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Baroness Natalia Elwood

It has nothing to do with whether or not you fall down. Everyone falls down. Everyone fails. Do you get back up?

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Convalescent Whisper
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Elwood
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 29
Birthday: 05/29
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Fashionista
Height: average height
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: deep blue
Skintone: porcelain

Description: Spun gold and sweet cream blonde curls fall in a tumble to a point just past this young woman's shoulders, typically artfully careless in their arrangement. Her skin is perfect porcelain with just enough color to give her a blush of life and vitality, untouched by freckle or blemish. There is something ethereal to the delicacy of her features, light and so very distinctly feminine as they are; high cheekbones, thick eyelashes, well proportioned lips and nose -- she's beautiful in a way that inspires devotees of Jayus to create artistic masterpieces that become legends within their lifetimes. Sky blue eyes are vibrant, the color of a spring sky, so expressive as to make hiding her thoughts and feelings occasionally difficult without it being ridiculously obvious. She is above average in height and slender, the lines of her figure curved to perfection, femininity embodied.

Personality: Natalia possessed the utter confidence of a woman who knew precisely who and what she was, but that sort of arrogance quite nearly destroyed her. Suitably chastened, she has a newfound respect for the power that the great nobles represent, and is considerably more circumspect about ever picking fights. She's a woman who hass been burned but survived the experience, and while more than one individual has remarked that she's a changed woman, they simply miss that she's far more cautious. There's still that wicked gleam in her eye caught at unguarded moments, that pursuit of new challenges or the thrill of the hunt. She's still a woman with ambitions, but now even more calculating. She still has cards to play.

Background: Mistakes were made.

Once upon a time, Princess Natalia Grayson was (in her not so humble opinion) the most brilliant, shining star rising in the most powerful house, which put her exactly where she wanted to be, ready to take the peerage of Arx by storm. She had the wit, beauty and wealth to do it, and all she really had to do was charm anyone that was useful enough to get her exactly what she wanted. In retrospect, it might have gone just a little to her head. She was due to marry the scion of House Thrax, Prince Dagon Thrax, and maybe she shouldn't have pushed for it to be the most lavish and expensive wedding the Compact hadn't seen. And maybe when the plans for that potential match started to fall through, she shouldn't have picked a fight with her cousin Princess Lark, who happened to be the highlord of House Grayson. And had the power to cast her out of the family and strip her noble title, rank, and privileges. It could have gone better.

But say what you will about the once Princess Natalia Grayson (and judging about the rumors of the city, very little -hasn't- been said), she's not a quitter. She still had some favors at court, she still had a wealth of experience, she still had her beauty and charm, and she was able to parlay that into becoming a courtier and joining the Whisper House. The hard lessons of her downfall served her well, and the old flamboyance arrogance of Princess Natalia Grayson is long gone. But the outwardly humble and conciliatory Natalia Whisper? Arx has not heard the last of her.

Relationship Summary

  • Gareth - Brother. The other half of the coin.
  • Name Summary
    Aethan Looked at me a lot. Not sure why.
    Bliss I've been reading her journals and watching her interact a bit. There's a passion burning there. How do I ignite it? She is excellent company, though.
    Gareth My dear sister dares enter Arx once more. After all the pain she caused and was given. Either she is fully committing to remaking herself, becoming a new woman, throwing off the old husk. Or she has a plan more cunning than even I can conceive. I hope for all our sakes, it is the former.
    Jeffeth A very pretty Whisper who will probably be very good at teasing me. Hurray!
    Jordan You can tell she's a natural at being a Whisper, and she said it was of her own choosing. She's gorgeous, her smile is beautiful, and she's poised enough to make a blunt statement soften by the way she leverages it into the conversation. All in all, if she was considered unforgettable as a Princess, she'll be even more so as a Whisper. Captivating, dangerous.
    Mirari Hmm, I wonder if I stepped on her toes or on her neck in a past life. Oh well, you can't win them all.
    Ouida Breathtaking and enchating beauty. While it may draw the first glance, the treasure of looking beyond is where her exquisteness lies. No delicate fragile thing this, but a strong mind and courageous spirit, one that rises anew even amidst sorrow. Perhaps there are many who would have given up, or faded away, were they in her shoes, but it is to all of our benefit that she did not.
    Peri Whispers don't always have comfortable truths to tell, but she explained things to me in a direct and calm fashion as one would hope.
    Reese She is back and seems to be as lovely as ever, but also thriving and doing well.
    Renato I have no words. So many futures and yet... so much uncertainty. She is beautiful, charming, and absolutely worth spending every hour of the day with, but knowing this how can one compete with all her admirers?
    Sidney It's easy to use the word "charming" too lightly, because so many of us are or attempt to be, but it's rare for me to feel quite so genuinely charmed during a first meeting as I was with Natalia. Clever, perceptive, good-natured, and very willing to enjoy herself -- a winning combination. I'm pleased she's joined us at the Whisper House, and I hope to see more of her.
    Theron Gorgeous Whisper. It's a shame I wasn't exactly talkative when I met her. I'm sure we'd have gotten along, otherwise.
    Vanora Lovely and sweet, this Whisper is also an extremely talented event coordinator. Knowing how to please so many different groups of people is no small trick! I'm impressed with her.
    Venturo Our first meeting was over business, with the Mistress Whisper hired by the Keatons to oversee a project in their lands. With an attention to detail, a curiosity that is clear and directed, and a love of alcohol, hers is a partnership that is bound for success.
    Vercyn Natalia is a gracious host with a keen mind. I look forward to seeing more of it