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Calandra Whisper

Nobles live in gilded cages so beautiful they can't even see the bars. My songs come from a place they'll never know, one full of danger and deceit, but where ambition and talent rewards one with true freedom.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: The Whispering Nightingale
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Culler
Gender: female
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 24
Birthday: 08/02
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Singer
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black with gold flecks
Skintone: Olive

Description: Her presence is an invigorating one: all richly colored skin and hair, smooth feline grace, and a voice that dives from songbird trills of laughter to depths of shadow and smoke. Her eyes are a deep, soft black -- warm, like obsidian left to soak up the sun on a summer afternoon. Her face is sculpted of long, graceful lines and sharp angles; a strength in her features that is framed by loose, inky curls. Her hands are remarkable, fine-boned and long fingered. She gestures with such easy elegance one can only assume she spent ages at practice, to appear so effortless.

Personality: Calandra loves to be loved. She loves to watch the faces of those that hear her sing, and soak up their adoration and praise. She has more than a little pride, but it's tempered with actually enjoying to entertain people. It's a symbiotic relationship that the songstress revels in. She loves the dirt and grit of the lower boroughs, partly because of how she outshines it, but partly because there is such character and greatness within its alleys. It's home, for better or worse. Certainly, she loves the beautiful fashions of the nobility, but not so much that she wants to be one. People are free in the dirty streets, to truly be who they are meant to be. Calandra can't bear the thought of being without that freedom, as she is determined to discover her destiny.

Background: It's not easy growing up poor in the Lower Boroughs, not even for a Culler, one of the most feared families at the bottom of Arx society. Calandra was never going to starve, as her family always seemed to be doing just a little bit better than they should be. Calandra was even as closed to spoiled as a girl could probably get inside the crime ridden neighborhoods, but even that came with a price. While still a teenager, her father was hanged for banditry and her mother was murdered not long after some of the 'Culler family business' went terribly awry. While she's a Lower Boroughs girl at heart and will probably never leave, the deaths of her parents might have set her on a somewhat different path to one that would see her finding a noose or a dagger in the back eventually.

While she's always been proud of her singing voice, she didn't have any expectations when she auditioned with the Black Rose Mummers as one of their entertainers. She was shocked when the Black Rose Mummers almost immediately signed her, singing for the company in plays and other performances, with her brilliant, almost impossible-to-forget singing voice resulting in more than one noble wondering how something so pure and delightful could come from a place so tragic and common. So no, she might never leave the Lower Boroughs forever, but she has no intention of dying there.

Relationship Summary

  • Warrick - An unlucky, but very sweet guardsman. I like seeing him fluster.
  • Gianna - Softest Whisper and fellow nightingale. May we sing the night away.
  • Zara - My patron. A woman with enviable composure who I hope to serve well.

  • Friend:
  • Jeffeth - We knew each other as children. A good man with a good heart who's company and friendship I enjoy once more.

  • Family:
  • Acacia - My sister. Strong willed and fiery.
  • Torian - Uncle in name, but it may as well be blood. I will make you proud.
  • Name Summary
    Evaristo The kind of woman that leads you to get a massage by someone who looks like a bear, and you adore her for it.
    Gianna A new chapter, I think, where voices are joined this time.
    Jeffeth She's fully developed! That's probably not something I should keep saying. But little Callie is fully grown now, it's good to find friends from back in our little Culler days making their way into fully developed people. It does the heart good to have her around.
    Liara I knew of her for her talent for song. It turns out that she makes for fine company and good conversation too. There is a certain sense of ambition there, which can be a splendid motivator.
    Marisol A Whisper that is my sister's protege. Well spoken of course but I think she is far more like my sister than I first realized. They are a good match and her company is more than pleasant. I am sure we will see far more of her and if not, I will be sure she is invited.
    Neilda A Whisper, can never mistake them, so beautiful.
    Reese Lovely, elegant and has an impressive patron. I think she is going places. I can't wait to see her sing sometime.
    Warrick Shared a few honeyed figs with her. Very sweet, her and the figs. Curious style, pretty swift about it, pleasant to bring along to parties. So in that regard, a solid Whisper!
    Willow A beautiful dancer and in one of the loveliest dresses I've ever seen.
    Zara Frankly I envy the combined powers of organization and fashion that allowed Whisper Calandra to make so quick a change of clothing. I'll have to learn from her. And possibly pray, to keep envy from my heart.