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Action Id: 2237 Crisis: Participants: Iseulet, Hadrian, Edain, Calista, Belladonna, Isabeau, Rook, Harlan, Olivia, Calypso, Ansel, Sudara, Tenebrae, Mydas(RIP), Duarte, Turo, Octavia, Demura, Anabelle, Quenia, Fairen, Arcelia, Tesha, Lucita, Ariel, Clover(RIP), Ember, Edward, Catalana, Malesh, Skye, Dycard, Ignacio, Archeron, Oriana, Donato(RIP), Aethan, Ryhalt, Athaur, Petra, Cadenza, Amari, Prisila, Orvyn, Pasquale, Lys, Ingrid and Fredrik
Status: Resolved Submitted: June 21, 2018, 5:28 a.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Silver: 50000
Economic Resources: 2475
Military Resources: 2935
Social Resources: 1735
Action Points: 253

Action by Iseulet

Iseulet begins spearheading a campaign to put into motion a new -MASSIVE- permanent trading route by water that stretches from the Telmarch, round the coast of the Oathlands, heading south round the Lyceum, to the Thraxian Isles, and cutting across to Arx up to Stonehearth.

Each House that participates is asked to donate 50-100 military writs for the funding of security escorts and the fightin' off of Pirates - river and otherwise). Optionally, each House can /also/ donate some social writs to help spread the word along.

The goal is to stimulate trade between Houses - Houses both import and export goods and benefit from the taxes and stimulated economy! Thereby giving a monthly income boost (and maybe some initial economic writs) to all houses represented here. Every House gets an equal share of all the profits, with the exception of the Houses contracted to secure the route from bandits/pirates (those that have attached ships to the action). Not only are these houses entitled to a bigger share of the profits (due to their increased risk) any and all contraband seized by pirates along the route will of course, be theirs.

Action by Athaur

The Count of Riva himself has taken a very strong interest in this wonderful mission, probably most likely because the idea was born out of a conversation with he and Iseulet. He knew he would be especially helpful among the peoples on the rivers and so the Count would head out to use his charm and diplomatic skill, as well as his life experiences and relationships to assist in the negotiating among not just the peoples of the rivers, but anyone who seemed inclined to hear him.

Action by Belladonna

Belladonna endorses the deal, meeting with merchants and sailors around her port city and spreading word, building hype and excitement for this new trade route that will open up new revenue streams for the bold and daring who sieze the opportunity at hand!

Action by Skye

Baroness Skye Blackshore lends Lady Iseulet the resources she needs to start the trading route, giving her military escort and blessing to move forward with these trading agreements.

Action by Tesha

Lady Tesha Telmar has spoken with Lord Ansel Telmar and they have decided that this is a good idea for the Telmarch to join in. So they are going to be providing Military and Social support for Lady Blackshore in hopes that this venture goes smoothly and without any bumps.

Action by Oriana

Always on the lookout to place Caina in traderoutes, Oriana, as a Voice of Inverno, interviews her ship captains to carve a new force from Caian's navy specifically to provide safe passage for trade from New Hope and spreads the word through her contacts and mertchant captains at home and in Arx.

Action by Prisila

As the Queen of Silver for the isles of Ischia, it's important to pursue business policy and trade like it's nobody's business. No pun intended. So when Lady Iseulet begins such a massive campaign she knew she had to be a part of it and was grateful for the opportunity. Providing ships and the Black Curs' finest corsairs, this southern House hopes to protect the vested interests (and further them when possible) of everyone involved. With the blessings of Gild and the spirits of air, luck and sea, Prisila will work closely with the Voice of Inverno and contribute her forces to helping provide safe passage as well as investing economically into this beautiful project.

Action by Aethan

Aethan will be supporting Lady Blackshore in her trade endeavors by escorting trade ships as needed, as well as clearing pirates from optimal trade routes able to be accessed by the Kennex navy.

Action by Octavia

Octavia notes the need for Stormward to be part of the building trade route, and commits significant resources to the establishment and securing of the trade route. The Stormward Fleet, an anti-pirate patrol by its origins, will certainly be excited to join the fray and tear the pirates apart.

Action by Fairen

Having received contact from Iseulet, Marquis Fairen meets with his staff and vassals to discuss the trade route, examining it's feasability to improve on the economy of Leaholdt. The resulting meeting ensures that not only does Fairen support the goals and objectives of the project, but he also uses this as a way to improve the sales on the unique product, Leaholdt Dreamwine: A rare and expensive alcoholic drink with a milky, herbal texture, and forest green in color said to produce lucid dreams if the consumer drink a full glass. Not to mention, the Marquis encourages his vassals and the merchants in Leaholdt to take advantage of this trade arrangement.

Action by Petra

When she was a young woman, Petra listened to the wind and used her gift of clarity to guide her tribe to safe paths. Now that she is helping her family rebuild after the tragedy that Brand inflicted upon them, she has been relying on this ability again and she does so in this instance to help establish a trade route. She asked the voices threaded within the breezes which route they should follow: 'What course best balances safety and prosperity?' When she is given an answer, she relays it to the others and advises them which currents to follow.

Action by Ansel

Following the lead of Tesha, Ansel will be assisting in commiting the resources of the Telmarch to bear on establishing and maintaining the trade route project. As the northernmost bastion of the Oathlands, the Telmarch itself holds a key position in economic routes through the area, and Telmarine forces will be dedicated specifically to establishing and safeguarding the route. They will clear the way of any bandits, help establish any trading posts along the way, and provide security for the first few rounds of caravans that make the trip, in order to establish it as a safe trading route.

Action by Edain

While the Trade Route is largely over sea, but for it to be successful once it finally reaches the end of the route in the Oathlands, where there are relatively few ports, there has to be ways goods can reach overland, as well as goods reach Sanctum and other Oathland Ports so they can travel back along the route. Edain will focus his efforts on setting up solidly defended trade line to Pride Hall to the East and Farhaven to the North. Attempting to extend the reach of the Blackshore's trade route, and to give the Oathlands, Crownlands and Northlands more ways to access the route if they are far inland from it. Where Isabeau is brokering most of the deals, Edain will do his best to make certain they are well protected and those roads are safe.

Action by Isabeau

On behalf of House Valardin and the overarching route(s) through the Oathlands, Princess Isabeau will coordinate and negotiate with local merchants and militia knights to ensure that trade is fair and the caravans are secure. What's more, she will offer a small tax incentive for merchants who wish to travel on the new trade route and/or share their goods with customers outside of the Oathlands. She will also do what she can to help coordinate with the other Oathlands houses and provide assistance to them where required. (Assisting with an additional 200 writs of economic, military, and social resources.)

Action by Orvyn

With the desire to trade by sea and Harthall being an Island based house, the two mesh rather well. Orvyn will work closely with Iseulet and others to best organize the ships and their routes. His own contacts among the various sailing groups will come into play as the pocketbooks of others will likely aid in ensuring that proper bribes and deals take place throughout the seas of the compact. He will commit several of the house trade ships and encourage their sailors and captains to find ways to follow the prescribed routes in an attempt to streamline the fee structures. Further organization with the other Voices and heads will take place so that two ships loaded with similar goods will not pass each other on the seas, organizing bills of trade so that expedience and profit can both be maximized.

Action by Hadrian

It is Hadrian's attention to set about making arrangements for the planned commerce within the city-state of Ostria through acute applications of... delegation! Putting the proper minds to work within Ostria itself to work in establishing the necessary measures to safeguard Ostria and House Mazetti. Making absolutely certain that visitors, whether merchants or otherwise, to the city-state adhere to the laws and traditions of Ostria and remain in the Outer Round. The fleet of House Mazetti shall patrol their own waters and, if necessary, defend traveling merchants with utmost tenacity from the First Ostrian Fleet. Ostria will welcome escorts attached to commercial traffic in order to maintain the safety of the convoys of merchant vessels. The escorts will however be expected to maintain a respectable distance from the Walled City by the Sea. House Mazetti too will be promoting the endeavor, urging those citizens in need of employment to make inquiries at the docks with the potential boom of new trade. Finally, Hadrian will be dispatching his invaluable lawyer to review any documentation before providing his final nod to Hadrian before anything is agreed upon by the Hydra.

Action by Catalana

Lady Catalana Kennex will be supporting these endeavors. She will personally speak to every noble of Stormward to negotiate such things. She will happily trade with Blackshore of course to boost both of their economies.

Action by Rook

The Crown Minister of Coin permits the use of the harbours and ports in the vicinity of the City of Arx as part of the trade route and provides a measure of support in economic waivers, military permits and social connections for the suitable parties. All in all, the effort is more administrative, indicating that on behalf of the Crown and King that the initiative will not be hindered. All they take, of course, is their cut through taxes from any eventual profits.

Action by Malesh

Malesh is going to commission a brand new trade center at Stonehearth. Port facilities will be expanded, as well as new warehouses and vaults. City defenses in general shall be beefed up as well, in an effort to make Stonehearth THE place to trust your goods with quick an easy access to several trade routes including this new one. As his people handle that at his expense, he will be busy touring the existing routes speaking to the benefit of this new route as well as the virtues of Gild and, of course, the value of trading through Stonewood. Stonewood forces will take charge of protecting the final leg of the trade route, from Arx to Stonehearth, both on the river and along side it. (1000 Economic Resources, 500 each Social and Military)

Action by Ariel

Ariel will be hosting a trade fair and festival to Gild to coincide with the trade route announcement. She is aiming for a week-long event showcasing the goods, services, and performers of the region. A tithe of 10% will be given to Gild of all money's made/raised. She will be putting forth the money to host the event so the craftsmen spend nothing out of pocket to set up. The trade fair will run during the day why the night will be devoted to performers. Singers, dancing, and theatre productions.

Action by Amari

Amari, acting as House Keaton's Minister of Finance, will oversee the Oakhaven leg of the trade route, while the Riverdogs under the command of her cousin are committed to escort merchant ships and inspect them for contraband. A strong supporter of Lady Iseulet's endeavor, she'll tout the benefits to local merchants and others in Arx she's dealt with during her tenure and offer incentives to bring them on board. Otherwise she mainly concerns herself with the numbers and logistics of the undertaking with a lawyer's eye for detail and compliance, trying to make sure it's all as profitable and legal as can be.

Action by Fredrik

Operating as a merchant for years, Lord Fredrik knows the best and most profitable routes among the Isles. How to avoid pirates, how to get the best profit for your returns, and how to make certain that you are not ripped off by the hundreds of hidden fees that are scattered in every port authority. He will bend this knowledge to help the trade efforts, as well as examining the rest of the route thoroughly for wastage or investment opportunities, trying to make this route one large, flowing river of product that benefits everyone involved.

Action by Duarte

Duarte represents not only Bravura, but also the greater goal and group, in negotiating trade routes and costs with transporters and contractors, mercenaries and merchants. Tying together such an intricately detailed route and nailing down precise agreements for the benefit of all is not always as straight forward as 'Let's do the thing!' and Duarte is there to help smooth the waters and finalize the commitments as a new, but adept, diplomat.

Action by Lys

Lys, Voice of Afflua, will of course help! Granted, Fen de Lire is not particularly nearby the water. So she'll be doing what she can to put the word out for the project and see if she can get people to help with it! And of course they'll provide some extra muscle via the Valorous Few.

Action by Lucita

Lucita evaluates the maps and plans shown her and decides to assist. She uses her charm and skills with propaganda to heighten interest in this project, both locally in Saikland Greens and amid the trade partners she has already established, Secure trade and steady protection and trade partners can only help build the economy and strengthen the military protection against pirates of all who are involved. 100 military resources are put into helping fund the protection from pirates, 300 economic resources are invested.

Action by Cadenza

Lady Cadenza Fidante is happy to assist with this endeavor. As both the Voice of Hawkmour as well as the Admiral of the Tempest Rose, she will be ensuring that Tor and their vassal's lands are properly patrolled and protected as they have always done. She will see to it that the waters around Tor and Brassfall March are properly guarded for the trade route to be safe and successful. In addition, of course Brassfall will be taking part of this trading endeavor to boost their economy.

Action by Calista

Duchess Calista Fidante is well know for her charming ways and when it comes to public relations, there are few who can match her talent. She speaks with the Merchants of Tor about new trade commissions and how this opportunity will stimulate the economy. Tor is a city-state that is rich with resources. More trade means more money and everyone likes money.

Action by Ignacio

While gratuitously thanking House Malvici for its offer to protect areas which include areas under control of Tor, their offer will have to be declined. House Fidante has protected Tor and her surrounding lands for a very long time. Knight-Captain Ignacio Fidante shall instead however increase patrols within the Torean region to ensure any efforts by bandits or pirates will be thwarted.

Action by Quenia

Quenia hears out Iseulet's plan, and agrees to talk to her merchants and her nobles. She works to convince them that this would be a good idea, bringing in new goods, and much needed new avenues for export. She also reminds them that all the new goods would also be traveling to Gemcitta, since Granato is the hub for trade with Rubino-Zaffria lands as well, which should help convince them. She talks to her fleets, and sees that they handle additional protection around the ports of Granato. It's not that she doesn't trust Malvici, getting on with the Duchess well, just she wants her own people to be out in the waters as well in a combined effort to protect the trade routes. Working as one Lyceum. As such, she invests military favors (100) and economic favors (200) into seeing this prosper.

Action by Mydas(RIP)

House Malvici will most certainly not come anywhere near Lenosia with its ships. House Velenosa shall protect its own waters, with their own ships, and ensure the proper passing of any trade vessels along its part of the sea route. Prince Mydas Velenosa makes that abundantly clear, before setting to work on using his own knowledge of economics to ensure the venture is a successful one. He also brings in the Silver Consortium as its Voice, to supply their expertise and existing networks to the effort. All for commerce! And to each their own waters!

Action by Sudara

The proposed trade-route precisely fits with Sudara's hopes for the kingdom as a whole and the Truesworn in particular. Given Esterhold's location, this plan could bring many advantages to her beloved Prodigals: she is committing herself and her little House to its support. Personally, this entails uncovering as much relevant information as possible, and accurately passing it on to her people to help them serve as guides and guardians in their home waters: the latest maps, schedules, accounts of seasonal changes in weather and currents and tides, recognition signals and flags for all the nations and Houses, and more besides. Her hope is that she can make the waters near Esterhold as safe as possible for merchant shipping, and turn her little fief into a favoured port of call.

Action by Tenebrae

Tenebrae, like her Lady Sudara, is devoted to helping her people gain power and riches that they deserve. She will do all she can to assist in this endeavor, though with her skills, it will probably be restricted to ensuring the safety of ships around Esterhold and assisting with the navigation of the nearby seas.

Action by Pasquale

Pasquale represents Malespero in seeing the trade route established, putting what military weight his young House has into helping secure the waters and encouraging Nilanza's sailors and merchants to utilize the route for buying and selling. He also puts some of his own personal time to use in studying the raiding patterns of pirates along the route and tries to come up with strategies to avoid and combat them.

Action by Harlan

Duke Harlan Ashford will also supply social and military support towards this endeavor, but also bring up the fact that he's expanding Fortune's Harvest in Oak's Rest -- and suggests expanding the trading route towards there, especially as he's already building a road from Arx that will lead there -- and the Knights of Solace are patrolling (see action 2250)! The duke will also be allocating 100 military and social writs to the cause.

Action by Olivia

Lady Olivia authorizes House Ashford's participation in the route, as well as encouraging its (NPC!) vassals to participate and supplying resources in support of the endeavor. In terms of personal contribution, while not a merchant, she is an expert in agricultural affairs and will effectively use that skillset to try and leverage Ashford's participation in the network as a food exporter, studying crop patterns and directing a focus toward those likely to create surpluses in excess of local use. She can also to a degree export that agricultural knowledge as a good itself, ie by selling good seed stocks and other such bounties to their trade partners, hopefully increasing production among all the participating holdings.

Action by Dycard

Dycard will be working his way through the social scene, reinforcing that this is a great idea and the profit should be rich - and that other trade routes will likely come of it. Not in on this one? Well, when it's a success, there'll be others. Worried about changes? Life is change, and not all changes are for the bad.

Action by Turo

Turo commits to protecting the trade routes to and from his waters, ensuring clean hand-offs of responsibility to other fleets as they occur. He also commits his formidable skills and experience in planning naval efforts to maximising these routes. Turo collaborates with the merchants in Escuma, as well as the Arts Academy, and brings Estil - the minister of Income - into those discussions as well.

Action by Arcelia

Arcelia will work to support the additional trading routes at port sites around Escuma. She will also attempt to combine her own efforts in establishing trade routes(@action 2257) for Escuma with Iseulet's much larger expansion of trade routes around Arvum. She will attempt to utilize her relations with the Marin'alfar to expand trade routes to them as well, an attempt to see to it that our potential underwater allies are well supported.

Action by Edward

Given the proximity of House Darkwater, Redreef, and Blackshore - Edward already knows these routes fairly well. These are the routes that his family, when he was still Redreef, had him personally following and tracking to ensure efficiency and little loss of cargo for the two Houses. Now he will apply this same knowledge for House Blackshore, showing Iseulet how to incorporate House Blackshore into these trade routes which includes at least two routes down to the Lycem, one specifically going to Setarco. This information is meant to be used to not establish the route since there is one but to ensure the depth of its efficiency - knowing when it is safe to push hugging the coast line against when it is okay to move out. How much cargo can be moved before spillage takes place in terms of perishables, and what the most commonly desired imports for those places are so there is no guesswork to be had.

Action by Archeron

As Voice of House Tyde, Archeron is keen to promote trade which takes Tyde's hardwoods and other exotic goods wider than just the Mourning Isles and the East coast, especially as they are trying to expand their forestry. Tyde provides a good number of resources to acquire military guards, even recommending a few of the old reavers who have retired from House service but who know the waves and how to defend goods. They also put the feelers out to their vassal houses, spreading the word through their social skills and resources. Archeron will be as charming as he can, of course, to those who wish to trade - showing them the fine qualities of Tyde hardwoods, with the confidence a woodsman has. And of course, direct the leaders to the best and most skilled former soldiers, as mentioned, to defend them.

Action by Ingrid

While her brother, Valdemar, sets up the trade routes, Ingrid's focus is to ensure an economical boost to exports while expertly managing the taxes and other red tape associated with establishing a trade route coming in/out of Grihem's Point. Understanding that often you must spend resources to net in a bigger profit, House Grimhall does just that, using some of their economical clout to influence potential new partners.

Action by Ember

Ember prepares Redreef Shores for an influx in trade by organizing patrols to protect the trading ships entering the waters near Redreef shore as well as meeting with local merchants so Redreef Shore may benefit from the new trade.

Action by Donato(RIP)

Donato will take command of Caina's fleet and help to secure the burgeoning trade route. He will drill the sailors and inspect the fleet to ensure they are fighting fit and disciplined and help to plan out the most effective and efficient naval patrol routes to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Action by Anabelle

Demura has given Anabelle the responsibility to oversee the new investments of the Trade Route with Blackshore, and as such the girl has taken an interest in learning more about the world of Investments and the Finnacial Stability of Lyon's Redoubt and her family. The girl seem very interested in the potential of this great partnership to be used for something more among the Dominions, and will make sure that the profit is guaranteed to all parts.

Action by Demura

Marquessa Demura Lyonesse will command personally the Lyonesse navy to make sure the first few days of the trade route will go smoothly. She will organise routine patrols and establish proper scouting alongside her strecht of the route to make sure no merchant will be harmed while trying to pass through the Lyon's Redoubt, while promoting the incoming trade goods among her folk. (100 military resources will be donated, 100 social resources will be donated and the Lyonesse navy will be added to the action)

Action by Clover(RIP)

Clover would give aid in spreading the news about this campaign, talking to people and getting others interested in not only investing but using this new trade route once it's settled. She has friends in all sorts of places, and connections plenty. She would see if she could also get independent captains willing to provide help with protection.

Action by Ryhalt

House Farshaw adds to this trade route some of its merchant fleet to assist in the shipment of goods as well as two ships to help with escort. What is good for the betterment of the west also is for the betterment of Westcrown. All in Farshaw are in agreement increased trade is to the benefit of all. There is a profit to be made here.

Action by Calypso

Calypso is going to be using her newest assets to their fullest extent. While using the new naval base (still pending @action, Apost still needed to review early) as a logistical strongpoint for her fleet, she will be directing it to help ensure that the ships she is applying to the trade route not only are deployed properly, but that she is exercising the best coverage. Being relied-on to guarantee the southern route for now, she will be ordering her ships to keep a watchful eye for pirates. Ships Captains are expected to prosecute pirates with extreme prejudice. Her vessels will not be entering waters recognized as belonging to other Houses, however. In the meantime she has been coordinating with Valardin about the logistical angles while building out her combat fleet (Apost is aware of plans, pending base @action approval) and plans to spend a few days in Southport directly rallying her troops and sailors, getting them motivated and putting her best people forward. (The Army attachment should include pending additional Longship purchases, as discussed.)


There's a lot more pirates than expected. A -lot- more. And they seem to have caught word of exactly this new trade route, with a suspicious amount of forewarning about exactly when and where different galleys would be making port calls, as well as a decent amount of resistance by coastal lords who are resistant to seeing any warships in their waters even to guard commerce, which makes things tense and difficult.

It's still a spectacular success.

The amount of diplomatic work in easing tensions, and the amount of military forces dispatched to help oversee this, even with the limitation on where they can and can't go, means that the overwhelming majority of galleys are making their port calls, and after a few crushing defeats of piratical forces, it doesn't look like much will threaten that... provided that the forces stay committed to patrolling the waters of their domains.

The Empyrean Trade Route, as it is being known, covers over thirty primary domains as ports of call or in-land trading partners, and the gains in commerce is significant, even if it is just starting.