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Dame Alexis Wyrmfang

Chivalry is not just about a code of conduct. To act with honour is to be a shining beacon of hope in the world.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Untested Blade
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Wyrmfang
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 18
Birthday: 6/23
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: average height
Hair Color: platinum blonde
Eye Color: pale grey
Skintone: fair

Titles: Sword of Blancbier

Description: Alexis has, for most of her existence, been called 'cute'. Close-cropped blonde hair couple with bright eyes in pale grey, and fair skin offset pink lips that easily edge upwards into shy smiles. All of which makes the charge hard to refute.

Her body is impressively muscled and she moves with an easy grace and an abundance of energy. Barely hitting 5' 2'', she's compact with feminine curvature to her frame.

Personality: Alexis is generally hopeful by nature, with easy smiles and wide-eyed and bright appreciation for the world. She's idealistic to the point of naivete, aspiring to be the very best she can be, and to make her family and house proud in the process. She possesses a deep-set sense of honour and stakes her behaviour on the chivalric code of the Oathlands.

Background: Legend has it that a century or three ago, Wyrmfang split off the main March of Wyrmguard as a cadet branch, slowly diminishing in importance from second sons and third daughters, until they were far enough removed to in essence become a highly respected family of knights. For the last few generations, ever since one Cristoph Wyrmfang turned an-almost defeat into an astounding victory, the Wyrmfangs have also had the honour of holding the Sword of Blancbier for the Wyrmguards.

Alexis and her twin brother was born to the then-Sword of Blancbier, Alphonse Wyrmfang, and the children were raised on the family traditions of loyalty and steadfast service, served up with constant tales of Oathlands chivalry and ambitions, of meritorious rises and rewards for serving the ideals that the gods of the pantheon represent. And Alexis swallowed it all rather wide-eyed.

When she was nearly old enough, she became rather insistant on squiring, including at one point running away from home to find herself adventure (and a knight to squire to), and eventually her father acquiesced. Small, but fierce, she favoured larger weapons such as two-handed swords and glaives in combat, which may in part have been inspired by her father's position. She was overjoyed when, for about a year, she spent time in the same group of squires as one Princess Alis Valardin, and the even smaller woman left a deep impression with her tenacity.

One duty that Alexis picked up as a squire was the mending of armour, and to this day she uses the beating of steel as a form of meditation, slowly learning the craft of the smith.

Her knighting ceremony took place at her 18th birthday, while she was part of the force protecting Blancbier and anxiously awaiting news from Arx about the siege and the Army of Silence. In the last battle of the siege, her father took a grave wound protecting the Marquessa. The wound festered, and Sir Alphonse was sent home to Blancbier, but expired on the way. When the Marquessa Dominiqe next visited Blancbier, there was a small ceremony in which Alexis found herself becoming the keeper of the Wyrmguard heirloom blade, as her father, and her father's mother had before her. She swore the oath to protect her family gladly, and now, after having grieved and seen her father to his final rest, she comes to Arx. An untested blade, but eager to prove herself.

Relationship Summary

  • Joslyn - Everything Lycene in a small package. It's a wonder she doesn't burst at the seams. Fun, and an imparter of valuable life lessons. And of love.

  • Patron:
  • Alis - An inspiration. I strive to uphold chivalric ideals and to make my sister-in-arms proud.

  • Family:
  • Desiree - Voice of Blancbier, the boss lady. A delightful woman and a show of all good things about the nobility.

  • Sibling:
  • Alexander - the brains of the operation.

  • Deceased:
  • Niamh - Joy of life in the flesh. To think that she's gone is ever so strange.
  • Aislin - The very spirit of curiosity. Gone, but not forgotten indeed. I still have hope she'll return with a tale of grand adventure.

  • Friend:
  • Cassandra - Archlector of Gloria. Another inspiration and idol, another woman I aspire to make proud.
  • Esoka - Dame Esoka Greenblood, Sword of the Twainfort. Solid and dependable and good company.
  • Leola - Paladin of Groves. Intimidatingly competent, but kind and friendly. She blushes a lot.
  • Reese - The Pink Princess. Like Alis, someone to aspire to be when I grow up.
  • Gawain - The heir of Blanchard is a man of good heart and good humour. And good horses.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana I love how many other twins are within the city! I hope I can meet Alexis's one day but I find her extremely pleasant and still amazed by her huge swords! And I am sure she is quite brave if she is a Sword of a house!
    Adalyn As quintessentially Oathlander as ever. I'm pleased to be adventuring/fighting by her side.
    Adrienne Dame Alexis, trained by Edain and Arn, volunteered to be a leadership mentor to me. She wields a sword and an ambition that far outsizes her slight build.
    Alarissa Fealthy to Valardin brings with it interesting people and Alexis is one. A sense of taste both tongue and eye means that surely we shall cross paths again and even for being one who bears swords, she has a kindness about her that is far less sharp than her blade.
    Aleksei Bright, friendly, and respectable. I recall her being totally eager to meet the Paladin of Freedom and thank him for his service. I dunno why, though; that guy's a doofus.
    Alessandro Instructing my brother-in-law to be in the martial arts, and by all appearances, she shall be excellent at it.
    Alexandre Dame Alexis Wyrmfang is not only Sword, but maker of that and much more. I was able to meet her at her shop after my recent arrival to Arx, and was able to enjoy not only her peerless skill in the forge, but also the pleasure of her company. One that embraces her art and duties so faithfully should be lauded.
    Andry A very skilled armorsmith with incredible attention to detail, especially when it comes to artistic design. I'm honored to have met Dame Alexis in her shop and element.
    Apollo She could be sort of intimidating in that way people who carry swords and titles bigger than they are tend to be. Good she tempers all that with a curious and generous spirit.
    Arianna Very adorable little Dame whom has a certain charm. A Sword no less. I do hope we can become fast friends for she seems a deadly little maiden.
    Arn Alphonse's daughter. Just a damn kid with an old sword like the rest of them. She should spend more time forging herself into something rather than forging metal into armor. Knights should be knights. Children never understand.
    Arn Sword of Blancbier. Just a kid. Shouldn't be in the forge but who listens to me anymore? Maybe she'll work out, maybe not. Never can tell. Seems foolish to have hope for these kids anymore, but we'll see.
    Asher You hear about knights who have honor, and keep to chivalric ways. They sound like kids' tales. Fiction. Alexis isn't fiction, though.
    Aureth What an Oathlandsy Oathlander. Short, super young, super cute, hypercourteous. Is Paladin becoming a title now, like, do I have to actually call him that to people? Yikes.
    Austen A fine smith who does fine work. She appears smart and most passionate about her work.
    Barik An endearing sight. Nevermind the two giant-killers that dangle from her back, her shown mettle alone is enough to make a man consider.
    Barric A fellow Sword, well she will likely be a Sword long after I am not. She seems attentive and kind, polite, and apparently of an Order I don't know much about! I will have to corner her for more conversation some time.
    Bianca She seems the same as I remember, which is a relief. She has such great potential -- and it's so warming to see how readily she embraces it.
    Calandra Polite, and wears stunning jewels. Looks like she could trounce a person in the fighting ring, too. A contradiction, but a pleasant one.
    Calandra Blessed be the gods, the arms on this woman! In addition to those she also seems to be quite the good blacksmith. I must return to her shop soon.
    Calarian A Dame with loyalty to the Crown and passion for her trade.
    Calaudrin I like her, seems like a dependable girl. Wonder if we could steal her for the Iron Guard somehow.
    Caspian Though I haven't really gotten to talk to her, but I have seen her work, and she is great at it.
    Cerys Dame Alexis Wyrmfang: I could see myself being her in another life. Gods know she's exactly the sort of knight whose virtues and stories my father extolled over and impressed upon me when I was a little girl. Gracious and forthright, she knows what she knows and isn't afraid to let you know what she thinks. I will gladly train under her, spar with her, and I certainly look forward to sitting down with her when its time to craft my armor. More than that, though, I hope to share an ale with her over a campfire sometime.
    Charlotte A bright young Sword forged from honour and determination!
    Christine A sweet girl, with a big sense of honor and a lot of love to give.
    Cirroch The redsteel armor she made for me is the finest armor I have worn. Her work is peerless!
    Clara She stood face-to-face with an Abyssal Tainted Dire Bear. That thing was huge. She has my respect.
    Cleo She is cute and strong, she feels strongly about the Gods, wish can hope she can accept the spirits sometime. She is confused by me I think, the spirits don't make sense to her. At least she does not say they do not exist. This is good!
    Clover Stalwart and just a little bit reserved. Alexis does well in serving Wyrmguard as the Sword of Blancbier.
    Coraline A knight and a skilled artisan, I very much look forward to seeing her work! She seems to be a woman of very good heart and good freinds as both Barric and Reese are just two. I look forward to getting to knowing her better.
    Corban Too much armsman and not enough sergeant in her. She has a presence but seems to keep it subdued. I had hoped for more from the Sword of Blancbrier - I refuse to use my cousin's nickname for her. All soldier deserve that much respect.
    Cristoph Dame Alexis! A fine example of an Oathlands knight. I've encountered her several times over and never once been left with a negative impression. She's a good one to have on our side.
    Cullen Humble, courageous, determined, talented, intelligent - and someone who radiates the virtues of a knight. She is a worthy Paragon and someone for me to look up to and find inspiration in. I am proud to be a comrade in arms with her.
    Cyril Dame Alexis Wyrmfang is the paragon of the Gold Order to which my marquees is a member of. She is humble, almost to a fault, but crevices make for interesting geography.
    Daemon The first time we truly 'met' was when we were both swarmed by wasps of an evil being. The buzzing still rattles my skull and I'm glad that it is not a memory I need suffer alone. She's been a fantastic armorer to me ever since!
    Dagon A proper meeting with Dame Alexis, compared to their first brief one. Dagon gets on pretty readily with most Valardin,as he shares a lot more with them than his own house in a lot of ways - something she seemingly picked up on, at least in terms of how he differs from the average Thrax. Seems a good basis for future friendship, or at least knightly cammaraderie of a sort.
    Dante Very much an Oathlander knight, and I mean that in the best possible way. Very knowledgable in the ways of tactics and leading troops as well as chivalry and knightly ways. Quite the pleasure to meet her, it helps me remember my fondness of some of the ways of the West.
    Delilah Dame Alexis Wyrmfang. I don't think I'll ever have a better first impression of anyone in the compact. Alexis deserves every title she has and more. Her company is splendid, tastes are refined, and her smile to die for. I am blessed to know her.
    Denica When I first heard about Dame Alexis, I had expected somebody taller, larger than life. She somehow managed to be both shorter and bigger than I expected. An Oathlands woman of honor and strength. I can see why Lady Neve likes her.
    Derovai Decent observations, but she makes poor choices with what she does with them.
    Dimitri A most interesting woman. A smith and a knight and judging by some of the items in her shop, one of immense skill. I have a feeling that our paths will cross on many occasions.
    Domonico A truly inspired swordmaker. Small and probably doesn't have a great reach but carries herself like one who is aware of that and able to compensate for that. Maybe worth sparring with her sometime to see.
    Duarte A knight of the Gold Order - well revered by Echo and very friendly with Valencia. I trust we'll get along.
    Dycard Warm and friendly. Impressively well-armed, but the Dame carries herself with a certain casual confidence that isn't intimidating. And a smith too, from the sounds of it - one to get to know better.
    Echo Small and adorable, knows how to use weaponry of the somewhat larger variety, dutiful and polite... Did I mention that she's a talented smith? Well, she's all these things and more.
    Ectorion Skilled, good eyes, a good rider. Great person to have on point, no nonsense, and professional. An asset to her house.
    Edain She trained with my sister, and has sometimes been her partner in crime. Together they are a brace of tactical sized terrors and /woe/ to anyone who might get in their way. I was very sad to hear of her father's passing. I know how hard that is. I especially know how hard it is to be thrust into carrying on your father's legacy without warning. She's been a friend to my sister, the least I can do is try and help her live up to that burden. I have faith she can do it. Princess Alis' confidence tends to rub off on the people close to her.
    Edain The quality of Dame Alexis' smithwork stands as a testament to her character and spirit. She is the Oathlands, and I wish could have a thousand more like her.
    Edwyn A dame with ample skill for the hammer, and a respect, unlike my kin, for wearing clothing that is not piping hot leather, padding or plate hot enough to cook in. She seems respectable.
    Eilonwy A fierce warrior woman. I am so glad to have met her.
    Eirlys Saw her at the Medal Ceremony. Would like to get to know her better.
    Eleyna Somehow, she managed to get poisoned at a wedding. Can't -imagine- how that happened. Regardless, she pulled through and seems to be thriving now.
    Emily The Dame is helpful if not openly informative. A chance meeting has turned into something of a lesson learned and perhaps a tutorship in regards to the blade. She's strong. I can see that but her grip is formidable. But her strength also comes in the form of her presence and personality. I can see why she is trusted with so much.
    Esoka I met Dame Wyrmfang in passing at the celebration of new beginnings on the outskirts of the Gray Forest. I would like to know her better, when her arms are all in good sparring repair. There is much I admire in the Valardin commitment to oaths and honor, and I am eager to learn how the other Swords of their Houses carry that honor upon their shoulders.
    Evaristo Dame Alexis - an impressive woman. Knight, crafter, extraordinary - and kind and generous as well.
    Evelynn I pray that she achieves what she dreams of most.
    Faruq A straight forward woman who has her priorities well settled without berating others for their own. There is a grace there I will never be able to match. Can take the corsair out of the sea but not the sea out of the Corsair.
    Fatima The Dame was very kind, generous and has a mind for armor design that I like very much! I can't wait to see more of her tight, toned body...oh and to ummm talk to her again. Yea.
    Ferrando I feel like an old slacker looking at her, and I'm not even old! Or really even a slacker! I mean, I do kind of stand around all day on the job but that's purposeful standing around.
    Fiachra Calm and collected in the middle of danger, and assisted in keeping the situation worse than it could have been. Certainly looking forward to getting to know her further - when demons aren't involved, of course.
    Fianna An admirable knight with an equally admirable equine companion. I am honored to have finally met Dame Alexis and Sir Betenoir. I've said it once and I will say it again, they are welcome back to the Crovane stables at any time.
    Flora I will not same Dame Alexis is not a woman I would never play poker with, but I do wonder at the straight face she keeps while stating some things as fact. It does not matter. She was most accomodating, very pleasant to be around, and a phenomenal instructor. 11 out of 10, would train with again. And I made a promise to train others and pass on the instruction.
    Fortunato Friend of Hana's. A metalsmith of skill who hungers, I think, for variety. As long as it's a metallic variety. Good listener, good host. Always good to be driven by curiosity as much as business.
    Gabriella To see her in action on the forge is breathtaking in her purity and focus. To see her outside it is to be pleasantly reminded she is human despite her gift -- and one delightfully prone towards being flustered.
    Galatea A dutiful, friendly, and very tiny young knight. I feel as though I could fit her in my pocket. And she makes her own armor! Where does she find the time?
    Gaston A tiny thing, though it seems she has my cousin Tesha's respect, as well as that of Beaumont which is enough for me. Certainly friendly enough and decent company. Hopefully her blade will be able to remain untested for a while longer, but that is rarely the way of things.
    Gwenna Dame Alexis Wyrmfang is a famed knight, the Sword of Blancbier, Paragon of the Gold Order, and manages to also be a renowned smith. Those things alone would lead anyone to think her incredible. Not only is she a woman of noble deed, but also of noble heart. Warm, kind, and friendly to those she seems to like, it is no wonder she is so beloved. I am grateful that she has taken a chance on me as a support staff for the Gold Order, especially as I am no knight, and look forward to what I hope to be a lifelong friendship.
    Hana This Oathlander knight is also an armorsmith; she seems friendly, though I wonder why it is that all the knights in the Crafter's Guild are Oathland smiths? Maybe there's something in the bacon.
    Harlex A metal-smith and a House Sword who humored my dour mood. Young and honorable. Enviable traits.
    Harper Dame Alexis is one of the people that gives me hope that not all knights are shiny and snooty. Looking forward to learning more from her eventually. Plus it's just nice to spar someone my own size.
    Ian I hope she knows what she's doing.
    Ida Dame Alexis Wyrmfang, Sword of Blancbier, protege of Princess Alis Valardin /and/ a smith of fine repute. As though that were not enough to immediately draw my respect and admiration, the woman is also friendly and kind. I definitelly need to bring a bottle of whisky to her shop and get to know her better!
    Ilira Charming in her youth, she is a stranger whom I wish to further acquaint myself with, and endearing in her waver between bold and shy. She enlightened me, helpfully, on the culture around certain lore, and earns my respect for her competence with swords nigh larger than she.
    Imi You never know what you might find when taking a ride in the woods near Arx. It was on such a ride that I encountered Dame Alexis WyrmFANG. A knight leading an Order, a venerator of Petrichor, and rider of a fancy horse. Someone worth keeping an eye on.
    Jacque A vassal of House Valardin and a master smith. Jacque is impressed by how quickly she turned the order out for a set of steel armor for him. They had a conversation in which he asked something unusual of her - namely, to watch her work, once he is finished with his current focus.
    Jael Young, but clearly talented. She's probably got me beat on the Gauntlet, and if not, I imagine she will
    Jaenelle Dame Wyrmfang is an adventurous woman who did not shy away from attending the feast of the senses. Friendly during my time with her, I would personally invite her to anything I host in the future.
    Jasmine Dame Alexis wants to be a hero and I can see a spark inside of her that might one day ignite into a flame seen by many one day.
    Jasper A knight worthy of her name and titles. I look forward to sparring with someone of great talent, strong heart, and wisdom.
    Jeffeth A dame. A smith. And a very good athlete. There's not much more you could put on a person to make me instantly like them.
    Jordan A talented Dame who happens to be a Sword and is in the leadership of many important organizations to the City of Arx. That besides, she seems like she knows her business and I enjoyed keeping her company for the blindfolded feast.
    Joscelin A new armorer for the Guild and a hardworker.
    Jules She's connected with Lord Rysen's order. She helped head a questioning of Lord Rysen when he joined the order. She was kind in offering to help you out with some armor. You need to get to meet her more personably at some point.
    Jyri An efficient, no-nonsense knight - the best kind. Got this way of making me want to do better.
    Killian Alexis was very flattering and kind in her words, and very solemn. She seems a serious sort of woman, and is the Sword of Blancbriar, so she seems the sort of person Killian will likely get along with. And probably annoy. He's -very- disappointing as a role model after all, and doesn't take things near seriously enough, but her kind words really touched him.
    Kutazer Dame Alexis! How can you not like Dame Alexis? She is ready and willing to hop into adventure and ready to help. Can't ask for a better adventuring buddy!
    Lailah Dame Alexis Wyrmfang, Sword of Blancbier. I nearly ran into her by way of introduction, but this small woman is the sword of a fine house, and a knight at that! Impressive! I'd like to see how she handles herself.
    Laric Typical Oathlander: steel and bacon. Not necessarily a bad thing.
    Laurel Her shope is impeccable and the Dame herself is pleasant company. It is a difficult thing to move on from what was and the bonds made with Josephine but with the Dame it is the same but not. It is a fresh start with possibilities. A joining of passions and interests that I think will a much needed change. If her personality is any indicator I suspect we will fast become friends as well as mentor and apprentice. I think the time spent in her shop will be one of the things I look forward to every day.
    Lenne A tiny girl, likely not more than my age, who is somehow an acclaimed and poised leader of knights and heroes. If this is the quality of the people in the capital, no wonder it has held through the ages. I seem to be in very far over my head.
    Leola Suddenly the faint twitch every noble has made when I've called them by their full title makes a little more sense. If I've inspired her - well, that's wonderful, but I'm sure she does Valardin proud. The standards for Knights there is high! ... unlike her. She's short.
    Llewella Dame Alexis Wyrmguard was kind enough to come speak to me on several matters. I found her company flawless, her demeanor polite, and her insight helpful.
    Lou I met Alexis while on a rare shopping errand to replace my backpack - damn wolves. She seemed quite flustered when I arrived, and perhaps a bit harried. She mentioned she was going to be at, or was it in, the Iron Pentathlon swimming competition later on. She requested to hear the story about the wolves - and I wouldn't mind obliging her with it.
    Lucien The Sword of the Wyrmguard is a young dragon with sharp fangs. It is heartening to see the young generation coming up with so much talent in their hands. A harsh but fair teacher as well.
    Lys Dame Alexis, she seemed pleasant but somewhat distracted and perhaps in a bad mood.
    Mabelle A notable Dame and smith, busy and talented. Her name preceds her as I've heard it mention in praise many times before.
    Macda This woman is actually tinier than me! And potentially more adorable. Yet she's as fierce as any warrior and as hard as the steel in her work. The Compact needs people as earnest as she. And she's going to make me real sparklefists! Watch out, evil doers!
    Maeve She seems so cool! She has these giant glaives that are bigger than she is! How does she even lift those things?! She has got some serious muscles. We got to fight rats together! I wouldn't mind sharing a drink or two with her when rats aren't chewing on our faces.
    Malesh A tiny young thing which bested me in the battle of the sexes. Thank the gods it was but a game, I have now doubt she would have beaten me just as handily in a real fight.
    Malik A very impressive knight! I hope she will come to visit the Whisper House soon so that I can be learning more about her.
    Marian Was I ever that young? Did I ever have that much hope? Alexis is a bright, untested beacon. I hope she keeps that light when darkness comes to our doorstep. We shall see what happens when she's tested.
    Marius Seems like a nice enough Dame. I enjoyed watching her beat the ever-loving crap out of Monique.
    Melody Even in situations where I wouldn't recommend it, she remains calm and knightly. Composed, and sweet. I don't think I could ever be anything similar, but it is a very admirable trait.
    Merek %bMerek met Alexis at the Storied Blade. Seems she is an armorsmith like him, and he doesn't know many of them! It is nice to meet people that share interests.
    Mikani For one so young, I have never felt that an order was in more capable hands. Shows that there are those that are born to greatness and have the will of the gods to be able to shine.
    Mirk A consummate professional as a warrior and blacksmith both, who knows her weapons, and her own history. An interesting person to speak with, and I look forward to seeing her work.
    Monique Did anyone get the number on that horse and cart? It must have been going fast, I didn't see it AT all!
    Narcissa Encouraging to would be adventurers who have to borrow armor.
    Nico She might be short, but I won't let that fool me. She's packing some serious strength in that small package. I was a little nervous at first, but she turned out to be very friendly. And it was one of the more meaningful conversations I've had since arriving at the city along ones with my friend Holt. Well, I was surprised just how hot it gets in the forge.
    Nisaa She blushes more than I ever imagined a dame would blush! I did not get to speak with her much, but she seems quite kind.
    Norwood She has a good head on her shoulders, and had some //invaluable// information about her sword, and in reflection, my Queensguard. I would stand by her side any day.
    Nurie Though I know it is more traditional for those of us with Lycene blood to pretend that we do not notice, there are very few things that do not draw the eye and flutter the heart like a chivalrous Oathlands knight, blade displayed, and atop a powerful horse! Dame Alexis is twice as striking with her Sir Betenoir, a knight woven from sunlight coloring with such a gentle and delicate visage atop a stallion black as night, and with such gallant manners as well!
    Olivia Killian has a fan! Just a first meeting at a large event, but she seemed very friendly. If she'll be hanging around him more, it should be nice to have someone from outside the immediate clan to play with!
    Olivian Small knight. Huge swords. Lots of experience. It seems as though it will be a difficult, but rewarding, process under her tutelage.
    Orathy Radiant in white, a storybook knight... short though... but she were smilin in a way that I used to be smiling at the one she has her arms wrapped bout. I instantly saw what me life could never be...
    Orazio The Dame Alexis is not someone Orazio has met before, but he has found her to be a stalwart and unfailingly courageous companion in battle. Both skilled, and of good heart, and flexible enough to handle meeting a Fluffybottom with dignity. He is impressed!
    Orick A professional crafter at the top of her game, Alexis run a tidy shop and creates some very beautiful pieces, it was a pleasure to share some ideas with her about combining metal and glass to create unique works of art.
    Petal I like make clothing for her and it seems that she has been referring people to me. I don't know the Dame well, but she seems to have tastes, her dragons are fun to sew.
    Philippe The young people of the house bring me hope. A time will come all too soon when I am no longer there to carry on the traditions of our people. Once I worried that my way of life may have ended with me. With people like Dame Alexis carrying on the fight, I feel more confident in our future. The days ahead may be dark, but the land will survive and thrive through it all.
    Quenia Alexis is a dame and a noteworthy warrior. She is entering the Tournament of Roses in the melee competition and has the favor of a duchess.
    Raphael A knight of sound heart and confident personality, we share a great deal of the same values it seems. I hope we get a chance to speak again soon! There's something special about her.
    Ras Somebody to respect, I guess. Seems to know what she's in life for, doesn't get pissy. Calm, kind.
    Reese She seems nice. Reese doesn't know her well, but would like to know her better.
    Richard She carries herself with all the clear competency I would expect from our Sword, with her help producing our armor (at a remarkable discount) as service above and beyond what anyone would expect. Paired with admirable courtesy and a thoughtful mind, I expect to be glad to have her acquaintance.
    Roxana So petite for a knight, yet she seems brave. Also has remarkably beautiful taste in jewelry. I find her interesting.
    Ryhalt Both a warrior and a smith, both things that take a great deal of dedication to do and not grievously wound oneself, and her injuries seem mostly externally inflicted, so she must be good! A friend of Clover's it seems, and knows what a Westrock pollaxe is, so that's a bonus.
    Rysen Courageous and skilled in battle, she is clearly the Paragon of the Gold Order for a reason.
    Saedrus I have heard countless tales of heroic deeds done by the lovely Dame Alexis Wyrmfang. She is a woman whom impresses, in strength and conviction. I have seen her fight in torneys, watched her compete in great hunts and never once have I seen her act unduely or without courage and valour. A charming woman, though, I cannot imagine I quite inspire great deeds in my name, I am grateful for the compliment.
    Sameera Undecided still. She seems good since she wants to work in smithing. A knight.
    Sanya It warms my heart to hear others remaining hopeful that even the most traditionalist of Isles houses can change.
    Sasha A Sword I am very curious to watch spar very soon.
    Saya Dragon of the Many Titles doesn't like Saya. That's okay. Saya likes Saya enough for the two of them.
    Shae Dame Alexis is very kind and thoughtful, and knows quite a lot about Arx and the people in the city. I look forward to helping her find a dog that suits her perfectly, as well as getting to know her more.
    Simone Alexis is a bright and pleasant person. I do believe there is a small part of me that wishes she could have been a part of our family, but I am happy that past hurts can be set aside so that new friendships can be forged.
    Sirius A mighty sword-hand anchored with honorable purpose. Dame Alexis is a frightening figure for those with a keen eye for danger, in the way her body angles entirely for violence, even when she performs the most mundane of tasks. It's always strange, being in a room with someone who can wring your neck with one hand.
    Snow She seems serious, but competent and someone to be respected.
    Sorrel The Sword of Blancbier! She's an excellent vassal and it's a privilege to know her. I really ought to get her to help me with my armor at some point, too!
    Svana A Dame who talked Asher into squiring, and is familiar with Master Apollo. That must mean she's a good sort, because those two have never led me astray about a person! She was so kind. I would like to know her more.
    Sydney She was willing to work with me to create an unusual design that fits me like an absolute dream. I may know only know a middling amount about metal, but that's enough for me to see that this woman makes metal /sing/. I look forward to collaborating with her in the future.
    Tarik Another smith! It is good to run into another smith. I truly admire those who can bend and shape metal like my mother. She is very honest and sincere person. Those Oathlanders qualites are hard not to admire too. Perhaps, I will run into her again.
    Tarrant A genteel and dignified dame, ready with the sword but not reckless in it's pursuit, she keeps a fine regard for life, even those of foes.
    Tatienne A knight of the Oathlands, confused me for a silk; I don't really get where that idea came from, but seemed gracious enough otherwise
    Teagan Such a gung-ho woman: almost to a worrisome extent. She's bound to get herself in trouble someday.
    Tescelina A golden heart and knightly in all manners with such -- formidable strength to carry our honor on her back.
    Tesha Small of stature and big of heart... Maybe her father wanted different for her, but, there is no question in my mind that he would be proud.
    Thesarin A small one, but fierce. Fight in her.
    Thomas Truly, our Paragon presents an example to aspire to; kind, humble, and enormously competent.
    Thorley Small of stature, but apparently large of command. I wish the sword the best of luck with her leadership of her troops - I do not envy her position.
    Tyrval Exceedingly human, but in a good way.
    Valery She's nice and friendly. Also helpful!
    Vena A knight and a Sword it seems, it is always good seeing young women capable of holding their own in a fight.
    Venturo Dame Alexis, a woman who finds herself thrust into more responsibilities. Reserved at first, she's still willing to try new things -- such as fruit ales! -- and this will serve her well in everything she has to learn in her new role.
    Vercyn Dame Alexis of Wyrmfang appears a powerful warrior, and a courteous lady. I look forward to seeing continued demonstrations of her mettle and skill
    Verity A determined woman! I can tell this one likes to take hold of something and work it for as long as it must be worked. However, like most focused people, she is easy to tilt with a clever little push in the right place.
    Victus A small girl in a big suit of armor. Came all the way to the ward to honor the dead, that's what I call dedication. Interested to see where she ends up.
    Zaina I didn't get to interact with her much, but she seems a solid sort.
    Zoey Courtious and passionate. Quite chatty once the subject turns to something she cares about.