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Viviana Whisper

If you obey all of the rules, you miss all of the fun.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Vivacious Vainglory
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Pravus
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 33
Birthday: 06/27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Swashbuckling Bon Vivant
Height: average height
Hair Color: jet black
Eye Color: vivid green
Skintone: olive

Titles: Silver Lion of Setarco, Setar'Vipera, Honorary Luminary

Description: She carries herself with an indomitable swagger, steel in the line of her back and silk in the sway of her hips. At about five-foot-nine, she has the lithe, strong frame of a lifelong athlete, her svelte curves lending a sensuous softness to the whipcord grace of her lean and rippling musculature. Jet-black hair tumbles down her back in a riot of glossy curls and waves, complementing the rich olive-gold of her blessedly unblemished complexion. Her left eye is the deep, lustrous green of the clearest emerald, ever glittering beneath a veil of ebon lashes, while her right remains covered by an eyepatch inscribed with the gauntlet of House Pravus. The sculpted symmetry of her features speaks of elite heritage, from the high angle of her cheekbones to the elegant slope of her nose, but the latent fire in her one eye and the incendiary smiles on her full lips suggest something altogether tameless.

Personality: Flamboyantly daring with brash confidence, Viviana intends to live life to its fullest. Setbacks and defeats are just entertaining challenges that allow her to showcase dazzling skill or charm, and Viviana is never one to permit anything to throw her off her jaunty stride for very long. With a wicked wit and keenly ambitious mind that lives up to House Pravus' dark reputation, she's ready to laugh off just about everything- particularly words of caution, piety of restraint.

Background: No member of House Pravus has ever been jailed in Setarco City, let alone enough times that they came to know the name of every single captain of the City Watch. None but one.

Viviana realized early that while most had a dream they pursued until death, she could not be like most. She needed to follow all her many wants, live many lives, an aching yearning leading the uncommited Pravosi to wear a thousand hats and journey freely, much to the chagrin of her mother.

Lady Leticia was a woman of searing focus, something that had brushed off on Viviana's sister but was anathema to her eldest daughter. Their clashes were frequent, and even if Leticia was many times the manipulator Viviana could ever hope to be, sometimes rebellion was enough to the girl, no matter the punishment.

Cut her stipend? Viviana would start a gambling enterprise in the Undertow. Denoble the girl? Viviana would join a crew of pirates for six months. Allow the City Guard to arrest her? Viviana would soon befriend them and at one point even convinced uncle Piero to allow her to lead them.

Anywhere Viviana was thrown, she would excel, her thirst for a life less ordinary shifting even the most hopeless situations into an opportunity. The fighting between mother and daughter lasted until Duke Piero Pravus and his Sword, Lord Tiberio, were murdered and the war against the Argento broke out.

That very day Lady Leticia beseeched to the new Duchess that Viviana be appointed Sword. Whatever her reasoning, that was what became of Viviana Pravus, the most improbable Sword of Setarco in House Pravus' historied existence.


The newly-minted Sword of Setarco rode with her father Raphael, a war hero from other wars. The young woman dreamt of glory and ballads, of finding the Sword of Nilanza in the battlefield and settling this score once and for all, for Duchess, family and country. They would name young girls after her for years to come!

Reality of war almost tore Viviana to shreds.

Although she pursued the Sword of Nilanza, that was not meant to be, both duelists always missing each other and fighting in different battlefields. The foes she did meet, however, were faces she knew from galas, hunts, adventures and festivals, other young nobles that were dragged into the war for the same reason as she. Viviana was not ready to cut down friends and lovers, but so she did, for Duchess, family and country, to protect her own.

By the time Nilanza had been taken in the Siege of Nilanza, and Viviana stood by her mother's side as Pravosi banners were hoisted on top the castle, the young woman knew why Lady Leticia had asked the Duchess to name her eldest daughter for the title of Sword, in the time she did. War had taken its toll, and taught Viviana much about oaths and duty. About life and death, and heroism in the real world.

Lady Leticia and her daughter would not speak to each other again.


Years would pass before Viviana would show traces of her former self, albeit the changes were there. Sharper and more charming than she is friendly, the Sword of Setarco has finally become what her mother wanted her to be. Although Viviana still feels that unquenchable need to have and experience, no longer she can simply do it without feeling the urge to tackle every new desire as an obsessive challenge. Children play, women like Viviana conquer.

Since her days as a young and carefree wildchild she has dabbled in all manner of dangerous activity that would kill other, lesser Setarcans, but not Lady Viviana Pravus, the ever-hungry daughter of Lady Leticia Pravus.

In the years after her arrival in Arx, Lady Viviana Pravus was instrumental in helping her house ascend in power and prestige, acting as Duchess Belladonna's strong right hand in the Silent War, the Gyre War, and helping lead the conquest of shav forces on the Isle of Setara. When Pravus turned towards the Saffron Chain, Viviana was there every step of the way in seizing the land from slavers, losing an eye in the process but gaining the title of 'Princess', as her house became the first duchy to ascend to a Great House in the history of the Compact. Convalescing from wounds in Pravus' battles, she briefly dropped out of the public eye, though it was said she gained an iron fisted control over the criminal underworld in Setarco.

As she sets her eyes on Arx for a triumphant return, woe be to whatever stands in her path.

Relationship Summary

  • Avita - Mercenary Marquessa

  • Spouse:
  • Lianne - Darkling Dear and Duchess

  • Protege:
    Name Summary
    Medeia The former-princess-turned-Whisper is as sly of tongue as ever.
    Miraya The woman is the epitome of starting over and doing so with great aplomb. She has forged her own path in life and I applaud her for this bold move.
    Sanya An apprentice Whisper. She is good with her wordplay but promises more with her sword skills. Perhaps her other skills will come to light as well.