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Action Id: 436 Crisis: Participants: Harald(RIP), Belladonna, Dagon, Donella, Max(RIP), Alrec(RIP), Lianne, Mae, Serafine(RIP), Dominic(RIP), Leta, Orathy, Octavia, Valdemar, Calaudrin, Sameera(RIP), Thena, Merida, Carita, Seva, Ulfric and Archene
Status: Resolved Public: True GM: None

Economic Resources: 50
Military Resources: 250
Social Resources: 50

Action by Harald(RIP)

Docks & Lower Boroughs Defense

There are two halves to this defense:
1: protecting commerce during the siege, and 2: military defense of the waterfront and Lower Boroughs. Initial reports suggest Brand's army will focus its attack against the city walls, but the waterfront and Lower Boroughs are being prepared to repel a heavy assault, just in case.  This defense is focused on approaches to the Graveyard.

Part I: Protecting Commerce
-Iron Guard as harbormasters, overseeing typical daily business.
-3 companies of Crimson Blades as on-call muscle/enforcers for IG.
-Isles warriors on land kept in reserve for combat situations, to minimize tensions with Crownsworn.
-Mourning Isles longships will patrol the adjacent coast in squadrons no smaller than 6, to escort incoming merchants, disrupt enemies along the shore outside the city, and intercept any seagoing Shavs before they reach harbor, or at least give advance warning if a large enemy attack is inbound from the water.

Part 2: Military defense (tl;dr: if there's no attack planned for the Lower Boroughs, you can skip this stuff)
-Fortifications: barricades, wagons with blocked wheels as gates, etc., able to quickly block all approaches to the Graveyard, with heaviest defenses prepared along the River's Edge/Crows Lane and Rivers Mouth/Commons Square routes.
-Stacks of large stones and bags of arrows stashed on rooftops overlooking approach to main barricades.  Fresh shields, bandages, drink, and rare vials of holy water at resupply points falling back on the Graveyard, in the event the waterfront defense fails.  A large reserve force of Grimhall warriors will be kept in Commons Square under Harald's personal command.
-Regarding Tolamar Brand: if an ominous evil figure in black armor that ISN'T Thraxian is spotted, standing orders are to thin out his escorts as much as possible and send word to the Five Paladins. Some will inevitably take doomed shots at Brand, if he appears.  It's a Mourning Isles thing.

Action by Calaudrin

Assisting at the Docks:

Part 1) Calaudrin will join the Iron Guard overseeing daily business in the harbor. His goal will be to maintain order despite the on-going tension of the siege. He'll insist (as politely as he can manage) on thorough inspections of the boats and any cargo that's unloaded into Arx. Despite his not always sunny disposition, he'll make an honest effort to put the citizens of Arx at ease and to feel supported by the Iron Guard. Everyone will be encouraged to be extra alert and stay together in groups or at the least pairs, lest a bringer or shav attack unfold by surprise or in the ugly event of a riot.

Part 2) In the event of an attack, Calaudrin is drilling a team of experienced archers to race to the top of the barricades and make surgical shots. Their goal won't be merely raining arrows down on the enemy but to make precise shots in order to cover those fighting on the ground.
Part 3) Additionally, Calaudrin will be venturing amongst the refugees and other lower boroughs residents to offer aid from the Iron Guard and attempt to recruit those who are willing to join and fight. He is to turn over those he recruits to Serafine for training.

Action by Merida

actions you are taking
Captain Lady Merida has a ship and a fearsome crew and is cruising for danger with both swords, baby! WOO! She’s patrolling the harbor and coasts, escorting merchant ships into port, and keeping watch for Shav vessels and landing parties trying to enter the harbor. WITH TWO SWORDS!

Action by Sameera(RIP)

Being a former Thrall Sameera is a little wary about the seige and so she is spending idle time seeing if she can find a stable way to get out of the city via underground passages. She is using her investigative skills to do this and a lot of talking to her shells (because that is what Sameera does). She is also keeping an eye out for passages that can be altered once passed through so they can be changed should it need to be done. She will definitely be watching for anything that could be considered a ritual, just in case it is a threat, or sometihng of the occult variety. She'll be a little more focused in Thrax areas for these things but she will also be looking in other places. Anything she finds she will report to Harald, since he is in charge of defense stuff. Esepcially if it is something that poses a risk.

Action by Dominic(RIP)

Prince Dominic Thrax is returning his dogs from the battles with the bringers up the river to the gates of Arx to assist Lord Harald Grimhall in not only identifying them, as the dogs have developed a taste for bringers and have been trained to spot bringers in disguised. Lord Harald will get Prince Dominic as a Houndmaster alongside the prince's own houndmaster to operate dogs at the waterfront and lower borough.

Prince Dominic Thrax is ordering his dogs to deploy from the field back to Arx to support Lord Harald Grimhall's operation in the docks and lower borough. The dogs have been trained to detect bringers in disguised and have developed a taste for the creatures. As a result, they were instrumental in Dominic's assaults and can be used as accessories to patrol security or as an offensive move to flush them out. The dogs come with houndmasters separated into "packs", they respond to Prince Dominic Thrax who in turn reports to Lord Harald Grimhall.

Action by Lianne

Lady Lianne Pravus, as Voice of the Stormborn, is routing half of Nilanza's fleet from their return to the home waters toward Arx instead to assist with defense of the shore and waterways, including assisting with the regular patrols and escorts for merchant ships. Wheresoever they're needed, they'll follow orders well, deferring to the leadership and judgment of their liege's admiral Alrec Magaldi should there ever be questions or conflict about orders.

Action by Belladonna

The third of Setarco's fleet that was retained for defense during the Gyre action is summoned to Arx; they have not thus far seen conflict. As well, a number of the ships that were previously heading home will instead be diverted to Arx's defense, bringing the total to half of Setarco's fleet, arriving in two waves. Vassals will be instructed to participate, as well, though it is not insisted that they send their ships before the rest of their fleet reaches home. They will be placed in Admiral Alrec Magaldi's command, and he has been placed in Harald Grimhall's command. The command structure as is will be respected; Alrec will be responsible for the assignments given to her fleet.

Action by Alrec(RIP)

Alrec has once more taken over his role of the Admiral of Pravus' naval forces. As such, Belladonna has put him in charge of the Setarco fleet at her command; her captains are reporting to him and he, in turn, will be reporting to Lord Harald Grimhall. His contribution on this is rather simple. First and foremost -- and truthfully there should be an ease given his pirating history to do this -- he will be intercepting all merchant ships approaching the Arx. They will be inspected, the cargo examined, the history of them and name of buyers sought. His ships will carry enough mirrors so that he can try to find any Bringers aboard. Security detail. Secondly, he will be scouting the coasts as he can, looking for movement of Brand's army. Any news would be swiftly relayed to his liege. Finally, any other commands that Harald offers forth, within reason and not counter to Belladonna's own interests, will be complied to without delay.

Action by Thena

After coming across some brigands in a tunnel near the Dockyard, Thena shares details of the tunnel and of the map that one of the brigands dropped. The map itself was delivered to Commander Silas, but Thena was able to get a good look at it and can offer some insights on where the tunnels lead, aiding in identifying defense points in the event of an attack.

Action by Mae

Mae will be working alongside the Iron Guard, and focusing on providing intelligence and covert assistance. She doesn't look Iron Guard, and very few people know she's working with them, so she will hopefully be able to pick up intel the others can't, and get into places the others can't, and ultimately root out Brand's infiltrators.

Action by Orathy

Orathy is working side by side with Lord Harald to rig up the Lower Boroughs and the Upper Boroughs with the second round of defenses, going over thorough plans of the slums and pointing out weaknesses and vantage points, and tactical strong holds. Like the first time rolling out gurellia tactics, traps will be set. Thraxian fire will be used for the supply that Grimhall gets. Pinch points will be better manned by a combination of Lowers men and Grimhall Soldiers. Working cooperatively offers a better advantage over any threat that breaks through the lines. Orathy will be acting as the point man for the Lowers fighting force, once again, preparing 'squads' for sabotage against the enemy and readying them to deploy in the strategems in which Harald and Orathy have worked out.

Action by Valdemar

Valdemar will command a squadron of six longships on patrol off the adjacent coast. The six ships and their men have been with the Compact's army since Pridehall (none of these are the ships that sailed with Valdemar to battle the servants of the Gyre). The squadron will carry out the duties listed in the first half of the defense: Part I: Protecting Commerce. They will also rain down unholy hell, arrows and some really stinging insults on any unknown vessels, enemies, monsters, or beasties that attempt to pass them and approach the docks and Lower Boroughs.

Action by Octavia

The Iron Guard has now been given the authority by the Court to arrest any ship captain who refuses inspection under suspicion of smuggling, and to seize their assets until the siege is lifted. Those who wish entry into the city are required to obey all lawful orders from their escorts and the harbor masters.

Action by Max(RIP)

Max is assisting in the efforts by keeping commerce flowing. Using Black Mountain convoy defense and elements of the Darkwater fleet for scouting possible threats, he works to make sure that food and supplies keep flowing from across Arvum into arx. Cooperating with the harbor master, efforts are made to keep ships in a berth the very least amount of time possible, with bonuses paid for the roustabout crew that unloads tonnage the fastest.

Action by Ulfric

Ulfric will remain close to his liege and their vessels to provide additional organization of commerce-based defenses. He will happily offer assistance to any retinue preparing for voyage or move on board himself, as well as directing vessels and advice in strategizing patrols. He will stay hands-on for whatever else he may be needed for, at the Darkwater's beck and call.

Action by Carita

As requested by Lord Harald Grimhall, Carita will use her outstanding Lower Boroughs connections that she had as Carita Brightshore (as the youngest in a family of seven - this means there is a lot of extended family) to persuade the common folk that the Thrax are indeed there to offer aid. With those connections (hand in velvet glove), she uses the diplomacy and persuavie refinement learned as a courtesan to make sure that those she speaks with are truly motived for their shared cause.

Action by Archene

Archene is supplying some healing supplies to one of the caches placed through the defenses. He is also standing by in case he is needed to administer such supplies.

Action by Seva

Seva will be placing healing supplies in the various caches that have been set up, and standing ready as a healer herself, if needed. Her own charity based shop will be offering it’s wares to those involved for free during the time of crisis.

Action by Leta

Leta is going to be assisting the Iron Guard by tagging along with Serafine in the Lower Boroughs. She's a local so she knows her way around, more or less, and a shortcut or two, so they can rush to any hot spots as needed. Also, she can fight and not much more, so that's what she'll be doing. In case of Bringers, she'll mostly focus on the Shavs or help prove distractions for Serafine to do the stabbing with her fancy sword. Also, Leta has composed some rude folk songs making fun of Brand, and these will surely help with morale!

Action by Serafine(RIP)

Serafine and Leta are a great team; Leta knows the boroughs even better than Serafine who patrols them, Leta having lived there her whole life. It means that when it comes to defending the boroughs, Serafine is the muscle and speed and silent attacker, and Leta takes her to all the best places to hide, scout, sneak, and strike.

While it's not a huge response, it's bound to be an effective one; both women have experience working together, both have been in combat situations together, and both have fought Bringers and their Shavs successfully. And both are devoted to the well-being and honor of the other.

Unless given orders otherwise, Serafine would continue to patrol the lowers as is her peace-time duty, defending should the need arise with Leta patroling with her. So with Serafine wielding a diamondplate sword, she's the one taking point and attacking the Bringers and defending those citizens that need it, trusting her Leta to take out the Shavs that might linger about. They use their combined knowledge of the area together to find the best spots to attack from, hide, and so on.

Tagging along with her are the recruited guards Calaudrin and Silas have given her to train, Serafine teaching what she can with the aid of Leta, and then helping them learn on the fly as they patrol the city. This starts as soon as she gets them and will continue on into what battles and invasions that happen, defending them as need be but mostly as support to help them learn through experience; the best kind of teacher. After Leta, of course.

Action by Donella

Donella and her shield-laddies (guards) are manning a section of the interior walls between the boroughs and the Thrax ward, acting as a sort of crow's nest with spyglass in hand. From such a raised vantage, she hopes to be able to observe the fighting, and COMMAND a reserve force of Thrax men-at-arms, broken up as needed, to reinforce the most vulnerable areas (200 mil resources), and/or deliver word of critical developments-- like a sighting of Brand or spotting the necessary opening the city is waiting for, to the powers that be, in the name of her high lord. And herself, of course.

Action by Dagon

Dagon will lend his military might and strategic command to the conflict at hand. He heavily relies on his military advisor Harald for direction. Seemingly distracted by something. However he does provide the troops a rousing speech and a keen sense of command.


The preparations for the defense of the harbor and Lower Boroughs go well. While there are some attempted attacks upon commerce, the Grimhall, Darkwater, and Nilzana vessels never truly are challenged significantly, and under Admiral Alrec's guidance there doesn't seem to be a whiff of bringers slipping into the city by boat or much losses dockside. There's no repeat of the harbor attack before the siege began, in large part due to all their efforts. The tunnel entrances to the Lower Boroughs are guarded, and the lower city is well patrolled and prepared for any attack in the coming battle.

((The battle will be live GMing, and the AP and resources factored into reduced difficulty for all involved. All contributions will be factored into the coming fight, whether characters are physically present or not.))