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I don't see it as selling myself when I'm performing on the stage or with a lady in private. I'm providing an experience and one that won't soon be forgotten.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Lowborn Ladykilling Actor
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: None
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 37
Birthday: 05/02
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Actor
Height: average height
Hair Color: salt and pepper
Eye Color: forest green
Skintone: sunswept tan

Description: He's a rake and a rogue, from the sparkle in his green eyes to the mischievous tilt of his dimpled grin. Maybe he'd been a handsome youth but middle-age has done more for Jareth than the bloom of youth could have. The rumples that appear on his brow and beside his hawkish nose are endearing; the silver that laces his thick dark hair is heaviest at the temples and lends him a distinguished air. A long-healed scar bisects one feathery eyebrow and adds a touch of dangerous charm to his already appealing features. He is tall and lean, and moves like a fencer, or a dancer...or a lover.

Personality: He knows he isn't the fastest, the strongest or even the smartest but what Jareth does know is people. He has an innate sense of what makes them tick, what they want from life and those around him, and this has given him a strong confidence in all social situations. He enjoys finding the perfect way to behave or the ideal remark to make others like him, and he /loves/ the attention that comes of that. That's the core of Jareth's personality: he was born nothing, overlooked all his life and he is determined that he will be both remembered and admired now.

Background: He was born on the streets of Arx to a light-skirted woman who couldn't claim to know the identity of Jareth's father. At a young age he joined with the other children on his street into a loosely formed gang, picking and scratching for scraps to supplement what little they were provided with at home, but it was evident early on he lacked the brawn to roll drunks in alleys, or the deftness to separate heavy purses from expensive belts. Jareth's strengths lay in his confidence and his ability to charm those around him and to convincingly embrace whatever role was required of him. He was a fast-talker, a patter man with a silver tongue and the ability to blind the eyes of his audience to the streaks of dirt on his face and the shabbiness of his clothes. His ability to talk his way out of (and into) trouble didn't go unnoticed, however. He fell in with the Black Rose Mummers, putting his natural charm and talent for acting to use for himself and the troupe, though it is clear he supplements his income as an actor through any means his silver tongue allows.

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