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Prince Edris Valardin

Some need to spend time crawling alone through the shadows to truly appreciate what it is to stand in the sun.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Grieving Knight
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Elwood
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 26
Birthday: 7/21
Religion: pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: dark brown
Skintone: Green

Titles: Prince Consort of Sanctum

Description: Tall of stature and broad of shoulder, with an athletic build and a noble bearing, this man garners a double take by most people. Anyone who gets a look at bared skin or his face will see a man transformed. Though is face retains its balance and ruggedly handsome features prior to the change, his skin is a pallet of the verdant and dark greens of forest leaves, from evergreen to deciduous. His dark hair doesn’t hide the crown of leaves that sprout from underneath it, as do little tendrils of fern like leaves here and there across his skin. Raised small brown roots crisscross his body too, like scarring patterns might be. With a society newly awakened to obvious magic, his appearance often provokes strong reactions; shock, fear or suspicion, wonder. But whether the beholder assumes corruption, inhumanity, or even something good like a potential blessing of Petrichor, it’s likely to be an unsettling one at first.

Personality: Quiet, though more out of some internal calm rather than antisocial or brooding behavior, Edris seems to epitomize being the dependable rock in the storm. He is rarely the first to speak, though his insights when offered are keen. His smiles are rare, though when they are given they are often very much as warming and welcoming as a sudden sunbreak. Though unfailingly polite and attentive, there is a mantle of reserve that often settles over him except to those most familiar to him. And for those he knows well, there is a playful and witty sense of humor that occasionally cuts through the stoicism that he wears as his usual face to the world.

Background: Growing up as a second child of a third child in a small county of the North, Edris had duties to keep him busy, but his personal aspirations were largely his own, without the weight of impending rule. As a result, he was able to largely focus his education and activities on that which he was most inclined. An avid outdoorsman and capable leader, he seemed to have the workings of an excellent ranger; though when his father died when Edris was in his late teens, his focus naturally fell to stepping into a more traditional path that he felt would honor him--he was knighted in his late adolescence and then served capably within the patrols and defenses as well as military campaigns both in and out of the Northlands; and when left to his own devices, spent many days or weeks wandering, hunting, and bringing back trinkets and treasures to his sister, cousins, and lady mother as he always had, a way to use solitude and communion with the mountains and wilds to heal some of the echoes of un-unseeable things of war, as well as a way to keep tabs on the local shav'arvani, with his trusted companions.

About 5 years ago his mother and Lord Acorn Hill negotiated a marriage contract for his sister Elin to marry Lord Rylan Moore, it was Edris that was chosen to accompany her south, first to visit his father's family, the Keatons, while Elin and Rylan courted. He fit in well with his sister's soon to be family; there were new wild places to explore, after all. New bands of shavs and prodigals to learn about. A beloved sister to see happily settled. Keaton cousins to become reacquainted with. And increasingly, a camaraderie amongst the Acorn Hill Moores as well. He was invited to stay longer, all the better to cement the new bond between houses, both due to his parents' marriage and the new one with the Moores.

After six months, news of his mother's sudden illness had him making his way home, when word reached him on his travels of the slaughter at Acorn Hill. Nearly mad with worry, he rushed back, only to find that she and her new husband and many of those he'd enjoyed getting to know slain. His deep and near-destructive grief was only compounded when he learned that his mother had also died of her illness soon after he received word of it at all; but rather than drown his sorrows in drink or other vices, he threw himself completely into helping to lead what remained of the scattered and decimated forces, aiding in the rebuilding efforts of the remaining family, hunting down of likely perpetrators or shavs trying to take advantage of the weakness. It was grueling, uphill work, but those underneath him thrived under his leadership, and both houses continued to benefit from a bond.

It might have been cemented by another marriage, his own, to one of the surviving Moores. But plans for that died the night the rest of the surviving family was butchered while he was away ranging, hunting down the location of another group of shavs who had been a thorn in the side of one of the villages.

Deep in yet another round of grief, and needing to work though what surely must have felt like yet another failure, he immersed himself in yet more work. He had built a strong relationship with many of the commoners there, especially the youngest survivors of the initial massacre at Acorn Hill over the years. He continued to range and considered renouncing his title and joining the faith. But the kinship he now felt in this land not of his birth stayed his hand as he wrestled with what to do.

The answer came not from his prayers, or the quiet and calm of the forest but from a missive waiting for him at the inn he'd taken up residence at. It did not come with an offered hand of a wife, but he was given the opportunity to keep fulfilling the promises between houses first made those four years ago, and join the new Barony of Elwood. He had been serving the people there out of grief and honor--now he would be able to honor the names of his sister and friends that spilled their blood on these lands by being claimed as one of their own, Lord Edris Elwood, Sword of Arden.

Relationship Summary

  • Kael - Half responsible for the thunderous pack of wild things that runs through my hall at ungodly early hours. And stalwart friend, through the darkest grief.
  • Elaine - The little lady-heir rules me and knows it full well.
  • Natalia - Kin by choice and by oath. No longer merely one to die for, but a reason to live.
  • Kastelon - Gruff cousin, but a good and noble heart under all of that. Just ask his dog.

  • Northlands:
  • Deva - Childhood confidant and prank instigator. Fearless heart of fire and freedom.
  • Darren - Childhood friend grown distant over the years but deeply respected.

  • Oathlands:
  • Richard - A Solace knight one should always be honored to serve with upon the field. Unfortunately excellent portrait artist.

  • Crownlands:
  • Ailys - Horizon-expanding princess, gently spoken and gifted in her art. Wit as sharp as her dagger. Never test a Mercy's patience.
  • Mia - Stalwart protector and defender of her kin and people, that has survived so much, and thrived. And yet, the patience to not dismiss another's grief but to offer a hand up.
  • Mark - Man of few words but a faster uppercut than one might expect. Thank the gods he's quite patient.

  • Lyceum:
  • Berenice - I am not sure we could be more different on the surface unless we tried. And yet, there is much to admire, and a source of strength.

  • Friend:
  • Raven - Intriguing Captain, intrepid investigator, most excellent sparring partner, the Blackheart is even much more than she seems.

  • Spouse:
  • Alis - We have fought side by side through sun and shadow, laughter and tears. My lover, my liege, my Dragon, my wife. Yours until my heart beats for the last time.
  • Name Summary
    Aella Seems we both like to get out of the city every now and then, I'll remember that next time I'm taking an excursion.
    Daria An impressive Lord, very kind, well connected. Hello new friend, or so I hope
    Ember Lord Edris takes the craft of fighting quite seriously indeed. I really am not sure that I can pay anyone a higher compliment.
    Esme In another life THIS would have been the type to turn my former knight's head. There is a sort of regalness that I'm curious to investigate more. Perhaps to find the dent in the armor if one would. I am most certain we are going to be very good friends.
    Katarina I do not think I would want to have him bake for me on my birthday, but I would still respect him for the attempt if he tried.
    Kenjay One who has impressed my niece so greatly is worthy of much more. I have a nephew, and I am glad of it.
    Martino Refined Prince-Consort, calm and seemingly sophisticated while still remembering his knightly duties that thrive within his core.
    Remus I feel I can relate to this man which maybe strange since we are from such different backgrounds.
    Terese It is refreshing to meet a like minded Noble. He is quite skilled with an axe. I am intigued to know him better
    Vitalis I am quite sure he was not green when I saw him last. What an intriguing development. I should ask about it soon, I fear the window for asking intrusive questions about anomalies will close after too long.
    Volcica He seems to have a solid head on solid shoulders. Both are good traits.