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Lena talk too much.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Pithy Actress
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: None
Gender: female
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 27
Birthday: 04/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Artisan
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: ruddy brown
Eye Color: chestnut
Skintone: tan

Description: Few would give Lena a second glance and she prefers it that way. A lean and weathered woman, there is something handsome about her but even poets would have difficulty putting words to her appeal. Intelligence shows in the gleam of her large, chestnut brown eyes but her long face most often shows a guarded expression that makes it difficult to discern what she might be thinking or feeling. Dark red-kissed hair is kept just long enough to bind back in a simple tail, revealing ears a touch too small for her head. She is a joy to watch in movement though, flowing graceful and quick in a way that summons thoughts of danger...or dangerous thoughts.

Personality: Whether she was born this way or life forced it upon her, Lena is a distrustful soul. She can count the people she believes in on less that one hand. Though quiet, she doesn't distance herself from the crowd. To be apart is to be unable to observe. She's just always careful to keep her back towards the wall and her face towards the door, just as she is careful to keep the majority of her thoughts -- and there are many, for still waters run deep -- to herself.

Background: Not a lot is known about Lena. The mysterious, notoriously closed-lipped mummer isn't one to talk about her past before she became a sometimes actress for the Black Rose Mummers. It's clear she was born in the gutter, for when she speaks it's with a sharp, uneducated cadence if she's not bothering to inflenct her accent for a role. There are rumors that she's the granddaughter of a man who claimed, half a century ago, to be the king of the thieves and managed to reign as such until an uncharacteristically clumsy fall from the rooftops ended his claim to that dubious throne. There are also rumors that she's some noble byblow left to shift for herself after her father denied her parentage.

Over the years she's picked up a smattering of skills and has made herself useful around the mummer's performances sewing costumes, doing makeup, building sets, but never particularly distinguishing herself in any one trade. Some folk are meant to stay behind the scenes. She learned long ago not to dream of more.

Name Summary
Agostino She's rather evasive, but interesting nonetheless. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to learn more another time.
Auda Pragmatic, skeptical, practical. These are some of my favourite traits in new friends.
Drake She seems quite shy and uncertain... a bit fearful of meeting new people, perhaps.
Fairen I'm still confused with what happened. Maybe her name is Magda? I think she is a physician? She knows people? I must unravel the enigma!
Gael Some manner of rat that has evolved sentience and gone sapient, now roaming the Lowers. Probably. Had so many freckles on her face I can't even remember how she looks like already, just that she had them.
Ilira Oh, darling, don't refer to yourself with their labels. Bloom tall.
Mabelle So pale. And awkward but anyone who is interested in art is good in my book.