him. She is certainly worthy of my respect and I would gladly argue, the respect of all.
Sabella Maybe my age, maybe a little younger -- but she's been places, and I bet she has stories I can borrow. And she is so tall! With a little theater magic, she could be a goddess in a play about the pantheon. Gloria, probably.
Sabella I find those who work for the Crown intimidating for some reason, but she is absolutely hilarious and personable!
Sabella Always a shining light in the darkness--not that she's ever anywhere that isn't full of light and life! She is so sweet and welcoming and wonderful! I am so happy she is going to perform out marriage ceremony!
Scipio The Legate certainly seems to find beauty in the most... ordinary parts of life. Not that that is boring. By far, it is intoxicating in its own way. Wistful, refreshing. Were we all to be able to find joy in the breaths we take on the Sovereign Bridge or the lights of the fireflies in distant darkness, perhaps the world would be a brighter place.
Shae She has a very childlike quality to her, with sweet kind smiles, and eyes that look upon the world around her with a wonderful with brand new wonder. It is good thing to have, to be able to see the world and people like that around you.
Shard I see why she has the position she does. What else can be said? She was a good choice for this mission. Competent, reasonable, level-headed under pressure.
Sorrel The Seraph is exactly what one might want in a religious leader. She's calm and reassuring and confident. I hope to spend more time with her and write for her some new religious songs.
Sparte Not what I expected. In a good way. I'm not sure if that really says what I mean to say, trying this again. She is a good person, a sharp person, and less prone to a leather tongue than I am. Though the fact she was acquainted enough to empathize was a refreshing change.
Sunniva The Seraph is a thoughtful woman having bridged many gaps of introduction for my husband and I. We shall have to invite her to see the restored Keep.
Tarrant Serene and regal, the Seraph seems a joyous and courteous individual.. if also extremely busy.
Tescelina Where others are stars, she is a sun. Glowing and welcoming in her warmth. Meeting someone so caring was a blessing in itself, and I am certain I will seek its solace again.
Theron A pleasant woman who takes her duties seriously and executes them with poise and grace. It might be good to know the Seraph better.
Thorley Her words to me in the Lagoma ceremony soothed a soul that has soured in the years. Perhaps my healing is not yet complete. We shall see.
Torian Tallest lady I've seen in a long time. Blames it all on the milk. I didn't grow up with a lot of milk, so that might explain some things.
Vanora She's really quite incredible, her services memorable and engaging. I'll be mulling this one over for a bit I expect.
Victus Seraph is supposed to be wise and smart. She seemed like she had both, but I'm hardly a judge. Hopefully she won't spend all that time in the Palace.
Viktor She seems every bit the Priestess she should be for her position, charming, well spoken, and polite. I look forwards to speaking with her away from all this pomp and circumstance.
Ysabel The Legate, and a lovely one. Such eloquence to her words and she's so tall. Tall and beautiful. She moves with a grace that I can't possibly possess myself.
Zara Ailith has all the courtesies one would expect from someone in her position, and the good social sense we are lucky to find from them.
Zoey I didn't expect her to be so warm to children. She might by young, but she feels like a mother's love given human form.